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York Gig Guide

Find out what's on in York below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2017-12-13Wednesday 13th December Coldplace Barbican Centre Tickets
2017-12-13 The Crescent Winter Warmer The Crescent Community Venue
2017-12-14Thursday 14th December The Overtones Barbican Centre Tickets
2017-12-14 Real Time Black Swan Tickets
2017-12-14 Mason Hill Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-14 Bone Cult Fulford Arms
2017-12-15Friday 15th December Abba Mania Barbican Centre Tickets
2017-12-15 Pulp'd Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-15 The Trip • Richard Norris (beyond The Wizards Sleeve) • Fulford Arms • York Fulford Arms
2017-12-15 Vintage At The Roman Bath Roman Bath
2017-12-15 Basement Jazz Club: The Nightbird Trio The Basement
2017-12-15 Blackbeard's Tea Party The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2017-12-16Saturday 16th December Flatcap Carnival's Festive Fiesta Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-16 York Punks Christmas Piss Up 2017 2017 Fulford Arms
2017-12-16 Halfway 2 Nowhere Xmas #2 The Basement Tickets
2017-12-16 Dr Philosofunk With Mayshe-mayshe Woolpack Inn
2017-12-17Sunday 17th December York's Annual Community Carol Concert Barbican Centre Tickets
2017-12-17 Christmas Fundraising To Support Refugees In Calais Fulford Arms
2017-12-17 A Christmas Cocktail Joseph Rowntree Theatre
2017-12-17 Ebor Singers NCEM Tickets
2017-12-17 Christmas Gift & Craft Fair The Basement
2017-12-17 The Surfing Magazines The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2017-12-17 Dark Flowers Victoria Vaults
2017-12-18Monday 18th December Uli Jon Roth Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-18 Halfway 2 Nowhere Xmas #3 The Basement Tickets
2017-12-19Tuesday 19th December Skandal / Sellsword / Tba Fulford Arms
2017-12-19 David Ward Maclean The Last Drop Inn
2017-12-20Wednesday 20th December Vuromantics Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-20 Zach Lount (king No-one) The Basement Tickets
2017-12-21Thursday 21st December Faux Pas Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-21 York Opera NCEM
2017-12-22Friday 22nd December The Big Boss Caine Annual Fibbers Festive Fundraiser 2017 Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-22 I Wish It Was A Silent Night - Lyon Estates/elessar/schooltrips Fulford Arms
2017-12-22 Shepherd Group Brass Band Joseph Rowntree Theatre
2017-12-22 O'hooley Thorganby Village Hall
2017-12-23Saturday 23rd December One Way Street Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-23 Tony Wright (terrorvision) Xmas Knees Up Iv Fulford Arms Tickets
2017-12-23 Shepherd Group Brass Band Joseph Rowntree Theatre
2017-12-23 Hello Operator The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2017-12-23 Tom Hingley (ex Inspiral Carpets) Victoria Vaults
2017-12-28Thursday 28th December Blonde On Bob Black Swan
2017-12-29Friday 29th December Blonde On Bob's Xmas Bash 2017 Black Swan Tickets
2017-12-29 Aloe Veras With Tax Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-31Sunday 31st December Nye In Bier Keller Fibbers Tickets
2017-12-31 Bad Chapel Vs. That Amazing Thing! Nye Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-01-04Thursday 4th January Chris While & Julie Matthews Black Swan Tickets
2018-01-11Thursday 11th January Anthony John Clarke Black Swan Tickets
2018-01-12Friday 12th January Faith Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-01-12 Dirty Vinyl At The Roman Bath Roman Bath
2018-01-17Wednesday 17th January Hope And Social Fibbers Tickets
2018-01-17 Torre Valley With As It Stands Fulford Arms
2018-01-19Friday 19th January Beth Sherburn Barbican Centre
2018-01-19 Absolute Bowie Fibbers Tickets
2018-01-19 Wendy Kirkland The Basement Tickets
2018-01-19 The Televangelists/dvsk/tax/honey Smugglers The Crescent Community Venue
2018-01-20Saturday 20th January Dane Baptiste The Basement
2018-01-25Thursday 25th January Tom Lewis Black Swan Tickets
2018-01-25 Cahr 10th Anniversary - Music For Activism The Basement
