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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2018-06-18Monday 18th June The Church O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-06-18 Neal Morse Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-06-19Tuesday 19th June C.w. Stoneking Plug Tickets
2018-06-19 Katy Perry Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-06-20Wednesday 20th June The Teacups Regather Works Tickets
2018-06-20 Captain Of The Lost Waves The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-21Thursday 21st June Daisy Daisy Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-06-21 East Pointers The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-22Friday 22nd June Trucker Diablo Corporation Tickets
2018-06-22 Universal Tree Picture House Social Tickets
2018-06-22 Hands Off Gretel Record Junkee Tickets
2018-06-22 Kiki Dee And Carmelo Lugeri The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-23Saturday 23rd June Luke Jackson Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-06-23 He Is We Corporation Tickets
2018-06-23 Definitely Oasis Plug Tickets
2018-06-23 Haze The Greystones Tickets
2018-06-24Sunday 24th June Oceans Ate Alaska Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2018-06-24 The Wave Pictures Picture House Social Tickets
2018-06-24 Ashfields The Green Room Tickets
2018-06-26Tuesday 26th June Wolves In The Throne Room Corporation Tickets
2018-06-27Wednesday 27th June Jeffrey Martin & Anna Tivel Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-06-28Thursday 28th June Crazy Town Corporation Tickets
2018-06-28 And So I Watch You From Afar Plug Tickets
2018-06-29Friday 29th June Gun Sheffield University Tickets
2018-06-30Saturday 30th June Funky And Chicago House Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2018-06-30 Bravado Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-07-01Sunday 1st July Deap Vally Plug Tickets
2018-07-04Wednesday 4th July Hayfitz Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-07-04 Threads Record Junkee
2018-07-05Thursday 5th July Lauren Housley The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-06Friday 6th July Bring It On Down Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-07-06 Glory Days The HUBS Tickets
2018-07-07Saturday 7th July Mysteron Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-07-07 Jonah Matranga Corporation Tickets
2018-07-07 African Sanctus Sheffield University Tickets
2018-07-07 Steel Hearts Festival The Royal Standard Tickets
2018-07-08Sunday 8th July Hillfolk Noir The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-09Monday 9th July Psychostick Corporation Tickets
2018-07-11Wednesday 11th July Dean Friedman The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2018-07-12Thursday 12th July The Clench The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-13Friday 13th July Oli Brown The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-14Saturday 14th July Rosie Brown & Peter Watt Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-07-14 Vida Wasteman Record Junkee Tickets
2018-07-14 Simply Dylan The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-14 King Mojo The Shakespeare Tickets
2018-07-17Tuesday 17th July Roam Record Junkee Tickets
2018-07-18Wednesday 18th July Theatre Of Hate The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-19Thursday 19th July Doug Macleod The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-20Friday 20th July Lach Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-07-21Saturday 21st July Conflict Corporation Tickets
2018-07-21 Tramlines @ Plug Plug Tickets
2018-07-23Monday 23rd July Big Sandy & His Fly-rite Boys The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-24Tuesday 24th July Amelia White The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-26Thursday 26th July Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-27Friday 27th July Barrier Corporation Tickets
2018-07-27 Bruce Barthol The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2018-07-27 Blackballed The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-28Saturday 28th July Palm Reader Corporation Tickets
2018-07-29Sunday 29th July Vibe - Ology The Greystones Tickets
2018-07-31Tuesday 31st July The Dirty Bourbon River Show The Greystones Tickets
2018-08-03Friday 3rd August Bring It On Down Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-08-03 Puppy Corporation Tickets
2018-08-03 Pete Gallagher’s Rocket Man O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-08-03 The Wildhearts Plug Tickets
2018-08-04Saturday 4th August Unicorn And Prosecco Festival Plug Tickets
2018-08-04 Papa Soul The Greystones Tickets
2018-08-07Tuesday 7th August Sam Outlaw The HUBS Tickets
2018-08-08Wednesday 8th August Skatalites Plug Tickets
2018-08-10Friday 10th August The Aguilar Blumenfield Project The Greystones Tickets
2018-08-11Saturday 11th August A Night In Texas Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2018-08-11 The Muffin Men The Greystones Tickets
2018-08-13Monday 13th August Vintage Trouble Plug Tickets
2018-08-13 The Kut West Street Live Tickets
2018-08-14Tuesday 14th August Holly Rees & Matt Dunbar Hagglers Corner Tickets
2018-08-15Wednesday 15th August Paw Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-08-17Friday 17th August Hacienda Classical Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2018-08-17 The Bon Jovi Experience Plug Tickets
2018-08-18Saturday 18th August George Ezra Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2018-08-19Sunday 19th August Ocean Colour Scene Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2018-08-19 Jake Shears The Leadmill Tickets
2018-08-20Monday 20th August Mest Corporation Tickets
2018-08-23Thursday 23rd August Wilko Johnson The Leadmill Tickets
2018-08-25Saturday 25th August The Fargo Railroad Co. The Greystones Tickets
2018-08-26Sunday 26th August Saving Abel Corporation Tickets
2018-08-28Tuesday 28th August Protomartyr Picture House Social Tickets
