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Find out what's on in Leeds below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2021-05-14Friday 14th May Complete Madness Tribute Irish Centre Tickets
2021-05-18Tuesday 18th May Jean Watson Collective HEART
2021-05-18 Atlanta House The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-05-20Thursday 20th May My Pet Fauxes The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-05-21Friday 21st May Svarc Hanley Longhawn Trio Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-05-21 Little Planets Fox & Newt Tickets
2021-05-21 Otzeki Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-05-21 Kapil Seshasayee The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-05-22Saturday 22nd May The Smyths Brudenell Social Club
2021-05-22 Conflare Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-05-22 Wiink Fox & Newt Tickets
2021-05-22 Raf Rundell The Library Tickets
2021-05-22 Steam Down The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-05-23Sunday 23rd May The Smyths Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-05-23 Conflare Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-05-23 Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties The Key Club Tickets
2021-05-23 October Drift The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-05-25Tuesday 25th May Roisin Ban HEART
2021-05-26Wednesday 26th May Joan Shelley Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-05-27Thursday 27th May Lovescene Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-05-27 L'objectif The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-05-28Friday 28th May Dr Feelgood Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-05-28 Fuchsia Fox & Newt Tickets
2021-05-28 Purple Rain HEART
2021-05-28 Late Night Legacy The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-05-29Saturday 29th May Shame Brudenell Social Club
2021-05-29 Red Shakes Fox & Newt Tickets
2021-05-29 Jonny Woolnough Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-05-30Sunday 30th May A Blue Note Records Tribute Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-05-30 All Tied Up Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-05-30 Newton Faulkner The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-05-31Monday 31st May Club Afrosound Ft. Kontiki Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-05-31 Awen Ensemble Brudenell Social Club
2021-06-01Tuesday 1st June The Nick Wood Band Thing HEART
2021-06-02Wednesday 2nd June Holly Humberstone Brudenell Social Club
2021-06-02 A Blue Note Records Tribute Brudenell Social Club
2021-06-03Thursday 3rd June The Loose Cut The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-06-04Friday 4th June Katy J Pearson Brudenell Social Club
2021-06-04 Jim & Maria Dood HEART
2021-06-04 Hybrid Minds O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-06-04 Mark Morriss The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-06-05Saturday 5th June Clone Roses O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-06-05 Newfamiliar The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-06-06Sunday 6th June Fuzz Lightyear Fox & Newt Tickets
2021-06-06 The Dunwells New Headingley Club Tickets
2021-06-08Tuesday 8th June Hazjak HEART
2021-06-09Wednesday 9th June Tight Lines Takeover Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-09 Planet Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-09 The Sound Of Modesty Fox & Newt Tickets
2021-06-09 Shai Brides Oporto Tickets
2021-06-10Thursday 10th June Lewsberg Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-06-10 Princess Nokia Leeds University Tickets
2021-06-10 Dim Imagery The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-06-11Friday 11th June Malcolm Strachan Sextet Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-11 Teenage Werewolves The Warehouse Tickets
2021-06-12Saturday 12th June Secret Night Gang Brudenell Social Club
2021-06-12 Muzikantes Festival Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-12 Black Josh Brudenell Social Club
2021-06-15Tuesday 15th June Anamanaguchi Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-15 Little Mistakes HEART
2021-06-16Wednesday 16th June Wandering Monster Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-16 Deadwax The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-06-18Friday 18th June Scum Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-06-18 Soul Cooker The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-06-19Saturday 19th June Scum Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-06-20Sunday 20th June A Blue Note Records Tribute Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-21Monday 21st June Larkins Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-21 The Grand Reopening - Round Two Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-06-21 Day & Night Terrace Party Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-06-22Tuesday 22nd June Gaelforce HEART
2021-06-22 Readymeal Hyde Park Book Club
2021-06-24Thursday 24th June Vipertime Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-24 Haim Millennium Square Tickets
2021-06-24 Indie Thursdays O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-06-25Friday 25th June Dejà Vega Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-06-25 Permission To Dance Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-06-25 The Isley Brothers First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-06-25 The Vat Egg Imposition Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-06-25 Don Letts The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-06-25 Don Letts The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-06-25 Definitely Oasis The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-06-26Saturday 26th June Moxy Mu:zik Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-06-26 Back To The Key Club The Key Club Tickets
2021-06-26 Matthew Halsall The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-06-27Sunday 27th June Friday Night Lights Santiago Tickets
2021-06-29Tuesday 29th June Pete Ivatts HEART
2021-07-01Thursday 1st July Ashtray Navigations Wharf Chambers Tickets
2021-07-02Friday 2nd July Only Sun Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-07-02 Mint Classic Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-07-03Saturday 3rd July Utah Saints Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-07-04Sunday 4th July Jesca Hoop Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-07-06Tuesday 6th July The Big Push Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-07-06 Maria Sandle HEART
2021-07-07Wednesday 7th July Hotel Lux The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-07-08Thursday 8th July Spectres Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-07-08 Realms Santiago Tickets
2021-07-09Friday 9th July The Weight Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-07-09 Mister Strange Mabgate Bleach Tickets
2021-07-09 Sasha Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-07-09 Restless Youth Santiago Tickets
