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Doncaster Gig Guide

Find out what's on in Doncaster below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2017-08-23Wednesday 23rd August Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-08-25Friday 25th August Downfall Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-08-25 The Goodfellas Social Bar
2017-08-26Saturday 26th August The Shambollix Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-08-26 Hammerheads Social Bar
2017-08-27Sunday 27th August Complete Madness Social Bar
2017-08-29Tuesday 29th August The Kavaliers Social Bar
2017-08-30Wednesday 30th August Acoustic Brewery Tap Tickets
2017-08-30 Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-09-01Friday 1st September Indie 90s Social Bar
2017-09-01 Vin Garbutt Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-09-02Saturday 2nd September The Strikes Social Bar
2017-09-02 Joanna Forest The Doncaster Little Theatre
2017-09-02 Martin Black The Leopard
2017-09-05Tuesday 5th September 1927 Cast
2017-09-05 Fire The Unstoppable Force Social Bar
2017-09-07Thursday 7th September Piers Cawley Brewery Tap Tickets
2017-09-07 Steve Womack The Doncaster Little Theatre
2017-09-08Friday 8th September Billy Pearce Doncaster Dome
2017-09-08 Richard Digance Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-09-09Saturday 9th September Pacific Diamond Live Lounge Tickets
2017-09-09 The Simon And Garfunkel Story Doncaster Dome Tickets
2017-09-09 Monkey Dust Social Bar
2017-09-09 Pacific The Leopard
2017-09-10Sunday 10th September Tom Townsend Brewery Tap Tickets
2017-09-13Wednesday 13th September Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-09-15Friday 15th September Pete Storm Doncaster Dome Tickets
2017-09-15 Ska-boom! Uk Social Bar
2017-09-15 Summer Of Love Festival 2017 The Leopard
2017-09-15 Rofer Davies And Paul Mcclure Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-09-16Saturday 16th September The Finetimes Social Bar
2017-09-16 Micky Moody The Leopard Tickets
2017-09-17Sunday 17th September South Yorkshire Folk Festival The Leopard Tickets
2017-09-20Wednesday 20th September Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-09-22Friday 22nd September Next Stop Mars Diamond Live Lounge
2017-09-22 Eileen Mcgann Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-09-23Saturday 23rd September Beyond The Barricade Cast
2017-09-23 Van Hooligan Social Bar
2017-09-23 The Sunshines Vintage Rockbar
2017-09-24Sunday 24th September Tango Siempre Cast
2017-09-27Wednesday 27th September Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-09-29Friday 29th September The Victors Diamond Live Lounge
2017-09-29 Johnny Dickenson Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-09-30Saturday 30th September The Whodlums Social Bar
2017-09-30 Slade Uk The Leopard Tickets
2017-10-05Thursday 5th October The Dukes The Doncaster Little Theatre
2017-10-06Friday 6th October Cirque Du Hilarious Doncaster Dome
2017-10-06 Clive Gregson Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-10-07Saturday 7th October Phuture Beatz Diamond Live Lounge Tickets
2017-10-07 Handsome Dan & The Mavericks Social Bar
2017-10-08Sunday 8th October Sem Seiffert Brewery Tap Tickets
2017-10-08 The Maension Vintage Rockbar
2017-10-10Tuesday 10th October Placebo Doncaster Dome Tickets
2017-10-11Wednesday 11th October Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-10-13Friday 13th October Ensemble 360 Cast
2017-10-13 Ranagri Doncaster Dome Tickets
2017-10-13 Ultrasound The Leopard
2017-10-14Saturday 14th October Ensemble 360 Cast
2017-10-14 Sixties Gold Doncaster Dome Tickets
2017-10-14 Marquis Drive Social Bar
2017-10-18Wednesday 18th October Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-10-20Friday 20th October Navi Doncaster Dome Tickets
2017-10-20 The Jam'd The Leopard
2017-10-20 Martin Stephenson Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-10-21Saturday 21st October Faith Doncaster Dome Tickets
2017-10-21 A Whole Lotta Dc Social Bar
2017-10-25Wednesday 25th October Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-10-25 Bury Tomorrow Vintage Rockbar
2017-10-26Thursday 26th October Anne Fotheringham The Doncaster Little Theatre
2017-10-27Friday 27th October Big Day Social Bar
2017-10-27 The Mile Roses Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-11-03Friday 3rd November Uk Subs The Leopard Tickets
2017-11-04Saturday 4th November The Hoosiers Diamond Live Lounge
2017-11-04 Groomlake Fugitives Social Bar
2017-11-08Wednesday 8th November Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-11-10Friday 10th November Harry Manx Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-11-11Saturday 11th November Hammerheads Social Bar
