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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2018-02-19Monday 19th February The Xcerts Plug Tickets
2018-02-19 Open Mic Night The Greystones
2018-02-19 Towhead West Street Live
2018-02-20Tuesday 20th February Queer Stories DINA
2018-02-20 Dappy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-02-20 George Fitzgerald Sheffield University
2018-02-20 Red Butler Band The Greystones Tickets
2018-02-20 April33 West Street Live
2018-02-21Wednesday 21st February Gareth Dunlop Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-02-21 Avalanche Party Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-02-21 Kings Of The South Seas The Greystones Tickets
2018-02-21 Heavy Lids The Washington
2018-02-21 The Sheratons West Street Live
2018-02-22Thursday 22nd February Bungalows Jazz Night Bungalows And Bears
2018-02-22 Jemima Foxtrot & Suzannah Evans DINA
2018-02-22 Judie Tzuke The Greystones Tickets
2018-02-22 The Flavells West Street Live
2018-02-23Friday 23rd February The Lost Days Beg, Borrow & Steal
2018-02-23 I Set The Sea On Fire Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-02-23 Freedom Call Corporation Tickets
2018-02-23 Jump Monk Quintet Crookes Social Club
2018-02-23 Treebeard Cross Scythes
2018-02-23 Paris Is Burning Screenings Plus Shorts , Bingo And Music ! DINA
2018-02-23 Hundred Year Old Man Mulberry Tavern
2018-02-23 Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-02-23 London Calling Plug Tickets
2018-02-23 Purple Rain Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-02-23 The Willows The Greystones Tickets
2018-02-23 Graham Fellows The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2018-02-23 Greensleeper The Royal Standard
2018-02-23 Idle Ross The Washington
2018-02-23 Ivfdf 2018 Various Sheffield Venues
2018-02-23 Julian Jones Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2018-02-24Saturday 24th February Rgm Cafe Totem
2018-02-24 Little Caesar Corporation Tickets
2018-02-24 Roman Fl Hope Works
2018-02-24 Space O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-02-24 Pentatonic Presents Record Junkee Tickets
2018-02-24 Steamchicken Sheffield University
2018-02-24 Thee Mightees The Audacious Space
2018-02-24 Cobalt The Greystones Tickets
2018-02-24 Crazy P The Harley
2018-02-24 Graham Fellows The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2018-02-24 Sheffield Vs Manchester Special! The Leadmill
2018-02-24 Bigtee Presents The Royal Standard
2018-02-25Sunday 25th February Dislocator At Metal 2 The Masses Mulberry Tavern
2018-02-25 Family Rave 2018 Plug
2018-02-25 The Music Man Sheffield University Tickets
2018-02-25 Curved Air The Greystones Tickets
2018-02-25 Isolate West Street Live
2018-02-26Monday 26th February Tyni West Street Live
2018-02-27Tuesday 27th February Darkzy Sheffield University
2018-02-27 Overdrive The Washington Tickets
2018-02-27 J-wayy West Street Live
2018-02-28Wednesday 28th February Dan Deed & Danny Vaughn Corporation
2018-02-28 Traitors Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2018-02-28 Chouk Bwa Lib Sheffield University Tickets
2018-02-28 The Grahams The Greystones Tickets
2018-02-28 Stephen Bailey: Cant Think Straight The Leadmill
2018-02-28 Lyerr West Street Live
2018-03-01Thursday 1st March Sona Sounds DINA
2018-03-01 Catholic Action Record Junkee Tickets
2018-03-01 Sheffield Screening Regather Works
2018-03-01 Music For Youth School's Festival Sheffield University
2018-03-01 Collusion X S/b: Bontan The Leadmill
2018-03-01 Fossette The Washington
2018-03-01 Dvorak Symphony No. 8 Victoria Hall Methodist Church
2018-03-01 Ciircus Street West Street Live
2018-03-02Friday 2nd March Metropolis Beg, Borrow & Steal
2018-03-02 The Sky Moguls Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-03-02 Butcher Babies Corporation Tickets
2018-03-02 Livity Sound X Timedance With Pev, Kowton, Batu, Minor Science Hope Works
2018-03-02 King Hammond Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2018-03-02 Sleeper O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-02 Sean Nicholas Savage Picture House Social Tickets
2018-03-02 Bob Log Iii Plug Tickets
2018-03-02 Fast Car To Florence Record Junkee
2018-03-02 Rhys Chatham's Guitar Trio Played By Hearing Things Regather Works
2018-03-02 The X Factor Live Tour 2018 Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-03-02 Yorkshire Modulos Spring Concert Sheffield University
2018-03-02 Taae: Howie Reeve, C. Joynes, James Ewan Tait, Eternal Broadcast The Audacious Space
2018-03-02 Paul Draper The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-02 Steam Chicken The Shakespeare Tickets
2018-03-02 Mathew J Hall S The Washington
2018-03-02 Outlines Festival 2018 Various Sheffield Venues
2018-03-02 The Hempolics Yellow Arch Studios
2018-03-03Saturday 3rd March Sun & The Rain Men Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-03-03 The Warriors Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2018-03-03 Dreadzone Plug Tickets
2018-03-03 Bach St Matthew Passion Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-03-03 Guns 2 Roses Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-03 The Amelia Carter Band The Crown, Totley
2018-03-03 Stick In The Wheel The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-03 Seb Zito The Harley
