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Find out what's on in Leeds below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2017-06-23Friday 23rd June Friyay Angelica Tickets
2017-06-23 Heir Belgrave Music Hall
2017-06-23 Emily Maguire Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-06-23 Bongo's Bingo Leeds Canal Mills
2017-06-23 Hailbails Crowd of Favours
2017-06-23 The Dead Cats Duck & Drake
2017-06-23 Residual Noise Hyde Park Book Club
2017-06-23 Freak Mission
2017-06-23 A Tribute To The Beatles Morley Town Hall
2017-06-23 The Hempolics Nation Of Shopkeepers
2017-06-23 Ship Scope Outlaws Yacht Club
2017-06-23 The Sly Persuaders Santiago
2017-06-23 Rip It Up Launch Party The HiFi Club
2017-06-23 Hell Fire Jack The Library Tickets
2017-06-23 The Sourheads The Primrose
2017-06-23 Futuresound Competition Heat 1 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-06-23 Let's Get Lost West Yorkshire Playhouse
2017-06-23 Treehouse Label Launch Pt. 1 Wharf Chambers
2017-06-23 The Summer Social Wire
2017-06-24Saturday 24th June Salseology Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-06-24 Next Am Distrikt Bar
2017-06-24 Melting Pot@thefenton Fenton
2017-06-24 Empty Lungs Grove Inn
2017-06-24 Late Night Legacy Headrow House
2017-06-24 Night Owls Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-06-24 Saa-uk Summer Solstice Festival 2017 Left Bank
2017-06-24 Sic - Insomnia Ft. Dj Target Mission
2017-06-24 The Hotelier Santiago
2017-06-24 Vels Trio The HiFi Club
2017-06-24 Double Denim Live 5th Birthday The Library
2017-06-24 Dana Ali Band The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-06-24 The Broadcasts Verve
2017-06-24 Rob.green And Caution Collective West Yorkshire Playhouse
2017-06-24 Autobodies Party Wharf Chambers
2017-06-24 Spektre - Reclaim The Underground Wire
2017-06-25Sunday 25th June Celine Dion First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-06-25 The Sea Whores Grove Inn
2017-06-25 Dave Speight Head of Steam
2017-06-25 Chorus Uk Leeds Town Hall
2017-06-25 A Place Of Reflection & Stories Left Bank
2017-06-25 Shepley Wind Band Lotherton Hall
2017-06-25 Reggae Sunday! Outlaws Yacht Club
2017-06-25 Yorkshire Traction Honley Band Roundhay Park
2017-06-25 The Sinking Feeling Santiago
2017-06-25 Dales Jam Seven Tickets
2017-06-25 Ben Buddy Slack Smokestack
2017-06-26Monday 26th June Northern Jazz Showcase The Wardrobe
2017-06-26 Sloth Racket Wharf Chambers
2017-06-27Tuesday 27th June Kari Brudenell Social Club
2017-06-27 Cut (italy) Fox & Newt Tickets
2017-06-27 Michael Ball Harewood House
2017-06-27 David A Jameson HEART
2017-06-27 Vultures The Library Tickets
2017-06-28Wednesday 28th June Legendary Shack Shakers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-06-28 Joseph Headrow House Tickets
2017-06-28 Classical Platform HEART Tickets
2017-06-28 Larkins Oporto Tickets
2017-06-28 Nick Pride & The Pimptones Smokestack
2017-06-28 Linzi Brian The Hop
2017-06-28 Rhgcovers The Primrose
2017-06-29Thursday 29th June Rupert Stroud Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-06-29 Chest Pains Brudenell Social Club
2017-06-29 Alpha Male Tea Party Fox & Newt Tickets
2017-06-29 Luke Todd Head of Steam
2017-06-29 Addictive Tv Left Bank
2017-06-29 Battle Of The Acts Yeadon Town Hall
2017-06-30Friday 30th June Graeme Park & Mike Pickering Angelica Tickets
2017-06-30 The Boss & The Beeston Street Band Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-06-30 Brett Domino Trio Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-06-30 Freddie Barton Carriageworks Theatre
2017-06-30 Terry Francis: Distrikt: Distrikt Bar
2017-06-30 Gilmore Trail Fox & Newt
2017-06-30 Krrum Headrow House
2017-06-30 Sam Watts Octet HEART Tickets
2017-06-30 Party Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-06-30 Steve Phillips & The Rough Diamonds New Headingley Club
2017-06-30 Man Can't Fly The Library Tickets
2017-06-30 Karl Phillips The Primrose
2017-06-30 Blood Sport , Joanne, Azores, And Dj Babyhairs Wharf Chambers
2017-06-30 Schwein Wire
2017-07-01Saturday 1st July Macka B Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-07-01 Welcome To The North Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-01 Vera: John Dimas: Half Baked: Distrikt: Distrikt Bar
2017-07-01 Detour Eiger Studios Tickets
2017-07-01 Jenny Hammond And Brendan Duffy Inkwell
2017-07-01 Hectik 8th Birthday Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-07-01 Kamasi Washington O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-07-01 The Colour Line Santiago
2017-07-01 Vice Squad Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-07-01 Carpe Noctum The Library
2017-07-01 Churfest The New Inn, Churwell
2017-07-01 Waiting For Wednesday The Owl
2017-07-01 Trevor Nelson's Soul Nation The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-01 Generation Verve
2017-07-01 Fancy Claps Is Ten! Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-07-02Sunday 2nd July Inkwell Summer Jazz Cafe Inkwell Tickets
2017-07-02 Princes Of Rock 2 Left Bank Tickets
2017-07-02 In Your Prime Oporto Tickets
2017-07-02 Mr Cd Wallum Smokestack
2017-07-02 Kippax Band Temple Newsam
2017-07-02 Women In Music The Leeds Music Hub
2017-07-02 75 Dollar Bill Wharf Chambers
2017-07-03Monday 3rd July Robert Glasper Experiment Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-07-03 Inkwell Summer Jazz Cafe Inkwell
2017-07-03 The Vamps O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-07-04Tuesday 4th July Music In The Cafe HEART
2017-07-04 The Palmers Oporto
2017-07-05Wednesday 5th July Itoldyouiwouldeatyou Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-05 Blink 182 First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-07-05 Gogol Bordello Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2017-07-05 Billie Marten Oporto Tickets
2017-07-05 Back Chat Brass Smokestack
2017-07-05 Micky Johnson The Hop
2017-07-05 Huw Eddy The Library
2017-07-06Thursday 6th July Rising Appalachia Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-06 Peakes Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-06 Hailbails Head of Steam, Headingley
