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Find out what's on in Leeds below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2018-02-19Monday 19th February Baxter Dury Belgrave Music Hall
2018-02-19 Lonely Dear Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-19 Mac Ayres Headrow House Tickets
2018-02-19 Lolshevism - With Headliner Alex Kealy Hyde Park Book Club
2018-02-19 Brass Band Concert Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-19 Franz Ferdinand O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-02-19 Desert Mountain Tribe The Library Tickets
2018-02-19 The Style Councillors The Wardrobe
2018-02-20Tuesday 20th February Amenra & Boris Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-20 Katie Spencer Chemic Tavern
2018-02-20 Alun Cochrane City Varieties
2018-02-20 Puma Blue Headrow House Tickets
2018-02-20 Anita Collins HEART
2018-02-20 Subconscious Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-02-20 Alestorm Leeds University Tickets
2018-02-20 Macky Gee Midweek Tour Mint Club Tickets
2018-02-20 Stepping Stones: An Evening Of Acoustic Music Outlaws Yacht Club Tickets
2018-02-20 Chris Lloyd The Domino Club
2018-02-20 Dream State The Key Club Tickets
2018-02-20 Melancholy Ray Wharf Chambers
2018-02-20 Pause & Effect 1st Birthday: Jbeatz Wire
2018-02-21Wednesday 21st February Willy Mason Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-21 Alvvays Church Tickets
2018-02-21 Blueprint: Heir Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-02-21 Opera North String Quartet Leeds College Of Music
2018-02-21 Dolly James Seven
2018-02-21 James O'hara Smokestack
2018-02-21 Dan Burnette The Domino Club
2018-02-21 High Tyde The Key Club Tickets
2018-02-21 Twist Helix The Library
2018-02-21 Barns Courtney The Wardrobe
2018-02-21 Kntrl. 001 With Residents Wire
2018-02-22Thursday 22nd February Kitty With The Good Hair Fenton
2018-02-22 Laura Misch Headrow House Tickets
2018-02-22 Lunchtime Recital Series College Of Music Students Holy Trinity Church
2018-02-22 Nordoff-robbins Charity Jazz Gig Hyde Park Book Club
2018-02-22 Adam Hess Featuring Glenn Moore Leeds University
2018-02-22 Rebecka Reinhard Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-02-22 Sheafs Oporto Tickets
2018-02-22 National Margarita Day! Smokestack
2018-02-22 The Fergus Quill Trio The Domino Club
2018-02-22 Clarks Lds - Clarks Vs Unruly - Thurs. 22nd Feb The HiFi Club
2018-02-22 Patawawa The Library Tickets
2018-02-22 Style N Fashon: 22nd February The Old Red Bus Station
2018-02-22 Thunder On The Left Verve
2018-02-22 Classically Handsome Brute Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-02-23Friday 23rd February In Her Name Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-02-23 The Blinders Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-23 Courtney Pine Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-23 The Mangroves Canal Mills
2018-02-23 Tranqua Lite Church
2018-02-23 Nt Live Cat On A Hot Tin Roof City Varieties
2018-02-23 Ladies Don't Play Guitar - Luna Pines Eiger Studios
2018-02-23 Paul Weller First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-23 Tugboat Captain Fox & Newt
2018-02-23 Jemma Freeman And The Cosmic Something Hyde Park Book Club
2018-02-23 Rejjie Snow Leeds University Tickets
2018-02-23 Freak @ Mint - Dj Q & Jamie Duggan Mint Club Tickets
2018-02-23 Rich Wakley Mission
2018-02-23 Ken Nicol New Headingley Club Tickets
2018-02-23 Green Gardens & Fig By Four Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-02-23 Furr Santiago Tickets
2018-02-23 Up River Temple Of Boom
2018-02-23 Dave Mannington's Riff Raff The Domino Club
2018-02-23 The Calls The HiFi Club Tickets
2018-02-23 As Sirens Fall The Library Tickets
2018-02-23 Halogenix The Old Red Bus Station
2018-02-23 The Neck Öf The Wööds | Wardrobe, Leeds The Wardrobe
2018-02-23 Floodland VI Wharf Chambers
2018-02-23 Josey Rebelle, Leif More Wire
2018-02-24Saturday 24th February Bass'ickly Ft. Levelz / Slimzee / N-type / El-b / Blackout Crew Beaver Works
2018-02-24 Brazilian Carnaval 2018 Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-02-24 The Boxer Rebellion Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-24 Bugzy Malone Canal Mills
2018-02-24 The Winter Passing Chunk
2018-02-24 Detroit Swindle Church
2018-02-24 For The Love Of Metal Fenton
2018-02-24 Morrissey First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-24 Fizzy Blood Headrow House Tickets
2018-02-24 Yan Tan Tether HEART Tickets
2018-02-24 Dare Prize Winner Howard Assembly Room
2018-02-24 The Hallé Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-24 Nick Curly Mint Club
2018-02-24 Julian Socha Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-02-24 Modern Day Dukes Santiago
2018-02-24 Caroline Spence Seven Tickets
2018-02-24 Backtrack Temple Of Boom
2018-02-24 The Sugar Rays Feat. Pariss Elektra The Domino Club
2018-02-24 Reel Around The Faversham The Faversham
2018-02-24 Remake Remodel The HiFi Club
2018-02-24 Atlanta House The Key Club
2018-02-24 Oddity Road The Library Tickets
2018-02-24 Old Red Bus Station - 2nd Birthday - Om Unit, Ruf Dug The Old Red Bus Station
2018-02-24 The House That Heals The Soul: Physical Collections The Tetley
2018-02-24 Too Much Too Old The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-02-24 Emily Carr Verve
2018-02-24 Desire Paths Wharf Chambers
2018-02-24 Panic White Cloth Gallery Tickets
2018-02-24 One Night With?move D (all Night Long) Wire
2018-02-25Sunday 25th February B’apples 6th Birthday! Bad Apples Rock Bar
2018-02-25 Roni Size Belgrave Music Hall
2018-02-25 Into The Ark Church Tickets
2018-02-25 Mike Dawes Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-02-25 International Concert Series: Moravian Mystery And English Fantasy Leeds University
2018-02-25 Trust Mint Club Tickets
2018-02-25 Vigilantes Santiago Tickets
2018-02-25 Leeds College Of Music Student Union Big Band Seven Tickets
2018-02-25 Julian Socha Smokestack
2018-02-25 Jacob Savage & Sophie Worsley The Domino Club
2018-02-25 Normanton Street The HiFi Club
2018-02-25 Death And The Penguin / Pfaff / Possum / Vogons The Pack Horse Tickets
2018-02-26Monday 26th February Jd Mcpherson Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-26 Mint Field Headrow House Tickets
2018-02-26 Night In The Shade Of Blue Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-02-26 Darius Battiwalla Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-26 Goodbye Weekend The Library Tickets
2018-02-26 Seprona Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-02-27Tuesday 27th February Marlon Williams Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-27 Husky Loops Church Tickets
2018-02-27 Bassa Bassa HEART
2018-02-27 Jim Ghedi Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-02-27 The Jeffrey Hewer Duo The Domino Club
2018-02-27 Traitors The Key Club
2018-02-27 Saint Agnes The Library Tickets
2018-02-27 Improv Workshop The Pack Horse
2018-02-27 Carlton Melton Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-02-28Wednesday 28th February Dennis Bovell Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-28 Pale Waves Church Tickets