2018-03-03 Arcane Roots The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-03 Treebeard- Morrigan's Fire The Red Deer
2018-03-03 Tchaikovsky's Serenade For Strings Victoria Hall Methodist Church
2018-03-04Sunday 4th March Stone Broken Corporation Tickets
2018-03-04 Jess Robinson Sheffield City Hall
2018-03-04 Son Of Town Hall The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-04 Filth X Collins West Street Live
2018-03-05Monday 5th March The Temperance Movement O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-05 Simon Evans The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-05 Deadblondestars West Street Live
2018-03-06Tuesday 6th March Bruno Heinen Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-06 Crimson Tide West Street Live
2018-03-07Wednesday 7th March Faux Pas Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-03-07 Venus's Mirror DINA
2018-03-07 Coven Library Theatre Tickets
2018-03-07 Beth Nielsen Chapman Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-07 Lisa O'neill The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-07 Heel Turn (uk) West Street Live
2018-03-08Thursday 8th March China Lane Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-03-08 The Wailers O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-08 Best Of Shaff 2018 Regather Works
2018-03-08 Signed Sealed Delivered Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-08 Edgelarks The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-08 Tom Binns Is Ian D Montford And Ivan Brackenbury The Leadmill
2018-03-08 College Radio Pres: Tom Lumley The Washington
2018-03-08 Women Of The Seven Hills Yellow Arch Studios
2018-03-09Friday 9th March Skid Row Corporation Tickets
2018-03-09 Rob Luft Crookes Social Club
2018-03-09 Music In The Round 2018 Spring Season -of La Belle Époque. Crucible Studio
2018-03-09 Helena Hauff, Errorsmith More Hope Works
2018-03-09 Fie! Maida Vale
2018-03-09 The Garderobes New Barrack Tavern
2018-03-09 The Wombats O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-09 The Amy Winehouse Experience O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-03-09 The Altered Hours With Zozo And Sun Sin Sun Picture House Social
2018-03-09 The Lamplight Club - Samuel Taylor Album Release Show Regather Works
2018-03-09 The Altered Hours The Audacious Space
2018-03-09 Slim Chance The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-09 Technimatic The Harley
2018-03-09 Turin Brakes The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-09 Swingeasy Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2018-03-10Saturday 10th March Oh Papa Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-03-10 La Belle Époque Crucible Studio
2018-03-10 Pinked Floyd Library Theatre
2018-03-10 The Reytons O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-10 The Britpop Reboot 2018 Plug Tickets
2018-03-10 Haydn Nelson Mass Etc Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-03-10 Liines The Audacious Space
2018-03-10 Sean Taylor The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-10 Sheafs The Harley Tickets
2018-03-10 2-tone Tribute Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-10 Paisley Sundae The Royal Standard
2018-03-10 Mik Artistik's Ego Trip The Shakespeare Tickets
2018-03-10 Debussy And His Muse Upper Chapel Tickets
2018-03-10 Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2018-03-10 Vuromantics Yellow Arch Studios
2018-03-11Sunday 11th March The Goat Roper Rodeo Band Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-03-11 Catrin Finch Crucible Studio
2018-03-11 Ravel And Vaughan Williams Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-11 Martin Carthy The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-11 Tangerinecat The Royal Standard
2018-03-11 Climb The Attic West Street Live
2018-03-12Monday 12th March Black Surf West Street Live
2018-03-13Tuesday 13th March Empathy Test Cafe Totem
2018-03-13 University Of Sheffield Chamber Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-13 Jason Ringenberg The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-13 Lupa West Street Live
2018-03-14Wednesday 14th March The Radioactive 5 O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-03-14 Yes Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-14 Wwi Singing Project Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-14 Buffalo Skinners The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-14 Samantha Baines The Leadmill
2018-03-14 Sheffield Beer Week - Dark Vs Light The Shakespeare
2018-03-14 Samoaja And Mike West West Street Live
2018-03-15Thursday 15th March House Party - Cafe Totem Cafe Totem
2018-03-15 Bugeye Frog & Parrot
2018-03-15 The Jerseys - Oh What A Nite! Library Theatre Tickets
2018-03-15 Dirty Flowers Maida Vale
2018-03-15 Damien Dempsey Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-15 King No-one The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-15 Angel Forrest The Local Authority
2018-03-15 The Bright Black The Washington
2018-03-15 The Daily Grind Blues & Soul Revue At Yellow Arch Feat. Gina Walters, Manny Grimsley & Grey Cooper Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2018-03-16Friday 16th March Sumo Cyco Corporation Tickets
2018-03-16 Yazz Ahmed Crookes Social Club
