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Hull Gig Guide

Find out what's on in Hull below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2019-02-18Monday 18th February Snow Maiden Hull New Theatre Tickets
2019-02-19Tuesday 19th February Collabro Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-02-19 Giselle Hull New Theatre Tickets
2019-02-19 Stone Broken The Welly Club Tickets
2019-02-21Thursday 21st February Hull History & Mystery: Urban Legends Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-02-21 Faux Pas The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-02-22Friday 22nd February 57 Down O'Rileys Tickets
2019-02-22 Allusinlove The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-02-22 Ram Records Hull The Welly Club Tickets
2019-02-22 Razorlight University of Hull Tickets
2019-02-23Saturday 23rd February Catfish And The Bottlemen Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-02-23 This Winter Machine O'Rileys Tickets
2019-02-23 Party After Catfish And The Bottlemen The Welly Club Tickets
2019-02-24Sunday 24th February Polo The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-02-26Tuesday 26th February The X Factor Live Tour 2019 Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-02-27Wednesday 27th February The Orielles The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-01Friday 1st March Honesty Over Silence Hull Minster Tickets
2019-03-01 Royal Monster O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-01 Black Parade The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-02Saturday 2nd March Blackmore's Blood O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-02 Fehm The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-03-02 Spygenius The Springhead Tickets
2019-03-06Wednesday 6th March Patawawa The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-03-06 Pod The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-07Thursday 7th March 'chalet Lines' By Chameleon Players Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-03-07 Sleaford Mods University of Hull Tickets
2019-03-08Friday 8th March 12 Silk Handkerchiefs Hull Minster Tickets
2019-03-08 'chalet Lines' By Chameleon Players Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-03-08 Space The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-09Saturday 9th March Big Girls Don't Cry Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-03-09 'chalet Lines' By Chameleon Players Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-03-09 Led Hendrix O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-09 Counting Coins The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-03-09 The Style Councillors The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-10Sunday 10th March Amongst Thieves O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-12Tuesday 12th March Slow Readers Club The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-13Wednesday 13th March Limehouse Lizzy O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-14Thursday 14th March Anton & Erin Hull New Theatre Tickets
2019-03-15Friday 15th March Backstreet Thunder O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-16Saturday 16th March The Dark Secrets Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-03-16 Rust For Glory O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-16 Perkelt 'above Trees' Tour The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-03-16 Smoove And Turrell The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-03-16 The Lancashire Hotpots The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-20Wednesday 20th March Deaf Havana The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-21Thursday 21st March Black Grape The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-22Friday 22nd March James Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-03-22 Henry Priestman And The Men Of A Certain Age Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-03-22 Joshua Burnell & Band Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-03-22 Tool Shed (tool Tribute) O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-23Saturday 23rd March Shakin' Stevens Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-03-23 The Killaz Uk O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-23 Thrash Metal Night - Dogsflesh S O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-23 Electric Eel Shock The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-03-24Sunday 24th March Ben Portsmouth Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-03-25Monday 25th March Remembering The Movies Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-03-27Wednesday 27th March Ub40 Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-03-27 Clean Cut Kid The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-03-27 Cellar Darling The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-28Thursday 28th March Sheridan Smith Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-03-28 Tony Wright The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-03-29Friday 29th March What's Love Got To Do With It? Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-03-29 The Vibrators O'Rileys Tickets
2019-03-29 We Are Not Devo The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-03-29 Republica The Welly Club Tickets
2019-03-30Saturday 30th March Faith Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-03-30 Black Kes: A Night With Queen The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-04-02Tuesday 2nd April Ufo Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-04-02 Fraser Anderson The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-04-03Wednesday 3rd April King No-one The Welly Club Tickets
2019-04-04Thursday 4th April Night Flowers The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-04-05Friday 5th April Steve Harley Acoustic Trio Hull Minster Tickets
2019-04-05 The Adventures Of The Captain Of The Lost Waves Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-04-05 Northern Symphony 2019 O'Rileys Tickets
2019-04-05 Breathe Panel The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-04-06Saturday 6th April Colin Blunstone And Full Band Hull Minster Tickets
2019-04-06 Loudhailer Electric Company Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-04-07Sunday 7th April Dennis Bovell The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-04-07 Holy Moly And The Crackers The Welly Club Tickets
2019-04-08Monday 8th April Carcer City (final Tour) O'Rileys Tickets
