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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2017-08-21Monday 21st August Open Mic Night The Greystones
2017-08-21 Little Blue Thula West Street Live
2017-08-22Tuesday 22nd August The Sleeves West Street Live
2017-08-23Wednesday 23rd August James Beckwith Trio Lescar Hotel
2017-08-23 Hellbastard Mulberry Tavern
2017-08-23 Kirk Brandon The Greystones Tickets
2017-08-23 The Feral3 West Street Live
2017-08-24Thursday 24th August Buffalo Skinners The Greystones Tickets
2017-08-24 The Decades West Street Live
2017-08-25Friday 25th August Colin Yates Big Band & Singers Crookes Social Club
2017-08-25 Mahogany Newt New Barrack Tavern
2017-08-25 Obey The Royal Standard
2017-08-25 Vamp The White Lion
2017-08-26Saturday 26th August Caroline Francess Plug Tickets
2017-08-26 Neon Waltz Record Junkee
2017-08-26 Alex Mckown Band The Greystones Tickets
2017-08-26 Neon Waltz The Leadmill
2017-08-26 Stand Amongst Giants The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-08-27Sunday 27th August Bungalows Carnival! Bungalows And Bears
2017-08-27 Rare Synergy Lan Gathering 2017 Picture House Social
2017-08-27 Steel City Groove House Night Plug Tickets
2017-08-27 Taae The Audacious Space
2017-08-27 Damien O'kane The Greystones
2017-08-27 Oas-is The Leadmill Tickets
2017-08-27 Dave Speight The Red Deer
2017-08-27 Bigtee Presents The Royal Standard
2017-08-28Monday 28th August Suffocation O2 Academy Sheffield
2017-08-28 Sam Outlaw The Greystones Tickets
2017-08-28 Alvvays The Leadmill Tickets
2017-08-29Tuesday 29th August The Orwells The Leadmill Tickets
2017-08-29 The Trend West Street Live
2017-08-30Wednesday 30th August First Blood Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2017-08-30 Curtis Eller's American Circus The Greystones Tickets
2017-08-30 Parquet Courts The Leadmill Tickets
2017-08-30 Rancidium West Street Live
2017-08-31Thursday 31st August Caroline Bird DINA
2017-08-31 Rawkus The Leadmill
2017-08-31 Tendayi West Street Live
2017-09-01Friday 1st September King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band Hagglers Corner
2017-09-01 Beaver Las Vegas Library Theatre
2017-09-01 Highway To Hell VIII- The Final O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-01 The Garderobes The Milestone, Crystal Peaks
2017-09-01 Jonny Turner Band The White Lion
2017-09-02Saturday 2nd September The Surfing Magazines Bar Abbey
2017-09-02 Inertia Corporation Tickets
2017-09-02 Beaver Las Vegas Library Theatre
2017-09-02 Hard Rock Hell Sleaze 2017 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-02 The Surfing Magazines Picture House Social Tickets
2017-09-02 The Outfits Record Junkee
2017-09-02 Rara_reynoldsusg Sheffield Arena
2017-09-02 Casey Lowry / Sheffield / Leadmill The Leadmill
2017-09-02 The Recroots The Royal Standard
2017-09-03Sunday 3rd September Coyote Mad Seeds Mulberry Tavern
2017-09-03 HRH O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-03 Peace Train - The Cat Stevens Story Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-09-03 Sw1n-hunter The Audacious Space
2017-09-03 Tannahill Weavers The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-03 Feed Them To The Forrest West Street Live
2017-09-04Monday 4th September Lowkey O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-05Tuesday 5th September H. Hawkline Bar Abbey
2017-09-05 H.hawkline Picture House Social Tickets
2017-09-05 In Crowded Skies West Street Live
2017-09-06Wednesday 6th September Loathe Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2017-09-06 Kymberley Kennedy West Street Live
2017-09-07Thursday 7th September Steve Faulkner's Magic Show The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-07 The Receivers West Street Live
2017-09-08Friday 8th September Cast Ashore Mulberry Tavern
2017-09-08 Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-08 Who's Next Plug Tickets
2017-09-08 Luru The Audacious Space
2017-09-08 Dutch Rudder The Washington
2017-09-09Saturday 9th September Aye Caramba! DINA Tickets
2017-09-09 The Fargo Railroad Co. The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-09 Harlequin The Harlequin
2017-09-09 Steal The City The Royal Standard
2017-09-10Sunday 10th September Southern Tenant Folk Union The Greystones
2017-09-11Monday 11th September Lowtide Sam and Sofia's
2017-09-11 Lowtide The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-11 Room 94 The Leadmill Tickets
2017-09-11 Akoustika! West Street Live
2017-09-12Tuesday 12th September Rhgcovers Plug
2017-09-12 Final Coil West Street Live
2017-09-13Wednesday 13th September Ming City Rockers Mulberry Tavern
2017-09-13 Si Cranstoun The Greystones