2018-03-16 Madam X DINA
2018-03-16 Download Social Sheffield Dove and Rainbow
2018-03-16 Mason Maynard Plug Tickets
2018-03-16 Lamplight Club - Sam Moss Regather Works
2018-03-16 Submotion Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-16 Rod Picott The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-16 Ozdust The Lantern Theatre
2018-03-16 Tony Law - Absudity For The Common People The Leadmill
2018-03-16 Pearson Sound Yellow Arch Studios
2018-03-17Saturday 17th March Monico Blonde At Caf Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-03-17 Scorch The Sky Tour Corporation Tickets
2018-03-17 Barang! DINA
2018-03-17 We Don't Sell Draft Guinness (only Guinness Surger) Dove and Rainbow
2018-03-17 Mc Devvo Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2018-03-17 The Wombats O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-03-17 Culture Shock Plug Tickets
2018-03-17 The Harringtons Record Junkee Tickets
2018-03-17 Tom Williams Regather Works Tickets
2018-03-17 Vivaldi Concertos By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-03-17 Paul Carrack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-17 Machine Messiah Tour Feat. Sepultura, Obscura Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-17 Bearfoot Beware The Audacious Space
2018-03-17 M&j Blues The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-17 Ozdust The Lantern Theatre
2018-03-17 The Sss - Final Farewell The Leadmill
2018-03-17 Cloudwater The Shakespeare
2018-03-17 Hanzo The Washington
2018-03-18Sunday 18th March The Handsome Family Plug Tickets
2018-03-18 International Impressions Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-18 Southern Tenant Folk Union The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-18 Ozdust The Lantern Theatre
2018-03-18 Hypnosister West Street Live
2018-03-19Monday 19th March March Maddness The Viper Rooms Tickets
2018-03-20Tuesday 20th March Sam Smith Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-03-20 Ruhaani Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-20 Dan Patlansky The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-21Wednesday 21st March Elliot Galvin Lescar Hotel
2018-03-21 Gary Numan Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-21 Harriet The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-22Thursday 22nd March Blancmange O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-22 Casey Picture House Social
2018-03-22 Three Acres And A Cow Regather Works
2018-03-22 Paul Young Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-22 Wille And The Bandits The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-22 Regan Official West Street Live
2018-03-22 Cycles Of Trio Yellow Arch Studios
2018-03-23Friday 23rd March Nikki Iles Quintet Crookes Social Club
2018-03-23 17 Steps Tour Ft Dusky, Paul Woolford, Bwana, Lo Shea Hope Works
2018-03-23 Nearly Noel Gallaghers High Flyin' Birdz O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-23 Caroline Francess & The Lights Plug Tickets
2018-03-23 The Family / The King Is Dead Record Junkee Tickets
2018-03-23 Gecko Regather Works
2018-03-23 Field Music Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-23 Eliza & The Bear The Harley Tickets
2018-03-23 Daliso Chaponda The Leadmill
2018-03-23 Reverend And The Makers Upper Chapel Tickets
2018-03-23 The Turbans Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2018-03-24Saturday 24th March Giant Rooks Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-03-24 Skam Corporation Tickets
2018-03-24 The Clone Roses O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-24 Rum Festival Plug
2018-03-24 Dert 2018 Showcase Sheffield Cathedral
2018-03-24 Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-03-24 David Rodigan Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-24 Siobhan Miller The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-24 Rockett 88 The Harlequin
2018-03-24 The Wholls The Harley Tickets
2018-03-24 Dave Bainbridge The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2018-03-24 The Mourning After The Shakespeare Tickets
2018-03-24 Highway Child Yellow Arch Studios
2018-03-25Sunday 25th March Amplifier O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-25 Hookworms Picture House Social Tickets
2018-03-25 Peter Cropper Alumni Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2018-03-25 Seas Of Mirth The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-25 Tom Grennan The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-26Monday 26th March Dinosaur Jr At Plug | Sheffield Plug Tickets
2018-03-26 Cellar Door Moon Crow West Street Live
2018-03-27Tuesday 27th March Alex Lahey Record Junkee Tickets
2018-03-27 Ocean Sunset View West Street Live
2018-03-28Wednesday 28th March Early Years Music Training Day Crucible Studio Tickets
2018-03-28 Percy West Street Live
2018-03-29Thursday 29th March Jack Harris Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-03-29 Pink Flolk The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-29 Joe Goddard The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-29 Northern Yanks The Washington
2018-03-29 Sisterhood At Yellow Arch, Sheffield Yellow Arch Studios
2018-03-30Friday 30th March Treebeard Cross Scythes
