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Find out what's on in Leeds below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2017-10-18Wednesday 18th October Jordan Rakei Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-18 Chad Vangaalen Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-18 Infinite Bisous Chunk Tickets
2017-10-18 Trash Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-10-18 Junior Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland Leeds College Of Music
2017-10-18 The Book Of Darkness And Light Leeds University Tickets
2017-10-18 Beginners Knitting Course (evening) Left Bank
2017-10-18 London Grammar O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-18 Stillia Oporto Tickets
2017-10-18 Sound Company Seven Tickets
2017-10-18 Loud Noises Smokestack
2017-10-18 High Hazels The Library Tickets
2017-10-18 The Old Red Bus Station - Open Decks - 18.10.2017 The Old Red Bus Station
2017-10-18 Dream Wife The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-18 Kontra Wire
2017-10-19Thursday 19th October Nell Bryden Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-19 The Flatliners Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-19 Liv Dawson Church Tickets
2017-10-19 The Young'uns City Varieties City Varieties
2017-10-19 Hailbails Crowd of Favours
2017-10-19 The Flying Twadgers, Duck & Drake
2017-10-19 Audio & Radio Industry Awards First Direct Arena
2017-10-19 Diet Cig Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-19 The Eden House Holy Trinity Church
2017-10-19 Too Many T's Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-10-19 The Brilliant Readers Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2017-10-19 Public Service Broadcasting O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-19 Over Atlantic The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-19 Corella The Library Tickets
2017-10-19 Pyramid's View On 'sensory Carnival Parade' The Tetley
2017-10-19 Abandoman The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-19 Dave Speight Whites Deli
2017-10-20Friday 20th October Mandidextrous Beaver Works
2017-10-20 Cock Sparrer Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-20 (Sandy) Alex G Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-20 Kele Church Tickets
2017-10-20 Lewis Hamilton Band Duck & Drake
2017-10-20 On Rotation's 3rd Birthday: Kerrie Eiger Studios
2017-10-20 Forest Swords Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-20 Ohig Leeds College Of Music
2017-10-20 Hidden & Unplugged ! Leeds University
2017-10-20 Northern Soul At Shopkeepers Nation Of Shopkeepers
2017-10-20 Debasmita Bhattacharya Seven Tickets
2017-10-20 Norman Jay Mbe Smokestack Tickets
2017-10-20 Vibestribe X Elements Presents.. The Faversham
2017-10-20 Nord The HiFi Club
2017-10-20 Andy Taft The Library Tickets
2017-10-20 Stand Alone The Pack Horse
2017-10-20 Pyramid View On 'the High Rise Carnival Songs' The Tetley
2017-10-20 Nick Helm The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-20 1919 Wharf Chambers
2017-10-20 Overflow - Skeptical, Xtrah & Drs Wire
2017-10-21Saturday 21st October Pre-birds, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind, Cattle, Negative School Chunk
2017-10-21 October Drift Church Tickets
2017-10-21 Shonky - Bday Party Distrikt Bar
2017-10-21 Rum Doodle Grove Inn
2017-10-21 Dj Boring Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-21 Róisín Bán HEART
2017-10-21 Listen To Your Heart Beat Irish Centre Tickets
2017-10-21 The Horrors Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2017-10-21 Music In Mind Cio Hidden Voice Leeds College Of Music
2017-10-21 Manchester Camerata Leeds Town Hall
2017-10-21 Clay Leeds University Tickets
2017-10-21 Reminisce Mint Club Tickets
2017-10-21 Oxjam Festival Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2017-10-21 Tom Zanetti O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-21 Rectal Smegma Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-10-21 So Fresh So Clean The HiFi Club
2017-10-21 Ørmstons The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-21 Slowcoaches The Library Tickets
2017-10-21 Out Of Space: Autumn Sessions The Old Red Bus Station
2017-10-21 Emerald Sunday The Pack Horse Tickets
2017-10-21 Trevor Nelson's Soul Nation The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-21 Other Peoples Lives Verve
2017-10-21 Goth City 2017 Wharf Chambers
2017-10-21 Eclair Fifi Wire
2017-10-22Sunday 22nd October Perception Uk And Construct Uk With Isolate The Witness Bad Apples Rock Bar
2017-10-22 Broken Witt Rebels Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-22 Lee Nelson City Varieties
2017-10-22 The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2017-10-22 J Cole First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-22 Hannah Trigwell Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-22 Trio Da Kali Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-10-22 Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra Left Bank Tickets
2017-10-22 Souls 22:22 Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2017-10-22 Zara Larsson O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-22 Plaza Oporto Tickets
2017-10-22 The Jazz Butcher Quartet Outlaws Yacht Club
2017-10-22 Dominic J Marshall Trio Seven Tickets
2017-10-22 Unsung Collective The 212 Cafe & Bar
2017-10-22 The Undercover Hippy The HiFi Club
2017-10-22 Steven Page The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-23Monday 23rd October Outline In Color, Scream Blue Murder Bad Apples Rock Bar Tickets
2017-10-23 Will Joseph Cook Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-23 Manchester Orchestra Church Tickets
2017-10-23 3 Tickets For The Kooks First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-23 Alan Horsey Leeds Town Hall
2017-10-23 Mount Eerie Left Bank Tickets
2017-10-23 Flower Power Special Mint Club
2017-10-23 Weezer O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-23 Gwen, The Big Wheel Oporto
2017-10-23 Fai Baba Temple Of Boom
2017-10-23 Battle Of The Bands The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-24Tuesday 24th October Mammal Hands Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-24 Declan Mckenna Church Tickets
2017-10-24 Emeli Sand First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-24 Noga Erez Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-24 Mark Somers HEART
2017-10-24 Zozo Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-10-24 Gould Piano Trio Leeds College Of Music
2017-10-24 Declan Mckenna Leeds University Tickets
2017-10-24 J Hus O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-24 Wesley Gonzalez Oporto Tickets
2017-10-24 Mammal Hands The HiFi Club Tickets
2017-10-24 Femur The Library
2017-10-24 Shakka The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-24 Bad Breeding Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-10-24 Shook Events 2: Mrtraumatik Wire
2017-10-25Wednesday 25th October Ulrich Schnauss Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-25 Clean Cut Kid Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-25 The Magic Fish Carriageworks Theatre
2017-10-25 Simon Amstell City Varieties
2017-10-25 Classical Platform HEART Tickets