2017-09-13 Polevaulter West Street Live
2017-09-14Thursday 14th September Danny & The Champions Of The World Plug Tickets
2017-09-14 Echoic Record Junkee Tickets
2017-09-14 Micky Moody And Ali Maas Band The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-14 Under The Stars Nightclub The Leadmill
2017-09-14 Chruch Of Non Believers West Street Live
2017-09-15Friday 15th September The Black Feathers Cafe #9 Tickets
2017-09-15 Cruxshadows Corporation Tickets
2017-09-15 Night Shift Sheffield Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2017-09-15 Harmony Of Spheres New Barrack Tavern
2017-09-15 Oddity Road O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-15 Planet Zogg Plug
2017-09-15 Avec Sans Record Junkee Tickets
2017-09-16Saturday 16th September Voodoo Six Corporation Tickets
2017-09-16 The Southmartins O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-16 The Sex Pistols Experience Plug Tickets
2017-09-16 Avalanche Party Record Junkee Tickets
2017-09-16 Royal Traditions Royal Hotel
2017-09-16 Texas Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-09-16 This Is The Kit The HUBS Tickets
2017-09-16 Sœur The Leadmill
2017-09-16 The Amelia Carter Band The Milestone, Crystal Peaks
2017-09-16 This Feeling The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-09-17Sunday 17th September Rainbow Girls Cafe #9 Tickets
2017-09-17 Agnieszka Chylinska Plug Tickets
2017-09-17 Martin And Eliza Carthy Sheffield City Hall
2017-09-17 Dylan Leblanc The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-17 Run Logan Run West Street Live
2017-09-18Monday 18th September Si Cranstoun The Greystones
2017-09-18 Ryan Mcmullan The Leadmill Tickets
2017-09-18 Akoustika! West Street Live
2017-09-19Tuesday 19th September Toddla T Sheffield University
2017-09-19 The Sheratons West Street Live
2017-09-20Wednesday 20th September Erja Lyytinen The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-20 1991 (uk) The Leadmill
2017-09-20 Catalyse West Street Live
2017-09-21Thursday 21st September Dirty Fences Bar Abbey
2017-09-21 Dirty Fences Picture House Social Tickets
2017-09-21 Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-21 Mollyanna West Street Live
2017-09-22Friday 22nd September Sheffield Jazz Crookes Social Club
2017-09-22 Neon Dolls Mulberry Tavern
2017-09-22 Ruts Dc Plug Tickets
2017-09-22 The Harringtons Record Junkee Tickets
2017-09-22 Gaga Sheffield City Hall
2017-09-22 Cavalier Song The Audacious Space
2017-09-22 Coasts The Leadmill
2017-09-22 This Feeling The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-09-22 Mabon Festival The Royal Standard
2017-09-23Saturday 23rd September 3 Stone Monkey Mulberry Tavern
2017-09-23 Black Toad New Barrack Tavern
2017-09-23 The Sherlocks O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-23 Barns Courtney Picture House Social Tickets
2017-09-23 Abra Cadabra Plug Tickets
2017-09-23 Mannequin Death Squad Record Junkee Tickets
2017-09-23 Dimension Sheffield University
2017-09-23 Stephen Dale Petit The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-23 Fort Romeau The Harley
2017-09-23 Mr Jukes The Leadmill Tickets
2017-09-23 Life Aquatic Band The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-09-24Sunday 24th September Loire Funk Allstars Crookes Social Club Tickets
2017-09-24 Borders Mulberry Tavern
2017-09-24 Barbara Dickson Sheffield City Hall
2017-09-24 Keith James:the Songs Of Leonard Cohen The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-24 Intervene West Street Live
2017-09-25Monday 25th September The Big Moon Plug Tickets
2017-09-25 The Jesus And Mary Chain Sheffield University Tickets
2017-09-25 Jack Rutter & Greg Russell The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-25 Dj Q The Harley Tickets
2017-09-25 Huntar The Leadmill
2017-09-26Tuesday 26th September Habadekuk The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-26 Divide West Street Live
2017-09-27Wednesday 27th September Anathema Plug Tickets
2017-09-27 Chris Pureka @ Wagonwhee Presents... The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-27 Fes West Street Live
2017-09-28Thursday 28th September I Am Giant Corporation Tickets
2017-09-28 Anteros The Leadmill Tickets
2017-09-28 This Feeling The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-09-28 A Pig Called Eggs West Street Live
2017-09-29Friday 29th September Dinosaur Crookes Social Club
2017-09-29 Detroit Swindle Hope Works
2017-09-29 Abba Fever Lomas Hall
2017-09-29 Relics The Nx Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2017-09-29 Yes Lad O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-29 Who's Next With Small Fakers Plug Tickets