2017-07-06 Chinwag With Kevin Rowland Outlaws Yacht Club
2017-07-06 Absolute Kinks Seven Tickets
2017-07-06 Queen Kwong The Key Club Tickets
2017-07-07Friday 7th July Friyay Angelica Tickets
2017-07-07 The Fleshtones Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-07 Joyce Manor Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-07 Forever Cult Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-07 Corporation Pop Duck & Drake
2017-07-07 Kovax The Library Tickets
2017-07-07 Futuresound Competition Heat 4 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-07 Acid Waxa @ Wharf Chambers Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-07-08Saturday 8th July Jesse Malin Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-07-08 Pat Dam Smyth Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-08 Balsamic HEART Tickets
2017-07-08 Soul Surgeons Seven
2017-07-08 Cocoon In The Park 2017 Temple Newsam Tickets
2017-07-08 Elephant Trees The Key Club Tickets
2017-07-08 The Monophonics The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-08 Dirty Sterling Verve
2017-07-09Sunday 9th July The Smith Street Band Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-09 Gawthorpe Senior Brass Band Roundhay Park
2017-07-09 Corrie Dick's Little Lions Seven Tickets
2017-07-09 Scott Wainwright Smokestack
2017-07-09 Futuresound Competition Heat 5 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-09 Camp Shy Wharf Chambers
2017-07-10Monday 10th July Lee Fields And The Expressions Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-10 Tom Bleasby Holy Trinity Church
2017-07-10 Simon Widdowson Oporto
2017-07-11Tuesday 11th July Fusion HEART
2017-07-11 The Kentucky Cow Tippers Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-07-11 The Endellion String Quartet Leeds College Of Music
2017-07-11 Saint Motel The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-12Wednesday 12th July The Gories Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-12 Life At The Limits City Varieties
2017-07-12 Static House Sessions Eiger Studios Tickets
2017-07-12 Nas O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-07-12 Seven Seven
2017-07-12 Alligator Gumbo Smokestack
2017-07-12 Laura Erby The Hop
2017-07-13Thursday 13th July Pasadena Roof Orchestra City Varieties
2017-07-13 The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2017-07-13 Lemuria Headrow House Tickets
2017-07-13 Junk Drawer Santiago
2017-07-13 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - The Key Club - 13/07/17 The Key Club Tickets
2017-07-13 Futuresound Competition Heat 6 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-14Friday 14th July Friyay Angelica Tickets
2017-07-14 Narcs Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-14 Dead Rats Orchestra HEART
2017-07-14 Sarah Longfield Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-07-14 Sisterhood Seven Tickets
2017-07-14 Q (stl) Temple Of Boom
2017-07-14 Kwame D. The Forge, Horsforth
2017-07-14 Otherpeopleslives The Library Tickets
2017-07-14 Tristan The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-14 • Floodland • Post Punk / Goth / Synth / New Wave Wharf Chambers
2017-07-14 Subterranea Wire
2017-07-15Saturday 15th July Bloody Mary Church
2017-07-15 Dirty Vinyl Cross Keys, Morley
2017-07-15 Static House Sess Eiger Studios
2017-07-15 The Crimson Brigade Fenton
2017-07-15 Captain Of The Lost Waves Grove Inn
2017-07-15 Rock Up & Sing: One Vision Leeds Town Hall
2017-07-15 Cawthorne Brass Band Lotherton Hall
2017-07-15 Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers Seven Tickets
2017-07-15 Full Of Hell Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-07-15 Sam's Summer Soul Shack The HiFi Club
2017-07-15 Glass Caves The Library Tickets
2017-07-15 The Crimson Brigade The Pack Horse
2017-07-15 Futuresound Competition Heat 7 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-15 Gazelle Verve
2017-07-15 Don Fest All Day Summer Bash Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-07-15 Dimensions Soundsystem Wire
2017-07-16Sunday 16th July Corporation Pop Grove Inn
2017-07-16 John Settle’s Vibe-ology Inkwell
2017-07-16 Rock Up & Sing: One Vision Leeds Town Hall
2017-07-16 Elland Silver Band Lotherton Hall
2017-07-16 Lelo Oporto
2017-07-16 Martyn Roper Smokestack
2017-07-16 Futuresound Competition Heat 8 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-16 Neil Campbell Wharf Chambers
2017-07-17Monday 17th July Gabrielle Papillon Oporto
2017-07-18Tuesday 18th July Riib Hyde Park Book Club
2017-07-19Wednesday 19th July Meatbodies Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-19 Sunn O))) Leeds University Tickets
2017-07-19 The Dead Cats Smokestack
2017-07-19 Mark Stringer The Hop
2017-07-19 The Pyramid View On 'refinding' The Tetley
2017-07-19 Danny Gruff Verve Tickets
2017-07-20Thursday 20th July Live Jazz At Aspire - July Aspire Tickets
2017-07-20 The Dickies Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-20 Folk Devils Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-20 Nomad Fenton
2017-07-20 Centre Stage Final O2 Academy Leeds
2017-07-20 Sputnikh Launch Seven Tickets
2017-07-20 Parting Gift Temple Of Boom
2017-07-20 Futuresound Competition Heat 9 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-20 Dave Speight Whites Deli
2017-07-21Friday 21st July Chris Wood All Hallows Church Tickets
2017-07-21 Friyay Angelica Tickets
2017-07-21 The New Mastersounds Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-21 Bravado Cartel Milo Tickets
2017-07-21 Greg Abate Seven Tickets
2017-07-21 Hands Off Gretel The Library Tickets
2017-07-21 Band Night At The Primrose The Primrose
2017-07-21 Futuresound Competition Heat 10 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-21 Bloodshake Verve
2017-07-21 Dream Nails Wharf Chambers
2017-07-22Saturday 22nd July The Meteors Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-22 Mr Cd Wallum Hirst's Yard
2017-07-22 Invisions Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-07-22 Sam's Summer Soul Shack The HiFi Club
2017-07-22 Desperate Journalist The Library Tickets