2018-02-28 Solomon Grey Headrow House Tickets
2018-02-28 Classical Platform HEART Tickets
2018-02-28 Hubball Space Telescope Hyde Park Book Club
2018-02-28 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-02-28 Treeboy And Arc Nation Of Shopkeepers
2018-02-28 Catholic Action Oporto Tickets
2018-02-28 Stuart Macdonald Seven
2018-02-28 Chris Lloyd The Domino Club
2018-02-28 Wardrobe Quintet The Library Tickets
2018-03-01Thursday 1st March Seun Kuti Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-01 Making Gender Equality In The Music Industry A Reality-openspace Duke Studios
2018-03-01 Stoner Night / Sound Of Origin Fenton Tickets
2018-03-01 Tower Of Song Xliv: Daytime Celebrity Geek Bleeps Fox & Newt
2018-03-01 Good Vibez Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-01 Lunchtime Recital Series College Of Music Students Holy Trinity Church
2018-03-01 Blurred Sun Band / Jaggardy Ants / Curly Mouth Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-01 Inside The Good Immigrant : A Chat With Nikesh Shukla Leeds University
2018-03-01 Ben Portsmouth O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-01 Akiva Complex Santiago
2018-03-01 The Electrio // Smokestack
2018-03-01 Another Workout The Domino Club
2018-03-01 Gucci Gang The HiFi Club
2018-03-01 No Hot Ashes The Library Tickets
2018-03-01 Soul Sessions The Old Red Bus Station
2018-03-01 Dane Baptiste The Wardrobe
2018-03-02Friday 2nd March Spinning Coin Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-02 The Dunwells Church Tickets
2018-03-02 Albert Lee And His Electric Band City Varieties
2018-03-02 Waiting For Wednesday Duck & Drake
2018-03-02 Paloma Faith First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-02 Akdk Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-02 Leeds University Big Band (luu) HEART Tickets
2018-03-02 Louis Lortie Howard Assembly Room
2018-03-02 Henge Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-02 Instrumental @inkwell #62 Inkwell
2018-03-02 Purple Rain Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-03-02 International Concert Series: Tchaikovsky Piano Trio Leeds University
2018-03-02 A.s.k. Milo
2018-03-02 Bingo Mint Club Tickets
2018-03-02 Mark Jenkyns Mission
2018-03-02 Cat Una Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-03-02 Dimension O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-02 Louis Louis Louis The Domino Club
2018-03-02 Carnifex The Key Club Tickets
2018-03-02 Hypnosister The Library Tickets
2018-03-02 Come Find Us - March 2018 The Old Red Bus Station
2018-03-02 Northern Comfort The Wardrobe
2018-03-02 Daves Verve
2018-03-02 No Way Back / Parris [trilogy Tapes/hemlock/idle Hands] Wharf Chambers
2018-03-02 5 Years Of Overflow Wire
2018-03-03Saturday 3rd March The Harriets Belgrave Music Hall
2018-03-03 Bob Log Iii Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-03 Django Django Church Tickets
2018-03-03 The X Factor Live Tour 2018 First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-03 Marcus Bonfanti - Acoustic Show Grove Inn Tickets
2018-03-03 A Love From Outer Space Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-03 Treppenwitz HEART Tickets
2018-03-03 Tomorrow We Sail Hyde Park Book Club
2018-03-03 Sister Act Live Choir Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-03-03 Schubert Song Series III Leeds University
2018-03-03 Waterparks Leeds University Tickets
2018-03-03 Wah X Arcane Pres Bass Levels: Chris Lorenzo Mint Warehouse Tickets
2018-03-03 Danny Howard Mission
2018-03-03 Lost Loui Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-03-03 The Wailers O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-03 Flamenco De Leeds Gran Peña Seven
2018-03-03 Loud Noises The Domino Club
2018-03-03 Whitney Houston Special The HiFi Club
2018-03-03 On Hollow Ground At The Key Club Leeds The Key Club
2018-03-03 Cauda Pavonis The Library
2018-03-03 Joy The Old Red Bus Station
2018-03-03 That Lad From Armley The Owl
2018-03-03 Necktr The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-03-03 Wilde Verve
2018-03-03 Glug Glug With Dj Ken, Dj Swordfish And Lvdr Wharf Chambers
2018-03-04Sunday 4th March Super Scratch Sunday Leeds Edition Hyde Park Book Club
2018-03-04 Estonian Singer Maria Vali With The David Ferris Septet Inkwell Tickets
2018-03-04 Jake Bugg Leeds Grand Theatre
2018-03-04 Gary Grainger // Smokestack
2018-03-04 Divide And Conker The HiFi Club
2018-03-04 Holding Absence The Key Club Tickets
2018-03-05Monday 5th March Here Lies Man Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-05 Dent May Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-05 Choir Of Leeds Minster Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-05 Tom Misch O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-05 Patrick Mccallion Oporto
2018-03-05 Monna Vanna Santiago
2018-03-06Tuesday 6th March Listener Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-06 Elbow First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-06 Wilson Mcgladdery HEART
2018-03-06 Samsara Soundscapes Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-06 Mini Maestros Leeds City Museum
2018-03-06 Gould Piano Trio Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-06 Vance Joy Leeds University Tickets
2018-03-06 Everything Everything O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-06 Tony Law The Wardrobe
2018-03-07Wednesday 7th March Lelo | Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds Hyde Park Book Club
2018-03-07 Chetham's School Of Music Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-07 International Concert Series: The Band Project Leeds University
2018-03-07 Charlie Barnes Oporto
2018-03-07 The Terminal Voyeurs Santiago
2018-03-07 Deep.sleep The Library Tickets
2018-03-07 Charlie Parr Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-03-07 Moscoman Wire
2018-03-08Thursday 8th March Ten Fields Belgrave Music Hall
2018-03-08 The Bellrays Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-08 The Hubbards Church Tickets
2018-03-08 Cinnawomen Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-08 Amplify Her: Presented By Lcom & Come Play With Me Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-08 Samoaja And Mike West Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-03-08 Mist O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-08 If She Can We Can Oporto
2018-03-08 Georgia Mancio Seven Tickets
2018-03-08 Pearls Cab Ride Smokestack
2018-03-08 The Alex Fisher Quartet The Domino Club
2018-03-08 The Travis Scott Special | Hifi Club The HiFi Club
2018-03-08 Piece Of Mind The Library Tickets
2018-03-09Friday 9th March Ferocious Dog Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-09 Annie Mac, Dj Haus, Nyra Canal Mills
2018-03-09 Applebum Church
2018-03-09 The Ghost Distrikt Bar
2018-03-09 Hammer Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-09 Cpwm X H&s - Secret Headliner / Magick Mountain / Uncle Buzzard Hyde Park Book Club
2018-03-09 Brian Fallon Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2018-03-09 International Concert Series: Ensemble Studio6 With Richard Barrett Leeds University
2018-03-09 Freak @ Mint - Ussy & Shaun Dean Mint Club Tickets
2018-03-09 Nathan Barato Mission