2018-03-30 Folklaw The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-30 Blackwaters The Leadmill Tickets
2018-03-31Saturday 31st March Come Dine With Paulina Broomhall Centre
2018-03-31 Mollyanna Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-03-31 Doyle Corporation Tickets
2018-03-31 Jackson Caged O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-03-31 Wulfman Fury Picture House Social Tickets
2018-03-31 Ultimate Bowie Plug Tickets
2018-03-31 Broken Witt Rebels Record Junkee Tickets
2018-03-31 The Secret Sisters The Greystones Tickets
2018-03-31 Deadset Dream The Local Authority
2018-03-31 Vamp The White Lion
2018-03-31 The Amelia Carter Band Three Cranes
2018-03-31 Benny Page Meets Parly B Yellow Arch Studios
2018-04-01Sunday 1st April Party Your Differences Hagglers Corner Tickets
2018-04-01 Lush Clubbingg - Bank Holiday Extravaganza Plug
2018-04-01 Bez The Leadmill
2018-04-01 Yellow Arch Big Band Easter Dance Yellow Arch Studios
2018-04-02Monday 2nd April Grok Enrol & The Nu-thing / Straight For The Sun / Switchbladecity / Shonin West Street Live
2018-04-04Wednesday 4th April Brooke Sharkey The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-04 Lucie Barât The Washington
2018-04-05Thursday 5th April The Washboard Resonators Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-04-05 The Virginmarys Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-05 Of Allies And Kill The Ideal Mulberry Tavern
2018-04-05 Showhawk Duo Plug Tickets
2018-04-05 The Little Unsaid The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-05 Dane Baptiste The Leadmill
2018-04-06Friday 6th April Calva Louise Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-06 The Smyths O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-06 Philippa Hanna Plug Tickets
2018-04-06 This Feeling Record Junkee Tickets
2018-04-06 Evanescence Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-04-06 The Kill Southey Social Club
2018-04-06 Nick Harper The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-07Saturday 7th April Kit Trigg Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-07 The Hara Corporation
2018-04-07 Swill Odgers & Bobby Valentino Heeley Institute Tickets
2018-04-07 3 Generations Of Ska O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-07 Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts Plug Tickets
2018-04-07 Girli Record Junkee Tickets
2018-04-07 City Of Sheffield Youth Orchestra Spring Concert 2018 Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-04-07 Bad Manners Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-04-07 Isis Moray Tape Launch Party With Exceedingly Special Guests The Audacious Space
2018-04-07 John Otway The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-07 Madonnatron With Mysteron And Kyogen The Washington
2018-04-08Sunday 8th April The Gallery Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-08 Grumpy Old Women Sheffield City Hall
2018-04-08 The Producers The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-09Monday 9th April Blair Dunlop The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-09 Shame The Leadmill Tickets
2018-04-09 Draws Creature Mask / Mathletics / Esperi West Street Live
2018-04-10Tuesday 10th April The Rheingans Sisters The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-10 Little Comets The Leadmill Tickets
2018-04-10 The Rocket Dolls West Street Live
2018-04-11Wednesday 11th April Bruno Merz Plays Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-04-11 Shadowlark Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-11 Declan O'rourke The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-11 Nerina Pallot The Leadmill Tickets
2018-04-11 Concerteenies Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2018-04-12Thursday 12th April Bruno Merz Plays Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-04-12 Dirty Sanchez O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-04-12 Calan The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-13Friday 13th April Queen Zee Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-13 Embodied Hope Quartet Crookes Social Club
2018-04-13 The Vaccines O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-13 Kim Wilde Plug Tickets
2018-04-13 James Elkington Regather Works
2018-04-13 Newberry & Verch The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-13 Aston Merrygold The Leadmill Tickets
2018-04-14Saturday 14th April Kashmere Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-14 The Quireboys Corporation Tickets
2018-04-14 A Drum Roll For Dee DINA Tickets
2018-04-14 Black Toad New Barrack Tavern
2018-04-14 Hrh Blues Festival 2018 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-14 Goat Girl Picture House Social Tickets
2018-04-14 Novana Plug Tickets
2018-04-14 The Vamps Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-04-14 Bastille Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-04-14 Emily Maguire The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-14 Codeine Seminar Plus Liberty Ship, Henderson & Blue Elephant The Leadmill
2018-04-15Sunday 15th April Alain's Tonejuice Crookes Social Club
2018-04-15 HRH Blues O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-15 Gregory Porter Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-04-15 Martin Turner The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-16Monday 16th April Girl Ray The Leadmill Tickets