2018-09-01Saturday 1st September Serenity Corporation Tickets
2018-09-01 HRH Sleaze O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-01 Nearly Dan Plug Tickets
2018-09-01 The Bearcats The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-02Sunday 2nd September HRH Sleaze O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-02 Lee Baines And The Glory Fires The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-03Monday 3rd September Alex G Picture House Social Tickets
2018-09-04Tuesday 4th September Jesse Dayton The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-05Wednesday 5th September 10 Years Corporation Tickets
2018-09-05 Electric Six Plug Tickets
2018-09-05 Hamilton Loomis The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-06Thursday 6th September Red Rum Corporation Tickets
2018-09-06 Alexandra Burke Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-09-06 Bridgett St. John The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-07Friday 7th September Leveret The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-07 Striking Matches The Leadmill Tickets
2018-09-08Saturday 8th September HRH C.R.O.W.S O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-08 Joey Landreth The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-09Sunday 9th September HRH C.R.O.W.S O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-10Monday 10th September Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycutters The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-11Tuesday 11th September The Excess The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-12Wednesday 12th September Niteworks The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-13Thursday 13th September Walking Papers Corporation Tickets
2018-09-13 Forever Came Calling Corporation Tickets
2018-09-13 Jurassic Park Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-09-13 Rhiannon Scutt The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-14Friday 14th September Chantel Mcgregor The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-15Saturday 15th September Kris Barras Corporation Tickets
2018-09-15 Paul Fletcher & The Dukes O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-15 Kyle Falconer Plug Tickets
2018-09-15 Steve Tilston The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-16Sunday 16th September Kaz Hawkins The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-17Monday 17th September Jaret Reddick Plug Tickets
2018-09-18Tuesday 18th September Arctic Monkeys Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-09-19Wednesday 19th September Arctic Monkeys Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-09-20Thursday 20th September The London Astrobeat Orchestra The HUBS Tickets
2018-09-21Friday 21st September The Mask Of Virtue O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-21 Spring King Plug Tickets
2018-09-21 Arctic Monkeys Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-09-21 Molotov Jukebox The Leadmill Tickets
2018-09-22Saturday 22nd September Halestorm O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-09-22 Arctic Monkeys Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-09-22 Lisa Mills The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-23Sunday 23rd September Pale Waves Sheffield University Tickets
2018-09-23 Mull Historical Society The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-24Monday 24th September Tom Clarke Plug Tickets
2018-09-24 Chuck Prophet The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-24 Tanyalee Davis: Actual Size The Leadmill Tickets
2018-09-25Tuesday 25th September Spinn Record Junkee Tickets
2018-09-25 The Lake Poets The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-25 Laurel The Leadmill Tickets
2018-09-26Wednesday 26th September Ange Hardy The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-27Thursday 27th September False Heads Record Junkee Tickets
2018-09-27 Winter/wilson The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-27 Ginger Wildheart The HUBS Tickets
2018-09-28Friday 28th September The Treatment Corporation Tickets
2018-09-28 The Bad Flowers Corporation Tickets
2018-09-28 The Magic Gang Plug Tickets
2018-09-28 John Verity Band The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-29Saturday 29th September Stacie Collins The Greystones Tickets
2018-09-30Sunday 30th September The Nightingales The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-02Tuesday 2nd October Roddy Woomble The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-02 Jamali Maddix The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-03Wednesday 3rd October The Night Cafe O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-03 Teleman Plug Tickets
2018-10-03 Blair Dunlop The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-04Thursday 4th October John Craigie Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-10-04 Chase The Dream Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-10-04 Robin And Bina Williamson The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-05Friday 5th October John Craigie Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-10-05 Demons Of Ruby Mae Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-10-05 Ricky Warwick Sheffield University Tickets
2018-10-05 The Pineapple Thief The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-06Saturday 6th October Idolising Nova Cafe Totem Tickets
2018-10-06 Iszoloscope Corporation Tickets
2018-10-06 Julie Murphy Heeley Institute Tickets
2018-10-06 Lady Maisery Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-10-06 Ralph Mctell Sheffield University Tickets