2018-03-09 Little Mistakes Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-03-09 Moonwatcher Seven
2018-03-09 Habits With Hummer Temple Of Boom
2018-03-09 Loop 1st Birthday The HiFi Club
2018-03-09 Lauren Rycroft The Library Tickets
2018-03-09 License To Jungle Invites Response The Old Red Bus Station
2018-03-09 The Ac/dc Experience The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-03-09 Aneurysm Verve
2018-03-10Saturday 10th March Glass Caves Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-10 The Exploited Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-10 Norman Jay Canal Mills Tickets
2018-03-10 Marsicans Church Tickets
2018-03-10 You&me Present Subb-an Distrikt Bar
2018-03-10 Stomp! King Of The Monsters! With Dj Sy, Mc Smiley Eiger Studios Tickets
2018-03-10 Welcome To The Darkside Fenton
2018-03-10 Stereophonics First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-10 ! Happy Meals, Basic Switches, Marlo Eggplant Headrow House
2018-03-10 Don’t Falt-uh March 10th Hyde Park Book Club
2018-03-10 Russian State Philharmonic Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-10 Reminisce Leeds Mint Club Tickets
2018-03-10 The Leyland Band Morley Town Hall
2018-03-10 Joe Kemp Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-03-10 District 7 Santiago
2018-03-10 Bronwynne Brent Seven Tickets
2018-03-10 Black Wizard Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-03-10 Cantaloop The Domino Club
2018-03-10 Avenoir The Key Club
2018-03-10 This Feeling The Library Tickets
2018-03-10 Musicology The Old Red Bus Station
2018-03-10 Craig Charles Funk N Soul Club The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-03-10 Kid Luna Verve
2018-03-10 Hannah Peel West Yorkshire Playhouse
2018-03-10 Brotherhood 6th Birthday With Mr Scruff Wire
2018-03-11Sunday 11th March Jess Robinson City Varieties
2018-03-11 International Concert Series: A Life In Music ? Celebrating Dame Fanny Waterman Leeds University
2018-03-11 Jade Bird Oporto Tickets
2018-03-11 Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami Outlaws Yacht Club Tickets
2018-03-11 Victor Guttierez Seven Tickets
2018-03-11 Mr Cd Wallum // Smokestack
2018-03-11 Dr. Syntax & Pete Cannon The HiFi Club
2018-03-11 Le Butcherettes The Key Club Tickets
2018-03-11 China Lane The Library Tickets
2018-03-11 God Is My Co-pilot With Guttersnipe And Beige Palace Wharf Chambers
2018-03-12Monday 12th March Superorganism Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-12 Lee Scratch Perry Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-12 Skerryvore Carriageworks Theatre
2018-03-12 Moya Brennan City Varieties
2018-03-12 The Wave Pictures Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-12 Sounds Like This: Shiva Feshareki Leeds College Of Music Tickets
2018-03-12 Lunchtime Organ Series Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-12 Tonight Alive Leeds University Tickets
2018-03-12 O.j. & Brain Oporto
2018-03-12 Souljam - Soul Power The HiFi Club
2018-03-12 Pretty Vicious The Library Tickets
2018-03-13Tuesday 13th March Martin Trippett - Rob Galloway - Paul Whitaker Grove Inn
2018-03-13 Keep Shelly In Athens Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-13 Joseph Knight Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-13 Mini Maestros Leeds City Museum
2018-03-13 Samoaja And Mike West LS6 Cafe Bar
2018-03-13 Feeder O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-13 Fears Chella Oporto Tickets
2018-03-13 Riddim Division: The Leeds Launch The HiFi Club
2018-03-13 Homesteads With Reed!, Violet Disguise, And Turnstones The Library
2018-03-13 Improv Workshop The Pack Horse
2018-03-13 Geoff Norcott The Wardrobe
2018-03-13 Muffin Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-03-14Wednesday 14th March Astroid Boys Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-14 Triple Cooked: Neon Boogie Church
2018-03-14 Damien Dempsey Irish Centre Tickets
2018-03-14 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music Tickets
2018-03-14 The Magic Of Motown Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-14 Rob Auton Leeds University
2018-03-14 Outlya Oporto Tickets
2018-03-14 Ade Payne And The Wild River Band Seven
2018-03-14 Stephen Bailey: Cant Think Straight The Wardrobe
2018-03-14 Rgm Verve
2018-03-15Thursday 15th March The Rural Alberta Advantage Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-15 The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2018-03-15 Rose Royce First Direct Arena
2018-03-15 Sir Was Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-15 The Brodsky Quartet Howard Assembly Room
2018-03-15 Alexis Raphael - Jacky @ Mint Club Tickets
2018-03-15 Rews Oporto Tickets
2018-03-15 Georgia Mancio/kate Williams Quartet Seven Tickets
2018-03-15 Majesty // Smokestack
2018-03-15 Bearfoot Beware Party Wharf Chambers
2018-03-16Friday 16th March Zak Abel Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-16 Jonathan Wilson Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-16 Sticky Feet At Church, End Of Term Special : Fri 16th March Church
2018-03-16 Ohm From Ohm Fenton Tickets
2018-03-16 Jason Derulo First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-16 Darkzy - Dark Nightz Leeds Mint Club Tickets
2018-03-16 Set One Twenty 6th Bday Mint Warehouse Tickets
2018-03-16 Pirate Copy Mission
2018-03-16 Leeds - Hidden X Lo-fi The HiFi Club
2018-03-16 Rogan The Library Tickets
2018-03-16 We Are Not Devo The Pack Horse Tickets
2018-03-16 Sleeper The Wardrobe
2018-03-16 Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles Verve
2018-03-16 Anthony Parasole & Mor Elian Wire
2018-03-17Saturday 17th March Harker Bad Apples Rock Bar
2018-03-17 The Tradition Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-17 Submotion Orchestra Canal Mills Tickets
2018-03-17 Tune-yards Church Tickets
2018-03-17 Open Mike Eagle Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-17 The Handsome Family Howard Assembly Room
2018-03-17 Mick's With Jon K Hyde Park Book Club
2018-03-17 AGF Leeds College Of Music Tickets
2018-03-17 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-17 International Concert Series: Leeds Lieder Celebrity Recital Leeds University
2018-03-17 Pink Peg Slax Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-03-17 Alabama 3 O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-17 Tuskar Santiago
2018-03-17 Ozgen - A Bellydance Cabaret Seven
2018-03-17 Andy Gunn Band Smokestack
2018-03-17 Discharge Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-03-17 Corella The Library Tickets
2018-03-17 Lj The Old Red Bus Station
2018-03-17 Phased Rotation The Owl
2018-03-17 The House That Heals The Soul: Digital Collections The Tetley
2018-03-17 Jabbawoki The Wardrobe
2018-03-17 Surefire Affair Verve
2018-03-17 Cat And The Underdogs Wharf Chambers
2018-03-17 One Night With - Antal (all Night Long) Wire
2018-03-18Sunday 18th March Dale Watson & His Lone Stars Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-18 Blue October Church Tickets
2018-03-18 Corporation Pop Grove Inn
2018-03-18 Inkwell Jazz Jam And Jazz Cafe Inkwell
2018-03-18 The Pearl Harts Oporto Tickets
2018-03-18 Chris (the Man In The Hat) Martin // Smokestack