2017-10-25 Vultures Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-10-25 Sleaford Mods Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2017-10-25 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2017-10-25 Stranger Things: Season One Marathon Leeds University
2017-10-25 Akon O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-25 Busty And The Bass Oporto Tickets
2017-10-25 Big Love Soul Smokestack
2017-10-25 New Luna The Library Tickets
2017-10-25 Emma Stevens The Pack Horse
2017-10-25 Limit Halloween: Frits Wentink & Folamour Wire
2017-10-26Thursday 26th October Ibibio Sound Machine Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-26 Francobollo Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-26 Simon Day City Varieties
2017-10-26 Saba Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-26 Buen Chico, Baker Island, And Louie James Hyde Park Book Club
2017-10-26 Aj Tracey Leeds University Tickets
2017-10-26 Girl Gang Leeds: Spooky Bingo Nation Of Shopkeepers
2017-10-26 Roots Manuva O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-26 Stan Tracey Legacy Octet Seven Tickets
2017-10-26 Svalbard Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-10-26 Clarks The HiFi Club
2017-10-26 Ladies' Darts Night The Library Tickets
2017-10-26 Ellie Taylor The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-27Friday 27th October Fixate, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Sam Binga, And Grandmixxer Beaver Works
2017-10-27 Baywaves Belgrave Music Hall
2017-10-27 Mutation Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-27 Les Mckeown's Bay City Rollers City Varieties
2017-10-27 Andrew James Gustav - Albion Distrikt Bar
2017-10-27 Wrecking For The Mind 2017 Eiger Studios
2017-10-27 Pantha Du Prince Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-27 Vwarphf, Wormboys, And Inside Jokes Hyde Park Book Club
2017-10-27 Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere Leeds Town Hall
2017-10-27 Tre Di Spade Leeds University
2017-10-27 Blackley With Mc Bassman, Eksman, Dj Hype, And 2 More... Mint Warehouse
2017-10-27 60s Extravaganza Morley Town Hall Tickets
2017-10-27 O'hooley & Tidow New Headingley Club
2017-10-27 Tim Loud Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2017-10-27 Dj Luck & Mc Neat O2 Academy Leeds
2017-10-27 Popes Of Chillitown Temple Of Boom
2017-10-27 Soul Control The HiFi Club
2017-10-27 Make Them Suffer The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-27 Monna Vanna The Library Tickets
2017-10-27 The Abstract Orchestra (madvillainy Set) The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-27 Eton Crop Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-10-27 Brotherhood Halloween Wire
2017-10-28Saturday 28th October Reg Jula Belgrave Music Hall
2017-10-28 Sex Pistols Experience Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-28 Bicep Canal Mills
2017-10-28 Kink Live Halloween Spectacular Church Tickets
2017-10-28 Next Am - Jack Wickham Distrikt Bar
2017-10-28 Underdark Eiger Studios
2017-10-28 Mahalia Headrow House
2017-10-28 Don Kipper HEART Tickets
2017-10-28 Gogo Penguin: Koyaanisqatsi Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-10-28 Happy Meals Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-10-28 St Petersburg Symphony Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2017-10-28 Dodie Leeds University Tickets
2017-10-28 System. Halloween Mint Club
2017-10-28 Prism Halloween Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-10-28 Sic - Inzombifest Allnighter Mission
2017-10-28 Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band Morley Town Hall
2017-10-28 Charlie Sloth O2 Academy Leeds
2017-10-28 Kill The Silence With Go Primitive, Hinges , A Night In November, ... Santiago
2017-10-28 Charanga Del Norte Seven Tickets
2017-10-28 Brudenell Groove: The Black Lodge The HiFi Club
2017-10-28 From Inside With Amongst Thieves And Jack The Envious The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-28 Blizzoween The Library Tickets
2017-10-28 Semi-detached: The Haunted House The Old Red Bus Station
2017-10-28 Definitely Oasis The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-28 The Resonance Verve
2017-10-28 Joy Orbison & Or:la Wire
2017-10-29Sunday 29th October Akala Belgrave Music Hall
2017-10-29 Picture This Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-29 Wildwood Kin Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-29 Don Kipper Inkwell Tickets
2017-10-29 System Halloween Mint Club Tickets
2017-10-29 Amy Illingworth Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2017-10-29 Mo Gilligan O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-29 Ailbhe Reddy Oporto Tickets
2017-10-29 Slow Crush, Heep., And Outlander Santiago
2017-10-29 Tim Loud Smokestack
2017-10-29 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-10-29 Krept & Konan The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-29 Ashfields The Library Tickets
2017-10-29 Danny Gruff Verve
2017-10-29 Worriedaboutsatan Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-10-29 Avalon Emerson Wire
2017-10-30Monday 30th October Akala Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-30 Ghostpoet Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-30 Beth Hart Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2017-10-30 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-30 Mike Mckeon Oporto
2017-10-30 Hopscotch Tour Leeds: Yonaka, Anteros, Stereo Honey The Wardrobe
2017-10-31Tuesday 31st October Jennifer Cardini Beaver Works
2017-10-31 Jane Weaver Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-31 Mojo Catfish Chemic Tavern
2017-10-31 Jacques Greene Church Tickets
2017-10-31 Girl Ray Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-31 Jeffrey Hewer's Chamber Jazz Trio HEART
2017-10-31 Leodian Concert Orchestra Leeds College Of Music
2017-10-31 Living Dead Festival 2017 Leeds University Tickets
2017-10-31 Syd Arthur The Library Tickets
2017-11-01Wednesday 1st November 400th Episode Party Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-01 The Dream Syndicate Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-01 Nyos X Cattle Chunk
2017-11-01 Paul Chowdhry City Varieties
2017-11-01 Eun Cho Leeds College Of Music
2017-11-01 International Concert Series: Schubert Song Series Ii Leeds University
2017-11-01 Goldfrapp O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-01 Closeup Tour: Leeds Oporto Tickets
2017-11-01 Back Chat Brass Smokestack
2017-11-01 Improv Workshop The Pack Horse
2017-11-01 Lloyd Griffith The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-01 No Way Back Wire
2017-11-02Thursday 2nd November Zola Jesus Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-02 The Golden Age Of Tv Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-02 Jungle Canal Mills Tickets
2017-11-02 Paul Zerdin City Varieties
2017-11-02 Tower Of Song Xli: Elements Of Swing Featuring Christopher Brain Fox & Newt
2017-11-02 Uri Caine Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-11-02 A Show Of Unity Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-02 Dirty Paintings Left Bank
2017-11-02 Liam Fray O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-02 Battery Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-11-02 Brooders The Library Tickets
2017-11-02 Carl Hutchinson The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-03Friday 3rd November Barrabus Belgrave Music Hall