2018-04-16 Coasst West Street Live Tickets
2018-04-17Tuesday 17th April Public Service Broadcasting O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-17 Dirtbag Regather Works
2018-04-17 Mary Coughlan The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-17 Isaac Gracie The Leadmill Tickets
2018-04-18Wednesday 18th April Talisk The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-19Thursday 19th April Bryde Cafe Totem
2018-04-19 Planet Of Zeus Corporation Tickets
2018-04-19 Topette!! French Style Bal / Concert Heeley Institute Tickets
2018-04-19 French Horn Rebellion Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2018-04-19 We Gotta Get Theroux This Plug
2018-04-19 Toko Telo Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-19 The Lowest Pair The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-20Friday 20th April Martin Speake Crookes Social Club
2018-04-20 Love International Warmup Ft Craig Richards B2b Midland, Willow, Lo Shea, Dave Harvey More Hope Works
2018-04-20 Wayward Sons O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-20 Her's Picture House Social Tickets
2018-04-20 The Guns N' Roses Experience Plug Tickets
2018-04-20 Sound Junction Intersection II Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-20 Ian Prowse & Amsterdam The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-20 Percy The Royal Standard
2018-04-21Saturday 21st April Guns Or Roses Corporation
2018-04-21 Children Of Zeus O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-21 The Antarctic Monkeys Plug Tickets
2018-04-21 Elgar & Puccini Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-04-21 Heather Small Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-21 Paul Lamb And The Kingsnakes The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-21 Lewis Hamilton Band The Milestone, Crystal Peaks
2018-04-22Sunday 22nd April Eric Bibb Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-04-22 Basic Bitches The Audacious Space
2018-04-22 Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-22 Battle Of The Bands The Royal Standard
2018-04-23Monday 23rd April New Music Ensemble Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-23 The Yawpers The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-24Tuesday 24th April Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. Sheffield O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-24 Ligeti Quartet Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-24 Lilly Hiatt The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-24 Tom Allen - Absolutely | Rescheduled Date The Leadmill
2018-04-25Wednesday 25th April Shonen Knife Plug Tickets
2018-04-25 Intended Inventions Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-25 Fallen Idol West Street Live
2018-04-26Thursday 26th April Polo Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-26 Swedish Death Candy Picture House Social Tickets
2018-04-26 Barry Steele As Roy Orbison Sheffield City Hall
2018-04-26 Ligeti Quartet Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-26 Ian Siegal Band The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-26 Delirium The Washington
2018-04-26 Madilan / Mtnbywhd / Kavus Torabi West Street Live
2018-04-27Friday 27th April Weapon Uk Corporation Tickets
2018-04-27 Vein Trio Crookes Social Club
2018-04-27 Nick Heyward O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-27 Jesus Jones Plug Tickets
2018-04-27 Chairman of The Board Plug
2018-04-27 Michael Chapman The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-27 One Man Show Vol. 4 The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2018-04-27 The Shrives At The Rs Bar The Royal Standard
2018-04-27 Crippled Symmetry Upper Chapel Tickets
2018-04-27 The Dead South Yellow Arch Studios
2018-04-28Saturday 28th April Rgm Cafe Totem
2018-04-28 Elevation Avenue Maida Vale
2018-04-28 The Style Councillors O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-04-28 Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi Picture House Social Tickets
2018-04-28 The Silver Darlings Regather Works
2018-04-28 The Hollies Sheffield City Hall
2018-04-28 Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2018-04-28 The Drystones The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-28 Trampolene The Harley Tickets
2018-04-28 Judy Dyble And The Band Of Perfect Strangers The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2018-04-29Sunday 29th April Katie Von Schleicher Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-04-29 Rob Heron And The Tea Pad Orchestra The Greystones Tickets
2018-04-30Monday 30th April Josh Rouse Plug Tickets
2018-05-01Tuesday 1st May Mc Lars Corporation Tickets
2018-05-01 University Of Sheffield Chamber Choir Sheffield University Tickets
2018-05-01 The Lake Poets The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-01 Gaga The Leadmill
2018-05-02Wednesday 2nd May Shane Filan Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-05-02 Holy Moly And The Crackers The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-02 Highly Suspect The Leadmill
2018-05-03Thursday 3rd May Terrorvision Plug Tickets
2018-05-03 Whitney Rose The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-03 Pale Waves Plus Our Girl & Bloxx The Leadmill