2018-01-26Friday 26th January Autobahn - York Fulford Arms
2018-01-26 Mandolin Orange The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-01-27Saturday 27th January Greg Davies Barbican Centre
2018-01-27 Van Hailen Fibbers Tickets
2018-01-27 Feed Them To The Forest Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-01-27 David Ward Maclean The Habit
2018-02-01Thursday 1st February Clive Carroll Black Swan Tickets
2018-02-01 Barry Steele - The Roy Orbison Story Grand Opera House
2018-02-02Friday 2nd February Thomas Truax - York With Jackson D & We Are Hannah Fulford Arms
2018-02-02 Toco Madera (our.jazz) The Basement Tickets
2018-02-03Saturday 3rd February Joe Brown Grand Opera House Tickets
2018-02-03 DC Blues The Volunteer Arms
2018-02-06Tuesday 6th February Billy Lockett The Basement Tickets
2018-02-07Wednesday 7th February Live Dead '69 Fibbers Tickets
2018-02-07 The Illegal Eagles Grand Opera House
2018-02-08Thursday 8th February Paul Downes Black Swan Tickets
2018-02-08 Rob Kingsley Grand Opera House
2018-02-09Friday 9th February Someone Like You (the Adele Songbook) Grand Opera House
2018-02-10Saturday 10th February York Guildhall Orchestra Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-02-10 Dave Mcpherson Black Swan Tickets
2018-02-10 Limehouse Lizzy Fibbers Tickets
2018-02-10 Bullets And Octane, Psychobabylon Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-02-11Sunday 11th February Sounds Of Black Uhuru ('77-'85) With Mykal Rose Fibbers Tickets
2018-02-11 John Kearns - Don't Worry, They're Here - York The Basement
2018-02-12Monday 12th February Lydia Lunch And Weasel Walter: Brutal Measures Fibbers Tickets
2018-02-12 Chas & Dave Grand Opera House
2018-02-13Tuesday 13th February Spring King The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-02-14Wednesday 14th February Songs From The Heart - Ray Cooper And White Sail Black Swan Tickets
2018-02-14 The Molochs Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-02-15Thursday 15th February Cape Cub Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-02-16Friday 16th February Paul Carrack Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-02-16 The Guns N Roses Experience Fibbers Tickets
2018-02-16 Northern Extremity - Jorvik Viking Festival Special Fulford Arms
2018-02-16 Mik Artistik's Ego Trip The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-02-17Saturday 17th February Unibrass Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-02-17 Antarctic Monkeys Fibbers Tickets
2018-02-17 Megson Thorganby Village Hall
2018-02-21Wednesday 21st February Anvil Fibbers Tickets
2018-02-22Thursday 22nd February The Carrivick Sisters Black Swan Tickets
2018-02-23Friday 23rd February Lewis Hamilton Band Spread Eagle
2018-02-24Saturday 24th February The Smyths Fibbers Tickets
2018-02-24 The Omega Era / The Feens The Basement
2018-02-24 The Godfathers Victoria Vaults
2018-02-26Monday 26th February Electric Six Fibbers
2018-02-26 Saint Agnes The Basement Tickets
2018-02-27Tuesday 27th February Dave Gunning And The Ennis Sisters NCEM
2018-03-01Thursday 1st March Pilgrims' Way Black Swan Tickets
2018-03-02Friday 2nd March The Lurkers Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-03-02 The Rolling Stones Story Grand Opera House
2018-03-03Saturday 3rd March London Calling Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-03 Magic Of Motown Grand Opera House
2018-03-04Sunday 4th March Catholic Action Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-03-04 Suggs Grand Opera House Tickets
2018-03-04 Wilson & Wakeman - York Uk The Basement
2018-03-06Tuesday 6th March Fickle Friends Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-06 Charlie Parr (us) The Basement Tickets
2018-03-06 Richard Dawson The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-03-07Wednesday 7th March Swingrowers Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-08Thursday 8th March Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-03-08 Broom Bezzums Black Swan Tickets
2018-03-09Friday 9th March Flight Of The Conchords Barbican Centre