2017-11-03 Slamboreee Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-03 Little Dragon Canal Mills Tickets
2017-11-03 Showaddywaddy City Varieties
2017-11-03 Kusanagi Fox & Newt Tickets
2017-11-03 Newton Faulkner Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2017-11-03 Blanked #3 Leeds University
2017-11-03 The Pigeon Detectives O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-03 Caution Collective Seven Tickets
2017-11-03 The Jb Conspiracy The Key Club Tickets
2017-11-03 Victors / Pacific / Citrus Heights / Kata Rayna The Library Tickets
2017-11-03 Vision State: Terra Firma Vs. Fragmented Recordings The Old Red Bus Station
2017-11-03 John Power The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-03 Dead Houses Verve
2017-11-03 Artwork Wire
2017-11-04Saturday 4th November Julia Jacklin Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-04 Limehouse Lizzy Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-04 Wiley Canal Mills Tickets
2017-11-04 Back To Basics Patrick Topping Curates Church Tickets
2017-11-04 Yuksek Duke Studios Tickets
2017-11-04 Bill Frisell Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-11-04 Damnation Festival 2017 Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-04 Pan-pot (3 Hour Set) Mint Club
2017-11-04 Pan -pot (3 Hour Set) @ Mint Club Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-11-04 Sic - Insomnia Residents Rave Mission
2017-11-04 Lost Loui Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2017-11-04 The Icicle Works O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-04 Eva Plays Dead With Black Orchid Empire Santiago
2017-11-04 Caution Collective Seven Tickets
2017-11-04 The Rocket Summer The Key Club Tickets
2017-11-04 Terri Shaltiel The Owl
2017-11-04 Pulverise The Primrose
2017-11-04 Dr. Feelgood The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-04 Tom Branfoot Verve
2017-11-04 Scott Proper Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-11-04 Homework Wire
2017-11-05Sunday 5th November Autobahn Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-05 Cradle Of Filth Church Tickets
2017-11-05 Crackle - A Night Of Turntablist Experimentalism Clothworkers Centenary Hall
2017-11-05 Corporation Pop Grove Inn
2017-11-05 Inkwell Jazz Jam Inkwell Tickets
2017-11-05 Decade Leeds Beckett University
2017-11-05 The Pigeon Detectives O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-05 Her's Oporto Tickets
2017-11-05 Bangla Music Festival Seven Tickets
2017-11-05 Michael Woods Smokestack
2017-11-05 Employed To Serve Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-11-05 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-11-05 King Kong Company | Leeds The Library Tickets
2017-11-05 The Bleeding Obvious With The Thinking Chimp Wharf Chambers
2017-11-06Monday 6th November Island Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-06 Gok Wan City Varieties
2017-11-06 Japanese Breakfast Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-06 Darius Battiwalla Leeds Town Hall
2017-11-06 Caves & Clouds Oporto
2017-11-07Tuesday 7th November Lucy Rose Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-07 Oysterband City Varieties
2017-11-07 Gordi Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-07 Jean Watson Sextet HEART
2017-11-07 Matt Maltese Oporto Tickets
2017-11-07 Trampolene The Library Tickets
2017-11-07 Shopping Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-11-07 Arcane Wire
2017-11-08Wednesday 8th November Big Thief Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-08 Andrew Newton City Varieties
2017-11-08 Kagoule Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-08 Kerri Watt Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-11-08 Wishbone Ash Irish Centre Tickets
2017-11-08 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2017-11-08 Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-08 John Joseph Brill Oporto Tickets
2017-11-08 Seven Seven
2017-11-08 Wolfcops Smokestack
2017-11-08 Black Delta Movement The Library Tickets
2017-11-08 Lefty Scum The Wardrobe
2017-11-08 Rakta (bra)/cowtown/cheap Surgery/tbc - Wharf Chambers 08/11/17 Wharf Chambers
2017-11-08 Asquith Wire
2017-11-09Thursday 9th November Shabazz Palaces Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-09 Foster And Allen City Varieties
2017-11-09 The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2017-11-09 Bloody Knees Headrow House
2017-11-09 Milky Chance Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-09 Christine Tobin Sings Leonard Cohen Seven Tickets
2017-11-09 Loop #2 The HiFi Club
2017-11-09 Angelo De Augustine The Library Tickets
2017-11-09 Nathan Caton The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-10Friday 10th November The Chambers With Black Moth Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-10 Dub Pistols Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-10 Alex Lahey Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-10 Rnr Records Present Sub Zero, Mc Bassman, Mc Trigga Church
2017-11-10 Chas And Dave City Varieties
2017-11-10 Together Pangea Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-10 Sarah Maisel HEART Tickets
2017-11-10 The Head Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-11-10 Ride Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2017-11-10 British Sea Power Leeds Town Hall
2017-11-10 The J-hus Special The HiFi Club
2017-11-10 Loux The Library Tickets
2017-11-10 Pete Roe The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-10 Pie Race Festival 2017 Wharf Chambers
2017-11-10 Hunee (all Night Long) Wire
2017-11-11Saturday 11th November Pins Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-11 Nick Hakim Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-11 Dreadzone Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-11 Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers Carriageworks Theatre
2017-11-11 River Matthews Church Tickets
2017-11-11 Those Were The Days City Varieties
2017-11-11 The Wolfhounds Fenton Tickets
2017-11-11 Alice Cooper First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-11 The Hempolics Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-11 Edgar Duke Holy Trinity Church Tickets
2017-11-11 Taksim Trio Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-11-11 Maceo Plex, Adriatique Mint Warehouse
2017-11-11 Sic - More Launch Party Mission
2017-11-11 Scouting For Girls O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-11 The Stray Birds Seven Tickets
2017-11-11 Talking Heads Special The HiFi Club
2017-11-11 Carpe Noctum The Library
2017-11-11 Complete Stone Roses The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-11 Life At The Arcade Verve
2017-11-11 Mass With Spacetravel 4h Set (perlon), Jack Wickham, Kepler & Wheatley Wire
2017-11-12Sunday 12th November Tank & The Bangas Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-12 Pissed Jeans Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-12 Daniel Romano Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-12 Big Fish Little Fish Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-12 Maceo Plex Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-11-12 Peakes Oporto Tickets
2017-11-12 Strictly Smokin' Seven Tickets
2017-11-12 Lord Darnley And The Fair Devil Of Scotland Temple Newsam Tickets
