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Scarborough Gig Guide

Find out what's on in Scarborough below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2017-10-18Wednesday 18th October That’ll Be The Day The Spa
2017-10-20Friday 20th October Rockin' & Rolling With Laughter Tour The Spa
2017-10-21Saturday 21st October The Groundhogs Scarborough Market Hall
2017-10-21 Lewis Hamilton Band Tap & Spile
2017-10-21 Rockin' And Rolling With Laughter The Spa
2017-10-21 If Shadows Could Speak Woodend Gallery
2017-10-22Sunday 22nd October The Rat Pack Is Back The Spa
2017-10-22 The Zoots YMCA Theatre
2017-10-23Monday 23rd October Julie Edward The Spa
2017-10-25Wednesday 25th October The Not So Spooky Halloween Show The Spa
2017-10-26Thursday 26th October Wild Ponies Woodend Gallery Tickets
2017-10-28Saturday 28th October Equal Rites Scarborough Brewery Tickets
2017-10-29Sunday 29th October Equal Rites / Charity Fundraiser / Indigo Alley Indigo Alley
2017-10-29 Equal Rites Scarborough Brewery Tickets
2017-10-30Monday 30th October Annie & King The Spa
2017-10-31Tuesday 31st October Stacey Kent Stephen Joseph Theatre
2017-11-04Saturday 4th November Asylum Rock Night Ft. Guns N' Roses Tribute & Dj's Scarborough Market Hall
2017-11-04 Friday Street At The Commercial The Commercial
2017-11-04 Dickinson's Real Deal The Spa
2017-11-04 Forget Me Not YMCA Theatre
2017-11-05Sunday 5th November Beyond The Barricade The Spa
2017-11-06Monday 6th November Jelly Roll Jazz Band The Spa
2017-11-07Tuesday 7th November Scarborough Dance Festival The Spa
2017-11-10Friday 10th November Woodend Live Roots Weekender Woodend Gallery
2017-11-10 A Christmas Carousel YMCA Theatre
2017-11-11Saturday 11th November Skandals Newcastle Packet Inn
2017-11-11 Trans Global Underground Scarborough Market Hall Tickets
2017-11-11 The Billy Joel Songbook The Spa Tickets
2017-11-12Sunday 12th November The Dead Cats The Cask Inn
2017-11-13Monday 13th November Howard Beaumont The Spa
2017-11-15Wednesday 15th November Psychic Sally: Kisses To Heaven Tour, Scarborough Spa, 15 Nov The Spa
2017-11-17Friday 17th November Kast Off Kinks The Spa Tickets
2017-11-18Saturday 18th November Roy Orbison And The Traveling Wilburys Tribute Show The Spa Tickets
2017-11-18 Voulez Vous YMCA Theatre
2017-11-19Sunday 19th November Lorrie Brown YMCA Theatre
2017-11-23Thursday 23rd November Beatlemania In Pepper Again The Spa Tickets
2017-11-25Saturday 25th November Sunshine On Winter Journeys Queen Street Methodist Central Hall Tickets
2017-11-25 Tony Bramwell Scarborough Market Hall Tickets
2017-11-26Sunday 26th November Summer Of Love The Spa Tickets
2017-12-01Friday 1st December Purple Rain The Spa Tickets
2017-12-02Saturday 2nd December Killer Queen The Spa Tickets
2017-12-04Monday 4th December Rockin' Carols 2017 YMCA Theatre
2017-12-07Thursday 7th December Rob Brydon The Spa
2017-12-09Saturday 9th December The Festive Spectacular Charity Carol Concert The Spa
2017-12-10Sunday 10th December Kathy Seabrook The Spa
2017-12-15Friday 15th December Michael De Freitas The Spa
2017-12-16Saturday 16th December Michael De Freitas The Spa
2017-12-18Monday 18th December The Jelly Roll Jazz Band The Spa
2017-12-20Wednesday 20th December Holly At Christmas Stephen Joseph Theatre
2017-12-22Friday 22nd December Howard Beaumont The Spa
2017-12-23Saturday 23rd December The Bavarian Oompah Band Scarborough Market Hall