2021-07-09 The Shackleton Trio The Constitutional Tickets
2021-07-09 Azazel The Key Club Tickets
2021-07-10Saturday 10th July Near Mrs Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-07-10 Bryan Adams Harewood House Tickets
2021-07-10 Newsam Park Festival Temple Newsam Tickets
2021-07-10 All Floyd The Warehouse Tickets
2021-07-13Tuesday 13th July Destroyer Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-07-13 Kinaara HEART
2021-07-14Wednesday 14th July Cucamaras Santiago Tickets
2021-07-14 Half Lives The Key Club Tickets
2021-07-14 Clean Cut Kid The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-07-15Thursday 15th July Sarpa Salpa Oporto Tickets
2021-07-16Friday 16th July The Rifles Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-07-17Saturday 17th July Club Uropa (part 3) Beaver Works Tickets
2021-07-17 Darlings Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-07-17 The Southmartins O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-07-17 Shift Santiago Tickets
2021-07-17 Led By Lanterns The Key Club Tickets
2021-07-17 The Beat The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-07-20Tuesday 20th July Colour Of Light HEART
2021-07-20 Wrest Oporto Tickets
2021-07-20 Starved The Key Club Tickets
2021-07-23Friday 23rd July 80's Classical Millennium Square Tickets
2021-07-23 Ilario Alicante Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-07-23 Black Parade O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-07-24Saturday 24th July A Fistful Of Ska Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-07-24 Bump (af)fair Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-07-24 Club Classical Anthems Millennium Square Tickets
2021-07-24 Ruckus24 Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-07-24 The World Famous Elvis Show Starring Chris Connor O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-07-24 Robert Vincent The Library Tickets
2021-07-24 Black Celebration The Warehouse Tickets
2021-07-25Sunday 25th July Mad Leisure Oporto Tickets
2021-07-27Tuesday 27th July Cousin Caroline HEART
2021-07-30Friday 30th July UB40 Temple Newsam Tickets
2021-07-30 Degs The Old Red Bus Station Tickets
2021-07-31Saturday 31st July Hyde Park Jazz Festival Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-07-31 Al Murray Temple Newsam Tickets
2021-07-31 Godeth The Key Club Tickets
2021-07-31 Milford Place The Library Tickets
2021-08-03Tuesday 3rd August Katie Spencer HEART
2021-08-04Wednesday 4th August Riscas Oporto Tickets
2021-08-05Thursday 5th August DMA's Millennium Square Tickets
2021-08-05 The Covasettes Oporto Tickets
2021-08-05 Document Wharf Chambers Tickets
2021-08-06Friday 6th August Salute To Reggae Millennium Square Tickets
2021-08-06 Max Mulrenan Santiago Tickets
2021-08-08Sunday 8th August Leeds Ska & Mod Festival Millennium Square Tickets
2021-08-10Tuesday 10th August Manouche A Trois HEART
2021-08-11Wednesday 11th August Pynch Oporto Tickets
2021-08-12Thursday 12th August Doyle The Warehouse Tickets
2021-08-13Friday 13th August Elysium Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-08-13 Teenage Werewolves The HiFi Club Tickets
2021-08-14Saturday 14th August Sleeper O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-08-16Monday 16th August Flyying Colours Mabgate Bleach Tickets
2021-08-17Tuesday 17th August The Hunch HEART
2021-08-18Wednesday 18th August Will And The People Oporto Tickets
2021-08-19Thursday 19th August Peach Fuzz Oporto Tickets
2021-08-20Friday 20th August International Teachers Of Pop Headrow House Tickets
2021-08-20 The Quireboys The Key Club Tickets
2021-08-21Saturday 21st August On Hollow Ground The Key Club Tickets
2021-08-21 Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-08-24Tuesday 24th August The Jeffrey Hewer Quartet HEART
2021-08-26Thursday 26th August Leeds Festival 2021 Bramham Park Tickets
2021-08-26 Ultrasound The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-08-27Friday 27th August Graceland Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-08-28Saturday 28th August The Family Rain Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-08-28 Bulsara And His Queenies O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-08-28 This Must Be The Place Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2021-08-30Monday 30th August Crack Cloud Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-08-31Tuesday 31st August Dana Gavanski Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-08-31 Waterparks The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-01Wednesday 1st September Basia Bulat Headrow House Tickets
2021-09-02Thursday 2nd September GZA Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-02 Lump Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-02 The Luka State The Library Tickets
2021-09-03Friday 3rd September Talkboy Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-03 Alfie Boe And His Band Harewood House Tickets
2021-09-03 Slam Dunk Festival 2021 - North Launch Party Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-09-03 Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-03 Classic Ibiza Temple Newsam Tickets
2021-09-04Saturday 4th September The Great Yorkshire Proms Harewood House Tickets
2021-09-04 Slam Dunk Festival 2021 - North Temple Newsam Tickets
2021-09-04 Fay Hield The Constitutional Tickets
2021-09-04 Gassed Up The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-04 Pulp'd Different Class The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-05Sunday 5th September Wildwood Kin Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-05 Queen Symphonic Harewood House Tickets
2021-09-05 Nathan Ball Oporto Tickets
2021-09-05 La Guns The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-06Monday 6th September Skullcrusher Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-06 Flyte The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-09-07Tuesday 7th September Arlo Parks Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-07 Julianna Barwick Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-07 Eve Owen Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-07 Spilt Milk Society Oporto Tickets
2021-09-08Wednesday 8th September Mr Ben And The Bens Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-08 Lottery Winners The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-09Thursday 9th September Bru-c Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-09 Lebanon Hanover Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-09 Beabadoobee Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-09-09 Blossoms O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-09 Sylvette Oporto Tickets
2021-09-09 Colosseum The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-10Friday 10th September Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-10 Meute Leeds University Tickets
2021-09-11Saturday 11th September Elijah Wolf Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-11 Janet Devlin Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-11 Mollie Coddled Headrow House Tickets
2021-09-11 Skylights Leeds University Tickets
2021-09-11 Klämp Mabgate Bleach Tickets