2019-04-10Wednesday 10th April Yak The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-04-12Friday 12th April Skerryvore The Welly Club Tickets
2019-04-13Saturday 13th April Twin Lizzy O'Rileys
2019-04-13 I’m Maiden O'Rileys Tickets
2019-04-15Monday 15th April Dream State The Welly Club Tickets
2019-04-16Tuesday 16th April Lowkey The Welly Club Tickets
2019-04-16 The Return Of Lowkey The Welly Club Tickets
2019-04-19Friday 19th April Martin Turner The Welly Club Tickets
2019-04-19 Martin Turner Ex Wishbone Ash The Welly Club Tickets
2019-04-20Saturday 20th April Emma King And Guests Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-04-20 Grand Ultra O'Rileys Tickets
2019-04-21Sunday 21st April Nick Harper O'Rileys Tickets
2019-04-21 Nick Harper O'Rileys Tickets
2019-04-21 Illicit ‘on The Terrace’ University of Hull Tickets
2019-04-24Wednesday 24th April Michael Ball Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-04-24 Michael Ball - Coming Home To You Tour Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-04-25Thursday 25th April Richard Ashcroft Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-04-26Friday 26th April Rush's A Show Of Hands O'Rileys Tickets
2019-04-26 The Creepshow The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-04-27Saturday 27th April Scopyons & Syked O'Rileys Tickets
2019-04-27 The Springsteen Sessions The Welly Club Tickets
2019-05-01Wednesday 1st May Fling The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-05-02Thursday 2nd May Quadrophenia - The Album Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-05-03Friday 3rd May Megadeth Uk O'Rileys Tickets
2019-05-04Saturday 4th May Tom Kay Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-05-04 Ac/dc Uk O'Rileys Tickets
2019-05-09Thursday 9th May Seven Drunken Nights: The Story Of The Dubliners Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-05-10Friday 10th May U2uk O'Rileys Tickets
2019-05-10 Cloudbusting The Welly Club Tickets
2019-05-11Saturday 11th May Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-05-15Wednesday 15th May The Vamps Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-05-17Friday 17th May Killer Rhapsody O'Rileys Tickets
2019-05-17 John Coghlan's Quo The Welly Club Tickets
2019-05-18Saturday 18th May Dirt O'Rileys Tickets
2019-05-18 Wheatus The Welly Club Tickets
2019-05-21Tuesday 21st May Olly Murs Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-05-23Thursday 23rd May The Bluetones The Welly Club Tickets
2019-05-26Sunday 26th May Krs-one The Welly Club Tickets
2019-05-27Monday 27th May Christine Collister & Dave Kelly Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-05-27 The Yawpers O'Rileys Tickets
2019-05-28Tuesday 28th May Sean Paul Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-05-29Wednesday 29th May Ross Edgley - The World's Fittest Live Show Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-05-29 Ross Edgley Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-05-29 Hullabaloo Belay! Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-05-30Thursday 30th May Chameleons Vox The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-05-30 Chameleons Vox Plays Strange Times The New Adelphi Tickets
2019-06-01Saturday 1st June Stand Amongst Giants O'Rileys Tickets
2019-06-06Thursday 6th June Lil' Jimmy Reed Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-06-07Friday 7th June Total Stone Roses The Welly Club Tickets
2019-06-08Saturday 8th June Bon Joe O'Rileys Tickets
2019-06-13Thursday 13th June Walk Right Back Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-06-13 Honeyblood The Polar Bear Tickets
2019-06-15Saturday 15th June Uk Foo Fighters The Welly Club Tickets
2019-06-22Saturday 22nd June The Beach Boys Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-06-22 The Smiths Utd O'Rileys Tickets
2019-07-12Friday 12th July Ultimate Coldplay Return To O'rileys O'Rileys Tickets
2019-07-17Wednesday 17th July Here Come The Boys Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-07-20Saturday 20th July Green Haze The Welly Club Tickets
2019-07-26Friday 26th July Storyteller's Night. A Tribute To The Music Of Magnum O'Rileys Tickets
2019-07-27Saturday 27th July Metallicish O'Rileys Tickets
2019-08-02Friday 2nd August Cydonia Knights O'Rileys Tickets
2019-08-10Saturday 10th August Sabbra Cadabra O'Rileys Tickets
2019-08-24Saturday 24th August The Human League Zebedee's Yard Tickets
2019-08-30Friday 30th August The Feelgood Band O'Rileys Tickets
2019-09-06Friday 6th September A Band Called Malice O'Rileys Tickets
2019-09-07Saturday 7th September Boyzlife The Welly Club Tickets
2019-09-14Saturday 14th September Rainbow Rising O'Rileys Tickets
2019-09-20Friday 20th September Fastlove Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-09-21Saturday 21st September Im Maiden O'Rileys Tickets
2019-10-02Wednesday 2nd October The Horne Section Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-10-04Friday 4th October Diversity Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-10-04 Nightwished O'Rileys Tickets
2019-10-10Thursday 10th October Big Country The Welly Club Tickets
2019-10-10 Big Country "return To Steeltown" Tour 1984-2019 The Welly Club Tickets
2019-10-12Saturday 12th October Rock Bottom O'Rileys Tickets
2019-10-18Friday 18th October Sarah Jane Morris Kardomah94 Tickets
2019-10-18 Cult Fiction O'Rileys Tickets
2019-10-19Saturday 19th October Red Hot Chilli Peppers Tribute - Chilifornication O'Rileys Tickets
2019-10-23Wednesday 23rd October Royal Republic The Welly Club Tickets
2019-10-26Saturday 26th October Frankly Aretha Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-11-01Friday 1st November Squeeze Hull City Hall Tickets
2019-11-01 Rammlied O'Rileys Tickets
2019-11-09Saturday 9th November Michael Starring Ben Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-11-09 Wrong Jovi O'Rileys Tickets
2019-11-09 Dirty Dc The Welly Club Tickets
2019-11-09 Dirty Dc The Welly Club Tickets
2019-11-13Wednesday 13th November Wishbone Ash 50th Anniversary Tour The Welly Club Tickets
2019-11-15Friday 15th November The Doors Alive The Welly Club Tickets
2019-11-18Monday 18th November Electric Six The Welly Club Tickets
2019-11-22Friday 22nd November Stillmarillion O'Rileys Tickets
2019-11-23Saturday 23rd November Sabbra Cadabra O'Rileys Tickets
2019-11-30Saturday 30th November Dr Hook Starring Dennis Locorriere Bonus Arena Tickets
2019-11-30 Toxicities O'Rileys Tickets
2019-12-21Saturday 21st December Livewire O'Rileys Tickets
2020-02-08Saturday 8th February Ultimate Leppard Return To O'rileys O'Rileys Tickets