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Bradford Gig Guide

Find out what's on in Bradford below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2021-05-20Thursday 20th May Genesis Visible Touch Nightrain
2021-05-22Saturday 22nd May R. E. M. Tribute Stipe Nightrain Tickets
2021-05-30Sunday 30th May Hannah White Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2021-06-05Saturday 5th June Motley Crude Nightrain Tickets
2021-06-11Friday 11th June Electric Circus Nightrain Tickets
2021-06-12Saturday 12th June The Bryan Adams Experience Nightrain Tickets
2021-06-19Saturday 19th June An Audience With Spike From The Quireboys Nightrain Tickets
2021-06-24Thursday 24th June Gypsys Kiss Nightrain Tickets
2021-07-01Thursday 1st July Here Come The Boys St George's Hall Tickets
2021-07-04Sunday 4th July N C Lawlor And Gaelforce Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2021-07-16Friday 16th July Alunah Nightrain Tickets
2021-07-17Saturday 17th July The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2021-07-23Friday 23rd July Those Damn Crows Nightrain Tickets
2021-07-24Saturday 24th July Sex Gang Children Nightrain Tickets
2021-07-25Sunday 25th July King Witch The Underground Tickets
2021-07-31Saturday 31st July Slomatics The Underground Tickets
2021-08-05Thursday 5th August Bruce Dickinson St George's Hall Tickets
2021-08-06Friday 6th August Go Your Own Way Nightrain Tickets
2021-08-06 Ohhms The Underground Tickets
2021-08-07Saturday 7th August Midnite City Nightrain Tickets
2021-08-13Friday 13th August Bruce Juice Nightrain Tickets
2021-08-14Saturday 14th August The Chris Slade Timeline Nightrain Tickets
2021-08-18Wednesday 18th August The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2021-08-19Thursday 19th August Jim Kirkpatrick Nightrain Tickets
2021-08-20Friday 20th August Coda Nightrain Tickets
2021-08-21Saturday 21st August Guns N' Roses Experience Nightrain Tickets
2021-08-26Thursday 26th August Twisted Firestarter #2 Nightrain Tickets
2021-09-03Friday 3rd September Stevie R Pearce And The Hooligans Nightrain Tickets
2021-09-04Saturday 4th September The Korgis Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2021-09-04 Ultimate Leppard Nightrain Tickets
2021-09-10Friday 10th September Covenant Nightrain Tickets
2021-09-15Wednesday 15th September Willy Tea Taylor Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2021-09-17Friday 17th September Anchor Lane Nightrain Tickets
2021-09-22Wednesday 22nd September Mason Hill Nightrain Tickets
2021-09-24Friday 24th September Thundermother Nightrain Tickets
2021-09-25Saturday 25th September Dizzy Lizzy Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-02Saturday 2nd October Aladdinsane Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-03Sunday 3rd October Liam Ó Maonlaí Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2021-10-07Thursday 7th October Inglorious Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-08Friday 8th October Grand Slam Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-09Saturday 9th October Clive Gregson - Farewell Tour 2021 Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2021-10-09 Wrong Jovi Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-12Tuesday 12th October Bad Boy Chiller Crew St George's Hall Tickets
2021-10-15Friday 15th October Valafar! Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-16Saturday 16th October Green Haze Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-17Sunday 17th October Praying Mantis Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-19Tuesday 19th October Ferocious Dog Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-23Saturday 23rd October Oasis Maybe Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-27Wednesday 27th October Jack J Hutchinson Band Nightrain Tickets
2021-10-29Friday 29th October Ozzbest Nightrain Tickets
2021-11-05Friday 5th November Vega Nightrain Tickets
2021-11-06Saturday 6th November Surreal Panther Nightrain Tickets
2021-11-12Friday 12th November Guns N' Roses Experience Nightrain Tickets
2021-11-13Saturday 13th November Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Nightrain Tickets
2021-11-19Friday 19th November The Devout Nightrain Tickets
2021-11-20Saturday 20th November The Ultimate Stone Roses & These Smiths Double Header Nightrain Tickets
2021-11-26Friday 26th November Girlschool Nightrain Tickets
2021-11-27Saturday 27th November Fore Fighters Nightrain Tickets
2021-12-03Friday 3rd December Snake Oil & Harmony Nightrain Tickets
2021-12-04Saturday 4th December Kingdom Of Madness Nightrain Tickets
2021-12-07Tuesday 7th December The Bootleg Beatles St George's Hall Tickets
2021-12-10Friday 10th December Whitesnake Uk Nightrain Tickets
2021-12-11Saturday 11th December Marisa And The Moths Nightrain Tickets
2021-12-11 Skylights The Underground Tickets
2021-12-17Friday 17th December Gun Nightrain Tickets
2021-12-20Monday 20th December Rick Wakeman St George's Hall Tickets
2021-12-20 Rick Wakeman - Even Grumpier Old Christmas Show St George's Hall Tickets
2022-01-28Friday 28th January Fleetwood Bac - Tribute To Fleetwood Mac Nightrain Tickets
2022-01-28 Fleetwood Bac Nightrain Tickets
2022-02-06Sunday 6th February Tygers Of Pan Tang Nightrain Tickets
2022-02-21Monday 21st February Midge Ure St George's Hall Tickets
2022-03-05Saturday 5th March Simulation Muse Nightrain Tickets
2022-03-05 Runaway Killers - Simulation Muse Nightrain
2022-03-09Wednesday 9th March Pat Mcmanus Nightrain Tickets
2022-03-19Saturday 19th March Nitin Sawhney St George's Hall Tickets
2022-04-09Saturday 9th April Manoeuvres Omd Tribute Nightrain Tickets
2022-04-20Wednesday 20th April Paul Weller St George's Hall Tickets
2022-04-21Thursday 21st April Wille & The Bandits Nightrain Tickets
2022-06-21Tuesday 21st June Brian Wilson St George's Hall Tickets
2022-10-11Tuesday 11th October Leo Sayer St George's Hall Tickets