2018-03-18 Negative Approach Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-03-18 Land Of The Giants The HiFi Club
2018-03-18 Plastic House The Library
2018-03-18 Rob Schneider: The Wardrobe
2018-03-19Monday 19th March Jonathan Scott Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-19 Rampage O2 Academy Leeds
2018-03-19 Look Yonder Oporto
2018-03-20Tuesday 20th March Knower Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-20 The Garden Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-20 Wyvern Lingo Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-20 People Like Us Hyde Park Picture House Tickets
2018-03-20 Mini Maestros Leeds City Museum
2018-03-20 Charles Hazlewood Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-20 Sigrid Leeds University Tickets
2018-03-20 Carnival Club The Library Tickets
2018-03-20 Ivo Graham The Wardrobe
2018-03-20 The Bleeding Obvious Wharf Chambers
2018-03-21Wednesday 21st March Chynna Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-21 Guitar Wolf Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-21 Andy Parsons City Varieties
2018-03-21 Tall Black Guy Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-21 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music Tickets
2018-03-21 Joel Baker Oporto Tickets
2018-03-21 J.eoin & Dariush Kanani Seven Tickets
2018-03-21 This Feeling The Library Tickets
2018-03-21 The Radioactive 5 The Wardrobe
2018-03-21 The Younger Lovers Wharf Chambers
2018-03-22Thursday 22nd March Baths Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-22 Loud Noises At The Head Of Steam, Headingley! Head of Steam, Headingley
2018-03-22 V Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-22 James Gilchrist / Anna Tilbrook Howard Assembly Room
2018-03-22 The Stranglers O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-22 The Derek Nash Acoustic Quartet Seven Tickets
2018-03-22 Brothers On The Slide // Smokestack
2018-03-22 Giant Rooks The Library Tickets
2018-03-23Friday 23rd March The Monochrome Set Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-23 Trippy Visions Church
2018-03-23 Vlmv Fox & Newt
2018-03-23 Winter Wilson HEART Tickets
2018-03-23 Manuka Hive Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-23 Gala Concert Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-23 Teatro Mission
2018-03-23 Nii Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-03-23 No Mean Feat Seven Tickets
2018-03-23 Stryde The HiFi Club
2018-03-23 Moth Loves The Flame The Library Tickets
2018-03-23 Hannah Williams & The Affirmations The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-03-23 Near Blackout Verve
2018-03-23 Timing 04 Wire
2018-03-24Saturday 24th March Tera Melos Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-24 The Magic Gang Church Tickets
2018-03-24 Rezerwat Eiger Studios
2018-03-24 The Elephant Trees Headrow House
2018-03-24 Richard Galliano & Sylvain Luc Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2018-03-24 Hayley Mckay Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-24 English Chamber Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-24 Rod Picott Seven Tickets
2018-03-24 Dreadfest 2018 Temple Of Boom
2018-03-24 Saved By The 90's The HiFi Club
2018-03-24 Only Shadows The Library Tickets
2018-03-24 Osvaldo Ardiles & Micky Hazard The Wardrobe
2018-03-24 Alex Tracey Verve
2018-03-25Sunday 25th March Plaza Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-25 City Of Leeds Youth Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-25 Nadim Teimoori Seven Tickets
2018-03-25 David Broad // Smokestack
2018-03-25 Regime The HiFi Club
2018-03-25 Sounds Of An Eccentric Turns 3- Charity Gig For Safe Gigs For Women The Library
2018-03-25 Cycles Of Trio The Wardrobe
2018-03-26Monday 26th March Pharoahe Monch Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-26 Professional Development Twilight Carriageworks Theatre
2018-03-26 Mt. Wolf Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-26 The Often Herd Hyde Park Book Club
2018-03-26 Darius Battiwalla Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-26 Nick Ellis, Jack Conman Oporto
2018-03-27Tuesday 27th March Dinosaur Jr Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-27 Beth Neilsen Chapman City Varieties
2018-03-27 Flight Of The Conchords First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-27 Henry Parker HEART
2018-03-27 Mini Maestros Leeds City Museum
2018-03-27 Our Hollow Our Home The Key Club Tickets
2018-03-28Wednesday 28th March Turin Brakes City Varieties Tickets
2018-03-28 Classical Platform HEART Tickets
2018-03-28 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-28 Tragical History Tour Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-03-28 Sabrina Benaim The Wardrobe
2018-03-28 Chris Difford & Boo Hewerdine Thorner Victory Hall
2018-03-29Thursday 29th March Zenzero Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-29 Kingdom Church
2018-03-29 Mj Cole Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-29 I Fagiolini Howard Assembly Room
2018-03-29 Friendly Fires Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2018-03-29 Friendly Fires Leeds University
2018-03-29 George Ezra O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-29 Generation Big Band – Pepper Adams Project Seven Tickets
2018-03-29 The Red Canary Dance Band // Smokestack
2018-03-29 Black Foxxes The Key Club Tickets
2018-03-29 Sunflower Bean The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-03-29 Adam Port At Wire Wire
2018-03-30Friday 30th March Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Traits, Plot 32 Bad Apples Rock Bar Tickets
2018-03-30 Snakehips Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-30 Len Faki & Cleric Church
2018-03-30 Umfang & Volvox Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-30 Mr Ben & The Bens Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-03-30 Good Friday Concert Leeds Minster Tickets
2018-03-30 John Digweed Ii Mint Club Tickets
2018-03-30 Teatro Mission
2018-03-30 Safegaurd Santiago Tickets
2018-03-30 Mood Swings Miniverse Vol.1 Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-03-30 The Joe Tatton Trio The Domino Club
2018-03-30 Steve Woods & The Hoods The Library Tickets
2018-03-30 License To Jungle Invites Gremlinz The Old Red Bus Station
2018-03-30 Ladies Of Laughter The Wardrobe
2018-03-30 Blank Atlas Verve
2018-03-30 Sour Times Wharf Chambers
2018-03-31Saturday 31st March Fac51 The Hacienda Church Tickets
2018-03-31 Master Charger Fenton Tickets
2018-03-31 L.a. Witch Headrow House Tickets
2018-03-31 Singles Night - Date Set For 31st March At Santiago Bar Santiago
2018-03-31 The Hyde The Key Club
2018-03-31 Jonny Brown The Library Tickets
2018-03-31 Funk & Soul Club Ft Lemon Soul Collective The Wardrobe
2018-03-31 Raver Tots The Warehouse
2018-03-31 Brothers Of Mine Verve
2018-03-31 Dimensions - Marcellus Pittman, Dimensions Soundsystem & Michael Upson Wire
2018-04-01Sunday 1st April Amine Edge & Dance Beaver Works
2018-04-01 Black / Extreme Metal / Repulsive Vision Fenton Tickets
2018-04-01 Actress X Mount Kimbie B2b Dj Headrow House Tickets
2018-04-01 Ron Burnetts Mardi Gras Inkwell Tickets