2017-09-29 Diz 'honeybear' Watson The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-29 Floodhounds The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-09-30Saturday 30th September Mogstock 2017 Dove and Rainbow
2017-09-30 Dax J Hope Works
2017-09-30 Hrh Doom Vs Stoner 2017 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-09-30 Lazy Day Record Junkee Tickets
2017-09-30 Rob Brydon Sheffield City Hall
2017-09-30 Vega & Gin Annie Sheffield University Tickets
2017-09-30 John Verity Band The Greystones Tickets
2017-09-30 The Crookes The Leadmill Tickets
2017-09-30 The Rocking The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-09-30 Krapwerk The Shakespeare
2017-09-30 2017 Metropolis The White Lion
2017-10-01Sunday 1st October My Dying Bride O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-01 John Cooper Clarke Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-01 The Garderobes The Milestone, Crystal Peaks
2017-10-02Monday 2nd October The Skints Plug Tickets
2017-10-03Tuesday 3rd October The Skints Plug
2017-10-03 Neil Mcsweeney Queens Social Club
2017-10-03 The Amazons The Leadmill Tickets
2017-10-04Wednesday 4th October Big Country O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-04 Inheaven Plug Tickets
2017-10-04 Slaid Cleaves The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-05Thursday 5th October The Kentucky Headhunters Corporation Tickets
2017-10-05 Show Of Hands Sheffield Cathedral
2017-10-05 Magic Of Motown Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-05 Robin And Bina Williamson The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-05 Stevie Parker The Harley Tickets
2017-10-05 Jarrod Dickenson The Leadmill Tickets
2017-10-05 The Kentucky Headhunters The Local Authority
2017-10-06Friday 6th October Dizzee Rascal O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-06 Sl Picture House Social Tickets
2017-10-06 King No-one Plug Tickets
2017-10-06 Midnight Heavy Mass Record Junkee
2017-10-06 Sensoriapro 2017 Sheffield City Hall
2017-10-06 Sensoriapro 2017 Showroom Workstation Tickets
2017-10-06 Anthony Joseph The HUBS
2017-10-06 Nick Mulvey The Leadmill Tickets
2017-10-06 3 Ring Circus Upper Chapel Tickets
2017-10-07Saturday 7th October Dragonforce Corporation Tickets
2017-10-07 Craig Handy Quartet Crookes Social Club
2017-10-07 Vultures Picture House Social
2017-10-07 The Complete Stone Roses Plug Tickets
2017-10-07 Vultures Queens Social Club Tickets
2017-10-07 Coquin Migale Record Junkee
2017-10-07 The Tenderloins - Joe, Q, Sal & Murr - Live! Sheffield Arena Tickets
2017-10-07 Haydn Creation Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2017-10-07 Synthfest Uk 2017 Sheffield University Tickets
2017-10-07 The Lancashire Hotpots 10th Anniversary Tour The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-07 In The Dog House The Royal Standard
2017-10-08Sunday 8th October Still Remains Corporation Tickets
2017-10-08 Diversity Fest 2017 Hagglers Corner
2017-10-08 Catfish Keith The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-08 Meadowlark The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-10-08 O'hooley & Tidow The Shakespeare Tickets
2017-10-09Monday 9th October Penetration O2 Academy Sheffield
2017-10-10Tuesday 10th October John Craigie Cafe #9 Tickets
2017-10-10 The Australian Pink Floyd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-10 Josh Harty The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-10 The By Gods West Street Live
2017-10-11Wednesday 11th October Sundara Karma Plug Tickets
2017-10-11 Roy Bailey The Greystones
2017-10-12Thursday 12th October Draingang Bungalows And Bears Tickets
2017-10-12 Fling Record Junkee Tickets
2017-10-12 Lethal Bizzle (live) Sheffield University Tickets
2017-10-12 Big Boy Bloater And The Limits The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-12 Stranger Things The Leadmill
2017-10-12 The Kentucky Headhunters The Local Authority
2017-10-12 Case Hardin The Shakespeare Tickets
2017-10-13Friday 13th October Sobriquet Corporation
2017-10-13 No Bounds Festival 2017 Hope Works
2017-10-13 Absolute Bowie O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-13 This Feeling Plug Tickets
2017-10-13 Idle Frets Record Junkee Tickets
2017-10-13 Don Barrell Gents The Cremorne
2017-10-13 Warner E Hodges The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-13 Amp Festival The Harley
2017-10-13 The Bar-steward Sons Of Val Doonican The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2017-10-13 Amp Festival The Rocking Chair
2017-10-14Saturday 14th October Akercocke Corporation Tickets
2017-10-14 Hekety Crookes Social Club
2017-10-14 Barang! DINA
2017-10-14 Harmony Of Spheres Mulberry Tavern
