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Bradford Gig Guide

Find out what's on in Bradford below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2022-05-30Monday 30th May Alfonzetti Nightrain Tickets
2022-06-03Friday 3rd June Are You Experienced? Nightrain Tickets
2022-06-03 The Big 80s Festival Provident Stadium Tickets
2022-06-04Saturday 4th June Hotter Than Hell Nightrain Tickets
2022-06-04 The Reaction Sally Brown's Tickets
2022-06-05Sunday 5th June Jess Jocoy Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-06-09Thursday 9th June Tarantism The 1 in 12 Club Tickets
2022-06-11Saturday 11th June Edwina Hayes Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-06-11 Sergeant Thunderhoof The Underground Tickets
2022-06-11 The Casinos Tickles Music Hall Tickets
2022-06-17Friday 17th June Bruce Juice Nightrain Tickets
2022-06-18Saturday 18th June The Mark Harrison Band Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-06-19Sunday 19th June Tygers Of Pan Tang Nightrain Tickets
2022-06-20Monday 20th June Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac St George's Hall Tickets
2022-06-21Tuesday 21st June Brian Wilson St George's Hall Tickets
2022-06-22Wednesday 22nd June The Cold Stares Nightrain Tickets
2022-06-23Thursday 23rd June Here Come The Boys St George's Hall Tickets
2022-06-25Saturday 25th June The Sounds Of The Jam Sally Brown's Tickets
2022-06-25 The Courtbetweeners Tickles Music Hall Tickets
2022-07-01Friday 1st July The Paul Rodgers Story Nightrain Tickets
2022-07-02Saturday 2nd July Punk Rock All - Dayer 2022 Nightrain Tickets
2022-07-03Sunday 3rd July The Silhouette Band Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-07-09Saturday 9th July Jason Mcniff Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-07-09 Orange Goblin Nightrain Tickets
2022-07-09 Guana Batz The Underground Tickets
2022-07-12Tuesday 12th July Race Chaser St George's Hall Tickets
2022-07-15Friday 15th July Six Little Fingers Nightrain Tickets
2022-07-16Saturday 16th July The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-07-22Friday 22nd July Motley Crude Nightrain Tickets
2022-07-23Saturday 23rd July Guns N' Roses Experience Nightrain Tickets
2022-07-23 The Sounds Of The Beatles Sally Brown's Tickets
2022-07-29Friday 29th July A Foreigners Journey Nightrain Tickets
2022-07-30Saturday 30th July The Private Dicks Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-08-04Thursday 4th August Los Fastidios Sally Brown's Tickets
2022-08-06Saturday 6th August The Chris Slade Timeline Nightrain Tickets
2022-08-18Thursday 18th August The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-08-24Wednesday 24th August Lillian Axe Nightrain Tickets
2022-08-25Thursday 25th August Twisted Firestarter #2 Nightrain Tickets
2022-08-27Saturday 27th August Electric Boys Nightrain Tickets
2022-09-03Saturday 3rd September Diana Jones Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-09-04Sunday 4th September Liam Ó Maonlaí Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-09-10Saturday 10th September Symarip Pyramid Sally Brown's Tickets
2022-09-11Sunday 11th September Anna Ash Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-09-15Thursday 15th September What's Love Got To Do With It? St George's Hall Tickets
2022-09-16Friday 16th September Rammlied Nightrain Tickets
2022-09-17Saturday 17th September The Bunny The Bear Nightrain Tickets
2022-09-24Saturday 24th September Electric Circus Nightrain Tickets
2022-09-30Friday 30th September Whitesnake Uk Nightrain Tickets
2022-10-01Saturday 1st October Plumhall Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-10-07Friday 7th October Kingdom Of Madness Nightrain Tickets
2022-10-07 Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow St George's Hall Tickets
2022-10-11Tuesday 11th October Leo Sayer St George's Hall Tickets
2022-10-13Thursday 13th October The Proclaimers St George's Hall Tickets
2022-10-15Saturday 15th October Boyzlife St George's Hall Tickets
2022-10-19Wednesday 19th October Gypsy Pistoleros Nightrain Tickets
2022-10-21Friday 21st October Who's Next Nightrain Tickets
2022-10-22Saturday 22nd October The Bohemians Nightrain Tickets
2022-10-28Friday 28th October FM Nightrain Tickets
2022-10-28 King Hammond & The Rude Boy Mafia Sally Brown's Tickets
2022-10-30Sunday 30th October Carisoul Vibes Sally Brown's Tickets
2022-11-05Saturday 5th November Keith James Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-11-05 Chez Kane Nightrain Tickets
2022-11-09Wednesday 9th November Enuff Z'nuff Nightrain Tickets
2022-11-10Thursday 10th November Chris Holmes - Mean Man Nightrain Tickets
2022-11-11Friday 11th November Audiorage Nightrain Tickets
2022-11-12Saturday 12th November Quadrophenia Night Sally Brown's Tickets
2022-11-12 Vardis The Underground Tickets
2022-11-16Wednesday 16th November Wicked Smile Nightrain Tickets
2022-11-19Saturday 19th November Roger Davies Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2022-11-25Friday 25th November Molly Hatchet Nightrain Tickets
2022-11-29Tuesday 29th November Kira Mac Nightrain Tickets
2022-12-02Friday 2nd December Whitney Queen Of The Night St George's Hall Tickets
2022-12-09Friday 9th December Snake Oil Nightrain Tickets
2022-12-09 The Bootleg Beatles St George's Hall Tickets
2022-12-10Saturday 10th December Uk Foo Fighters Nightrain Tickets
2023-01-20Friday 20th January Big Country Nightrain Tickets
2023-02-03Friday 3rd February Meat Loaf Tribute - Maet Live! Nightrain Tickets
2023-02-07Tuesday 7th February Alcatrazz Nightrain Tickets
2023-02-15Wednesday 15th February Queen Extravaganza St George's Hall Tickets
2023-03-10Friday 10th March Tank Nightrain Tickets
2023-03-23Thursday 23rd March The Protomen Nightrain Tickets
2023-05-11Thursday 11th May Midge Ure St George's Hall Tickets
2023-05-11 Midge Ure - The Voice & Visions Tour St George's Hall Tickets
2023-05-13Saturday 13th May Si Cranstoun Tickles Music Hall Tickets