2017-07-22 The Sugarman 3 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-22 The Escapades Verve
2017-07-23Sunday 23rd July Taffy Brudenell Social Club
2017-07-23 John Settle?s Vibe-ology @inkwell Inkwell Tickets
2017-07-23 Wetherby Silver Band Roundhay Park
2017-07-23 Billy Liar And Freddy Fudd Pucker Santiago
2017-07-23 BD Lenz Seven Tickets
2017-07-23 Dave Speight Smokestack
2017-07-23 Gartforth Jazz Rock Band Temple Newsam
2017-07-23 Death By Stereo Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-07-23 Gallowstreet The HiFi Club
2017-07-23 Mayshe-mayshe Wharf Chambers
2017-07-24Monday 24th July People Poems Grove Inn
2017-07-24 Natalie Holmes With Sam Wilde Hyde Park Book Club
2017-07-24 Jay Ducker Oporto
2017-07-24 Yorkston Thorne Khan The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-25Tuesday 25th July Stanley Clarke Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-25 Heather Coulton And Sabrina Piggott HEART
2017-07-25 Charlotte Berg The Library
2017-07-25 Drawstring Wharf Chambers
2017-07-26Wednesday 26th July Affairs Oporto Tickets
2017-07-26 We Fire Smokestack
2017-07-26 Arnocorps Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-07-27Thursday 27th July Son Tram Chin Electronics Corporation Fenton
2017-07-27 Mastiff Fox & Newt
2017-07-27 Nai Barghouti Howard Assembly Room
2017-07-27 Taxi For Bob Santiago
2017-07-27 Futuresound Competition Heat 11 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-27 The Tidy Wives Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-07-28Friday 28th July Yes Lad Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-07-28 Santino Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2017-07-28 The Symphonic Sounds Of Back To Basics Millennium Square Tickets
2017-07-28 Matt Abbott Seven
2017-07-28 30/32 The Library Tickets
2017-07-28 Futuresound Competition Heat 12 The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-28 I Love Acid Wire
2017-07-29Saturday 29th July Night At The Opera Millennium Square Tickets
2017-07-29 Our House @ Mint Warehouse Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-07-29 Manfloo O'Neill's
2017-07-29 New Device Santiago Tickets
2017-07-29 Sam's Summer Soul Shack The HiFi Club
2017-07-29 Apollo Junction The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-29 Nature Of Wires- Dreams Divide- Cease2exist- Biomechanimal Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-07-30Sunday 30th July Old Corpse Road- Stahlsarg Fenton
2017-07-30 Tom Welsh Band Inkwell
2017-07-30 Orchestra Of Opera North Millennium Square
2017-07-30 Borders Santiago
2017-07-30 Us Guitarist Bd Lenz And His Trio Seven Tickets
2017-07-30 Dan Burnett Smokestack
2017-07-30 Sola Rosa The HiFi Club
2017-07-30 Too Many Zooz The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-07-30 The Death Of Pop Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-07-31Monday 31st July Milk Teeth The Key Club Tickets
2017-08-01Tuesday 1st August Chris White Jazz Trio Lotherton Hall
2017-08-02Wednesday 2nd August Celine Dion First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-08-02 Leslie Plumb Lux Lounge & Cafe
2017-08-02 Loud Noises Smokestack
2017-08-03Thursday 3rd August Snake Davis Band Carriageworks Theatre
2017-08-03 Kate Nash Church Tickets
2017-08-03 Ladysmith Black Mambazo Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2017-08-03 Red Light Revival Santiago Tickets
2017-08-03 Lionize The Key Club Tickets
2017-08-03 Respect My Fist Wharf Chambers
2017-08-04Friday 4th August Friyay Angelica Tickets
2017-08-04 An Audience With Martin Kemp Aspire Tickets
2017-08-04 Psychemagik Duke Studios
2017-08-04 Real Thing, Heatwave & Jaki Graham Millennium Square Tickets
2017-08-04 Fade / Bal Launch Night Mint Club
2017-08-04 Bloodstains Hardcore Festival 2017 Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-08-04 Energy The Key Club Tickets
2017-08-04 The Chessmen The Library Tickets
2017-08-05Saturday 5th August 808 Present's Pawsa Church
2017-08-05 The Idol Dead 'tension & Release' Show Eiger Studios
2017-08-05 Ub40 Featuring Ali Astro And Mickey Millennium Square Tickets
2017-08-05 Fade/bal Launch Night - Butch, Bobby Odonnell Mint Club Tickets
2017-08-05 Covert Events Present Erick Morillo Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-08-05 The Honeycutters Seven Tickets
2017-08-05 Bloodstains Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-08-05 Sam's Summer Soul Shack The HiFi Club
2017-08-05 Carpe Noctum The Library
2017-08-05 The Franklys Verve
2017-08-06Sunday 6th August Jean Watson's Collective Inkwell
2017-08-06 Take2 Big Band Temple Newsam
2017-08-06 Bloodstains Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-08-07Monday 7th August Paranienormalni O2 Academy Leeds
2017-08-07 Bloodstains Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-08-08Tuesday 8th August Lambchop Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-08-09Wednesday 9th August Howlin' Ric & The Rocketeers Smokestack
2017-08-10Thursday 10th August The Creepshow Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-08-11Friday 11th August Amp Fiddler Distrikt Bar
2017-08-11 VW Festival Harewood House
2017-08-11 Edgar Duke Headrow House Tickets
2017-08-11 Richard Jones: Power Of Imagination Leeds University Tickets
2017-08-11 Hidden Giants The Library Tickets
2017-08-11 Omar The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-08-11 Scene Better Days 2017 Wharf Chambers
2017-08-12Saturday 12th August Holy Fuck Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-08-12 Doga At Duke Studios Duke Studios
2017-08-12 Irk Fox & Newt
2017-08-12 Max Lilleyman LS6 Cafe Bar
2017-08-12 Roundhay Park Fake Festival Roundhay Park Tickets
2017-08-12 Sam's Summer Soul Shack The HiFi Club
2017-08-12 Muskets The Key Club Tickets
2017-08-12 Dream Nails Wharf Chambers
2017-08-13Sunday 13th August Jeff Hewer Group Inkwell
2017-08-13 Cove (band) Santiago
2017-08-13 Lazy Sunday Afternoon Wharf Chambers
2017-08-14Monday 14th August Tom Kay Oporto
2017-08-15Tuesday 15th August Cough Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-08-16Wednesday 16th August The Afghan Whigs Church Tickets