2017-11-12 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-11-12 King Parrot The Key Club Tickets
2017-11-12 Gurr The Library Tickets
2017-11-12 Soul In The Wardrobe The Wardrobe
2017-11-13Monday 13th November Tank And The Bangas Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-13 Sylvan Esso Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-13 Little Mix First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-13 Jared & The Mill Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-11-13 Leeds College Of Music Wind Orchestra Leeds College Of Music
2017-11-13 Darius Battiwalla Leeds Town Hall
2017-11-13 Cigarettes After Sex Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-13 Insane Clown Posse O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-13 Dyvr, Rivera Oporto
2017-11-13 The Lafontaines The Library Tickets
2017-11-13 Ellie Taylor: This Guy The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-14Tuesday 14th November The Kvb Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-14 Andrew Hung Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-14 Pete Ivatts HEART
2017-11-14 The Magic Band Irish Centre Tickets
2017-11-14 King Krule Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-14 Slanjayvah Danza - 6 Feet 3 Shoes Seven
2017-11-14 Gilad Hekselman Trio Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-11-15Wednesday 15th November Bad Sounds Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-15 Dissonance Residents Night Distrikt Bar
2017-11-15 Joe Dolman Fox & Newt
2017-11-15 Teebs Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-15 Crimsons Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-11-15 Deaf Havana Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2017-11-15 Royal Northern College Of Music Leeds College Of Music
2017-11-15 Deaf Havana Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-15 Mount Eerie Left Bank Tickets
2017-11-15 Raumakustik & Cloonee Mint Club Tickets
2017-11-15 Run The Jewels O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-15 Smokestack All Stars ? The Haggis Horns/the New Mastersounds/jd73 Smokestack
2017-11-15 Trudy & The Romance The Library Tickets
2017-11-15 Improv Workshop The Pack Horse
2017-11-15 Yukako Yamano Quartet Wharf Chambers
2017-11-15 Pretty Pretty Good Wire
2017-11-16Thursday 16th November Pharoah Sanders Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-16 Childhood Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-16 James Arthur First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-16 Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-11-16 Dave Mckinley Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2017-11-16 Weaves Oporto Tickets
2017-11-16 Loki Promotions: Sworn Amongst Santiago
2017-11-16 The Purps The Library Tickets
2017-11-17Friday 17th November Nervous Twitch With Diablo Furs And Deathtrippers Bad Apples Rock Bar
2017-11-17 Kari Belgrave Music Hall
2017-11-17 Model Aeroplanes Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-17 Resonate X Machine With Ben Sims B2b James Ruskin & Kirk Degiorgio Church
2017-11-17 The Dead Cats Duck & Drake
2017-11-17 Royal Blood First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-17 Milburn Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-17 Waxbox Launch Party With Xxxy Mint Club Tickets
2017-11-17 Baluji Shrivastav Obe Seven Tickets
2017-11-17 The Vinyl Junkies Dj Collective ? John Hope/chico Malo/paul Dunphy/marko Smokestack
2017-11-17 Dvne (uk) And Crackhouse With Gandalf The Green Temple Of Boom
2017-11-17 Amusement Parks On Fire The Library Tickets
2017-11-17 Marika Hackman The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-18Saturday 18th November The Lancashire Hotpots Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-18 Girli Church Tickets
2017-11-18 James Blunt First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-18 Simon Wells Fox & Newt Tickets
2017-11-18 Blick Bassy Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-18 Granny's Attic HEART Tickets
2017-11-18 The Eden House Holy Trinity Church Tickets
2017-11-18 Bbc Scottish Symphony Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2017-11-18 Sic - Insomnia Ft. Shaun Dean Mission
2017-11-18 Foden's Band Morley Town Hall
2017-11-18 Wolf Alice O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-18 Catch Fire Santiago
2017-11-18 Strange Face - Adventures With A Lost Nick Drake Recording Seven
2017-11-18 Pfaff And Let's Swim, Get Swimming Temple Of Boom
2017-11-18 Elevation Avenue The DrySalters
2017-11-18 Ossia With Baba Stiltz The HiFi Club
2017-11-18 The Movielife The Key Club Tickets
2017-11-18 Ego States/the Bright Black/peace Frog The Library Tickets
2017-11-18 Kid Luna Verve
2017-11-18 Bald Cactus All Dayer Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-11-19Sunday 19th November Protomartyr Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-19 The Moonlandingz Church Tickets
2017-11-19 The Killers First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-19 Corporation Pop Grove Inn
2017-11-19 Alec Robinson Quartet Inkwell Tickets
2017-11-19 Childcare Oporto Tickets
2017-11-19 Miscast Concert - Right Song Wrong Singer! Seven Tickets
2017-11-19 Scott Wainwright Smokestack
2017-11-19 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-11-19 Let It Flo Tour The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-19 Youth Anthems #17 Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-11-20Monday 20th November Lost Horizons Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-20 Tom Walker Church Tickets
2017-11-20 David Pipe Leeds Town Hall
2017-11-20 6 Feet 3 Shoes Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-20 Billy The Kid The Library Tickets
2017-11-21Tuesday 21st November Jim White Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-21 Steps First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-21 Dinner Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-21 Leo Brazil HEART
2017-11-21 Henry Bateman Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-11-21 Sign And Sing Leeds City Museum
2017-11-21 Skinny Lister Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-21 Blaenavon The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-21 The Thing & Roller Trio Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-11-22Wednesday 22nd November Romare Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-22 Average White Band Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-22 Come Play With Me And Super Friendz Present Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-22 Ric Neale HEART
2017-11-22 Average White Band Irish Centre Tickets
2017-11-22 Thomas Freeman-attwood Leeds College Of Music
2017-11-22 Tom Speight Oporto Tickets
2017-11-22 Open Letter To Mingus Smokestack
2017-11-23Thursday 23rd November King Krule Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-23 Sweet Baboo Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-23 Dma's And The Kooks First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-23 King Krule Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-23 The Divine Comedy O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-23 Arun Ghosh Quintet Seven Tickets
2017-11-23 Courage My Love With Chapter And Verse The Key Club Tickets
2017-11-23 Mr.b The Gentleman Rhymer The Library Tickets