2018-04-01 Hannah Wants Mint Warehouse
2018-04-01 Michael Woods // Smokestack
2018-04-01 Loud Noises The HiFi Club
2018-04-01 Cult Fiction The Key Club
2018-04-01 Arcades The Library Tickets
2018-04-01 Funkylove The Wardrobe
2018-04-01 Lushclubbingg 10th Anniversary The Warehouse
2018-04-02Monday 2nd April Play Terrace Party Mint Warehouse Tickets
2018-04-02 Easter Monday Alldayer Oporto
2018-04-02 Bahamas The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-04-02 We Are The Giant Wharf Chambers
2018-04-03Tuesday 3rd April Interrobang?! Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-03 The Varletts Hyde Park Book Club
2018-04-03 Songs For Walter LS6 Cafe Bar
2018-04-04Wednesday 4th April Psydoll Bad Apples Rock Bar
2018-04-04 Bloodshake At Hyde Park Book Club Hyde Park Book Club
2018-04-04 The Dovetail Trio Leeds College Of Music
2018-04-04 The Wonder Stuff O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-04 Cannabis Corpse Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-04-04 The Showhawk Duo The HiFi Club
2018-04-04 Ivory Wave The Library Tickets
2018-04-05Thursday 5th April Sg Lewis Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-04-05 Gig Smokestack
2018-04-05 Lucie Barat Verve
2018-04-05 Kit Trigg Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-04-06Friday 6th April Jamie Lee Harrison Eiger Studios Tickets
2018-04-06 Walk The Moon Leeds University Tickets
2018-04-06 The Harriets Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-04-06 Mik Artistiks Ego Trip Seven Tickets
2018-04-06 Tuesday's Secret The Library Tickets
2018-04-06 Romain Virgo Lovesick The Wardrobe
2018-04-06 El Morgan Wharf Chambers
2018-04-06 Le Phono Wire
2018-04-07Saturday 7th April Strangeforms Festival 2018 Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-07 Adam Patel: Real Magic City Varieties
2018-04-07 Tez Ilyas Duke Studios
2018-04-07 April Towers / Engine Fox & Newt Tickets
2018-04-07 Lewis Floyd Henry Grove Inn
2018-04-07 Cosmo Sheldrake Headrow House Tickets
2018-04-07 Tony Allen Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2018-04-07 Trembling Bells Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-04-07 Orchestra Of Opera North Leeds Town Hall
2018-04-07 Collectorabilia Leeds University
2018-04-07 Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band Morley Town Hall
2018-04-07 Boss Caine Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-04-07 Embrace O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-07 The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2018-04-07 The Brazen The Key Club
2018-04-07 Grooving In Green The Library
2018-04-07 Ben Blue Waters The Primrose
2018-04-07 In Your Prime | The Wardrobe, Leeds The Wardrobe
2018-04-07 Carl North & The Lonely Hearts Verve
2018-04-07 Nosebleed - Album Release Party Wharf Chambers
2018-04-07 Steve O' Sullivan Wire
2018-04-08Sunday 8th April Strangeforms Festival 2018 Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-08 Queen Zee Oporto Tickets
2018-04-08 Jon Shenoys Draw By Four Seven Tickets
2018-04-08 Basement Torture Killings Temple Of Boom
2018-04-09Monday 9th April Shigeto Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-09 Astraluna, James Dey & Trev Williams Oporto
2018-04-10Tuesday 10th April Shame Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-10 Paul Gambaccini City Varieties
2018-04-10 Xamvolo Oporto Tickets
2018-04-10 Ducking Punches The Key Club Tickets
2018-04-11Wednesday 11th April Blitzen Trapper Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-11 Traumer - Limit Distrikt Bar
2018-04-11 Florist Headrow House Tickets
2018-04-11 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-04-11 Draper & Man Without Country Oporto Tickets
2018-04-11 Tiny Moving Parts The Key Club Tickets
2018-04-11 George Egg: Diy Chef The Wardrobe
2018-04-12Thursday 12th April Isaac Gracie Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-04-12 Fenne Lily Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-12 Larkins Church Tickets
2018-04-12 Julia Biel Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-04-12 Grafton Ash, Monday Club, Bedside Manners & Joe Tilston Leeds Beckett University
2018-04-12 Evyltyde- Dividium- Discordance Leeds University
2018-04-12 Howlin' Johnny And The Devils Rejects // Smokestack
2018-04-12 Evyltyde Verve
2018-04-13Friday 13th April Megson All Hallows Church Tickets
2018-04-13 999 Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-13 Pillow Queens Chunk
2018-04-13 Gregory Porter First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-04-13 Nabihah Iqbal Headrow House Tickets
2018-04-13 Brotherhood Of Troubadours Seven Tickets
2018-04-13 Ingested | Leeds The Key Club
2018-04-13 #360raw2: Skull The Library Tickets
2018-04-14Saturday 14th April Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Abba After Midnight Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-04-14 The Mekons Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-14 Wrath Fest Church Tickets
2018-04-14 Roy Orbison First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-04-14 Wiki Headrow House Tickets
2018-04-14 Kristian Borring HEART Tickets
2018-04-14 Labourfest #3 Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-04-14 Pink Peg Slax Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-04-14 Ossia With Chaos In The Cbd The HiFi Club
2018-04-14 Casey The Key Club Tickets
2018-04-14 This Feeling The Library Tickets
2018-04-14 Steve Forbert Thorner Victory Hall
2018-04-14 Stray Scene Verve
2018-04-14 Civilised Society Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-04-15Sunday 15th April Koyo Brudenell Social Club
2018-04-15 Nashville First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-04-15 Alain Brenzikofer Tonejuice Sextet Inkwell Tickets
2018-04-15 The Wonder Years Leeds University Tickets
2018-04-15 October Drift Oporto Tickets
2018-04-15 Mark Pratt // Smokestack
2018-04-16Monday 16th April Lee Scratch Perry Brudenell Social Club
2018-04-16 Tom Paxton City Varieties Tickets
2018-04-16 Anne-marie Sanderson Oporto
2018-04-17Tuesday 17th April Akala Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-04-17 Lucy May Walker Headrow House
2018-04-17 Tokio Myers O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-17 Bryde Oporto Tickets
2018-04-17 Coasst Santiago Tickets
2018-04-17 Random Hand The Key Club Tickets
2018-04-18Wednesday 18th April Courtney Marie Andrews Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-18 Feast Of Fiddles At City Varieties Leeds City Varieties
2018-04-18 Mabel The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-04-18 The Svetlanas Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-04-19Thursday 19th April Lucy Dacus Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-04-19 Iron Chic Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-19 Tom Ridouts No Excuses Seven Tickets
2018-04-19 The Dan Burnett Band // Smokestack
2018-04-19 Mosh For Mind The Library Tickets
2018-04-19 Culture Shock Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-04-19 Battle Of The Acts 2018 Yeadon Town Hall Tickets
2018-04-20Friday 20th April Rhythm Of The 90s Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-20 Little Comets Church Tickets