2021-09-11 Love Tidy North Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-11 Hrh Goth O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-11 Gimme Abba The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-12Sunday 12th September Margaret Glaspy Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-12 Oysterband Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-12 Pan Amsterdam Headrow House Tickets
2021-09-12 Tin Pigeons Oporto Tickets
2021-09-12 City Of The Sun The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-13Monday 13th September Boy Pablo Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-14Tuesday 14th September Social Haul Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-14 Black Stone Cherry O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-14 The Handsome Family The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-09-15Wednesday 15th September Mammal Hands Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-15 The Magic Numbers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-15 Motorama Headrow House Tickets
2021-09-15 Victors The Library Tickets
2021-09-15 Blackwater Conspiracy The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-16Thursday 16th September The Magic Numbers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-16 Delta Sleep Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-16 Courting Oporto Tickets
2021-09-17Friday 17th September Smoove & Turrell Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-17 The Burner Band Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-17 Pulverise Eiger Studios Tickets
2021-09-17 Nathan Fake Headrow House Tickets
2021-09-17 Tom Grennan O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-17 Artio The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-17 Luca Stricagnoli The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-09-17 Proud Mary The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-18Saturday 18th September Gangstagrass Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-18 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Abba After Midnight) Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-18 The Blinders Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-18 Vistas Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-18 Tiña Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-09-18 The Wildhearts Leeds University Tickets
2021-09-18 Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-18 Within Destruction The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-18 Kate Bush-Ka The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-09-18 Jo Whiley The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-19Sunday 19th September Kneecap Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-20Monday 20th September Pom Poko Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-20 Lonelady Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-20 Declan Mckenna O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-20 While She Sleeps The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-21Tuesday 21st September Dua Lipa First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-09-21 Our Hollow, Our Home The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-22Wednesday 22nd September Steve'n'seagulls Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-22 While She Sleeps The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-23Thursday 23rd September Bull Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-23 The Smyths Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-23 Ash Leeds University Tickets
2021-09-23 Tokyo Police Club The Library Tickets
2021-09-23 The Belgrave House Band The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-09-24Friday 24th September Billie Marten Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-24 The Smyths Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-24 Joe & The Shitboys Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-09-24 Pearl Jam Uk O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-24 Black Grape The Warehouse Tickets
2021-09-25Saturday 25th September King No-one Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-25 The Smyths Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-25 The Pigeon Detectives O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-25 Moses The Library Tickets
2021-09-25 Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-09-26Sunday 26th September Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-26 Phil Madeley Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-09-26 Haig Santiago Tickets
2021-09-27Monday 27th September Adrian Crowley Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-28Tuesday 28th September Tom Clarke Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-28 Tom Robinson & Band Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-28 Scritti Politti City Varieties Tickets
2021-09-28 Maria Sandle HEART
2021-09-28 The Slow Readers Club Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-09-28 M60 Oporto Tickets
2021-09-28 Kublai Khan Tx The Key Club Tickets
2021-09-28 Seed Ensemble The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-09-29Wednesday 29th September Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-29 The Wendy James Band Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-29 Coach Party Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-09-29 Inhaler O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-09-29 Nubiyan Twist The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-09-30Thursday 30th September Jesse Malin Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-09-30 The Toasters Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-30 All Them Witches Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-09-30 Meatraffle Headrow House Tickets
2021-09-30 The Reytons Leeds University Tickets
2021-09-30 Skindred O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-10-01Friday 1st October Mike Skinner Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-01 Bar Stool Preachers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-01 Hope & Social Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-01 Virginia Wing Headrow House Tickets
2021-10-01 Uk Foo Fighters The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-10-02Saturday 2nd October The Vapors Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-02 Bc Camplight Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-02 Nathan Carter Irish Centre Tickets
2021-10-02 Cream Leeds Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-10-02 Introspective Royal Park Tickets
2021-10-02 Don Letts The Warehouse Tickets
2021-10-03Sunday 3rd October The Besnard Lakes Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-03 Red Rum Club Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-03 Stick Men Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-03 Mason Hill The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-04Monday 4th October Amber Run Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-04 The Four Tops & The Temptations First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-10-04 The Staves Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-05Tuesday 5th October Iglooghost Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-05 Tim Burgess Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-05 Talk Show Headrow House Tickets