2018-05-04Friday 4th May Boy Azooga Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-05-04 Roy Orbison And The Traveling Wilburys Tribute O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-05-04 Uk Subs Plug Tickets
2018-05-04 Dare Sheffield University Tickets
2018-05-04 Dane Baptiste The Leadmill Tickets
2018-05-04 Ranagri The Princess Royal
2018-05-05Saturday 5th May The Music Makers Sheffield University Tickets
2018-05-05 John Hackett Band The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-05 Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2018-05-06Sunday 6th May The Carnival Of Light Sheffield - 50% Sold Out O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-05-06 Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club Plug Tickets
2018-05-06 Sarah Munro The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-06 Steven Adams & The French Drops The Shakespeare Tickets
2018-05-08Tuesday 8th May Peter Hill Sheffield University Tickets
2018-05-08 Birds Of Chicago The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-08 Chk Chk Chk The Leadmill Tickets
2018-05-09Wednesday 9th May Vula Viel Lescar Hotel
2018-05-09 Vundabar Picture House Social
2018-05-09 Greg Russell The Greystones
2018-05-09 Peace The Leadmill Tickets
2018-05-10Thursday 10th May Ma Polaine's Great Decline Cafe #9
2018-05-10 Coco & The Butterfields Plus Guests. Sheffield O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-05-10 Bully Picture House Social Tickets
2018-05-10 John Wheeler The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-10 Sweaty Palms The Washington
2018-05-11Friday 11th May Geoff Simkins Crookes Social Club
2018-05-11 The Bluetones Plug Tickets
2018-05-11 Ray Lamontagne Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-05-11 Gilmore And Roberts The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-11 Rockett 88 The Harlequin
2018-05-12Saturday 12th May Doomsday Outlaw Corporation
2018-05-12 Attila The Stockbroker & Barnstormer Cross Scythes Tickets
2018-05-12 Vivacity Choir Crucible Studio
2018-05-12 Floyd In The Flesh Lomas Hall
2018-05-12 Breast Cancer Research 18th Annual Fancy Dress Ball O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-05-12 Ezio The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-12 Mary Gauthier The HUBS Tickets
2018-05-12 Beans On Toast The Leadmill Tickets
2018-05-13Sunday 13th May We Are Scientists O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-05-13 Keith James Celebrating The Songs Of Nick Drake The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-13 Darlingside The HUBS Tickets
2018-05-14Monday 14th May Lower Than Atlantis Plug Tickets
2018-05-15Tuesday 15th May We Are Scientists O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-05-15 Pinkshinyultrablast Plug Tickets
2018-05-15 Eli West The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-16Wednesday 16th May Robin Ince - Pragmatic Insanity The Leadmill
2018-05-17Thursday 17th May Ist Ist Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-05-17 Emma Stevens The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-18Friday 18th May Twisted Wheel Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-05-18 Alex Hitchcock Crookes Social Club
2018-05-18 S Club With 5ive Plug
2018-05-18 Hannah Sanders And Ben Savage The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-18 Ejeca The Harley
2018-05-18 Silverchild, Stormrider, Secrets Of Mariana, The Royal Standard
2018-05-19Saturday 19th May Aquarelle Guitar Quartet Crucible Studio
2018-05-19 The Jam'd Endcliffe Park
2018-05-19 Uk Foo Fighters O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-05-19 Babybird Plug Tickets
2018-05-19 Romantic Cello By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-05-19 We Are Not Devo The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-20Sunday 20th May Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave Plug
2018-05-20 The Shires Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-05-20 Blackbeards Tea Party The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-21Monday 21st May Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Plug Tickets
2018-05-22Tuesday 22nd May Alexander Armstrong Sheffield City Hall
2018-05-23Wednesday 23rd May Dan Walsh Trio The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-24Thursday 24th May Bonafide Corporation Tickets
2018-05-24 Cosmo Sheldrake Plug Tickets
2018-05-24 The Small Glories The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-24 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster/kylver/archelon/bleeding Tooth West Street Live
2018-05-25Friday 25th May Robyn Hitchcock The HUBS Tickets
2018-05-25 Nathan Caton The Leadmill
2018-05-26Saturday 26th May 999 Corporation Tickets
2018-05-26 Psychedelic Funhouse Plug Tickets
2018-05-26 Los Pacaminos The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-27Sunday 27th May The Hunna At Plug | Sheffield Plug
2018-05-27 Jill Jackson The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-29Tuesday 29th May Hallouminati The Greystones
2018-05-30Wednesday 30th May Curse Of Lono The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-31Thursday 31st May Sean Mcgowan Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-05-31 Scott Matthews The Greystones Tickets