2018-04-20 Stand Alone Headrow House
2018-04-20 Joan As Police Woman Howard Assembly Room
2018-04-20 Mother Lover Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-04-20 Ultimate Power O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-20 Lilly Hiatt Seven Tickets
2018-04-20 Purple Thread / Courtyards / Palmes The HiFi Club
2018-04-20 Chasing Dragons The Key Club
2018-04-20 Psychobabylon The Library Tickets
2018-04-20 Hell Fire Jack Verve
2018-04-20 Happy Accidents Wharf Chambers
2018-04-21Saturday 21st April Atjazz Beaver Works
2018-04-21 Pele Ft. Ian Prowse Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-21 Modern Rituals And Gun Shy Chunk
2018-04-21 Eric Bibb City Varieties Tickets
2018-04-21 Trivax Plus More To Be Confirmed Fenton Tickets
2018-04-21 Skinner & T'witch Grove Inn
2018-04-21 Polo Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-04-21 City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-04-21 Arkdown Santiago Tickets
2018-04-21 Kashmere The Library Tickets
2018-04-21 Nick J.d. Hodgson | Leeds The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-04-21 Ten Hands High Verve
2018-04-22Sunday 22nd April Gengahr Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-22 The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2018-04-22 James Kirby LS6 Cafe Bar
2018-04-22 College Collection Part 1 Seven Tickets
2018-04-23Monday 23rd April Murkage Dave With Mike Skinner Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-04-23 The Streets O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-23 Merkules The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-04-23 Pardon Us Wharf Chambers
2018-04-24Tuesday 24th April Fakear Headrow House Tickets
2018-04-24 Edy Hurst Verve
2018-04-25Wednesday 25th April The Academic Church Tickets
2018-04-25 Robot Fighting League Spring Competition Leeds University
2018-04-25 Ginger Snaps Oporto Tickets
2018-04-25 Ttng (this Town Needs Guns) Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-04-26Thursday 26th April Shonen Knife Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-26 Rejjie Snow Leeds University
2018-04-26 Ricardo Curbelo - Rhythms From Latin America Seven Tickets
2018-04-26 Hailbails Smokestack
2018-04-26 Twisted Wheel The Library Tickets
2018-04-26 The Herbaliser | Leeds The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-04-27Friday 27th April Slug Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-27 Vessels Canal Mills Tickets
2018-04-27 The Carnival Of Light Leeds - 50% Sold Out! Church
2018-04-27 Tears For Fear First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-04-27 Ciaran Lavery Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-04-27 International Concert Series: Algorave Assembly Leeds University
2018-04-27 Skindred O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-27 Kernel Panic The Library Tickets
2018-04-27 Justin Nozuka | Leeds The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-04-28Saturday 28th April Jax Jones Canal Mills
2018-04-28 Mexrrissey Church Tickets
2018-04-28 Russell Peters First Direct Arena
2018-04-28 Katie Von Schleicher Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-04-28 Rothwell Temperance Brass Band Morley Town Hall
2018-04-28 The Amy Winehouse Experience O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-28 Fingersmiths Seven Tickets
2018-04-28 Karma 7th Birthday The Library Tickets
2018-04-28 "africa-brasil" Featuring Mansion Of Snakes The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-04-28 Glasstides Verve
2018-04-29Sunday 29th April Elkie Brooks Leeds Grand Theatre
2018-04-29 International Concert Series: Max Reger, "the Last Giant In Music" Leeds University
2018-04-29 Gomez O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-29 College Collection Part 2 Seven
2018-04-29 Sam Brookes The Library
2018-04-30Monday 30th April Blanco White Headrow House Tickets
2018-04-30 Hattie Briggs - Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-05-01Tuesday 1st May Amen Dunes Headrow House Tickets
2018-05-02Wednesday 2nd May Tom Clarke (the Enemy Acoustic) Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-02 Manic Street Preachers First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-05-02 Cosey Fanni Tutti Chinwag Outlaws Yacht Club
2018-05-02 James Zabiela Wire
2018-05-03Thursday 3rd May Yo La Tengo Church Tickets
2018-05-03 Walk Off The Earth O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-05-03 Memory Of Elephants And Codices Santiago
2018-05-04Friday 4th May Count Arthur Strong City Varieties
2018-05-04 International Concert Series: Lstwo Leeds University
2018-05-04 Stan Sultzmann With Vein Trio Seven Tickets
2018-05-04 Gets Worse, Rotting Monarchs, Mothcob, Deadbeat Temple Of Boom
2018-05-04 Movements The Key Club Tickets
2018-05-04 Prs Foundation's Momentum Music Fund Showcase The Wardrobe
2018-05-05Saturday 5th May Simon Evans: Genius City Varieties
2018-05-05 Nickelback First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-05-05 Memory Drawings And Manyfingers Fox & Newt Tickets
2018-05-05 Live At Leeds Festival 2018 O2 Academy Leeds
2018-05-05 Cinco De Mayo Seven Tickets
2018-05-05 Live At Leeds 2018 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2018-05-06Sunday 6th May Brett Domino's House Party Brudenell Social Club
2018-05-06 The Garden Party 2018: Part 1 Canal Mills
2018-05-06 Henri Herbert Grove Inn
2018-05-06 Andy Schofield Inkwell Tickets
2018-05-06 East End Dubs Mint Warehouse
2018-05-06 Dave Speight Smokestack
2018-05-06 We Came As Romans & Alazka (co-headline) The Key Club Tickets
2018-05-07Monday 7th May Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-05-07 System & Set One Twenty Terrace Party - May 6th Mint Warehouse Tickets
2018-05-08Tuesday 8th May King King Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-08 We Are Scientists Church Tickets
2018-05-10Thursday 10th May Anna & Elizabeth Howard Assembly Room
2018-05-10 Wilko Johnson Leeds University Tickets
2018-05-10 Soapbox At Seven | Cecilia Knapp & Louise Fazackerley Seven
2018-05-10 Bellevue Days The Library Tickets
2018-05-10 New York Tourists With Josh Wheatley Verve
2018-05-11Friday 11th May Scott Matthews Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-11 Lee Nelson City Varieties
2018-05-11 Lewis Hamilton Band Duck & Drake
2018-05-11 Damo Suzuki Headrow House Tickets
2018-05-11 International Concert Series: Sacred Music For London And Salzburg Leeds University
2018-05-11 Birdflesh, Cxbxfxixhxfxlxfxrxe, And Coproach Temple Of Boom
2018-05-12Saturday 12th May Hmltd Belgrave Music Hall
2018-05-12 Too Many Zooz Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-12 The Laurent-perrier Experience- Boxing First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-05-12 Salome Howard Assembly Room
2018-05-12 Orchestra Of Opera North Leeds Town Hall
2018-05-12 Rita Ora O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-05-12 Birds Of Chicago Seven Tickets
2018-05-12 Toundra Temple Of Boom
2018-05-12 Loud Noises The Domino Club
2018-05-12 Zeitgeist Zero The Library
2018-05-12 Wilson Uk The Primrose