2017-10-14 The Icicle Works O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-14 My Beautiful Black Dog Picture House Social Tickets
2017-10-14 This Feeling Plug Tickets
2017-10-14 Joe Fox Record Junkee Tickets
2017-10-14 The Long Hill Ramblers Royal Hotel
2017-10-14 China Crisis The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-14 Bhaus The Harley
2017-10-14 Nadine Shah The Leadmill Tickets
2017-10-14 Tylerc Yellow Arch Studios
2017-10-15Sunday 15th October The Picturebooks Corporation Tickets
2017-10-15 Ben Blue Waters Mulberry Tavern
2017-10-15 Frank Iero & The Patience Plug Tickets
2017-10-15 Leveret Sheffield City Hall
2017-10-15 Schubert In Sheffield I Sheffield University Tickets
2017-10-15 Danny Bryant The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-16Monday 16th October Train Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-16 The Rheingans Sisters The HUBS Tickets
2017-10-17Tuesday 17th October Little Mix Sheffield Arena Tickets
2017-10-17 Greg Davies Sheffield City Hall
2017-10-17 Sarathy Korwar Band Sheffield University Tickets
2017-10-17 State Of The Union (boo Hewerdine And Brooks Williams) The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-18Wednesday 18th October Fake Laugh Bungalows And Bears
2017-10-18 Pierre Bensusan The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-18 Starsailor The Leadmill Tickets
2017-10-19Thursday 19th October Downtown Boys Bar Abbey
2017-10-19 Ortega Mulberry Tavern
2017-10-19 The Alarm O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-19 Downtown Boys Picture House Social Tickets
2017-10-19 The Sixteen Sheffield Cathedral
2017-10-19 Sheelanagig The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-19 King King The Leadmill Tickets
2017-10-20Friday 20th October Broken Witt Rebels Corporation Tickets
2017-10-20 Ohig Crookes Social Club
2017-10-20 One Step Closer Mulberry Tavern
2017-10-20 Guns 2 Roses O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-20 Fickle Friends Plug Tickets
2017-10-20 Gatecrasher Classical Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-20 Slowcoaches The Harley
2017-10-20 Tom Robinson Band The Leadmill Tickets
2017-10-20 Slowcoaches The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-10-21Saturday 21st October Sitc Album Release Show Corporation
2017-10-21 Hamerex Dove and Rainbow
2017-10-21 Mused Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2017-10-21 Roachford O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-21 The Space Safari Experience! Plug
2017-10-21 Gatecrasher Classical Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-21 Blair Dunlop With Special Guest Brooke Sharkey The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-21 Trash The Leadmill
2017-10-21 Thom Morecroft And Chris Tavener The Shakespeare Tickets
2017-10-22Sunday 22nd October Ruts Dc Plug Tickets
2017-10-22 Emma Stevens The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-24Tuesday 24th October John Mayall Sheffield City Hall
2017-10-24 Ligeti Quartet Sheffield University Tickets
2017-10-24 Jesse Dayton The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-25Wednesday 25th October Savoy Motel Record Junkee
2017-10-25 Richard Thompson With Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-25 Christine Collister The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-25 Savoy Motel The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-10-26Thursday 26th October The Hoosiers O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-26 Charlotte Carpenter Record Junkee Tickets
2017-10-26 Squeeze Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-26 Kaz Hawkins The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-27Friday 27th October Kvelertak Corporation Tickets
2017-10-27 Stan Tracey Octet Crookes Social Club
2017-10-27 Bicep Hope Works
2017-10-27 Reverend & The Makers O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-27 The Complete Stone Roses Plug Tickets
2017-10-27 Francobollo Record Junkee Tickets
2017-10-27 Little Mix Sheffield Arena Tickets
2017-10-27 Kaz Hawkins The Greystones
2017-10-27 Clean Cut Kid The Leadmill Tickets
2017-10-27 Leeds City Stompers Yellow Arch Studios
2017-10-28Saturday 28th October Evil Scarecrow Corporation Tickets
2017-10-28 Serpent Kings Mulberry Tavern
2017-10-28 Madvillainy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-10-28 The Iron Maidens Plug Tickets
2017-10-28 Misfires Record Junkee Tickets
2017-10-28 Little Mix Sheffield Arena Tickets
2017-10-28 The Kill Southey Social Club
2017-10-28 The Opera Comic The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-10-28 Jody Davies, Andy P. Davison, Richard Kitson And Ryan Farmer The Shakespeare Tickets
2017-10-29Sunday 29th October Ghostpoet Plug Tickets