2018-03-09 Dub Pistols Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-09 Rob Auton: The Hair Show The Crescent Community Venue
2018-03-10Saturday 10th March Flight Of The Conchords Barbican Centre
2018-03-10 King No-one Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-10 DC Blues Victoria Vaults
2018-03-11Sunday 11th March Flight Of The Conchords Barbican Centre
2018-03-13Tuesday 13th March Joan Baez Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-03-14Wednesday 14th March The Barricade Boys Grand Opera House
2018-03-15Thursday 15th March Joseph Knight With Laurie Illingworth The Basement
2018-03-15 Small Fakers Victoria Vaults
2018-03-16Friday 16th March Levellers Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-03-16 The Anti Nowhere League Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-16 Grimner With Haerken And Atorc Fulford Arms
2018-03-17Saturday 17th March The Surfaris Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-17 Police Dog Hogan The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-03-17 Stereosonics Victoria Vaults
2018-03-19Monday 19th March David Baddiel My Family: Not The Sitcom Grand Opera House Tickets
2018-03-20Tuesday 20th March Belle And Sebastian Grand Opera House Tickets
2018-03-20 Roddy Woomble The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-03-22Thursday 22nd March Finn Collinson Plus Clarke Camilleri Black Swan Tickets
2018-03-22 Weekend Recovery Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-03-22 That'll Be The Day Grand Opera House
2018-03-23Friday 23rd March Smokie Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-03-23 Corella Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-03-23 Seven Drunken Nights: The Story Of The Dubliners Grand Opera House
2018-03-23 Juan Martin NCEM
2018-03-23 Bobby Mair The Basement
2018-03-23 The Modfathers Victoria Vaults
2018-03-24Saturday 24th March Motorheadache Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-24 York Rocks Against Cancer Grand Opera House
2018-03-25Sunday 25th March The Family Fulford Arms
2018-03-26Monday 26th March Yazmin Lacey The Basement Tickets
2018-03-28Wednesday 28th March The Radioactive 5 Fibbers
2018-03-29Thursday 29th March Black Swan Folk Club 40th Anniversary Night Black Swan Tickets
2018-03-29 Wannabe ? The Spice Girls Show Grand Opera House
2018-03-30Friday 30th March Martin Turner Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-30 Flatcap Carnival Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-03-30 T.rextasy Grand Opera House
2018-03-31Saturday 31st March Sham 69 (pursey/parsons/tregunna/guy) Fibbers Tickets
2018-03-31 The Little Mix Experience Grand Opera House
2018-04-01Sunday 1st April Resurrection Easter Special Fibbers Tickets
2018-04-05Thursday 5th April Roisin Ban Black Swan Tickets
2018-04-05 Gaz Brookfield Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-04-08Sunday 8th April Jaws Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-04-12Thursday 12th April Rachel Dawick Black Swan Tickets
2018-04-13Friday 13th April Roxy Musique Fibbers Tickets
2018-04-14Saturday 14th April Martin Black Victoria Vaults
2018-04-15Sunday 15th April Kim Wilde Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-04-18Wednesday 18th April Bootleg Beatles Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-04-18 Martin Black The Basement Tickets
2018-04-19Thursday 19th April Lisa Stansfield Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-04-19 Grumpy Old Women Grand Opera House
2018-04-20Friday 20th April Tv Smith Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-04-21Saturday 21st April Barenaked Ladies Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-04-21 DC Blues Victoria Vaults
2018-04-22Sunday 22nd April Callaghan The Basement Tickets
2018-04-26Thursday 26th April Andy Irvine Black Swan Tickets
2018-04-26 Uk Subs Victoria Vaults
2018-04-28Saturday 28th April Salad Fibbers
2018-04-28 Delirium Roman Bath
2018-04-28 Michael Chapman The Basement Tickets
2018-04-28 Ninebarrow Thorganby Village Hall