2017-11-23 Matt Halsall / Dwight Trible The Wardrobe
2017-11-23 The Chocolate Men The Warehouse Tickets
2017-11-24Friday 24th November Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Abba After Midnight Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-24 Bad Touch Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-24 Dälek Chunk
2017-11-24 Afm Eiger Studios
2017-11-24 Elvis - Live On Screen First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-24 Alfa Mist Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-24 The Cabeytu Brothers Irish Centre Tickets
2017-11-24 The Undertones Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-24 Bad Manners Morley Town Hall Tickets
2017-11-24 Songs Of Shane Mcgowan Seven
2017-11-24 As Lions The Key Club Tickets
2017-11-24 Captain Wilberforce The Library Tickets
2017-11-24 Rhgcovers The Primrose
2017-11-24 Cud In Leeds The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-24 Spectrasoul Wire
2017-11-25Saturday 25th November Thabo Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-25 High & Lonesome 2017 Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-25 Misfires Church Tickets
2017-11-25 Bombstrikes Block Party Duke Studios Tickets
2017-11-25 Omaloma Fox & Newt Tickets
2017-11-25 Hak Baker With Dylan Cartlidge Headrow House
2017-11-25 Kate Peters Septet HEART Tickets
2017-11-25 Lau Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-11-25 Orchestra Of Opera North Leeds Town Hall
2017-11-25 High & Lonesome Festival 2017 Left Bank
2017-11-25 Dan Ghenacia - System Mint Club
2017-11-25 Apollonia Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-11-25 The Way Down Wanderers Seven Tickets
2017-11-25 Ryan Key (yellowcard Vocalist) Private Acoustic Show Smokestack Tickets
2017-11-25 Trc Alldayer Leeds Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-11-25 The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2017-11-25 Press To Meco The Key Club Tickets
2017-11-25 Rodley Christmas Craft Fayre The Owl
2017-11-25 Live At Leeds - Ones To Watch #2 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-25 Kazoopa Fest 2017 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2017-11-26Sunday 26th November Tom Russell Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-26 Tankus The Henge Duck & Drake
2017-11-26 Lowly Oporto Tickets
2017-11-26 Latchepen Seven Tickets
2017-11-26 Angelo Palladino Smokestack
2017-11-26 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-11-26 Desi Central The Wardrobe
2017-11-27Monday 27th November Natty Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-27 Algiers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-27 Nelson Can Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-27 Leeds College Of Music New Music Collective Leeds College Of Music
2017-11-27 Jane Parker-smith Leeds Town Hall
2017-11-27 The Darkness O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-28Tuesday 28th November Pumarosa Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-28 Songhoy Blues Church Tickets
2017-11-28 Cymbals / Tuesday 28th November / Headrow House Headrow House
2017-11-28 Sign And Sing Leeds City Museum
2017-11-28 Navarra String Quartet Leeds College Of Music
2017-11-28 Nelly O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-28 Euros Childs Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-11-29Wednesday 29th November Conflare Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-29 Mobo Awards 2017 First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-29 Kllo Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-29 Chelou Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-11-29 Ning Hui See Leeds College Of Music
2017-11-29 Music:leeds - An Event About Supporting Music In Leeds Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2017-11-29 Northlane Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-29 Jordan Mackampa | Leeds Oporto Tickets
2017-11-29 Howlin' Ric & The Rocketeers Smokestack
2017-11-29 Improv Workshop The Pack Horse
2017-11-30Thursday 30th November Ian Felice Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-30 Stone Sour First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-30 Simeon Walker - 'mono' Holy Trinity Church Tickets
2017-11-30 Imogen Cooper Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-11-30 O'flynn Mint Club Tickets
2017-11-30 The Twang O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-30 Cape Cub The Library Tickets
2017-11-30 Martin Stephenson & The Daintees The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-01Friday 1st December Eton Messy Presents Belgrave Music Hall
2017-12-01 Low Cut Connie Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-01 The Glacial Groove / Leeds Church
2017-12-01 Pretty Addicted In Leeds! Fenton
2017-12-01 The Laurient-perrier Experience - Ricky Gervais First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-01 Or:la Headrow House Tickets
2017-12-01 Phil Meadows Quartet HEART Tickets
2017-12-01 Oana Catalina Chitu Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-12-01 Distant Whispers Of Spring Leeds College Of Music
2017-12-01 From The Jam Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-01 Resonance Mint Club
2017-12-01 Simon Mayor And Hilary James Seven Tickets
2017-12-01 Lotto Boyzz The Key Club Tickets
2017-12-01 The Slumdogs The Library Tickets
2017-12-01 Rhoda Dakar The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-01 Kath And The Kicks Verve
2017-12-01 The Cravats Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-12-02Saturday 2nd December K.o.g & The Zongo Brigade Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-12-02 Field Music Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-02 Willie J Healey Church Tickets
2017-12-02 Duncan Mcfarlane HEART
2017-12-02 Orchestra Of Opera North Leeds Town Hall
2017-12-02 A Christmas Ukulele Party Left Bank
2017-12-02 Sic - Insomnia Santa's & Sluts Party Mission
2017-12-02 Broken Brass Ensemble Nation Of Shopkeepers
2017-12-02 Happy Mondays O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-02 The Rob Dylan Band ? Rolling Thunder Revue Seven Tickets
2017-12-02 Spearhead At Temple Of Boom - The Winter Offensive Tour Temple Of Boom
2017-12-02 Beaumont The Key Club Tickets
2017-12-02 Crazyhead The Library
2017-12-02 Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-02 The Barratts Verve
2017-12-02 Midland Wire
2017-12-03Sunday 3rd December Karl Blau Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-03 Liam Gallagher First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-03 Cousin Kula Headrow House
2017-12-03 Asaxual Quintet Inkwell Tickets
2017-12-03 Sixties Gold Leeds Grand Theatre
2017-12-03 Lp Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-03 Jade Bird Oporto Tickets
2017-12-03 Sueli Gil Seven
2017-12-03 Julian Socha Smokestack
2017-12-03 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-12-03 As Sirens Fall The Key Club Tickets
2017-12-04Monday 4th December Leeds College Of Music Chamber Orchestra Leeds College Of Music
2017-12-04 Darius Battiwalla Leeds Town Hall
2017-12-05Tuesday 5th December Wolves In The Throne Room Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-05 Sign And Sing Leeds City Museum
2017-12-05 The Little Mermaid Leeds Grand Theatre
