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Hull Gig Guide

Find out what's on in Hull below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2017-08-21Monday 21st August Humba Rumba Kardomah94
2017-08-21 Open Mic Night The New Adelphi
2017-08-22Tuesday 22nd August Beats Bus Celebration Kardomah94
2017-08-22 Dividium The Polar Bear
2017-08-23Wednesday 23rd August Cool Hand Luke Jaz Cafe Bar
2017-08-23 Charity Presentations Kardomah94
2017-08-23 Lumer The New Adelphi
2017-08-24Thursday 24th August Loathe, Harbinger & O'Rileys Tickets
2017-08-24 The Lafontaines The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-08-25Friday 25th August Hair Metal Heaven 2017 Hull City Hall
2017-08-25 The Broken Orchestra Kardomah94
2017-08-25 Kick Off The Polar Bear
2017-08-26Saturday 26th August Monsters Of Mock 2 O'Rileys Tickets
2017-08-26 2 Sick Monkeys The New Adelphi
2017-08-26 Cobby & Litten The Polar Bear
2017-08-27Sunday 27th August Districts At Fr Fruit Tickets
2017-08-27 Sunday Supplement Kardomah94
2017-08-28Monday 28th August Off The Road Jaz Cafe Bar
2017-08-28 Humba Rumba Kardomah94
2017-08-29Tuesday 29th August Beats Bus Workshops Kardomah94
2017-08-29 Chambers The Polar Bear
2017-08-30Wednesday 30th August The Tempest Kardomah94
2017-08-31Thursday 31st August The Tempest Kardomah94
2017-08-31 Curtis Eller The New Adelphi
2017-08-31 The Vintage Sing Up Union Mash Up
2017-09-01Friday 1st September Freedom Festival Hub Kardomah94
2017-09-01 Browse Sessions The New Adelphi
2017-09-02Saturday 2nd September Freedom Festival Hub Kardomah94
2017-09-02 Metal For Macmillan 2 O'Rileys Tickets
2017-09-02 Bob And Roberta Smith The New Adelphi
2017-09-02 Dig The Polar Bear
2017-09-03Sunday 3rd September Freedom Festival Hub Kardomah94
2017-09-04Monday 4th September Humba Rumba Kardomah94
2017-09-04 Glitter Gig For Wandy O'Rileys Tickets
2017-09-04 And Yet It Moves The New Adelphi
2017-09-05Tuesday 5th September Neon Waltz The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-09-06Wednesday 6th September Yianni Fruit
2017-09-06 Women Of Words Kardomah94
2017-09-06 Dick Valentine (electric Six) The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-09-08Friday 8th September Letz Zep Fruit Tickets
2017-09-08 Nu-metal Tribute Night - Limp Bizkit, Korn & Ratm Tribute Bands O'Rileys Tickets
2017-09-08 Westerman The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-09-08 Disko Klubb The Polar Bear
2017-09-08 Wild Beasts The Welly Club Tickets
2017-09-09Saturday 9th September Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-09-09 Adele Hometown Glory Tribute Show O'Rileys Tickets
2017-09-09 Gang The New Adelphi
2017-09-10Sunday 10th September Sunday Supplement Kardomah94
2017-09-11Monday 11th September Humba Rumba Bumpa Monda Kardomah94
2017-09-12Tuesday 12th September Elizabeth Pickering Kardomah94
2017-09-12 Simon Finn The New Adelphi
2017-09-12 Ming City Rockers The Polar Bear
2017-09-12 Folk In Hull Revue Truck Theatre
2017-09-13Wednesday 13th September Tom Stade Fruit
2017-09-13 Imaginary Gardens Kardomah94
2017-09-13 The Rails The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-09-14Thursday 14th September Tim Stimson Kardomah94
2017-09-15Friday 15th September Bernie Laverick Kardomah94
2017-09-16Saturday 16th September Nina Harries The New Adelphi
2017-09-17Sunday 17th September The Artful Codgers Kardomah94
2017-09-18Monday 18th September Dave Lee Kardomah94
2017-09-20Wednesday 20th September Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls (the Wonder Stuff) Fruit Tickets
2017-09-20 Urban Rain Jaz Cafe Bar
2017-09-20 Martin Stephenson Kardomah94 Tickets
2017-09-20 Mannequin Death Squad The New Adelphi
2017-09-21Thursday 21st September Sharks Fruit Tickets
2017-09-21 Megalomatic O'Rileys
2017-09-22Friday 22nd September Martin Turner Ex Wishbone Ash Fruit Tickets
2017-09-22 Jez Lowe Kardomah94
2017-09-22 Everyone Has Talent O'Rileys
2017-09-22 The Main Grains The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-09-22 Kazabian | 22/09/17 The Welly Club