2021-10-05 The Lounge Society Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-05 Dream Nails Oporto Tickets
2021-10-06Wednesday 6th October Shawn James Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-06 Still Corners Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-06 Lanterns On The Lake Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-06 Gizmo Varillas Oporto Tickets
2021-10-07Thursday 7th October Shonen Knife Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-07 She Drew The Gun Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-07 Lauran Hibberd The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-08Friday 8th October Good Life Beaver Works Tickets
2021-10-08 House Gospel Choir Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-08 Holy Moly & The Crackers Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-08 Skipinnish Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-08 Joesef Headrow House Tickets
2021-10-08 Jordan Mackampa Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-08 Daft Funk The HiFi Club Tickets
2021-10-08 H.e.a.t The Warehouse Tickets
2021-10-09Saturday 9th October Ross From Friends Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-09 Field Music Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-09 Liz Lawrence Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-09 Ego Ella May Headrow House Tickets
2021-10-09 Bad Boy Chiller Crew O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-10-09 Ava In The Dark Royal Park Tickets
2021-10-09 Serious Sam Barrett The Constitutional Tickets
2021-10-09 This Feeling The Library Tickets
2021-10-09 Black Sabbitch The Warehouse Tickets
2021-10-10Sunday 10th October Black Honey Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-10 Ferris & Sylvester Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-10 Ferris Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-10 The South The Warehouse Tickets
2021-10-11Monday 11th October Turnstiles Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-11 Django Django Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-11 New Pagans Oporto Tickets
2021-10-11 The Suicide Machines The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-12Tuesday 12th October Scott Matthews Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-12 10cc's Graham Gouldman City Varieties Tickets
2021-10-12 The Lathums O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-10-12 Goan Dogs Oporto Tickets
2021-10-13Wednesday 13th October Wasuremono Oporto Tickets
2021-10-13 Fours The Library Tickets
2021-10-14Thursday 14th October The Armed Boom Tickets
2021-10-14 Henge Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-14 Dub Pistols Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-14 The Spitfires The Constitutional Tickets
2021-10-15Friday 15th October Submotion Orchestra Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-15 Caravan Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-15 Team Picture Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-15 Jason Donovan First Direct Arena
2021-10-15 King King Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-15 Chris Helme The Warehouse Tickets
2021-10-16Saturday 16th October Yungblud Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-16 Shader Santiago Tickets
2021-10-16 Space The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-10-16 Showhawk Duo The Warehouse Tickets
2021-10-16 Live At Leeds 2021 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2021-10-17Sunday 17th October Laura Veirs Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-17 Brass Against Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-19Tuesday 19th October Saint Agnes Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-19 Ed The Dog Oporto Tickets
2021-10-20Wednesday 20th October Bloxx Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-20 Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-10-20 Jockstrap Headrow House Tickets
2021-10-20 Trash Boat Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-20 Sea Girls O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-10-20 Room D Oporto Tickets
2021-10-20 Venom Prison The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-21Thursday 21st October Orlando Weeks Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-21 King Hannah Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-21 Hrvy Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-10-21 Rag'n'bone Man O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-10-21 Caro Oporto Tickets
2021-10-21 Salem The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-21 All We Are The Library Tickets
2021-10-22Friday 22nd October Bdrmm Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-22 Gender Roles Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-22 The Style Councillors Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-22 Vonda Shepard City Varieties Tickets
2021-10-22 Turin Brakes Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-22 Sonny Fodera O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-10-22 The Mysterines The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-23Saturday 23rd October Tourist Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-23 Skinny Living Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-23 Fontaines D.C. O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-10-23 Lonely The Brave The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-23 Black Water County The Library Tickets
2021-10-23 Nine Below Zero The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-10-23 Craig Charles Funk And Soul Club The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-10-23 Poly-math Wharf Chambers Tickets
2021-10-24Sunday 24th October Bon Iver First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-10-24 Sinead O'brien Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-24 The Dunwells Yeadon Town Hall Tickets
2021-10-25Monday 25th October The Last Internationale Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-25 Cassia Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-25 Braids Headrow House Tickets
2021-10-25 Ocean Wisdom Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-10-25 Nines Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-25 The Skints The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-26Tuesday 26th October Squarepusher Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-26 The Professionals Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-26 Neon Waltz Headrow House Tickets