2018-05-31 Dog (uk) The Royal Standard
2018-06-01Friday 1st June Hardline Corporation Tickets
2018-06-01 Stuart Goldsmith Lescar Hotel
2018-06-01 Sneakin Stupidity New Barrack Tavern
2018-06-01 The Lovely Eggs Picture House Social Tickets
2018-06-01 Richard Dilks & The Revelators The Green Room
2018-06-01 Lowdrive The Royal Standard
2018-06-02Saturday 2nd June Mosfest 2018 Don Valley Stadium
2018-06-02 Where Love Lives O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-06-02 Charles Watson Picture House Social Tickets
2018-06-02 Tom Clarke Plug Tickets
2018-06-02 Sister Act Live Choir Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-06-02 The Amelia Carter Band The Crown, Totley
2018-06-02 Edwina Hayes & The Mile Roses The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-02 Laura Veirs The HUBS Tickets
2018-06-03Sunday 3rd June Tequila Mockingbyrd Corporation Tickets
2018-06-03 The Beat Starring Dave Wakeling O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-06-03 Charles Watson Picture House Social
2018-06-03 Glenn Miller's Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-06-03 Heidi Talbot And John Mccusker The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-04Monday 4th June Gary Barlow Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-06-04 Gaga 06.04.18 The Leadmill
2018-06-05Tuesday 5th June Gary Barlow Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-06-07Thursday 7th June Limehouse Lizzy The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-08Friday 8th June Ppp / Sabella Joint Headline Show Cafe Totem
2018-06-08 Nick Heyward O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-06-08 !!! The Leadmill
2018-06-09Saturday 9th June England At War & At Peace St Mark's Church Tickets
2018-06-10Sunday 10th June Chapter 71: F.e.e.l.i.n.g.c.a.l.l.e.d.p.r.o.g.r.e.s.s O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-06-10 Woody Mann The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-16Saturday 16th June Zeitgeist Zero Corporation Tickets
2018-06-16 The George Michael Legacy Plug Tickets
2018-06-16 Tom Brooksby The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-16 Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2018-06-17Sunday 17th June James Maddock The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-17 Belly The Leadmill Tickets
2018-06-18Monday 18th June Neal Morse Band Sheffield City Hall
2018-06-19Tuesday 19th June Katy Perry Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-06-20Wednesday 20th June Captain Of The Lost Waves The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-21Thursday 21st June The East Pointers The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-22Friday 22nd June Trucker Diablo Corporation Tickets
2018-06-22 Kiki Dee And Carmelo Lugeri The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-23Saturday 23rd June Definitely Oasis Plug Tickets
2018-06-23 Haze 40th Anniversary Show The Greystones
2018-06-26Tuesday 26th June Levy West Street Live
2018-06-27Wednesday 27th June Pist.on O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-06-27 Kevin & Karen Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-06-29Friday 29th June Hallouminati The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-30Saturday 30th June Sneakin Stupidity The Milestone, Crystal Peaks
2018-07-02Monday 2nd July Jorja Smith The Leadmill
2018-07-07Saturday 7th July Metropolis The White Lion
2018-07-11Wednesday 11th July Dean Friedman The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2018-07-12Thursday 12th July Gary Delaney The Leadmill
2018-07-13Friday 13th July Stormbringer The Royal Standard
2018-07-14Saturday 14th July Crazy Cat Fest At Plug | Sheffield Plug
2018-07-18Wednesday 18th July Dinosaur (uk) Lescar Hotel
2018-07-20Friday 20th July Tramlines 2018 Various Sheffield Venues Tickets
2018-07-21Saturday 21st July Tramlines Festival Fringe Stage 2018 Beg, Borrow & Steal
2018-07-21 Conflict Corporation Tickets
2018-07-21 Motel California Southey Social Club
2018-07-21 Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2018-07-22Sunday 22nd July Richard Dilks & The Revelators Beg, Borrow & Steal
2018-07-22 Big City Blues Band The Fat Cat
2018-07-27Friday 27th July Lilith And The Knight, Obsidian, The Royal Standard
2018-08-01Wednesday 1st August Rob Luft Lescar Hotel
2018-08-02Thursday 2nd August Reginald D Hunter The Leadmill
2018-08-03Friday 3rd August Tom Binns Is Ian D Montford And Ivan Brackenbury The Leadmill
2018-08-03 Nasty High The Royal Standard
2018-08-05Sunday 5th August !!! The Leadmill
2018-08-11Saturday 11th August Oas-is The Leadmill
2018-08-17Friday 17th August Hacienda Classical Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2018-08-17 Hacienda Classical The Leadmill
2018-08-18Saturday 18th August Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2018-08-25Saturday 25th August Motel California Lomas Hall
2018-09-01Saturday 1st September Hard Rock Hell 2018 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-01 The Bearcats : Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers : Ryan Farmer The Greystones
2018-09-01 The Amelia Carter Band Three Cranes
2018-09-02Sunday 2nd September The Black Bullets O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-02 British Sea Power The Leadmill