2018-05-12 Thorner May Ball Thorner Victory Hall
2018-05-13Sunday 13th May Pinkshinyultrablast Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-13 The Fureys City Varieties
2018-05-13 Leeds University Union (luu) Big Band Seven
2018-05-13 Scott Wainwright Smokestack
2018-05-13 Youth Anthems #19 Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-05-15Tuesday 15th May Josh T. Pearson Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-15 Russian Circles Leeds University Tickets
2018-05-17Thursday 17th May Spear Of Destiny Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-17 The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2018-05-17 Darius Brubeck Quartet Seven Tickets
2018-05-17 Soul Train // Smokestack
2018-05-17 Kill The Ideal And Carry The Crown () Verve
2018-05-18Friday 18th May The Rutles Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-18 Radio Active City Varieties
2018-05-18 Wreckless Eric Fox & Newt Tickets
2018-05-19Saturday 19th May Gold Sounds Festival Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-19 Gaz Coombes Church Tickets
2018-05-19 Dean Friedman City Varieties Tickets
2018-05-19 Wreckless Eric Fox & Newt Tickets
2018-05-19 Charlotte Carpenter Hyde Park Book Club
2018-05-19 Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-05-19 BØrns | Leeds The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-05-19 Duds Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-05-20Sunday 20th May Gold Sounds Festival Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-22Tuesday 22nd May Gus Dapperton Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-23Wednesday 23rd May Japanese Breakfast Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-05-23 Shawn Klush First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-05-23 Sparks O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-05-24Thursday 24th May Thousand Yard Stare Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-05-24 Nilufer Yanya Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-24 Barnstormer Fox & Newt Tickets
2018-05-24 Reef O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-05-25Friday 25th May A Certain Ratio Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-05-25 Katie Piper City Varieties
2018-05-25 Awate Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-05-25 The Selecter Millennium Square Tickets
2018-05-26Saturday 26th May Nine Below Zero Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-26 Slam Dunk Festival: North 2018 O2 Academy Leeds
2018-05-26 Soulmare Event Special Sellsword More Tba Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-05-26 Slam Dunk Presents?slam Dunk Festival 2018 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2018-05-27Sunday 27th May Detlef Canal Mills
2018-05-27 Bryan Adams First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-05-27 The The Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2018-05-27 The The Leeds University
2018-05-28Monday 28th May Superchunk Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-29Tuesday 29th May Charles Watson Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-29 Helen Chambers & Joe Tilston | Leeds HEART
2018-05-29 The Breeders Leeds University Tickets
2018-05-29 Foreignfox Oporto Tickets
2018-05-30Wednesday 30th May Broken Social Scene / Wednesday 30th May / Belgrave Music H Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-05-30 Gretchen Peters With Very Special Guest Kim Richey City Varieties Tickets
2018-05-30 Limit: Day & Night Terrace Party With Special Guest Tba Distrikt Bar
2018-05-30 Danny Wright Fox & Newt Tickets
2018-05-31Thursday 31st May Miles Gilderdale And The Blueflies // Smokestack
2018-06-01Friday 1st June Roxy Musique Irish Centre
2018-06-01 The Doors Alive O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-06-01 Sean Mcgowan Santiago Tickets
2018-06-01 Drahla Wharf Chambers
2018-06-02Saturday 2nd June Nicolas Lutz - Inner City Electronic Distrikt Bar
2018-06-02 Small Glories Seven Tickets
2018-06-02 Inner City Electronic ? Line-up Tba The HiFi Club
2018-06-02 Glorious Summer The Library
2018-06-02 Inner City Electronic Various Leeds Venues
2018-06-02 Inner City Electronic ? Line-up Tba Wire
2018-06-03Sunday 3rd June Spoon Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-04Monday 4th June Warmduscher Brudenell Social Club
2018-06-04 Stuart Goldsmith Duke Studios
2018-06-04 Loma Headrow House Tickets
2018-06-04 This Is Elvis Leeds Grand Theatre
2018-06-04 Walk The Moon Leeds University Tickets
2018-06-04 Loma Various Leeds Venues
2018-06-05Tuesday 5th June Flat Worms Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-06Wednesday 6th June Chameleonsvox 'script Of The Bridge' Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-08Friday 8th June Psychedelic Funhouse Comes To Leeds Mint Warehouse Tickets
2018-06-09Saturday 9th June The Wedding Present Church
2018-06-09 Maxim Vengerov Leeds Town Hall
2018-06-09 The Smiths Ltd, The Clone Roses, And Clint Boon With Dj Clint Boon O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-06-11Monday 11th June Helen Mccookerybook- Gary Stewart Oporto
2018-06-12Tuesday 12th June Waxahatchee Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-12 Omni Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-06-13Wednesday 13th June Preoccupations Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-13 Belly Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2018-06-13 Palm | Leeds Oporto Tickets
2018-06-15Friday 15th June The Skids Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-16Saturday 16th June Let's Rock! Leeds Temple Newsam Tickets
2018-06-16 Axes / Suffer Like G Did / You Break, You Buy Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-06-16 Punx Against Cancer The Warehouse Tickets
2018-06-20Wednesday 20th June Harriet Alargunsoro First Direct Arena
2018-06-22Friday 22nd June Ultimate Bowie Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-22 David Baddiel My Family: Not The Sitcom City Varieties
2018-06-22 Smoove & Turrell The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-06-23Saturday 23rd June David Baddiel City Varieties Tickets
2018-06-23 Toyah Morley Town Hall Tickets
2018-06-23 H2o, 'nothing To Prove' Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-06-24Sunday 24th June International Concert Series: The Gould Trio Leeds University
2018-06-24 H2o Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-06-26Tuesday 26th June Modern Life Is War Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-26 Rufus Wainwright Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-06-29Friday 29th June Brian Blessed Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-06-29 Damian Marley O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-06-30Saturday 30th June The Dreamboys O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-06-30 The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2018-07-05Thursday 5th July Absolute Kinks Seven Tickets
2018-07-06Friday 6th July A Foreigner's Journey Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-07-06 Big Country Morley Town Hall Tickets
2018-07-07Saturday 7th July Luxury Stranger The Library