2018-04-30Monday 30th April Don Mclean Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-05-03Thursday 3rd May Kitty Macfarlane Black Swan Tickets
2018-05-05Saturday 5th May Waterboys Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-05-05 Whitesnake Uk Fibbers Tickets
2018-05-06Sunday 6th May Hans Theessink & Brooks Williams The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-05-07Monday 7th May Remembering Fred Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-05-09Wednesday 9th May Christy Moore Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-05-10Thursday 10th May Rosie Hood & Cohen Braithwaite-kilcoyne Black Swan Tickets
2018-05-11Friday 11th May The Deep Dark Woods The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-05-12Saturday 12th May Laurence Jones Fulford Arms Tickets
2018-05-13Sunday 13th May Lower Than Atlantis Fibbers Tickets
2018-05-13 Damo Suzuki's Network The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-05-15Tuesday 15th May Bonafide Fibbers Tickets
2018-05-18Friday 18th May The Bluetones Fibbers Tickets
2018-05-19Saturday 19th May York Guildhall Orchestra Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-05-19 York - Colin Hoult / Anna Mann Tour - Hwstf The Basement
2018-05-21Monday 21st May Marti Pellow Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-05-22Tuesday 22nd May Lankum The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2018-05-23Wednesday 23rd May Tragedy: Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees & Beyond Fibbers Tickets
2018-05-24Thursday 24th May Hannah James & Claudia Schwab Black Swan Tickets
2018-06-02Saturday 2nd June The Glenn Miller Orchestra Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-06-02 Pink Floydian Fibbers Tickets
2018-06-02 Stuart Goldsmith The Basement
2018-06-04Monday 4th June The Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas Grand Opera House
2018-06-05Tuesday 5th June Tequila Mockingbyrd Fibbers Tickets
2018-06-07Thursday 7th June Sarah Kendall: One-seventeen - York The Basement
2018-06-08Friday 8th June Count Arthur Strong Barbican Centre
2018-06-09Saturday 9th June Rule The World Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-06-09 The Macmillan Cancer Hopes & Dreams Charity Ball 2018 York Racecourse
2018-06-14Thursday 14th June Nancy Kerr Black Swan Tickets
2018-06-15Friday 15th June Ian Waite & Oti Mabuse Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-06-20Wednesday 20th June Kevin & Karen Tour 2018 Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-06-21Thursday 21st June Clive Gregson Black Swan Tickets
2018-06-22Friday 22nd June Pile Up Festival Fibbers
2018-06-23Saturday 23rd June DC Blues The Volunteer Arms
2018-07-13Friday 13th July Little Death Machine, Bone Cult, Demur, And Mary And The Ram Fulford Arms
2018-07-21Saturday 21st July Delirium Roman Bath
2018-07-24Tuesday 24th July Elo Experience Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-07-27Friday 27th July Mainly Madness Fibbers
2018-09-08Saturday 8th September The King Is Back-ben Portsmouth Is Elvis Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-09-15Saturday 15th September The Lurkers Victoria Vaults
2018-09-23Sunday 23rd September Joan Armatrading Grand Opera House
2018-09-29Saturday 29th September Elkie Brooks Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-10-15Monday 15th October Level 42 Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-10-16Tuesday 16th October At Last - The Etta James Story Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-10-18Thursday 18th October Steve Steinman's The Meat Loaf Story Barbican Centre Tickets
2018-10-19Friday 19th October Dirty Vinyl At The Roman Bath Roman Bath
2018-10-27Saturday 27th October 999 Victoria Vaults
2018-11-02Friday 2nd November The Queen Extravaganza Barbican Centre
2018-12-01Saturday 1st December DC Blues The Volunteer Arms
2018-12-12Wednesday 12th December Katie Melua Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-16Saturday 16th March Anti-nowhere League Fibbers Tickets
2020-12-13Sunday 13th December Ousefest The Duchess