2018-09-02 Henry Parker The White Lion
2018-09-03Monday 3rd September Turin Brakes The Leadmill
2018-09-04Tuesday 4th September Shame The Leadmill
2018-09-06Thursday 6th September Alexandra Burke Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-09-08Saturday 8th September Hrh Crows 2018 O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-09-09Sunday 9th September Gorilla Riot O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-09-13Thursday 13th September Jurassic Park Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-09-14Friday 14th September Rachel Parris The Leadmill
2018-09-15Saturday 15th September Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2018-09-22Saturday 22nd September The Amelia Carter Band The Crown, Totley
2018-09-24Monday 24th September Tanyalee Davis The Leadmill Tickets
2018-09-29Saturday 29th September The Amelia Carter Band New Barrack Tavern
2018-09-29 Hrh Doom Vs Stoner 2018 O2 Academy Sheffield
2018-10-02Tuesday 2nd October The Total Stone Roses The Leadmill
2018-10-03Wednesday 3rd October Two Tone Tribute Tour The Leadmill
2018-10-04Thursday 4th October Little Comets The Leadmill
2018-10-06Saturday 6th October Aonia Corporation
2018-10-11Thursday 11th October Elvana O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-12Friday 12th October DC Blues New Barrack Tavern
2018-10-12 The Daniel Wakeford Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-12 3 Daft Monkeys The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-13Saturday 13th October Guns 2 Roses O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-13 The Fates Royal Hotel
2018-10-13 The Amelia Carter Band The Milestone, Crystal Peaks
2018-10-20Saturday 20th October Evil Scarecrow Plug Tickets
2018-10-20 Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2018-10-25Thursday 25th October The Sixteen Sheffield Cathedral
2018-10-26Friday 26th October Maximum Rhythm 'n' Blues Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-10-27Saturday 27th October Lord Huron Plug Tickets
2018-10-27 The Dualers The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-28Sunday 28th October From The Jam 'all Mod Cons' 40th Anniversary Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-31Wednesday 31st October Michael Bolton Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-02Friday 2nd November Marmozets The Leadmill
2018-11-04Sunday 4th November Caro Emerald Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-04 Nerina Pallot The Leadmill
2018-11-08Thursday 8th November Oas-is The Leadmill
2018-11-09Friday 9th November Pearl Jam Uk O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-17Saturday 17th November Antarctic Monkeys O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-17 Rockett 88 The Harlequin
2018-11-17 Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2018-11-18Sunday 18th November Shame The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-23Friday 23rd November The Southmartins O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-23 A Band Called Malice Plug Tickets
2018-11-24Saturday 24th November The Doors Alive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-24 David O'doherty: You Have To Laugh The Leadmill
2018-11-25Sunday 25th November Jools Holland & His Rythm And Blues Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-29Thursday 29th November Fastlove Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-30Friday 30th November Dale Storr The Greystones
2018-12-01Saturday 1st December Old Corpse Road With Waylander, Turisas, Isarnos, And 2 More... O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-01 The Sensational 60s Experience Sheffield City Hall
2018-12-01 The Amelia Carter Band The Crown, Totley
2018-12-01 Gaga The Leadmill
2018-12-02Sunday 2nd December Gymir With Finsterforst, Haerken, Svartsot, And 7 More... O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-05Wednesday 5th December Beans On Toast Matinee The Leadmill
2018-12-06Thursday 6th December Dan Baird And Homemade Sin The Greystones Tickets
2018-12-07Friday 7th December The Amelia Carter Band New Barrack Tavern
2018-12-07 The Human League Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-12-07 Gary Delaney - Gagster's Paradise The Leadmill
2018-12-09Sunday 9th December Viennese Christmas By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-12-11Tuesday 11th December Deacon Blue Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-12-12Wednesday 12th December Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-12-13Thursday 13th December Bad Manners Christmas 2018 Tour Plug Tickets
2018-12-14Friday 14th December Def Leppard Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-12-14 The Australian Pink Floyd Show Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-12-14 Rockett 88 The Harlequin
2018-12-15Saturday 15th December Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-20Thursday 20th December Barbara Nice's Christmas Cracker The Leadmill
2018-12-22Saturday 22nd December Elevation Avenue West Street Live
2019-02-07Thursday 7th February Frankly Sinatra Starring Stephen Triffitt Sheffield City Hall
2019-03-02Saturday 2nd March The Bowie Experience Sheffield City Hall
2019-03-21Thursday 21st March Bowie Experience Sheffield City Hall Tickets