2018-07-12Thursday 12th July The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2018-07-12 James Taylor First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-07-13Friday 13th July Ashington Soul Train Morley Town Hall Tickets
2018-07-14Saturday 14th July Skinner & T'witch Grove Inn
2018-07-14 Kirkstall Festival Kirkstall Abbey
2018-07-14 Cocoon In The Park 2018 Temple Newsam
2018-07-20Friday 20th July Jazzleeds Festival 2018 Various Leeds Venues
2018-07-21Saturday 21st July Even As We Speak Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-07-21 Daoiri Farrell New Headingley Club Tickets
2018-07-21 Paul Mccartney One On One Tour The Wardrobe
2018-07-22Sunday 22nd July Danny Baker Leeds Grand Theatre
2018-07-26Thursday 26th July Graduation Leeds Town Hall
2018-07-27Friday 27th July The Symphonic Sounds Of Back To Basics Millennium Square Tickets
2018-07-28Saturday 28th July Classic Ibiza Harewood House
2018-07-28 The Marked Men - Debut Uk Show Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-08-03Friday 3rd August Pretenders Millennium Square Tickets
2018-08-03 Bloodstains - Hardcore Festival 2018 - Full Weekend Ticket Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-08-05Sunday 5th August The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2018-08-06Monday 6th August Jaya The Cat Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-08-10Friday 10th August Slaughter And The Dogs Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-08-11Saturday 11th August Kt Tunstall And Simple Minds Millennium Square Tickets
2018-08-15Wednesday 15th August Slum Village The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-08-19Sunday 19th August Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-08-22Wednesday 22nd August Leeds Festival 2018 Bramham Park Tickets
2018-08-24Friday 24th August Leeds Festival 2018 Bramham Park Tickets
2018-08-25Saturday 25th August Leeds Festival 2018 - Saturday Bramham Park Tickets
2018-08-26Sunday 26th August Leeds Festival 2018 Bramham Park Tickets
2018-09-02Sunday 2nd September Jane Mcdonald Leeds Grand Theatre
2018-09-02 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-09-07Friday 7th September Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-09-09Sunday 9th September Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-09-13Thursday 13th September The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2018-09-13 Rachel Parris The Wardrobe
2018-09-14Friday 14th September Soulmare Night Fenton
2018-09-14 The Southmartins O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-09-15Saturday 15th September Elvana O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-09-16Sunday 16th September Dave Speight Smokestack
2018-09-16 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-09-20Thursday 20th September They Might Be Giants Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-09-21Friday 21st September They Might Be Giants Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-09-21 Brinsley Forde (aswad) The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-09-22Saturday 22nd September Renegade Brass Band The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-09-23Sunday 23rd September Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-09-27Thursday 27th September The Smyths Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-09-28Friday 28th September Paranoid Visions Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-09-29Saturday 29th September Paranoid Visions Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-09-29 Hacienda Classical First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-09-29 Elvana O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-09-30Sunday 30th September Jason Derulo First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-10-05Friday 5th October Uk Foo Fighters - Banging On The Ceiling Tour The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-10-06Saturday 6th October Wildest Dreams Festival Brudenell Social Club
2018-10-06 Acoustic Roots Charity Festival Grove Inn
2018-10-06 Uk Slam Fest 2018 Temple Of Boom Tickets
2018-10-07Sunday 7th October Mike Christie City Varieties
2018-10-09Tuesday 9th October Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple "live" Leeds University Tickets
2018-10-11Thursday 11th October Robert Newman's Total Eclipse Of Descartes City Varieties
2018-10-12Friday 12th October London Calling Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-10-13Saturday 13th October Evil Scarecrow Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-10-15Monday 15th October Jeff Lynne's Elo First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-10-16Tuesday 16th October Tom Robinson & Band Perform Power In The Darkness Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-10-16 Hailbails LS6 Cafe Bar
2018-10-18Thursday 18th October Hawkwind Leeds Town Hall
2018-10-19Friday 19th October Lewis Hamilton Band Duck & Drake
2018-10-19 Hawkwind Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-10-20Saturday 20th October Gary Delaney City Varieties
2018-10-24Wednesday 24th October Eric Martin (mr Big) Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-10-26Friday 26th October Soul Ii Soul Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-10-27Saturday 27th October Hamerex Fenton
2018-10-27 The Petty Heartbreakers Grove Inn
2018-11-03Saturday 3rd November Big Country Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-11-08Thursday 8th November The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2018-11-08 From The Jam 'all Mod Cons' 40th Anniversary Tour Leeds University Tickets
2018-11-10Saturday 10th November Empress Duck & Drake
2018-11-10 The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2018-11-10 The Last Cry The Library
2018-11-10 The Complete Stone Roses The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-11-13Tuesday 13th November The High Kings City Varieties Tickets
2018-11-15Thursday 15th November The Quireboys Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-11-17Saturday 17th November Woman To Woman City Varieties Tickets
2018-11-17 Jack Blackman Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2018-11-17 John Cooper Clarke O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-11-19Monday 19th November Four Tops & The Temptations First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-11-20Tuesday 20th November Shame Leeds University Tickets
2018-11-24Saturday 24th November Kazoopa Festival 2018 Various Leeds Venues
2018-11-28Wednesday 28th November Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-11-30Friday 30th November Faith - George Michael The Legacy Tour Morley Town Hall Tickets
2018-12-02Sunday 2nd December Dave Speight Smokestack
2018-12-04Tuesday 4th December Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-12-13Thursday 13th December Zoe Lyons Duke Studios
2018-12-14Friday 14th December Fleetwood Bac Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-12-14 Jools Holland & His Rythm And Blues Orchestra First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-12-15Saturday 15th December Hamerex Fenton
2018-12-20Thursday 20th December Faith - George Michael The Legacy Tour Yeadon Town Hall Tickets