2017-10-29 Midge Ure Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-10-29 Furrow Collective The Greystones
2017-10-29 Kusanagi West Street Live Tickets
2017-10-30Monday 30th October Wildwood Kin Plug Tickets
2017-10-30 Wild Ponies The Greystones Tickets
2017-10-31Tuesday 31st October Will Pound And Eddy Jay Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-01Wednesday 1st November Emily Barker The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-02Thursday 2nd November The Pigeon Detectives O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-02 Bella Hardy The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-02 Martin Stephenson And The Daintees The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2017-11-03Friday 3rd November Fozzy Corporation Tickets
2017-11-03 The Head Frog & Parrot
2017-11-03 Quadrophenia Night Plug Tickets
2017-11-03 The Orielles Record Junkee Tickets
2017-11-03 Sound Junction Intersection I Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-03 Chantel Mcgregor The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-03 Cats:for:peru The Leadmill
2017-11-04Saturday 4th November Syd.31 Corporation
2017-11-04 Big Country O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-04 John Coghlan's Quo Plug Tickets
2017-11-04 Jools Holland Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-11-04 Sound Junction Intersection I Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-04 The Amelia Carter Band The Crown, Totley
2017-11-04 T The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-04 Cats:for:peru The Leadmill
2017-11-05Sunday 5th November Bach's Mass In B Minor Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-05 Harrow Fair The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-05 Regulus The Royal Standard
2017-11-06Monday 6th November Newton Faulkner The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-07Tuesday 7th November Electric Six O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-07 Omd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-11-07 Dan Baird And Homemade Sin The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-07 Von Hertzen Brothers The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-08Wednesday 8th November Itch Plug Tickets
2017-11-08 Elephant Sessions The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-09Thursday 9th November Caves & Clouds Cafe #9
2017-11-09 Bad Touch Corporation Tickets
2017-11-09 Lurkers Live With Support Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2017-11-09 Penetration O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-09 Pins Picture House Social Tickets
2017-11-09 Bad Touch Plug Tickets
2017-11-09 Saz'iso Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-09 Simon Mcbride Band In Sheffield The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-10Friday 10th November Lynch Mob Corporation Tickets
2017-11-10 Christine Tobin Quartet Crookes Social Club
2017-11-10 Electro 80s Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2017-11-10 The Prince Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-10 Malevolence Plug Tickets
2017-11-10 The Originators Record Junkee
2017-11-10 Shawn Klush Sheffield Arena
2017-11-10 Abc Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-11-10 Heaven 17 & Blancmange Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-10 Hecla St Andrews Psalter Lane Church Tickets
2017-11-10 Mah The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-10 Lynch Mob The Local Authority
2017-11-11Saturday 11th November Tyketto Corporation Tickets
2017-11-11 John Spiers Dungworth Village Hall
2017-11-11 Mick Thomas Heeley Institute Tickets
2017-11-11 A Tribute To The Eagles Lomas Hall
2017-11-11 The Doors Alive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-11 London African Gospel Choir Plug Tickets
2017-11-11 Symphonic Poetry Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-11 Shu Jiang Chinese Concert St Andrews Psalter Lane Church Tickets
2017-11-11 The Turnarounds The Hop
2017-11-11 The Lemon Twigs The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-11 Unleash The Archers The Local Authority
2017-11-12Sunday 12th November Lady Maisery Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-12 Neil Mcsweeney St Andrews Psalter Lane Church Tickets
2017-11-12 Holy Moly & The Crackers The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-12 Billy Bragg The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-14Tuesday 14th November The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-14 Dodworth Colliery Band St Andrews Psalter Lane Church Tickets