2021-10-26 Bananagun Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-27Wednesday 27th October Oscar Jerome Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-27 Glass Caves Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-28Thursday 28th October Prospa Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-28 Wishbone Ash Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-28 Courtney Marie Andrews Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-28 Rick Astley First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-10-28 Hanya Headrow House Tickets
2021-10-28 Lawson Leeds University Tickets
2021-10-28 Michael Schenker O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-10-28 Fit For A King The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-28 Blancmange The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-10-28 The Kubricks Wharf Chambers Tickets
2021-10-29Friday 29th October The Mouse Outfit Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-29 Send More Paramedics Boom
2021-10-29 The Haggis Horns Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-29 The Skids Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-29 Bored At My Grandmas House Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-10-29 Barenaked Ladies Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-10-29 Pete & Bas The Warehouse Tickets
2021-10-30Saturday 30th October Send More Paramedics Boom
2021-10-30 The Howl & The Hum Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-10-30 Jls First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-10-30 Slaves (us) The Key Club Tickets
2021-10-30 Gentlemans Brawl The Library Tickets
2021-10-30 Dark Arts Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2021-10-31Sunday 31st October Nubya Garcia Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-10-31 The Howl & The Hum Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-02Tuesday 2nd November Pi'erre Bourne Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-02 Tre Burt Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-11-02 Dappy Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-02 Baby Strange Oporto Tickets
2021-11-02 The Wytches The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-03Wednesday 3rd November Jane Weaver Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-03 Piroshka Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-03 Real Lies Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-03 False Heads Oporto Tickets
2021-11-04Thursday 4th November Nick Waterhouse Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-04 The Ramonas Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-04 Christian Löffler Left Bank Tickets
2021-11-05Friday 5th November Rhythm Of The 90's Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-05 Elton John First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-11-05 Cud The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-06Saturday 6th November Pongo Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-06 Jim Bob Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-06 Omd First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-11-06 Special Kinda Madness Irish Centre Tickets
2021-11-06 The Dualers O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-06 Venus Grrrls The Key Club Tickets
2021-11-06 This Feeling The Library Tickets
2021-11-06 Complete Stone Roses The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-06 Goldie Lookin' Chain The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-07Sunday 7th November Lee Scratch Perry Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-07 Lord Apex Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-07 Easy Life O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-07 Saint Raymond The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-07 Blacklisters Wharf Chambers Tickets
2021-11-08Monday 8th November Pillow Queens Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-11-08 Nick Shoulders The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-09Tuesday 9th November Islandman Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-09 Anna Meredith Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-09 The Girls Bathroom City Varieties Tickets
2021-11-09 Islandman Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-09 Suede O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-09 Lucy Deakin Oporto Tickets
2021-11-09 Imonolith The Key Club Tickets
2021-11-09 Athletic Progression The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-10Wednesday 10th November Kojaque Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-10 Willy Mason Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-10 Avalanche Party Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-10 Ward Thomas City Varieties Tickets
2021-11-10 Sprints Oporto Tickets
2021-11-10 Crazy P The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-10 Joanne Shaw Taylor The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-11Thursday 11th November Self Esteem Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-11 Daytime Tv Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-11 Oh Sees Irish Centre Tickets
2021-11-11 Rina Sawayama Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-11-11 Working Men's Club Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-11 Polar States Oporto Tickets
2021-11-11 Noble Jacks The Constitutional Tickets
2021-11-11 Kid Kapichi The Key Club Tickets
2021-11-11 Bandit The Library Tickets
2021-11-12Friday 12th November Romare Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-12 The Guru Guru Boom Tickets
2021-11-12 Stone Foundation Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-12 Warm Digits Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-12 The Hunna Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-12 Gorgon City O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-12 The Urban Voodoo Machine The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-13Saturday 13th November Snapped Ankles Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-13 The Jets Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-13 Nathan Dawe Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-13 Conflare The Key Club Tickets
2021-11-13 Wayward Sons The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-13 Strictly Ub40 The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-13 Adaptations Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2021-11-14Sunday 14th November Porridge Radio Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-14 Mdvlns Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-11-14 The Snuts Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-15Monday 15th November Corky Laing Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-15 Georgia The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-16Tuesday 16th November Tide Lines Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-16 A Certain Ratio The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-17Wednesday 17th November Greentea Peng Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-17 Hayseed Dixie Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-17 Glass Animals O2 Academy Leeds
2021-11-18Thursday 18th November The Quireboys Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-18 The Other Favorites Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-18 Skerryvore Irish Centre Tickets