2017-09-23Saturday 23rd September Darren Emerson Fruit
2017-09-23 The Libertines Hull Arena Tickets
2017-09-23 Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-09-23 King No-one The Welly Club Tickets
2017-09-24Sunday 24th September Humba Rumba Munda Kardomah94
2017-09-24 The Homesick The New Adelphi
2017-09-25Monday 25th September Dave Lee Kardomah94
2017-09-25 Borders O'Rileys
2017-09-26Tuesday 26th September Jack Lukeman Kardomah94
2017-09-26 Polo The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-09-26 Faux Pas The Polar Bear
2017-09-27Wednesday 27th September Justin Hayward Hull City Hall Tickets
2017-09-28Thursday 28th September Sari Schorr & The Engine Room Fruit Tickets
2017-09-28 The Alchemy O'Rileys
2017-09-28 Acid Tongue With Froot 67 The New Adelphi
2017-09-28 Twin Atlantic The Welly Club
2017-09-28 Twin Atlantic University of Hull Tickets
2017-09-29Friday 29th September King No-one The Welly Club
2017-09-30Saturday 30th September Toxic Twins O'Rileys Tickets
2017-09-30 David Cronenberg's Wife The New Adelphi
2017-10-01Sunday 1st October The Skints Fruit Tickets
2017-10-01 Barry 'the Fish' Melton The New Adelphi
2017-10-03Tuesday 3rd October Big Moon At Fr Fruit
2017-10-04Wednesday 4th October Robin Ince Fruit
2017-10-04 Duncan Reid And The Big Heads Kardomah94
2017-10-04 Slotface The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-10-04 Flyte The Polar Bear Tickets
2017-10-04 The House Of Love The Welly Club Tickets
2017-10-06Friday 6th October Nick Helm Fruit
2017-10-06 Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts The New Adelphi
2017-10-07Saturday 7th October Menagerie 2017 Fruit
2017-10-09Monday 9th October Luisa Omielan Fruit
2017-10-10Tuesday 10th October This Feeling The Welly Club Tickets
2017-10-11Wednesday 11th October Rascalton The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-10-12Thursday 12th October Carl Hutchinson - Live! Fruit
2017-10-12 Rob Brydon Hull City Hall
2017-10-13Friday 13th October Hubbards Fruit
2017-10-13 Macmillan Fest Horror Night O'Rileys Tickets
2017-10-14Saturday 14th October The Sixteen Choral Workshop: Hull Albemarle Music Centre Tickets
2017-10-14 Nathassia Fruit Tickets
2017-10-14 Loz Campbell O'Rileys
2017-10-14 Big Boy Bloater And The Limits The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-10-14 Cub Fest The Welly Club Tickets
2017-10-15Sunday 15th October Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-10-17Tuesday 17th October Lankum The New Adelphi
2017-10-17 Marmozets The Welly Club Tickets
2017-10-18Wednesday 18th October Abandoman Fruit
2017-10-18 Huxtable O'Rileys
2017-10-19Thursday 19th October Fling The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-10-20Friday 20th October Nathassia Fruit
2017-10-20 Cud The New Adelphi
2017-10-20 Get Down The Welly Club
2017-10-21Saturday 21st October Heather Small Hull City Hall Tickets
2017-10-21 The Nightingales The New Adelphi
2017-10-22Sunday 22nd October Maneli Jamal Fruit
2017-10-22 Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-10-24Tuesday 24th October Stone Foundation Fruit Tickets
2017-10-24 The Strawbs Truck Theatre
2017-10-25Wednesday 25th October Ellie Taylor Fruit
2017-10-25 Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere Hull City Hall
2017-10-26Thursday 26th October False Advertising The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-10-27Friday 27th October Ian Mcnabb And The Icicle Works Fruit Tickets
2017-10-28Saturday 28th October Hull City Hall Soul Night Out Hull City Hall
2017-10-28 Halloween Rock Party O'Rileys Tickets
2017-10-28 Itch The New Adelphi Tickets
2017-10-29Sunday 29th October The Rabbit Hole Kardomah94
2017-11-01Wednesday 1st November Dead Frequency The New Adelphi
2017-11-02Thursday 2nd November Funke And The Two Tone Baby The New Adelphi
2017-11-02 Songs For The End Of The World Truck Theatre
2017-11-03Friday 3rd November The Furrow Collective The New Adelphi
2017-11-03 Illicit The Welly Club
2017-11-03 Songs For The End Of The World Truck Theatre