2017-12-05 Harry & Chris Leeds University
2017-12-06Wednesday 6th December Ryan Mcmullan Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-06 Wild Front Church
2017-12-06 Queen And Adam Lambert - Seated First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-06 Boston Manor Leeds Beckett University
2017-12-06 Distant Whispers Of Spring Leeds College Of Music
2017-12-06 Kerrang! Tour 2017 Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-06 Phil Fryer Morley Town Hall
2017-12-06 Portmanteau Smokestack
2017-12-06 Rgm Verve
2017-12-07Thursday 7th December Duke Special Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-07 Kasabian First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-07 John Wilson & The John Wilson Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2017-12-07 Lany Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-07 These Northern Types: Opening Night At Left Bank Leeds Left Bank
2017-12-07 The Charlatans O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-07 Ronnie Bottomley's All Star Jazz Orchestra Seven Tickets
2017-12-07 Courtesans The Key Club Tickets
2017-12-07 Otherkin The Library Tickets
2017-12-08Friday 8th December The Heatwave (uk) Belgrave Music Hall
2017-12-08 The Icicle Works Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-08 Mark Lanegan Band Church Tickets
2017-12-08 Michael Ball First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-08 David Braid Duo HEART Tickets
2017-12-08 Abattoir Blues Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-12-08 Kate Rusby Leeds Town Hall
2017-12-08 Fish Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-08 Christmas Celebration Left Bank
2017-12-08 Shogun Audio Leeds - S.p.y, Alix Perez Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-12-08 Seven Live - Best Of The Best Seven
2017-12-08 Invisions With Death Remains Temple Of Boom
2017-12-08 Knuckle Puck The Key Club Tickets
2017-12-08 Rafiki The Library Tickets
2017-12-08 One Night With...daniel Avery Wire
2017-12-09Saturday 9th December Cloud Nothings Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-12-09 Jesca Hoop Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-09 Big Country Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-09 Findlay Church Tickets
2017-12-09 Leeds Male Voice Choir Leeds Cathedral Tickets
2017-12-09 Leeds Festival Chorus Leeds Town Hall
2017-12-09 Croma Latina Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-09 Sic - Insomnia Ft. Darzky, Skepsis & Bru-c Mission
2017-12-09 Flowers Band Morley Town Hall
2017-12-09 The Wedding Present O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-09 Touch Christmas Concert Seven Tickets
2017-12-09 The Extons Verve
2017-12-10Sunday 10th December Acid Reign Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-10 Ub40 First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-10 A Rock N' Roll Christmas Left Bank Tickets
2017-12-10 Tom Sharp Jazz Orchestra Seven Tickets
2017-12-10 Martyn Roper // Smokestack
2017-12-10 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-12-11Monday 11th December Cattle & Cane Holy Trinity Church
2017-12-11 Leeds College Of Music Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Leeds College Of Music
2017-12-11 Lunchtime Organ Series - Advent And Christmas Music Leeds Town Hall
2017-12-11 Xmas Special: Paul Simon's Graceland, Cattle & Cane Oporto
2017-12-12Tuesday 12th December Ben Haenow Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-12 Pete Tong First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-12 Sign And Sing Leeds City Museum
2017-12-12 Music Of Stravinsky And Debussy Leeds College Of Music
2017-12-12 G4 Christmas By Candlelight Tour 2017 Leeds Minster Tickets
2017-12-12 Phillip Mccann Leeds Town Hall
2017-12-12 Roam | Leeds The Key Club Tickets
2017-12-13Wednesday 13th December The Tiger Lillies Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-12-13 An Albion Christmas Irish Centre
2017-12-13 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series - A Celebration Of Women Composers Of Song Leeds College Of Music
2017-12-13 Roam The Key Club
2017-12-13 Imrpov Workshop The Pack Horse
2017-12-14Thursday 14th December Robinplayschords Northern Guitars Cafe Bar
2017-12-14 Youth Club The Library Tickets
2017-12-14 Bulsara & His Queenies The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-15Friday 15th December Tall Ships Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-15 Andr First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-15 Sounds Like A Storm The Key Club Tickets
2017-12-15 Blyss The Library Tickets
2017-12-15 Jesus And His Judgemental Father And Get Human Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-12-16Saturday 16th December Chantel Mcgregor Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-16 Concept Of Time Fenton
2017-12-16 Plumhall HEART
2017-12-16 Laura Prior Leeds College Of Music
2017-12-16 Sic - Insomnia Residents Xmas Rave Mission
2017-12-16 Extreme O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-16 Red Jumpsuit Apparatus The Key Club Tickets
2017-12-16 The Opera Comic The Library Tickets
2017-12-16 Trevor Nelson's Soul Nation The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-16 The Rebel (ben Wallers/country Teasers) Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-12-17Sunday 17th December Sepehr Khalse Belgrave Music Hall
2017-12-17 Pulled Apart By Xmas Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-17 Skandal / Leadrobot / Sloth Hammer Fenton
2017-12-17 Corporation Pop Grove Inn
2017-12-17 Christmas Jazz Caf Inkwell Tickets
2017-12-17 Mrs Porter's Old Time Music Hall Seven Tickets
2017-12-17 Tim Loud Smokestack
2017-12-17 Elessar Temple Of Boom
2017-12-17 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-12-17 The Gallery The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-17 Silverlode Wharf Chambers
2017-12-18Monday 18th December The Cribs Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-18 Shed Seven O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-19Tuesday 19th December The Cribs Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-19 Shed Seven O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-19 Young Amphibians The Library
2017-12-20Wednesday 20th December The Cribs Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-20 Five Finger Death Punch First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-20 Leeds Contemporary Singers Seven Tickets
2017-12-21Thursday 21st December The Cribs Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-21 Absolute Kinks Seven Tickets
2017-12-21 A Christmas Spectacular Yeadon Town Hall
2017-12-22Friday 22nd December The Prince Experience Uk Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-22 Jools Holland First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-23Saturday 23rd December Angelic Upstarts Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-23 The Petty Heartbreakers Grove Inn
2017-12-23 Sic - Insomnia Resident Rave Mission
2017-12-23 Lawrence Wire
2017-12-24Sunday 24th December Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-12-26Tuesday 26th December Hot Since 82 Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-12-27Wednesday 27th December Let's Have A Rock N Roll Party First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-29Friday 29th December The Boss & Beeston Band Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-29 Jon Strong Band New Headingley Club Tickets