2017-08-16 The Retrosettes Smokestack
2017-08-17Thursday 17th August Francois And The Atlas Mountains Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-08-17 Dave Speight Whites Deli
2017-08-18Friday 18th August Cartel Flux Hyde Park Book Club
2017-08-18 Brooders Milo Tickets
2017-08-18 The Seagulls The Library Tickets
2017-08-18 Band Night At The Primrose The Primrose
2017-08-18 Timing Wire
2017-08-19Saturday 19th August Ryan Hamilton Brudenell Social Club
2017-08-19 National Children?s Orchestras Of Great Britain Leeds Town Hall
2017-08-19 Broken Brass Ensemble Nation Of Shopkeepers
2017-08-19 Ragged Union Seven Tickets
2017-08-19 Sam's Summer Soul Shack The HiFi Club
2017-08-20Sunday 20th August Phil Green's Games Of Pairs Inkwell
2017-08-20 Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel Brass Band Roundhay Park
2017-08-21Monday 21st August Ree Nay Oporto
2017-08-21 Hellbastard Temple Of Boom
2017-08-23Wednesday 23rd August Courtney Marie Andrews Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-08-23 Portmanteau Smokestack
2017-08-24Thursday 24th August Leeds Festival 2017 Bramham Park
2017-08-24 Lindsay Lou & Sweet Water Warblers Seven Tickets
2017-08-24 Housewives Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-08-25Friday 25th August Leeds Festival 2017 Bramham Park Tickets
2017-08-25 Black Falcon The Library Tickets
2017-08-25 Roy Ayers The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-08-25 One Day, After School... Wharf Chambers
2017-08-25 Respekt Wire
2017-08-26Saturday 26th August This Must Be The Place Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-08-26 Leeds Festival 2017 Bramham Park Tickets
2017-08-26 Big Country Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-08-26 Renegades Of Chunk 2017 Chunk
2017-08-26 This Must Be The Place 2017 Headrow House
2017-08-26 Sam's Summer Soul Shack The HiFi Club
2017-08-26 Rodley Beer & Music Festival 2017 The Rodley Barge
2017-08-26 This Must Be The Place 2017 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2017-08-27Sunday 27th August This Must Be The Place Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-08-27 Leeds Festival 2017 Bramham Park Tickets
2017-08-27 Sam Outlaw Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-08-27 Back To Basics Church
2017-08-27 Steve Crocker Quartet Inkwell
2017-08-27 The Terrace Party - Mint Festival Warm Up Mint Warehouse
2017-08-27 Garden Party 2017 The Faversham
2017-08-27 Kwame D. The Forge, Horsforth
2017-08-27 The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2017-08-27 Rodley Beer & Music Festival 2017 The Owl
2017-08-27 This Must Be The Place 2017 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2017-08-28Monday 28th August The Terrace Party: Mint Festival Warm Up Mint Warehouse Tickets
2017-08-29Tuesday 29th August Nadia Reid Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-08-30Wednesday 30th August Jade Helliwell Eiger Studios Tickets
2017-08-30 Tricot Headrow House Tickets
2017-08-30 Bootleg Rascal Oporto Tickets
2017-08-30 Dana Ali Band Smokestack
2017-08-31Thursday 31st August Yerma City Varieties
2017-08-31 Car Seat Headrest Leeds University Tickets
2017-08-31 Chapel Allerton Arts Festival Seven Tickets
2017-09-01Friday 1st September Absolute Bowie O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-01 Celebrating The Life Of David Bowie O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-01 Chapel Allerton Village Jazz Festival 17 Seven
2017-09-01 The Britpop Reboot - Tributes To Oasis, Blur And Pulp The HiFi Club Tickets
2017-09-01 Fold The Library Tickets
2017-09-02Saturday 2nd September Mo Pitney Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-02 Joe Pasquale: The Devil In Disguise City Varieties
2017-09-02 Toitoi: Huge Secret Guest Distrikt Bar
2017-09-02 Mdou Moctar Headrow House Tickets
2017-09-02 The Psychedelic Furs O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-02 Dave O Higgins Quartet Seven Tickets
2017-09-02 Sam's Summer Soul Shack The HiFi Club
2017-09-02 Carpe Noctum The Library
2017-09-03Sunday 3rd September And Yet It Moves Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-03 John Otway Duck & Drake
2017-09-03 Woodside Big Band Temple Newsam
2017-09-04Monday 4th September Misfires Headrow House
2017-09-05Tuesday 5th September Chastity Belt Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-05 Scott Hirsch & Michael Chapman Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-05 Better Days Uk Eiger Studios
2017-09-06Wednesday 6th September Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-06 Waxahatchee Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-06 The Simon And Garfunkel Story O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-07Thursday 7th September H Hawkline Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-07 John Le Carre - George Smiley City Varieties
2017-09-07 The Johnny Cash Roadshow O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-08Friday 8th September Underdark (uk) With Hundred Year Old Man, Archelon, And When The Wolf Comes Home Bad Apples Rock Bar
2017-09-08 The Indigo Project Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-08 Reinier Zonneveld Mint Club
2017-09-08 Underdark Temple Of Boom
2017-09-08 The Veils The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-09-09Saturday 9th September Neon Dolls Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-09 Soulmare Night Promethium Fenton Tickets
2017-09-09 Attila Vural HEART Tickets
2017-09-09 Faux Pas The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-09-10Sunday 10th September Nooran Sisters First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-09-10 BFLF Leeds University Tickets
2017-09-10 Leeds Jazz Orchestra Lotherton Hall
2017-09-11Monday 11th September B Boys Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-11 The Maine Leeds University Tickets
2017-09-12Tuesday 12th September Danny & The Champions Of The World Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-12 Tom Williams The Library Tickets