2017-11-04Saturday 4th November The Beautiful Couch Fruit Tickets
2017-11-04 Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-11-04 Bandwich The Welly Club
2017-11-05Sunday 5th November Michael Schenker Hull City Hall Tickets
2017-11-05 Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-11-06Monday 6th November Electric Six Fruit Tickets
2017-11-07Tuesday 7th November Simon Mcbride At Fr Fruit
2017-11-07 Jake Bugg Hull City Hall Tickets
2017-11-08Wednesday 8th November The Temperance Movement Fruit Tickets
2017-11-10Friday 10th November Half Man Half Biscuit The Welly Club Tickets
2017-11-11Saturday 11th November Chris Montague Albemarle Music Centre
2017-11-11 Daddy G Fruit
2017-11-11 Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-11-11 Rockzilla O'Rileys Tickets
2017-11-12Sunday 12th November Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-11-12 Black Star Riders University of Hull Tickets
2017-11-13Monday 13th November Lucy Rose Fruit Tickets
2017-11-15Wednesday 15th November Moon Hooch Fruit
2017-11-16Thursday 16th November Arun Ghosh Quintet Truck Theatre
2017-11-17Friday 17th November Roachford Fruit Tickets
2017-11-17 Collabro Hull City Hall Tickets
2017-11-17 Maia The New Adelphi
2017-11-17 Heaven 17 The Welly Club Tickets
2017-11-17 Dusty And Shirley Truck Theatre
2017-11-18Saturday 18th November Pearl Jam Uk Fruit Tickets
2017-11-18 Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-11-18 Nu Civilisation Orchestra Truck Theatre
2017-11-19Sunday 19th November Imelda May Hull City Hall Tickets
2017-11-19 Valis Ablaze O'Rileys
2017-11-19 Thomas Ragsdale The New Adelphi
2017-11-21Tuesday 21st November Greg Davies Hull City Hall
2017-11-23Thursday 23rd November Mostly Autumn Fruit Tickets
2017-11-24Friday 24th November The Beautiful Couch Fruit
2017-11-24 Talk Of The Town O'Rileys Tickets
2017-11-25Saturday 25th November Whitesnake Uk O'Rileys Tickets
2017-11-28Tuesday 28th November The Rat Pack Hull City Hall Tickets
2017-11-28 The Rat Pack Hull New Theatre Tickets
2017-11-28 The New Coast The Polar Bear Tickets
2017-11-29Wednesday 29th November J W Jones Kardomah94
2017-11-30Thursday 30th November Zal Cleminson's Sin Dogs Fruit Tickets
2017-12-01Friday 1st December Total Stone Roses Fruit
2017-12-02Saturday 2nd December Helen Yeomans Kardomah94
2017-12-09Saturday 9th December Richard Dorfmeister Fruit
2017-12-15Friday 15th December Back:n:black O'Rileys
2017-12-15 Guns 2 Roses The Welly Club
2017-12-16Saturday 16th December The Sweet The Welly Club Tickets
2017-12-21Thursday 21st December Shed Seven Hull City Hall Tickets
2017-12-21 Shed Seven Aftershow Hull Tigers Lair Tickets
2017-12-23Saturday 23rd December Bon Giovi O'Rileys Tickets
2017-12-23 Slade The Welly Club
2017-12-30Saturday 30th December The Snowman & The Bear And The Piano Hull City Hall Tickets
2018-01-13Saturday 13th January Steve Steinman's Vampires Rock Hull New Theatre
2018-01-18Thursday 18th January The Sex Pissed Dolls Fruit
2018-01-20Saturday 20th January Absolute Bowie Fruit
2018-01-25Thursday 25th January The Sex Pissed Dolls Fruit Tickets
2018-01-26Friday 26th January Absolute Bowie Fruit
2018-02-07Wednesday 7th February London Calling Fruit
2018-02-07 Erasure Hull City Hall Tickets
2018-02-18Sunday 18th February Rebecca Ferguson University of Hull Tickets
2018-02-19Monday 19th February Electric Six Fruit
2018-02-22Thursday 22nd February Icons Of The 80's Hull City Hall Tickets
2018-02-23Friday 23rd February The Thorns The New Adelphi
2018-02-25Sunday 25th February Magnum The Welly Club
2018-03-08Thursday 8th March Stevie Nimmo Fruit Tickets
2018-03-12Monday 12th March Skid Row The Welly Club Tickets
2018-03-16Friday 16th March Bootleg Blondie Fruit
2018-03-31Saturday 31st March Stop Stop O'Rileys
2018-04-05Thursday 5th April Chantel Mcgregor (acoustic) Fruit Tickets
2018-04-06Friday 6th April The Doors Alive Fruit
2018-04-14Saturday 14th April Sister Act Live Choir Hull City Hall Tickets
2018-04-14 Heather Small University of Hull Tickets
2018-07-28Saturday 28th July Guns N Roses Experience O'Rileys