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Bradford Gig Guide

Find out what's on in Bradford below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2019-08-22Thursday 22nd August Das Ich: Twisted Fire-starter Nightrain Tickets
2019-08-22 Twisted Firestarter - Infest 2019 Warm Up Party! Nightrain
2019-08-22 Das Ich TRASH Tickets
2019-08-23Friday 23rd August Nitzer Ebb Bradford University Tickets
2019-08-23 Mike Drones & Enoby / Conflux Coldwell / Fetch And The Pachyderm Fuse Art Space Tickets
2019-08-23 Break Out Nightrain
2019-08-24Saturday 24th August Skinny Molly Nightrain
2019-09-06Friday 6th September Crimson N Clover Nightrain
2019-09-07Saturday 7th September The Guns N Roses Experience Nightrain
2019-09-07 Bookfair Acoustic Gig Danbert Nobacon Nieviem Gerrard Bell-fife The 1 in 12 Club Tickets
2019-09-07 Enuff Z Nuff & Last Great Dreamers TRASH Tickets
2019-09-12Thursday 12th September Jj Marsh Nightrain
2019-09-14Saturday 14th September The Sentimentalists Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2019-09-14 Hotter Than Hell Nightrain
2019-09-17Tuesday 17th September Simon Scott, Marcus Fischer, And Hotel Neon Fuse Art Space Tickets
2019-09-17 Rip It Up - Singing & Dancing Through The 70s St George's Hall Tickets
2019-09-18Wednesday 18th September Dead Plants & Living Objects Fuse Art Space Tickets
2019-09-19Thursday 19th September The Brackish Fuse Art Space Tickets
2019-09-21Saturday 21st September The Chris Slade Timeline Nightrain
2019-09-26Thursday 26th September The Magic Of Motown St George's Hall Tickets
2019-09-28Saturday 28th September Alcatrazz Nightrain
2019-09-28 Night Of Punk, Fun And Poetry The 1 in 12 Club Tickets
2019-10-11Friday 11th October Believe St George's Hall Tickets
2019-10-17Thursday 17th October Unicef Concert Keith James - The Music Of Yusuf - Cat Stevens Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue Tickets
2019-10-18Friday 18th October Lulu - On Fire St George's Hall Tickets
2019-10-19Saturday 19th October Frankie Cosmos Bradford University Tickets
2019-10-19 Harbinger Plus Godeater Nightrain Tickets
2019-10-25Friday 25th October Metallica Reloaded Nightrain
2019-10-25 Big Girls Don't Cry St George's Hall Tickets
2019-10-26Saturday 26th October A Band Called Malice Nightrain
2019-10-26 Phattfoxx The 1 in 12 Club Tickets
2019-10-31Thursday 31st October Howie Reeve & Léonore Boulanger Fuse Art Space Tickets
2019-10-31 Fastlove - A Tribute To George Michael St George's Hall Tickets
2019-11-02Saturday 2nd November Black Falcon, Blind Haze, Chapodio Nightrain
2019-11-09Saturday 9th November Qe2 - The Very Best Of Queen Nightrain
2019-11-09 Punk All Dayer Ft Anthrax (uk), Icons Of Filth, Plus Many More The 1 in 12 Club Tickets
2019-11-16Saturday 16th November Julia Kent Fuse Art Space Tickets
2019-11-21Thursday 21st November Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra St George's Hall Tickets
2019-11-22Friday 22nd November Michael Starring Ben St George's Hall Tickets
2019-11-23Saturday 23rd November Midnite City Nightrain
2019-12-03Tuesday 3rd December Uli John Roth Nightrain
2019-12-03 Bastille: Doom Days Club Nights St George's Hall Tickets
2019-12-06Friday 6th December The Bootleg Beatles St George's Hall Tickets
2019-12-14Saturday 14th December Punk N Crust Ft State Of Decay, Prolefeed, Dehumanise, The 1 in 12 Club Tickets
2020-01-16Thursday 16th January Sounds Of The 60s Live With Tony Blackburn St George's Hall Tickets
2020-02-22Saturday 22nd February The Music Of Prince St George's Hall Tickets