2017-09-13Wednesday 13th September Bright Light Bright Light Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-13 David Gilmour City Varieties
2017-09-13 Lewis Capaldi Oporto Tickets
2017-09-14Thursday 14th September Paul Draper Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-14 The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2017-09-14 Jaret Reddick The Key Club Tickets
2017-09-15Friday 15th September The Smyths Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-15 Vir Das City Varieties
2017-09-15 John Legend First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-09-15 Chorusuk Left Bank Tickets
2017-09-15 Steel Pan Fusion The HiFi Club Tickets
2017-09-15 Heather Coulton The Library Tickets
2017-09-16Saturday 16th September The Smyths Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-16 Dylan LeBlanc Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-16 Cheese Fest Leeds Canal Mills
2017-09-16 Joe Strouzer And Mr Cd Wallum Grove Inn
2017-09-16 Charly Bliss Headrow House Tickets
2017-09-16 John Hackett Band Seven Tickets
2017-09-16 Fragile Things The Warehouse
2017-09-16 Lost Trends Verve
2017-09-17Sunday 17th September Spiral Stairs Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-17 Scott Wainwright Smokestack
2017-09-17 Lowkey The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-09-18Monday 18th September Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-18 Ryan Adams O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-19Tuesday 19th September Triple Cooked Church
2017-09-19 Rob Brydon Leeds Town Hall
2017-09-19 Mayday Parade Leeds University Tickets
2017-09-19 Banfi Oporto Tickets
2017-09-20Wednesday 20th September Little Barrie Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-20 As Lions The Key Club Tickets
2017-09-21Thursday 21st September Trailer Trash Tracys Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-21 Dave Speight Whites Deli
2017-09-22Friday 22nd September The Prince Experience Uk Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-22 The Analogs Eiger Studios Tickets
2017-09-22 Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-22 Rival Bones Santiago Tickets
2017-09-22 Why Everyone Left Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-09-22 Elephant Trees The Library Tickets
2017-09-23Saturday 23rd September Oij Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-23 Baby Strange Headrow House Tickets
2017-09-23 James Beckwith Trio HEART
2017-09-23 Trash Boat The Key Club Tickets
2017-09-24Sunday 24th September Michael Nau Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-24 Machine Gun Kelly O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-24 Van Zeller Oporto Tickets
2017-09-24 White Manna The Library Tickets
2017-09-25Monday 25th September Lewis Watson Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-25 Kiran Leonard Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-25 Graham Gouldman City Varieties Tickets
2017-09-25 Lazy Day The Library Tickets
2017-09-26Tuesday 26th September Micah P. Hinson And The Holy Strangers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-26 Waterparks The Key Club Tickets
2017-09-27Wednesday 27th September Anteros Oporto Tickets
2017-09-27 Family Ranks Smokestack
2017-09-28Thursday 28th September Living Colour Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-28 Kell Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-28 Phill Jupitus City Varieties
2017-09-28 Jen Cloher Headrow House Tickets
2017-09-28 Tom Stade The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-09-29Friday 29th September Oddity Road Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-29 Indoor Garden Party City Varieties Tickets
2017-09-29 Bru - Reminisceatlds Mint Club
2017-09-29 The Southmartins O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-09-29 Trevor Nelson's Soul Nation The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-09-30Saturday 30th September SlØTface Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-09-30 Albion Records: Francesco Del Garda || Evan Baggs || Tc80 Distrikt Bar
2017-09-30 Thinking Cap All Dayer Santiago Tickets
2017-09-30 Swmrs The Key Club Tickets
2017-09-30 Thinking Cap All Dayer 2017 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2017-10-01Sunday 1st October Loyle Carner Leeds University Tickets
2017-10-01 Dj Shadow O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-01 Coquin Migale Oporto
2017-10-01 Cold Specks The Library Tickets
2017-10-01 Meadowlark The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-02Monday 2nd October Inheaven Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-02 New Found Glory O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-02 The Souljazz Orchestra The HiFi Club Tickets
2017-10-02 The Souljazz Orchestra The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-03Tuesday 3rd October Jolie Holland And Samantha Parton Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-03 Denai Moore Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-03 Gary Numan O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-03 Dead Pretties Oporto Tickets
2017-10-04Wednesday 4th October Allman Brown Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-04 Lucy Spraggan Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-04 Trevor Sensor Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-04 Alligator Gumbo Smokestack
2017-10-04 Thy Art Is Murder The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-04 All Them Witches The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-05Thursday 5th October Isaac Gracie Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-05 The Mountain Goats Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-05 EMA Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-05 Neil Diamond First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-05 Triggerfinger The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-05 Darlia The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-06Friday 6th October London Astrobeat Orchestra Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-06 The Mountain Goats Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-06 Stevie Parker Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-06 Faintest Idea Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-10-06 The Turnarounds The Hop