2021-11-18 Sports Team Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-18 Weird Milk Oporto Tickets
2021-11-18 Retro Video Club The Library Tickets
2021-11-19Friday 19th November K.o.g. & The Zongo Brigade Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-19 Steps First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-11-19 Shame Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-11-19 Thomas Headon Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-19 Roni Size Ltj Bukem O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-19 Noble Jacks The Constitutional Tickets
2021-11-19 Rhythm Of The 90s The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-11-19 Offica The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-20Saturday 20th November Soléy Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-20 Emily Capell Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-20 Freya Beer Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-20 Joel Corry Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-20 Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-20 The Black Charade The Key Club Tickets
2021-11-20 Mr.b Gentleman Rhymer The Library Tickets
2021-11-20 Dat Brass The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-21Sunday 21st November New Kind Of Neighbourhood Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-21 Black Midi Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-21 Blondie First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-11-22Monday 22nd November Black Midi Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-22 Headie One O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-23Tuesday 23rd November Black Midi Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-23 Kelly Lee Owens Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-23 Leifur James Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-23 Boston Manor Leeds University Tickets
2021-11-23 New Rules The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-24Wednesday 24th November Owen Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-24 Hands Off Gretel Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-24 Ren Harvieu Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-24 Seatbelts Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-24 Braids Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-24 Skinny Lister The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-25Thursday 25th November Alfa Mist Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-25 Berwyn Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-25 Admiral Fallow Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-25 James & Happy Mondays First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-11-25 Brigid Mae Power Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-11-25 Oh Wonder O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-26Friday 26th November Pa Salieu Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-26 Heimatdamisch Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-26 Dreadzone Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-26 Japanese Television Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-26 From The Jam Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-11-26 Bad Touch The Key Club Tickets
2021-11-27Saturday 27th November William Doyle Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-11-27 Italia 90 Headrow House Tickets
2021-11-27 Peggy Sue Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-11-27 Broken Witt Rebels The Library Tickets
2021-11-27 Palace Winter The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-11-27 Apollo Junction The Warehouse Tickets
2021-11-28Sunday 28th November Grace Petrie Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-28 Frazey Ford Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-29Monday 29th November Fenne Lily Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-30Tuesday 30th November Young Knives Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-11-30 The Offspring First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-11-30 Peakes Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-11-30 The Libertines O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-11-30 The Howlers Oporto Tickets
2021-11-30 Allora The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-12-01Wednesday 1st December Junodream Oporto Tickets
2021-12-02Thursday 2nd December Tigercub Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-02 Jamie Webster Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-12-02 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Leeds University Tickets
2021-12-02 Make Friends Oporto Tickets
2021-12-03Friday 3rd December We Were Promised Jetpacks Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-03 Peat & Diesel Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-03 The Human League First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-12-03 Mason Hill The Key Club Tickets
2021-12-03 Bootleg Blondie The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-12-03 Part Chimp Wharf Chambers Tickets
2021-12-04Saturday 4th December Cabbage Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-04 Keep Dancing Inc Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-12-04 The Futureheads The Old Woollen Tickets
2021-12-04 Craig Charles Funk And Soul Club The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-12-05Sunday 5th December Jon Gomm Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-05 Beach Riot Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-12-06Monday 6th December Monomyth Records The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-12-06 Monomyth Records Christmas Showcase The Wardrobe Tickets
2021-12-07Tuesday 7th December Jessie Ware O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-12-07 The World Is A Beautiful Place The Key Club Tickets
2021-12-08Wednesday 8th December Ub40 First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-12-08 Ist Ist Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2021-12-09Thursday 9th December Chubby And The Gang Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2021-12-09 Grant Lee-phillips Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-09 Michael Ball & Alfie Boe First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-12-10Friday 10th December Hyde Park Brass Leeds University Tickets
2021-12-10 Hung Like Hanratty Santiago Tickets
2021-12-11Saturday 11th December I Like Trains Brudenell Social Club
2021-12-11 Gary Barlow First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-12-11 10 Years Of Eats Everything Mint Warehouse Tickets
2021-12-12Sunday 12th December Enter Shikari O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-12-12 The Pale White The Key Club Tickets
2021-12-13Monday 13th December Daxx & Roxane Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-14Tuesday 14th December D Double E Leeds University Tickets
2021-12-15Wednesday 15th December Snuff The Key Club Tickets