2017-11-14 Stray Birds The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-15Wednesday 15th November Black Star Riders O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-16Thursday 16th November Murder Corporation
2017-11-16 The Sex Pistols Experience Plug Tickets
2017-11-16 Crow Black Chicken The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-16 Ruhaani The HUBS
2017-11-17Friday 17th November Fear Lies Corporation
2017-11-17 Michael Janisch Crookes Social Club
2017-11-17 Midland Hope Works
2017-11-17 Mercury Lomas Hall
2017-11-17 The Boss Uk - A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen Plug Tickets
2017-11-17 Autobahn Record Junkee Tickets
2017-11-17 Edwina Hayes The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-17 Jim White The HUBS Tickets
2017-11-18Saturday 18th November Falling Red Corporation Tickets
2017-11-18 Antarctic Monkeys O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-18 The South Plug Tickets
2017-11-18 Childcare Record Junkee Tickets
2017-11-18 Sounding Brass And Voices Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2017-11-18 Melrose Quartet Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-18 Allegri String Quartet St Andrews Psalter Lane Church Tickets
2017-11-18 Maia The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-18 Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-18 Fury And Dakesis The Royal Standard
2017-11-18 Mik Artistik's Ego Trip. The Shakespeare Tickets
2017-11-18 Harmony Of Spheres The White Lion
2017-11-19Sunday 19th November Hazel O'connor Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-19 Gjylaci Brothers St Andrews Psalter Lane Church Tickets
2017-11-19 William The Conquerer The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-20Monday 20th November Airbourne O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-20 John Smith Sam and Sofia's
2017-11-20 John Smith The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-20 Blaenavon The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-21Tuesday 21st November Schubert In Sheffield II Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-21 John Smith The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-21 Maren Morris The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-22Wednesday 22nd November Bruce Molskys Mountain Drifters The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-22 The Lafontaines The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-23Thursday 23rd November Glasville O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-23 The Undertones Plug Tickets
2017-11-23 Said The Maiden The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-24Friday 24th November Jinjer, Corporation, Sheffield, 24/11/17 Corporation Tickets
2017-11-24 Julian Siegel Quartet Crookes Social Club
2017-11-24 Pearl Jam Uk O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-24 The Reytons Plug Tickets
2017-11-24 Sleeptalking Record Junkee Tickets
2017-11-24 Phil Collins Sheffield Arena Tickets
2017-11-24 Vivaldi Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2017-11-24 New Music Ensemble Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-24 The Burning Hell The Harley
2017-11-24 Stand Amongst Giants The Rocking Chair
2017-11-24 Damnation Angels The Royal Standard
2017-11-24 Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra Yellow Arch Studios
2017-11-25Saturday 25th November Sham 69 Corporation Tickets
2017-11-25 Jagged Little Pill O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-25 Cheese Fest Sheffield! At Plug | Sheffield Plug
2017-11-25 The Killers Sheffield Arena Tickets
2017-11-25 Elgar:dream Of Gerontius Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2017-11-25 Shalamar Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-25 Connie Lush The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-25 Hunter & The Bear The Harley Tickets
2017-11-25 Skinny Lister The Leadmill Tickets
2017-11-25 Red Spektor The Royal Standard
2017-11-26Sunday 26th November Electric Boys Corporation Tickets
2017-11-26 John Bramwell Sheffield City Hall
2017-11-26 Spectacular Winds Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-26 Martyn Joseph The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-26 Electric Boys The Local Authority
2017-11-27Monday 27th November Status Quo Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-11-28Tuesday 28th November Shed Seven O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-28 Ricky Ross Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-11-28 University Of Sheffield Chamber Choir Sheffield University Tickets
2017-11-29Wednesday 29th November Mike Garson O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-29 The Furrow Collective The Greystones Tickets