2017-10-06 Stray From The Path The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-06 Uk Foo Fighters The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-06 Goth City 2017 Wharf Chambers
2017-10-07Saturday 7th October Nick Mulvey Church Tickets
2017-10-07 Silverthorn Cross Keys, Morley
2017-10-07 Dizzee Rascal O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-07 Slaid Cleaves Seven Tickets
2017-10-07 Pay No Respect Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-10-07 Cold In Berlin The Library
2017-10-07 Haggis Horns The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-08Sunday 8th October Dua Lipa O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-08 John Craigie Oporto
2017-10-08 In Hearts Wake The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-08 Luisa Omielan The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-09Monday 9th October The Strypes Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-09 In Hearts Wake The Key Club Tickets
2017-10-09 This Feeling The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-10Tuesday 10th October Windhand Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-10 Marc Almond Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2017-10-10 Shame The Library Tickets
2017-10-10 Robin Ince The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-11Wednesday 11th October Hmltd Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-11 Jeremy Hardy City Varieties
2017-10-11 Slowdive Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2017-10-11 The Big Easy Smokestack
2017-10-12Thursday 12th October Downtown Boys Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-12 Formerly Bucks Fizz City Varieties
2017-10-12 The Australian Pink Floyd First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-12 Fakear Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-12 Jammin' 002 | The Hifi Club The HiFi Club
2017-10-12 Franko Fraize The Library Tickets
2017-10-12 The Milk The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-13Friday 13th October Howie Payne Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-13 Nadine Shah Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-13 Big Girls Don't Cry Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2017-10-13 Jp Cooper Leeds University Tickets
2017-10-13 Technimatic Mint Warehouse
2017-10-13 Cunninlynguists The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-14Saturday 14th October King No-one Church Tickets
2017-10-14 Austentatious - The Improvised Jane Austen Novel City Varieties
2017-10-14 Little Mix First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-14 Low Island Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-14 W.a.s.p. O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-14 Antartic Monkeys The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-14 Revaux The Warehouse
2017-10-15Sunday 15th October Supersuckers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-15 Better Days Uk Eiger Studios
2017-10-15 Suzi Quatro First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-15 Sean Kelly And The Stars Of Storage Hunters Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2017-10-15 Reel Big Fish O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-15 Tarzan Bros The HiFi Club
2017-10-17Tuesday 17th October Dan Owen Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-17 The Slackers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-17 Fresh & Only Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-17 Gaz Brookfield The Library Tickets
2017-10-17 Fickle Friends The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-18Wednesday 18th October Jordan Rakei Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-18 Chad Vangaalen Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-18 London Grammar O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-18 Stillia Oporto Tickets
2017-10-18 Loud Noises Smokestack
2017-10-18 Dream Wife The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-19Thursday 19th October Nell Bryden Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-19 The Flatliners Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-19 The Young'uns City Varieties City Varieties
2017-10-19 Diet Cig Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-19 Public Service Broadcasting O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-19 Corella The Library Tickets
2017-10-19 Abandoman The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-20Friday 20th October Cock Sparrer Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-20 (Sandy) Alex G Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-20 Lewis Hamilton Band Duck & Drake
2017-10-20 Forest Swords Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-20 Nick Helm The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-20 1919 Wharf Chambers
2017-10-21Saturday 21st October Sham 69 Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-21 Rectal Smegma Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-10-21 Slowcoaches The Library Tickets
2017-10-21 Emerald Sunday The Pack Horse Tickets
2017-10-21 Trevor Nelson's Soul Nation The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-21 Other Peoples Lives Verve
2017-10-22Sunday 22nd October The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2017-10-22 J Cole First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-22 Zara Larsson O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-22 Steven Page The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-23Monday 23rd October Manchester Orchestra Church Tickets
2017-10-23 3 Tickets For The Kooks First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-23 Weezer O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-24Tuesday 24th October Roddy Woomble Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-24 Emeli Sand First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-10-24 Wesley Gonzalez Oporto Tickets
