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Leeds University

University Square, Leeds LS2 9JT

Leeds Gig Guide is updated every day to bring you the latest Leeds University gigs.


Find out what's on at Leeds University below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2021-09-10Friday 10th September Meute Tickets
2021-09-11Saturday 11th September Skylights Tickets
2021-09-12Sunday 12th September Princess Nokia Tickets
2021-09-18Saturday 18th September The Wildhearts Tickets
2021-09-20Monday 20th September Johnny Marr Tickets
2021-09-23Thursday 23rd September Ash Tickets
2021-09-28Tuesday 28th September Orla Gartland Tickets
2021-09-30Thursday 30th September The Reytons Tickets
2021-10-04Monday 4th October The Staves Tickets
2021-10-11Monday 11th October Django Django Tickets
2021-10-13Wednesday 13th October Orla Gartland Tickets
2021-10-15Friday 15th October King King Tickets
2021-10-16Saturday 16th October Yungblud Tickets
2021-10-20Wednesday 20th October Trash Boat Tickets
2021-10-22Friday 22nd October Turin Brakes Tickets
2021-10-23Saturday 23rd October Skinny Living Tickets
2021-10-28Thursday 28th October Lawson Tickets
2021-11-02Tuesday 2nd November Dappy Tickets
2021-11-10Wednesday 10th November Yussef Dayes Tickets
2021-11-11Thursday 11th November Working Men's Club Tickets
2021-11-12Friday 12th November The Hunna Tickets
2021-11-13Saturday 13th November Nathan Dawe Tickets
2021-11-14Sunday 14th November The Snuts Tickets
2021-11-18Thursday 18th November Sports Team Tickets
2021-11-19Friday 19th November Thomas Headon Tickets
2021-11-20Saturday 20th November Joel Corry Tickets
2021-11-30Tuesday 30th November Cavetown Tickets
2021-12-02Thursday 2nd December Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Tickets
2021-12-10Friday 10th December Hyde Park Brass Tickets
2021-12-14Tuesday 14th December D Double E Tickets
2021-12-15Wednesday 15th December The Drums Tickets
2021-12-18Saturday 18th December The Brand New Heavies Tickets
2022-02-03Thursday 3rd February Every Time I Die Tickets
2022-02-04Friday 4th February The Night Cafe Tickets
2022-02-11Friday 11th February The Dandy Warhols Tickets
2022-02-15Tuesday 15th February Boston Manor Tickets
2022-02-19Saturday 19th February Drown U Out Tickets
2022-03-01Tuesday 1st March Set It Off Tickets
2022-03-18Friday 18th March Slowthai Tickets
2022-03-27Sunday 27th March The Chats Tickets
2022-03-31Thursday 31st March Dayglow Tickets
2022-04-08Friday 8th April Against The Current Tickets
2022-04-21Thursday 21st April Reef Tickets
2022-04-24Sunday 24th April The Academic Tickets
2022-05-06Friday 6th May Ashley Mcbryde Tickets
2022-05-21Saturday 21st May Marina Tickets
2022-05-24Tuesday 24th May Karnivool Tickets
2022-05-25Wednesday 25th May The Flaming Lips Tickets
2022-05-28Saturday 28th May Ashe Tickets
2022-06-09Thursday 9th June Drive By Truckers Tickets
2022-06-10Friday 10th June Half Man Half Biscuit Tickets
2022-06-11Saturday 11th June Daði Freyr Tickets
2022-06-18Saturday 18th June The Orb Tickets
2022-07-26Tuesday 26th July Vintage Trouble Tickets

Leeds University Gig Promoters

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