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Barnsley Gig Guide

Find out what's on in Barnsley below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2019-02-23Saturday 23rd February Antarctic Monkeys The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-03-02Saturday 2nd March G.u Medicine Old School House Tickets
2019-03-02 The Machine Rages On The Garrison Tickets
2019-03-08Friday 8th March Doomsday Outlaw Old School House Tickets
2019-03-10Sunday 10th March The All New Blues And Soul Revue The Garrison Tickets
2019-03-15Friday 15th March Rock Bottom The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-03-16Saturday 16th March Wayne Dilks As George Michael The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-03-29Friday 29th March Hands Off Gretel Old School House Tickets
2019-03-29 The Complete Madness The Garrison Tickets
2019-03-30Saturday 30th March Whitesnakeuk The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-04-06Saturday 6th April Angelic Upstarts+ System Of Hate +sonsel Roacho Old School House Tickets
2019-04-12Friday 12th April Alan Mcgee Opium 10 Tickets
2019-04-12 Backstreet Thunder Vs Nickleback'd The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-04-12 The Complete Stone Roses The Garrison Tickets
2019-04-20Saturday 20th April Breaking Badger The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-04-26Friday 26th April Syked & Scopyons The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-05-03Friday 3rd May Kazabian Opium 10 Tickets
2019-05-03 Random Hand The Garrison Tickets
2019-05-05Sunday 5th May May Day Festival Of Solidarity Old School House Tickets
2019-05-10Friday 10th May Fleetwood Bac The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-05-11Saturday 11th May From The Eton Rifles The Birdwell Venue Tickets
2019-05-25Saturday 25th May True Order Old School House Tickets
2019-06-22Saturday 22nd June The Harringtons Old School House Tickets