2017-10-24 Shakka The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-25Wednesday 25th October Ulrich Schnauss Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-25 Clean Cut Kid Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-25 Sleaford Mods Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2017-10-25 Big Love Soul Smokestack
2017-10-26Thursday 26th October Ibibio Sound Machine Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-10-26 Francobollo Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-26 Roots Manuva O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-26 Svalbard Temple Of Boom Tickets
2017-10-26 Ellie Taylor The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-27Friday 27th October Kadhja Bonet Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-27 Mutation Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-27 Wrecking For The Mind 2017 Eiger Studios
2017-10-27 Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere Leeds Town Hall
2017-10-27 The Abstract Orchestra (madvillainy Set) The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-27 Eton Crop Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-10-28Saturday 28th October Sex Pistols Experience Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-28 Bicep Canal Mills
2017-10-28 Underdark Eiger Studios
2017-10-28 Blizzoween The Library Tickets
2017-10-28 Definitely Oasis The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-10-29Sunday 29th October Picture This Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-29 Wildwood Kin Headrow House Tickets
2017-10-29 Ailbhe Reddy Oporto Tickets
2017-10-29 Tim Loud Smokestack
2017-10-29 Worriedaboutsatan Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-10-30Monday 30th October Ghostpoet Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-10-30 Beth Hart Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2017-10-30 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-10-31Tuesday 31st October Jane Weaver Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-01Wednesday 1st November 400th Episode Party Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-01 The Dream Syndicate Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-01 Back Chat Brass Smokestack
2017-11-01 Lloyd Griffith The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-02Thursday 2nd November Carl Hutchinson The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-03Friday 3rd November Showaddywaddy City Varieties
2017-11-03 The Pigeon Detectives O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-03 John Power The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-04Saturday 4th November Julia Jacklin Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2017-11-04 Limehouse Lizzy Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-04 Damnation Festival 2017 Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-04 The Icicle Works O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-04 Dr. Feelgood The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-05Sunday 5th November Cradle Of Filth Church Tickets
2017-11-05 Decade Leeds Beckett University
2017-11-06Monday 6th November Island Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-06 Gok Wan City Varieties
2017-11-06 Japanese Breakfast Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-07Tuesday 7th November Lucy Rose Brudenell Social Club
2017-11-07 Oysterband City Varieties
2017-11-08Wednesday 8th November Big Thief Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-08 Wolfcops Smokestack
2017-11-08 Lefty Scum The Wardrobe
2017-11-09Thursday 9th November The Petty Heartbreakers Duck & Drake
2017-11-09 Milky Chance Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-09 Nathan Caton The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-10Friday 10th November Dub Pistols Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-10 Alex Lahey Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-10 Chas And Dave City Varieties
2017-11-10 Ride Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2017-11-10 Pete Roe The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-11Saturday 11th November Nick Hakim Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-11 Dreadzone Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-11 Alice Cooper First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-11 Scouting For Girls O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-11 The Stray Birds Seven Tickets
2017-11-11 Carpe Noctum The Library
2017-11-11 Complete Stone Roses The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-12Sunday 12th November Pissed Jeans Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-12 Daniel Romano Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-13Monday 13th November Sylvan Esso Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-13 Little Mix First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-13 Cigarettes After Sex Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-13 Insane Clown Posse O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-15Wednesday 15th November Will Varley Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-15 Bad Sounds Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-15 Teebs Headrow House Tickets
2017-11-15 Deaf Havana Leeds Beckett University
2017-11-15 Deaf Havana Leeds University
2017-11-16Thursday 16th November James Arthur First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-17Friday 17th November The Dead Cats Duck & Drake
2017-11-17 Royal Blood First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-17 Milburn Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-17 Marika Hackman The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-18Saturday 18th November The Lancashire Hotpots Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-18 James Blunt First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-18 Granny's Attic HEART Tickets
2017-11-18 Wolf Alice O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-19Sunday 19th November Scott Wainwright Smokestack