2017-11-11 Skinner & T'witch The Doncaster Little Theatre
2017-11-12Sunday 12th November Devil's Jukebox Brewery Tap Tickets
2017-11-15Wednesday 15th November Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-11-17Friday 17th November Goldie Lookin Chain Diamond Live Lounge
2017-11-17 The Rezillos The Leopard Tickets
2017-11-17 Blue Rose Code Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-11-18Saturday 18th November Resurrection Social Bar
2017-11-18 Crow Black Chicken The Leopard Tickets
2017-11-22Wednesday 22nd November Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-11-24Friday 24th November Chris Lafferty The Doncaster Little Theatre
2017-11-24 Ninebarrow Ukrainian Centre
2017-11-25Saturday 25th November John Fairhurst The Doncaster Little Theatre
2017-11-29Wednesday 29th November Open Mic Night Cask Corner Dive Bar
2017-12-01Friday 1st December Sonnet Social Bar
2017-12-01 Gilmore & Roberts Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-12-02Saturday 2nd December The Beautiful Couch Social Bar
2017-12-03Sunday 3rd December Christmas Show Doncaster Dome
2017-12-08Friday 8th December Handsome Dan & The Mavericks Social Bar
2017-12-08 Baz Warne Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-12-09Saturday 9th December Monkey Dus Social Bar
2017-12-10Sunday 10th December Louis, Louis, Louis Brewery Tap Tickets
2017-12-15Friday 15th December Forever Mod Social Bar
2017-12-15 The Hayes Sisters Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-12-16Saturday 16th December The Ultimate Stone Roses Social Bar
2017-12-22Friday 22nd December Gina Le Faux Ukrainian Centre Tickets
2017-12-23Saturday 23rd December Slade Uk Social Bar
2017-12-24Sunday 24th December Groomlake Fugitives Social Bar
2017-12-26Tuesday 26th December Definately Mightbe Social Bar
2017-12-29Friday 29th December The Cheats Social Bar
2017-12-30Saturday 30th December The Modfathers Social Bar
2018-01-05Friday 5th January Mayhem Social Bar
2018-01-06Saturday 6th January The Snapp ! Social Bar
2018-01-12Friday 12th January All Mod Cons Social Bar
2018-01-13Saturday 13th January The Low Keys Social Bar
2018-01-19Friday 19th January The Decades Social Bar
2018-01-20Saturday 20th January Resurrection Social Bar
2018-01-26Friday 26th January One Night Stand Social Bar
2018-01-27Saturday 27th January The Smiths Ltd Social Bar
2018-02-03Saturday 3rd February Rudie & The Revolvers Social Bar
2018-02-09Friday 9th February Dog Day Afternoon Social Bar
2018-02-10Saturday 10th February Northern Underdogs Social Bar
2018-02-16Friday 16th February Paul Handyside Ukrainian Centre
2018-02-17Saturday 17th February Monkey Dust Social Bar
2018-02-23Friday 23rd February Indie Manned Social Bar
2018-02-24Saturday 24th February U2-2 Social Bar
2018-03-03Saturday 3rd March Skaburst Social Bar
2018-03-09Friday 9th March The Rogues Social Bar
2018-03-10Saturday 10th March World Famous Elvis Show Doncaster Dome Tickets
2018-03-10 The Wainstones Social Bar
2018-03-23Friday 23rd March Atlantic Heights Social Bar
2018-03-23 Paul Handyside Ukrainian Centre
2018-03-24Saturday 24th March Blondied Social Bar
2018-03-30Friday 30th March The Courtbetweeners Social Bar
2018-03-31Saturday 31st March Hammerheads Social Bar
2018-04-01Sunday 1st April The Finetimes Social Bar
2018-04-07Saturday 7th April The Cheats Social Bar
2018-04-20Friday 20th April Illegal Eagles Doncaster Dome Tickets
2018-04-20 Indigo Band Social Bar
2018-04-21Saturday 21st April Viva La Coldplay Social Bar
2018-04-28Saturday 28th April The Baggy Mondays Social Bar
2018-05-04Friday 4th May Kazabian Social Bar
2018-05-06Sunday 6th May Forever Mod Social Bar
2018-05-12Saturday 12th May Hot Fuss Social Bar
2018-05-18Friday 18th May The Low Keys Social Bar
2018-05-19Saturday 19th May Mayhem Social Bar
2018-05-26Saturday 26th May The Decades Social Bar
2018-05-27Sunday 27th May Definitely Mightbe Social Bar
2018-06-08Friday 8th June Hammerheads Social Bar
2018-06-09Saturday 9th June Monkey Dust Social Bar
2018-06-15Friday 15th June One Night Stand Social Bar
2018-06-16Saturday 16th June Resurrection Social Bar
2018-06-23Saturday 23rd June Chequered Past Social Bar
2018-06-29Friday 29th June All Mod Cons Social Bar
2018-06-30Saturday 30th June Kaiser Monkey Killers Social Bar
2018-09-15Saturday 15th September Monkey Dust Social Bar
2018-10-20Saturday 20th October Chequered Past Social Bar
2018-10-27Saturday 27th October Resurrection Halloween Weekend Social Bar
2018-11-24Saturday 24th November Antarctic Monkeys Social Bar
2018-12-15Saturday 15th December Monkey Dust Social Bar
2018-12-22Saturday 22nd December Finetimes Social Bar