2021-12-16Thursday 16th December Bossk Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-16 Lost In Music First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-12-17Friday 17th December Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-12-17 The Charlatans O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-12-17 Slade The Warehouse Tickets
2021-12-18Saturday 18th December The Brand New Heavies Leeds University Tickets
2021-12-18 Versatile The Warehouse Tickets
2021-12-19Sunday 19th December Jane Mcdonald First Direct Arena Tickets
2021-12-20Monday 20th December Shed Seven O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-12-21Tuesday 21st December Creeper Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2021-12-21 Shed Seven O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2021-12-22Wednesday 22nd December Sounds Like A Storm Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2021-12-22 Bad Manners The Warehouse Tickets
2021-12-26Sunday 26th December Professionals Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-01-11Tuesday 11th January Peter Hook & The Light O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-01-15Saturday 15th January Small Fakers The Warehouse Tickets
2022-01-16Sunday 16th January Buck Meek Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-01-18Tuesday 18th January Funeral For A Friend O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-01-19Wednesday 19th January Neck Deep O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-01-22Saturday 22nd January Cast O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-01-22 Tom Rosenthal The Wardrobe Tickets
2022-01-23Sunday 23rd January Teddy Thompson Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-01-23 Lucero Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-01-27Thursday 27th January The Sheratons Oporto Tickets
2022-01-28Friday 28th January Efterklang Howard Assembly Room Tickets
2022-01-28 S-x The Key Club Tickets
2022-01-29Saturday 29th January Grade 2 Boom Tickets
2022-01-30Sunday 30th January Dean Wareham Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-01Tuesday 1st February The Districts Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-02Wednesday 2nd February Brendan Benson Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-02 Pearl Charles Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-02 Echo And The Bunnymen O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-02-03Thursday 3rd February Secret Affair Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-03 Every Time I Die Leeds University Tickets
2022-02-04Friday 4th February Pengshui Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2022-02-04 The Night Cafe Leeds University Tickets
2022-02-04 Glasvegas The Warehouse Tickets
2022-02-04 Antagonizers Atl Wharf Chambers Tickets
2022-02-05Saturday 5th February Chantel Mcgregor Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-05 Banners The Wardrobe Tickets
2022-02-06Sunday 6th February Adult Mom Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-06 Sharon Shannon Irish Centre Tickets
2022-02-08Tuesday 8th February Tom Speight Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-09Wednesday 9th February Simply Red First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-02-10Thursday 10th February Josh Rouse Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-10 Scott Stapp The Warehouse Tickets
2022-02-11Friday 11th February Altin Gun Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2022-02-11 Goodbye Mr Mackenzie Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-11 James Blunt First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-02-12Saturday 12th February The Stranglers O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-02-12 John Coghlan's Quo The Warehouse Tickets
2022-02-17Thursday 17th February Shopping Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-17 Pale Waves O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-02-18Friday 18th February Enslaved Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-18 Jaga Jazzist Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-19Saturday 19th February Chameleons Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-20Sunday 20th February Dry Cleaning Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-22Tuesday 22nd February Architects First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-02-24Thursday 24th February Douglas Dare Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-25Friday 25th February Darts Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-26Saturday 26th February Nada Surf Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-26 Yard Act Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-26 Touch Of Toto The Warehouse Tickets
2022-02-27Sunday 27th February Leeds Blues, Rhythm And Rock Festival Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-02-27 Mark Billy Billingham City Varieties Tickets
2022-03-01Tuesday 1st March Set It Off Leeds University Tickets
2022-03-01 Tom Odell O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-03-04Friday 4th March Alfie Templeman Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-05Saturday 5th March Discharge The Warehouse Tickets
2022-03-05 Evil Blizzard The Warehouse Tickets
2022-03-06Sunday 6th March Bryde Hyde Park Book Club Tickets
2022-03-06 Ricky Warwick The Warehouse Tickets
2022-03-07Monday 7th March Juniore Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2022-03-07 Snoop Dogg First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-03-08Tuesday 8th March Chloe Moriondo The Wardrobe Tickets
2022-03-09Wednesday 9th March Mono City Varieties Tickets
2022-03-09 Reckless Love & Dan Reed Network The Warehouse Tickets
2022-03-11Friday 11th March The Pogue Traders Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-12Saturday 12th March God Is An Astronaut Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2022-03-12 Torres Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-12 I Prevail O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-03-12 Ian Mcnabb The Old Woollen Tickets
2022-03-12 Ac/dc Uk The Warehouse Tickets
2022-03-12 Mungos Hifi The Warehouse Tickets
2022-03-13Sunday 13th March Nouvelle Vague The Old Woollen Tickets
2022-03-14Monday 14th March Sarah Klang Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-15Tuesday 15th March Tangerine Dream Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-15 Jake Bugg O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-03-15 Kill The Lights The Key Club Tickets
2022-03-16Wednesday 16th March Fink Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-16 Melt Yourself Down Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-16 Dinosaur Pile Up The Wardrobe Tickets
2022-03-17Thursday 17th March Big Country Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-18Friday 18th March The Aces Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-18 Slowthai Leeds University Tickets
2022-03-19Saturday 19th March Onipa Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-19 Stiff Little Fingers O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-03-20Sunday 20th March Robyn Hitchcock Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-21Monday 21st March Dream Wife The Wardrobe Tickets