2017-11-21Tuesday 21st November Jim White Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-21 Steps First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-21 Sign And Sing Leeds City Museum
2017-11-21 Skinny Lister Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-21 Blaenavon The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-11-22Wednesday 22nd November Average White Band Brudenell Social Club
2017-11-22 Average White Band Irish Centre Tickets
2017-11-22 Tom Speight Oporto Tickets
2017-11-22 Open Letter To Mingus Smokestack
2017-11-23Thursday 23rd November Dma's And The Kooks First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-23 Matt Halsall / Dwight Trible The Wardrobe
2017-11-24Friday 24th November Bad Touch Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-24 Elvis - Live On Screen First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-24 The Undertones Leeds University Tickets
2017-11-25Saturday 25th November The Way Down Wanderers Seven Tickets
2017-11-25 The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2017-11-25 Kazoopa Fest 2017 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2017-11-26Sunday 26th November Tom Russell Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-26 Lowly Oporto Tickets
2017-11-27Monday 27th November The Darkness O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-28Tuesday 28th November Pumarosa Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-11-28 Songhoy Blues Church Tickets
2017-11-28 Nelly O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-29Wednesday 29th November Howlin' Ric & The Rocketeers Smokestack
2017-11-30Thursday 30th November Stone Sour First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-11-30 The Twang O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-11-30 Martin Stephenson & The Daintees The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-01Friday 1st December From The Jam Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-01 Simon Mayor And Hilary James Seven Tickets
2017-12-01 Rhoda Dakar The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-01 The Cravats Wharf Chambers Tickets
2017-12-02Saturday 2nd December Field Music Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-02 Happy Mondays O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-02 Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-03Sunday 3rd December Sixties Gold Leeds Grand Theatre
2017-12-03 Lp Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-05Tuesday 5th December Harry & Chris Leeds University
2017-12-06Wednesday 6th December Queen And Adam Lambert - Seated First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-07Thursday 7th December Duke Special Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-07 John Wilson & The John Wilson Orchestra Leeds Town Hall
2017-12-07 Lany Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-07 The Charlatans O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-08Friday 8th December The Icicle Works Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-08 Michael Ball First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-08 Fish Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-08 Christmas Celebration Left Bank
2017-12-09Saturday 9th December Big Country Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-09 Jesca Hoop Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-09 Leeds Male Voice Choir Leeds Cathedral Tickets
2017-12-09 The Wedding Present O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-10Sunday 10th December Ub40 First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-10 A Rock N' Roll Christmas Left Bank Tickets
2017-12-12Tuesday 12th December Pete Tong First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-12 G4 Christmas By Candlelight Tour 2017 Leeds Minster Tickets
2017-12-13Wednesday 13th December Lany Leeds University Tickets
2017-12-15Friday 15th December Andr First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-16Saturday 16th December Chantel Mcgregor Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-16 Concept Of Time Fenton
2017-12-16 Trevor Nelson's Soul Nation The Wardrobe Tickets
2017-12-17Sunday 17th December Tim Loud Smokestack
2017-12-18Monday 18th December Shed Seven O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-19Tuesday 19th December Shed Seven O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2017-12-20Wednesday 20th December Five Finger Death Punch First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-22Friday 22nd December The Prince Experience Uk Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2017-12-22 Jools Holland First Direct Arena Tickets
2017-12-23Saturday 23rd December The Petty Heartbreakers Grove Inn
2018-01-14Sunday 14th January Chris Rock First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-01-20Saturday 20th January Motionless In White Leeds University Tickets
2018-01-26Friday 26th January Live/wire Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2018-01-26 John Robins City Varieties
2018-02-06Tuesday 6th February Jimmy Osmond: Moon River And Me City Varieties
2018-02-09Friday 9th February Heaven On Earth First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-10Saturday 10th February Heaven On Earth First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-11Sunday 11th February Heaven On Earth First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-12Monday 12th February Heaven On Earth First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-02-17Saturday 17th February A Country Night In Nashville City Varieties
2018-02-23Friday 23rd February Paul Weller First Direct Arena Tickets
2018-03-02Friday 2nd March Purple Rain Leeds Town Hall Tickets
2018-03-17Saturday 17th March Submotion Orchestra Canal Mills Tickets
2018-05-05Saturday 5th May Live At Leeds 2018 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2018-06-02Saturday 2nd June Glorious Summer The Library
2018-06-22Friday 22nd June David Baddiel My Family: Not The Sitcom City Varieties Tickets
2018-06-23Saturday 23rd June David Baddiel City Varieties Tickets
2019-03-04Monday 4th March Warriors Mint Warehouse