2017-12-31Sunday 31st December Backyard Burners Friends of Ham
2017-12-31 Hailbails Head of Steam, Headingley
2017-12-31 Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2017-12-31 Dinner & Nye Celebrations The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-01-05Friday 5th January Duncan Reid And The Big Heads Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-06Saturday 6th January Neil Diamond O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-01-07Sunday 7th January Vintage At The Duck N Drake (daz's Birthday) Duck & Drake
2018-01-10Wednesday 10th January Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-01-10 Halflives Santiago
2018-01-11Thursday 11th January These Northern Types: Panel Discussion Left Bank
2018-01-12Friday 12th January Seaway The Key Club Tickets
2018-01-13Saturday 13th January The Hallé Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-01-13 Frolic Seven
2018-01-14Sunday 14th January Chris Rock First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-01-14 Piero Tucci Canadian Quartet Seven Tickets
2018-01-14 The Outside Track The Library Tickets
2018-01-15Monday 15th January Gordon Stewart Leeds Town Hall
2018-01-16Tuesday 16th January To Kill A King Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-17Wednesday 17th January Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-01-18Thursday 18th January This Is The Kit Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-18 Nt Live Follies City Varieties
2018-01-18 Trish Clowes? My Iris Seven Tickets
2018-01-18 Sextile The Library Tickets
2018-01-19Friday 19th January The Style Councillors "our Favourite Shop" Tour The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-01-20Saturday 20th January Lord Huron Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-20 Lord Huron Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2018-01-20 Bbc Philharmonic Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-01-20 Motionless In White Leeds University Tickets
2018-01-20 The Black Dyke Band Morley Town Hall
2018-01-20 The Style Councillors "our Favourite Shop" The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-01-21Sunday 21st January The Lone Bellow Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-21 The Transports City Varieties
2018-01-21 The Lone Bellow The Key Club Tickets
2018-01-22Monday 22nd January The Deslondes Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-22 Francesca Massey Leeds Town Hall
2018-01-23Tuesday 23rd January Gould Piano Trio Leeds College Of Music
2018-01-24Wednesday 24th January Pro Corda String Quartet Leeds College Of Music
2018-01-25Thursday 25th January Voodoo Room Seven
2018-01-26Friday 26th January Live/wire Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-26 John Robins City Varieties
2018-01-26 Lucky Peterson The Library Tickets
2018-01-26 Quadrophenia Night Leeds The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-01-27Saturday 27th January English Chamber Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-01-27 Dead! | Leeds The Key Club Tickets
2018-01-27 La Maxima 79 The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-01-28Sunday 28th January Wand Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-29Monday 29th January Darius Battiwalla Leeds Town Hall
2018-01-30Tuesday 30th January The Damned O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-01-30 A. Savage Oporto Tickets
2018-01-31Wednesday 31st January Dead Boys Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-31 Arcturus Leeds College Of Music
2018-02-01Thursday 1st February Will Varley Brudenell Social Club
2018-02-02Friday 2nd February Hayseed Dixie Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-02 Foreverland Church
2018-02-02 The Script First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-03Saturday 3rd February Ezra Furman Brudenell Social Club
2018-02-05Monday 5th February Thomas Trotter Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-06Tuesday 6th February Jimmy Osmond: Moon River And Me City Varieties
2018-02-07Wednesday 7th February The Grumbleweeds City Varieties
2018-02-07 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-02-07 Rgm Verve
2018-02-08Thursday 8th February Way Out West - Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-08 Malija Seven Tickets
2018-02-09Friday 9th February Sea Girls Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-09 Heaven On Earth First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-09 Dhrupadhamar Seven Tickets
2018-02-10Saturday 10th February Festival Of The Dead Church
2018-02-10 Fairport Convention City Varieties
2018-02-10 Heaven On Earth First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-10 Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-10 Grimethorpe Colliery Band Morley Town Hall
2018-02-10 The Go! Team | Leeds The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-02-11Sunday 11th February Heaven On Earth First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-11 Alien Ant Farm O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-02-12Monday 12th February Heaven On Earth First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-12 St Peter's Singers Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-13Tuesday 13th February Navarra String Quartet Leeds College Of Music
2018-02-14Wednesday 14th February Jesserae Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-14 Barbagallo Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2018-02-14 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-02-15Thursday 15th February The Ramonas Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-15 Suggs Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-02-16Friday 16th February The Total Stone Roses Irish Centre Tickets
2018-02-16 The Magic Of Motown Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-02-17Saturday 17th February King Kurt Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-17 A Country Night In Nashville City Varieties
2018-02-17 European Union Chamber Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-17 Do It Live! All Dayer 17/02/18 Temple Of Boom
2018-02-18Sunday 18th February Reginald D Hunter - Some People V Reginald D Hunter, Leeds City Varieties
2018-02-19Monday 19th February Lonely Dear Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-19 Lunchtime Organ Series - Brass Band Concert Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-19 The Style Councillors The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-02-20Tuesday 20th February Alestorm Leeds University Tickets
2018-02-21Wednesday 21st February Alvvays Church Tickets
2018-02-21 Opera North String Quartet Leeds College Of Music
2018-02-21 James O'hara Smokestack
2018-02-23Friday 23rd February Blinders Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-02-23 Nt Live Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Encore Screening, Leeds City Varieties
2018-02-23 Paul Weller First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-23 Rejjie Snow Leeds University Tickets
2018-02-24Saturday 24th February The Hallé Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-26Monday 26th February Darius Battiwalla Leeds Town Hall