2018-10-06 Eddie & The Hot Rods The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-07Sunday 7th October Warriors! O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-07 The Rubber Wellies The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-07 The Coral The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-08Monday 8th October Alice Howe & Freebo The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-10Wednesday 10th October Aidan O'rourke The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-11Thursday 11th October Samuel Moore Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-10-11 Elvana O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-11 Sons Of Pitches O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-11 Sam Carter The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-12Friday 12th October The Daniel Wakeford Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-12 Vivaldi's Four Seasons By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-10-12 3 Daft Monkeys The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-12 Sea Girls The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-13Saturday 13th October Guns 2 Roses O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-13 Find A Place Record Junkee Tickets
2018-10-13 Reckoner Festival Sheffield University
2018-10-13 Warner E Hodges Band The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-14Sunday 14th October Bigfoot Corporation Tickets
2018-10-14 Dads Army Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-10-14 Grace Petrie The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-15Monday 15th October Tom Walker The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-16Tuesday 16th October Nathan Bell The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-16 Ash The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-17Wednesday 17th October Skinny Molly The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-18Thursday 18th October Our Girl Picture House Social Tickets
2018-10-19Friday 19th October The Shackleton Trio Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-10-19 Adam Holmes And The Embers The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-20Saturday 20th October Hamell On Trial Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-10-20 Rudimental O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-20 Evil Scarecrow Plug Tickets
2018-10-20 Festivile 2018 Plug Tickets
2018-10-20 Transmission Record Junkee Tickets
2018-10-20 Gatecrasher Classical Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-10-20 Catfish The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-20 Will Varley The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-21Sunday 21st October The Proclaimers Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-10-21 Lisa O'neill The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-21 Superorganism The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-22Monday 22nd October Robert Cray Band Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-10-22 Ye Vagabonds The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-22 The Brian Jonestown Massacre The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-23Tuesday 23rd October Glasvegas Plug Tickets
2018-10-23 Lankum The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-24Wednesday 24th October Naxatras Corporation Tickets
2018-10-24 Tom Grennan O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-24 Emily Mae Winters The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-25Thursday 25th October Ady Suleiman O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-25 John Smith Picture House Social Tickets
2018-10-25 Boyzlife Sheffield University Tickets
2018-10-25 Rod Clements & Rab Noakes The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-26Friday 26th October Absolute Bowie: 50 Years Of Bowie O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-10-26 The Blinders Plug Tickets
2018-10-26 Maximum R'n'b Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-10-26 Stevie Nimmo Band The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-26 Peggy Seeger And Family The HUBS Tickets
2018-10-27Saturday 27th October Menace Beach Picture House Social Tickets
2018-10-27 Lord Huron Plug Tickets
2018-10-27 Eddi Reader Sheffield University Tickets
2018-10-27 Ian Felice The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-27 Miles Hunt The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-28Sunday 28th October From The Jam The Leadmill Tickets
2018-10-29Monday 29th October Sam Amidon The Greystones Tickets
2018-10-31Wednesday 31st October Michael Bolton Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-01Thursday 1st November Speakers From The Edge Sheffield University Tickets
2018-11-01 The Urban Voodoo Machine The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-01 The Elvis Dead The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-02Friday 2nd November 5 Seconds Of Summer O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-02 Blurz O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-02 Club Kuru Picture House Social Tickets
2018-11-02 Corrosion Of Conformity Plug Tickets
2018-11-02 Corrosion Of Conformity Plug Tickets
2018-11-02 John Grant Sheffield University Tickets
2018-11-04Sunday 4th November Caro Emerald Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-04 Harry Manx The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-05Monday 5th November Bloxx The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-06Tuesday 6th November Baxter Dury Plug Tickets
2018-11-06 The Whitney Houston Show Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-06 Gogo Penguin The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-07Wednesday 7th November Flasher Picture House Social Tickets
2018-11-07 The Willows The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-08Thursday 8th November Black Grape Plug Tickets
2018-11-08 The Luck The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-09Friday 9th November Made In Motown Library Theatre Tickets
2018-11-09 Pearl Jam Uk O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-09 The Family Values Tribute Tour 2018 Plug Tickets
2018-11-09 Ian Mcnabb Sheffield University Tickets
2018-11-09 Orphan Colours The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-10Saturday 10th November Rhythm Of The 90s Sheffield University
