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Headrow House

Bramleys Yard, Leeds LS1 6PU

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Find out what's on at Headrow House below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2019-04-22Monday 22nd April Lowkey Tickets
2019-04-24Wednesday 24th April Milo Tickets
2019-04-24 Nostrum Grocers Tickets
2019-04-25Thursday 25th April Ruby Rushton Tickets
2019-04-26Friday 26th April The King's Parade Tickets
2019-04-27Saturday 27th April Ten Fé Tickets
2019-04-29Monday 29th April A Place To Bury Strangers Tickets
2019-05-01Wednesday 1st May K-x-p Tickets
2019-05-07Tuesday 7th May Oddisee Tickets
2019-05-08Wednesday 8th May Sorry Tickets
2019-05-10Friday 10th May Charly Bliss Tickets
2019-05-13Monday 13th May Jakob Ogawa Tickets
2019-05-15Wednesday 15th May Brad Stank Tickets
2019-05-16Thursday 16th May Noya Rao And Allysha Joy Tickets
2019-05-18Saturday 18th May Chai Tickets
2019-05-19Sunday 19th May The Northern Jb's Tickets
2019-05-24Friday 24th May Biig Piig Tickets
2019-05-25Saturday 25th May Skinny Pelembe Tickets
2019-05-26Sunday 26th May Dele Sosimi Tickets
2019-05-27Monday 27th May Mild Orange Tickets
2019-05-28Tuesday 28th May Baloji Tickets
2019-05-29Wednesday 29th May The Molochs Tickets
2019-06-01Saturday 1st June Gaika Tickets
2019-06-07Friday 7th June Oshun Tickets
2019-06-12Wednesday 12th June Sacred Paws Tickets
2019-06-16Sunday 16th June Litany & Yoke Lore Tickets
2019-06-16 523 Tickets
2019-06-17Monday 17th June Sunset Rollercoaster Tickets
2019-06-19Wednesday 19th June Madonnatron Tickets
2019-07-04Thursday 4th July La Witch Tickets
2019-07-09Tuesday 9th July Girlpool Tickets
2019-07-13Saturday 13th July Gus Dapperton Tickets
2019-10-12Saturday 12th October Murkage Dave Tickets
2019-10-12 Murkage Dave Tickets
2019-11-19Tuesday 19th November Lazy Day Sold Out

Headrow House Gig Promoters

The following promoters are currently hosting gigs at Headrow House:

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