2018-02-28Wednesday 28th February The Blinders Brudenell Social Club
2018-02-28 Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-01Thursday 1st March Ben Portsmouth O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-01 Dane Baptiste The Wardrobe
2018-03-02Friday 2nd March The Dunwells Church Tickets
2018-03-02 Paloma Faith First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-02 Purple Rain Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-03-03Saturday 3rd March Bob Log Iii Brudenell Social Club
2018-03-03 The X Factor Live Tour 2018 First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-03 Sister Act Live Choir Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-03 International Concert Series: Schubert Song Series Iii Leeds University
2018-03-04Sunday 4th March Jake Bugg Leeds Grand Theatre Tickets
2018-03-05Monday 5th March Choir Of Leeds Minster Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-06Tuesday 6th March Elbow First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-06 Gould Piano Trio Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-06 Everything Everything O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-07Wednesday 7th March Chetham's School Of Music Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-07 Charlie Parr Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-03-09Friday 9th March The Ac/dc Experience | Leeds The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-03-10Saturday 10th March The Festival Of Light Comes To Leeds Church
2018-03-10 Stereophonics First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-10 Russian State Philharmonic Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-10 The Leyland Band Morley Town Hall
2018-03-12Monday 12th March Lunchtime Organ Series Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-12 Tonight Alive Leeds University Tickets
2018-03-13Tuesday 13th March Feeder - The Best Of Tour | Leeds O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-14Wednesday 14th March Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-15Thursday 15th March The Ramonas Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-15 Rose Royce, Sister Sledge, Odyssey, Boney M, And 2 More... First Direct Arena
2018-03-16Friday 16th March Jason Derulo First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-16 We Are Not Devo The Pack Horse Tickets
2018-03-17Saturday 17th March Submotion Orchestra Canal Mills Tickets
2018-03-17 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-17 Alabama 3 O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-18Sunday 18th March Blue October Church Tickets
2018-03-19Monday 19th March Jonathan Scott Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-20Tuesday 20th March Sigrid Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2018-03-20 Sigrid Leeds University Tickets
2018-03-21Wednesday 21st March Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-22Thursday 22nd March The Stranglers O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-03-23Friday 23rd March The Monochrome Set Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-03-23 Winter Wilson HEART Tickets
2018-03-24Saturday 24th March The Magic Gang Church
2018-03-26Monday 26th March Darius Battiwalla Leeds Town Hall
2018-03-28Wednesday 28th March Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-03-31Saturday 31st March Master Charger (headliner Tba ) Fenton
2018-04-04Wednesday 4th April The Dovetail Trio Leeds College Of Music
2018-04-04 The Wonder Stuff With Ned's Atomic Dustbin O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-04 The Showhawk Duo The HiFi Club
2018-04-06Friday 6th April Walk The Moon Leeds University Tickets
2018-04-07Saturday 7th April Adam Patel: Real Magic City Varieties
2018-04-07 Orchestra Of Opera North Leeds Town Hall
2018-04-07 Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band Morley Town Hall
2018-04-07 The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2018-04-11Wednesday 11th April Leeds Lunchtime Chamber Series Leeds College Of Music
2018-04-11 George Egg: Diy Chef The Wardrobe Tickets
2018-04-13Friday 13th April Megson All Hallows Church Tickets
2018-04-13 Gregory Porter First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-04-14Saturday 14th April Leeds Anti Fascist Network Benefit Ft Civilised Society Wharf Chambers Tickets
2018-04-18Wednesday 18th April Courtney Marie Andrews Brudenell Social Club
2018-04-21Saturday 21st April Pele Ft. Ian Prowse Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-21 Trivax Plus More To Be Confirmed Fenton
2018-04-21 City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-04-22Sunday 22nd April Gengahr Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-04-23Monday 23rd April The Streets O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-24Tuesday 24th April Fakear Headrow House
2018-04-28Saturday 28th April Rothwell Temperance Brass Band Morley Town Hall
2018-04-28 The Amy Winehouse Experience...a.k.a Lioness O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-04-29Sunday 29th April Elkie Brooks Leeds Grand Theatre
2018-05-05Saturday 5th May Live At Leeds Festival 2018 O2 Academy Leeds
2018-05-05 Live At Leeds 2018 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2018-05-07Monday 7th May Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-05-11Friday 11th May Lewis Hamilton Band Duck & Drake
2018-05-13Sunday 13th May The Fureys City Varieties
2018-05-19Saturday 19th May Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2018-05-25Friday 25th May Katie Piper: What's In My Head Leeds City Varieties
2018-05-26Saturday 26th May Nine Below Zero "live At The Marquee" Tour Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-05-27Sunday 27th May Bryan Adams First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-06-02Saturday 2nd June Glorious Summer The Library
2018-06-04Monday 4th June This Is Elvis Leeds Grand Theatre
2018-06-13Wednesday 13th June Belly Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2018-06-15Friday 15th June The Skids Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-06-16Saturday 16th June Let's Rock! Leeds Temple Newsam
2018-06-22Friday 22nd June David Baddiel My Family: Not The Sitcom City Varieties Tickets
2018-06-23Saturday 23rd June David Baddiel City Varieties Tickets
2018-06-30Saturday 30th June The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2018-07-14Saturday 14th July Cocoon In The Park 2018 Temple Newsam
2018-08-19Sunday 19th August Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-08-24Friday 24th August Leeds Festival 2018 Bramham Park
2018-09-02Sunday 2nd September Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-09-09Sunday 9th September Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-09-15Saturday 15th September Elvana O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-09-16Sunday 16th September Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-09-23Sunday 23rd September Sunday Joint The HiFi Club
2018-09-29Saturday 29th September Elvana O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2018-10-19Friday 19th October Lewis Hamilton Band Duck & Drake
2018-11-10Saturday 10th November The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2018-12-06Thursday 6th December Wild Front Church Tickets
2019-03-04Monday 4th March Warriors Mint Warehouse