2017-11-30Thursday 30th November Graham Bonnet Corporation Tickets
2017-11-30 The Charlatans O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-11-30 Jaws Plug Tickets
2017-11-30 Big Girls Don't Cry Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-11-30 Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi: The Last Train Tour 2017 The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-01Friday 1st December Jason Rebello Crucible Studio
2017-12-01 Test 1 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-12-01 Collabro Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-01 Dale Storr The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-02Saturday 2nd December Kobra & The Lotus Corporation Tickets
2017-12-02 Diamond Head O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-12-02 From The Jam The Leadmill Tickets
2017-12-02 2017 Metropolis The White Lion
2017-12-03Sunday 3rd December Raven O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-12-03 Bflf Sheffield Plug Tickets
2017-12-03 Nick Harper The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-04Monday 4th December Handel Messiah Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2017-12-04 Chris Rea Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-05Tuesday 5th December Bananarama Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-06Wednesday 6th December Seth Lakeman Sheffield City Hall
2017-12-07Thursday 7th December Phil Taylor O2 Academy Sheffield
2017-12-08Friday 8th December The Amelia Carter Band New Barrack Tavern
2017-12-08 The Smyths O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-12-08 Queen And Adam Lambert - Seated Sheffield Arena Tickets
2017-12-08 A Rock N' Roll Christmas Sheffield University Tickets
2017-12-08 The Kill Southey Social Club
2017-12-08 Sound Of The Sirens The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-08 Mahogany Newt The Harlequin
2017-12-08 Stillia The Rocking Chair Tickets
2017-12-09Saturday 9th December Shed Seven O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-12-09 Royal Traditions Royal Hotel
2017-12-09 Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott Sheffield Arena Tickets
2017-12-09 John Reilly Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2017-12-09 The Rat Pack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-09 Guns 2 Roses Sheffield University Tickets
2017-12-10Sunday 10th December Complete Madness Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2017-12-10 Chapter 59 O2 Academy Sheffield
2017-12-10 John Reilly Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2017-12-10 Cara Dillon Sheffield City Hall
2017-12-10 Varttina The HUBS
2017-12-11Monday 11th December Come Sing Handel's Messiah Dore Church Tickets
2017-12-11 John Wilson Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-11 Luke Daniels And Nancy Kerr The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-13Wednesday 13th December Joel Dommet Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-13 Jack Carty The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-14Thursday 14th December The Twang O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-12-14 Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-14 Moulettes The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-15Friday 15th December Mason Hill Corporation
2017-12-15 The Overtones Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-16Saturday 16th December The Tallis Scholars Cathedral Church of St Marie
2017-12-16 Mason Hill Corporation Tickets
2017-12-16 Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-12-16 King Pleasure And The Biscuit Boys The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-17Sunday 17th December Uli Jon Roth O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2017-12-17 Vera Lynn Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2017-12-17 Danny Bryant The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-22Friday 22nd December Gimme Abba Plug Tickets
2017-12-22 Sinnerboy The Greystones Tickets
2017-12-23Saturday 23rd December The Amelia Carter Band The Hop
2017-12-29Friday 29th December Definitely Oasis Plug Tickets
2018-01-20Saturday 20th January Cauda Pavonis Sheffield City Hall
2018-01-26Friday 26th January Icons Of The 80s Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-01-27Saturday 27th January Livewire O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-01-27 Antarctic Monkeys Plug Tickets
2018-01-27 King King The Leadmill
2018-01-28Sunday 28th January Phil Tomlinson Sheffield City Hall
2018-02-02Friday 2nd February Bobby Mair The Leadmill
2018-02-04Sunday 4th February Kaia Kater The Greystones Tickets
2018-02-05Monday 5th February Highly Suspect The Leadmill Tickets