2017-12-23 Lewis Hamilton Band Tap & Spile
2017-12-31Sunday 31st December Howard Beaumont The Spa
2018-01-01Monday 1st January Scarborough Spa Orchestra The Spa
2018-01-20Saturday 20th January Quadrophenia Scarborough Market Hall
2018-01-21Sunday 21st January Hoodoo Brown At The Commercial For Stu's Birthday The Commercial
2018-01-27Saturday 27th January Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers Scarborough Market Hall
2018-01-27 The Illegal Eagles, Saturday 27 January 2018 The Spa Tickets
2018-02-03Saturday 3rd February For The Love Of Music Queen Street Methodist Central Hall Tickets
2018-02-10Saturday 10th February Bulsara And His Queenies YMCA Theatre Tickets
2018-02-15Thursday 15th February Milkshake! The Spa
2018-02-17Saturday 17th February The Carpenter's Story The Spa Tickets
2018-03-01Thursday 1st March Cirque Enchantment The Spa
2018-03-03Saturday 3rd March Hoodoo Brown At The Commercial The Commercial
2018-03-03 The Bon Jovi Experience, Saturday 3 March 2018 The Spa Tickets
2018-03-10Saturday 10th March Cregan & Co The Spa Tickets
2018-03-16Friday 16th March Top Secret Blues Festival 2018 The Spa
2018-03-17Saturday 17th March A Vision Of Elvis The Spa Tickets
2018-03-24Saturday 24th March In Character: Simon Day, Saturday 24 March 2018 The Spa
2018-04-04Wednesday 4th April Beautiful Noise - The Neil Diamond Story The Spa
2018-04-12Thursday 12th April Remembering Fred The Spa
2018-04-14Saturday 14th April Walk Like A Man The Spa Tickets
2018-04-21Saturday 21st April Michael Chapman Scarborough Market Hall
2018-04-21 Francesca Santamaria Lee YMCA Theatre
2018-04-28Saturday 28th April Absolute Bowie The Spa Tickets
2018-04-29Sunday 29th April Giovanni Pernice: Born To Win, Sunday 29 April 2018 The Spa Tickets
2018-05-05Saturday 5th May Classic Structures Queen Street Methodist Central Hall Tickets
2018-05-27Sunday 27th May Hoodoo Brown At The Commercial The Commercial
2018-06-24Sunday 24th June Navi As Michael Jackson The Spa
2018-07-14Saturday 14th July Gallic Flair Queen Street Methodist Central Hall Tickets
2018-07-14 Hoodoo Brown At The Commercial The Commercial
2018-07-15Sunday 15th July Barry Steele As Roy Orbison The Spa Tickets
2018-07-18Wednesday 18th July The Simon And Garfunkel Story The Spa
2018-07-22Sunday 22nd July The Simon & Garfunkel Story The Spa Tickets
2018-07-29Sunday 29th July Jive Talkin' The Spa Tickets
2018-08-04Saturday 4th August Fast Love The Spa Tickets
2018-08-05Sunday 5th August The King Of Pop Starring Navi The Spa Tickets
2018-08-11Saturday 11th August Crooners The Spa Tickets
2018-08-11 Rhgcovers YMCA Theatre
2018-08-16Thursday 16th August Memphis By The Moors: A Celebration Of Elvis, Thursday 16 August The Spa
2018-08-19Sunday 19th August Signed Sealed Delivered The Spa Tickets
2018-08-25Saturday 25th August Showaddywaddy The Spa Tickets
2018-09-02Sunday 2nd September G4 The Spa Tickets
2018-09-28Friday 28th September Scarborough Jazz Festival 2018 The Spa
2018-09-29Saturday 29th September Hoodoo Brown At The Commercial The Commercial
2018-10-26Friday 26th October Hoodoo Brown At The Commercial The Commercial
2018-11-02Friday 2nd November Northern Soul Weekender 2018 The Spa
2018-11-17Saturday 17th November Roy Orbison & The Traveling Wilburys Tribute Show The Spa
2018-11-29Thursday 29th November Islands In The Stream The Spa