2022-03-22Tuesday 22nd March Soft Machine Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-22 Ingested The Key Club Tickets
2022-03-23Wednesday 23rd March Iceage Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2022-03-24Thursday 24th March Steve Ignorant Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-24 Roddy Woomble Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-24 Planet Earth Ii First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-03-24 Dr John Cooper Clarke O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-03-26Saturday 26th March Kokoroko Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2022-03-26 Soft Machine Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-27Sunday 27th March Crumb Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-27 The Chats Leeds University Tickets
2022-03-28Monday 28th March The Skids Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-03-30Wednesday 30th March Gretchen Peters City Varieties Tickets
2022-03-30 The Fratellis O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-03-31Thursday 31st March Dayglow Leeds University Tickets
2022-04-01Friday 1st April Royal Blood First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-04-01 Everything Everything O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-04-02Saturday 2nd April Skating Polly Wharf Chambers Tickets
2022-04-03Sunday 3rd April Eric Gales Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-04-03 Pictish Trail Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-04-03 Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-04-03 Joan As Police Woman The Wardrobe Tickets
2022-04-05Tuesday 5th April Redd Kross Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-04-07Thursday 7th April Metz Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-04-08Friday 8th April Mclusky Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-04-09Saturday 9th April Simple Minds First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-04-09 Teenage Fanclub Leeds Beckett University Tickets
2022-04-10Sunday 10th April The Garden Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2022-04-14Thursday 14th April The Outcasts Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-04-14 Therapy? The Warehouse Tickets
2022-04-15Friday 15th April 5 Seconds Of Summer First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-04-17Sunday 17th April Alabama 3 The Warehouse Tickets
2022-04-22Friday 22nd April Uk Subs Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-04-22 Craig David First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-04-22 Mystery Jets The Wardrobe Tickets
2022-04-23Saturday 23rd April Metronomy O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-04-23 Eat You Alive Festival 2021 Various Leeds Venues Tickets
2022-04-24Sunday 24th April The Academic Leeds University Tickets
2022-04-26Tuesday 26th April Dean Friedman The Constitutional Tickets
2022-04-27Wednesday 27th April Skunk Anansie O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-04-27 Mae Muller The Wardrobe Tickets
2022-04-28Thursday 28th April Chuck Ragan Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-04-29Friday 29th April Stoner The Warehouse Tickets
2022-04-30Saturday 30th April Little Mix First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-05-06Friday 6th May Whyte Horses Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-05-06 Stereo Mc's Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-05-06 Ashley Mcbryde Leeds University Tickets
2022-05-07Saturday 7th May Craig Revel Horwood City Varieties Tickets
2022-05-07 Gregory Porter First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-05-08Sunday 8th May Michael Kiwanuka O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-05-11Wednesday 11th May Travis O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-05-12Thursday 12th May John Lees' Barclay James Harvest City Varieties Tickets
2022-05-13Friday 13th May Andy Shauf Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-05-13 Simply Dylan City Varieties Tickets
2022-05-14Saturday 14th May Steve Harley Acoustic Band City Varieties Tickets
2022-05-14 Brothers Osborne O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-05-15Sunday 15th May Darwin Deez Belgrave Music Hall Tickets
2022-05-19Thursday 19th May Nekromantix Boom Tickets
2022-05-19 Oh My God It's The Church! Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-05-19 Julien Baker Irish Centre Tickets
2022-05-21Saturday 21st May Letz Zep Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-05-21 Novo Amor City Varieties Tickets
2022-05-22Sunday 22nd May Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-05-24Tuesday 24th May Karnivool Leeds University Tickets
2022-05-25Wednesday 25th May David Gray First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-05-25 Donny Benet Headrow House Tickets
2022-05-25 The Flaming Lips Leeds University Tickets
2022-05-27Friday 27th May Fleetwood Bac Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-05-30Monday 30th May Chuck Prophet And The Mission Express Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-05-30 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Irish Centre Tickets
2022-06-02Thursday 2nd June Om Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-06-02 The Music Temple Newsam Tickets
2022-06-02 The Coral Temple Newsam Tickets
2022-06-04Saturday 4th June The Boys Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-06-04 Hang Massive Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-06-09Thursday 9th June Drive By Truckers Leeds University Tickets
2022-06-10Friday 10th June The Secret Sisters Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-06-10 Half Man Half Biscuit Leeds University Tickets
2022-06-11Saturday 11th June The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown City Varieties Tickets
2022-06-12Sunday 12th June The High Kings City Varieties Tickets
2022-06-14Tuesday 14th June Kings Of Leon First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-06-14 Dragged Under The Key Club Tickets
2022-06-17Friday 17th June Jesus Piece Boom Tickets
2022-06-17 Elvana Unplugged Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-06-17 Waterparks O2 Academy Leeds Tickets
2022-06-18Saturday 18th June The Orb Leeds University Tickets
2022-06-18 Transmission The Warehouse Tickets
2022-06-22Wednesday 22nd June Suzanne Ciani Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-06-22 George Benson First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-06-25Saturday 25th June Manilow First Direct Arena Tickets
2022-06-30Thursday 30th June Black Uhuru Brudenell Social Club Tickets
2022-07-08Friday 8th July Michael Buble Harewood House Tickets
2022-07-08 Foals Millennium Square Tickets
2022-07-09Saturday 9th July Olly Murs Harewood House Tickets
2022-07-26Tuesday 26th July Vintage Trouble Leeds University Tickets
2022-10-26Wednesday 26th October Bury Tomorrow Leeds Beckett University Tickets