2018-02-09Friday 9th February Ac/dc Uk Plug Tickets
2018-02-10Saturday 10th February Green Haze Plug Tickets
2018-02-12Monday 12th February Henry Rollins Sheffield University Tickets
2018-02-13Tuesday 13th February Schubert In Sheffield III Sheffield University Tickets
2018-02-16Friday 16th February Pama International Plug Tickets
2018-02-17Saturday 17th February The Bon Jovi Experience Plug Tickets
2018-02-23Friday 23rd February London Calling Plug Tickets
2018-02-23 Purple Rain Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-02-25Sunday 25th February The Music Man Sheffield University Tickets
2018-02-28Wednesday 28th February Chouk Bwa Lib Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-02Friday 2nd March Outlines Festival 2018 Various Sheffield Venues
2018-03-03Saturday 3rd March Guns Or Roses Corporation
2018-03-03 Bach St Matthew Passion Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-03-03 Guns 2 Roses Sheffield University
2018-03-06Tuesday 6th March Bruno Heinen Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-07Wednesday 7th March Heaven On Earth Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-03-08Thursday 8th March Heaven On Earth Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-03-08 Signed Sealed Delivered Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-09Friday 9th March Skid Row Corporation Tickets
2018-03-09 Heaven On Earth Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-03-10Saturday 10th March The Britpop Reboot 2018 Plug Tickets
2018-03-10 Heaven On Earth Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-03-10 Debussy And His Muse Upper Chapel Tickets
2018-03-11Sunday 11th March Ravel And Vaughan Williams Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-13Tuesday 13th March University Of Sheffield Chamber Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-17Saturday 17th March Paul Carrack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-18Sunday 18th March David Baddiel My Family: Not The Sitcom Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-18 International Impressions Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-20Tuesday 20th March Ruhaani Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-23Friday 23rd March Nearly Noel Gallaghers High Flyin' Birdz O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-23 Daliso Chaponda The Leadmill
2018-03-24Saturday 24th March Rum Festival Plug
2018-03-25Sunday 25th March Peter Cropper Alumni Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-31Saturday 31st March Ultimate Bowie Plug Tickets
2018-04-07Saturday 7th April The Antarctic Monkeys Plug
2018-04-14Saturday 14th April Hrh Blues Festival 2018 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-14 Novana - In Utero 25th Anniversary Tour Plug Tickets
2018-04-15Sunday 15th April HRH Blues O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-19Thursday 19th April Toko Telo Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-20Friday 20th April Uk Subs Plug Tickets
2018-04-20 Sound Junction Intersection II Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-21Saturday 21st April Heather Small Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-21 Lewis Hamilton Band The Milestone, Crystal Peaks
2018-04-23Monday 23rd April New Music Ensemble Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-24Tuesday 24th April Ligeti Quartet Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-25Wednesday 25th April Intended Inventions Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-26Thursday 26th April Barry Steele As Roy Orbison Sheffield City Hall
2018-04-26 Ligeti Quartet Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-27Friday 27th April Crippled Symmetry Upper Chapel Tickets
2018-04-28Saturday 28th April Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2018-05-01Tuesday 1st May University Of Sheffield Chamber Choir Sheffield University Tickets
2018-05-02Wednesday 2nd May Highly Suspect The Leadmill
2018-05-04Friday 4th May Uk Subs Plug Tickets
2018-05-04 Ranagri The Princess Royal
2018-05-05Saturday 5th May The Music Makers Sheffield University Tickets
2018-05-08Tuesday 8th May Peter Hill Sheffield University Tickets
2018-05-26Saturday 26th May Los Pacaminos The Greystones
2018-05-29Tuesday 29th May Hot Brass Band O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-06-02Saturday 2nd June Sister Act Live Choir Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-06-07Thursday 7th June Cassia Plug Tickets
2018-06-09Saturday 9th June England At War & At Peace St Mark's Church Tickets
2018-06-19Tuesday 19th June Katy Perry Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-07-20Friday 20th July Tramlines 2018 Various Sheffield Venues