2018-11-10 John Otway & The Big Band The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-10 Rat Boy The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-11Sunday 11th November Jessie J O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-11 Here Lies Man Picture House Social Tickets
2018-11-11 Danny Bryant The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-13Tuesday 13th November Johnny Marr O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-13 Therapy? O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-13 Johnny Marr O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-15Thursday 15th November King No-one O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-15 Jim Moray The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-17Saturday 17th November Antarctic Monkeys O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-17 China Crisis - Flaunt The Imperfection The HUBS Tickets
2018-11-18Sunday 18th November Shame The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-20Tuesday 20th November Celtic Fiddle Festival The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-21Wednesday 21st November Jackie Oates The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-21 Abandoman The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-23Friday 23rd November The Southmartins O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-23 A Band Called Malice Plug Tickets
2018-11-23 Unknown Mortal Orchestra The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-24Saturday 24th November The New Roses Corporation Tickets
2018-11-24 The Doors Alive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-11-24 Yazmin Lacey Picture House Social Tickets
2018-11-24 Tide Lines The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-25Sunday 25th November Magnum Plug Tickets
2018-11-25 Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-25 Hawklords Sheffield University Tickets
2018-11-25 Megson The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-26Monday 26th November The Damned Plug Tickets
2018-11-26 Tide Lines The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-27Tuesday 27th November Martin Taylor And Martin Simpson Crookes Social Club Tickets
2018-11-27 Courage Calls The Greystones Tickets
2018-11-28Wednesday 28th November Rich Hall's Hoedown The Leadmill Tickets
2018-11-29Thursday 29th November Jake Morley Cafe #9 Tickets
2018-11-29 Fastlove - A Tribute To George Michael Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-11-30Friday 30th November John Coghlan's Quo Plug Tickets
2018-11-30 Graveyard The Leadmill Tickets
2018-12-01Saturday 1st December Hrh Vikings - Day One O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-01 Connie Lush The Greystones Tickets
2018-12-02Sunday 2nd December Hrh Vikings - Day Two O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-03Monday 3rd December Steve N Seagulls O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-04Tuesday 4th December Jane Siberry The Greystones Tickets
2018-12-05Wednesday 5th December Duotone The Greystones Tickets
2018-12-06Thursday 6th December Cara Dillon Sheffield University Tickets
2018-12-06 Dan Baird And Homemade Sin The Greystones Tickets
2018-12-07Friday 7th December The Smyths O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-07 The Smyths O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-07 The Human League Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-12-08Saturday 8th December Power Quest Corporation Tickets
2018-12-08 Heaven 17 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-08 Molly Hatchet Plug Tickets
2018-12-09Sunday 9th December Viennese Christmas By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2018-12-09 Sinnerboy The Greystones Tickets
2018-12-10Monday 10th December Fireball O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-11Tuesday 11th December Deacon Blue Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-12-12Wednesday 12th December The Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-12-13Thursday 13th December Bjorn Again O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-13 Bad Manners Plug Tickets
2018-12-13 Wolfsbane Sheffield University Tickets
2018-12-14Friday 14th December Def Leppard Sheffield Arena Tickets
2018-12-14 The Australian Pink Floyd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-12-14 808 State Sheffield University Tickets
2018-12-15Saturday 15th December The Sheffield Beatles Project. O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-15 King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys The Greystones Tickets
2018-12-16Sunday 16th December O'Hooley & Tidow The Shakespeare Tickets
2018-12-18Tuesday 18th December Orbital O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2018-12-20Thursday 20th December Roy Wood Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2018-12-22Saturday 22nd December The Quireboys Corporation Tickets
2018-12-22 The Sex Pissed Dolls O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-01-29Tuesday 29th January The Streets O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-02-08Friday 8th February The Spitfires Plug Tickets
2019-02-09Saturday 9th February For Those About To Rock O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-02-23Saturday 23rd February Guns 2 Roses Plug Tickets
2019-03-01Friday 1st March Billy Ocean Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-02Saturday 2nd March Bowie Experience Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-10Sunday 10th March Paul Carrack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-14Thursday 14th March Paul Carrack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-14 Track Dogs The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-16Saturday 16th March Mike And The Mechanics Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-16 Mike And The Mechanics Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-28Thursday 28th March Blue Planet Ii Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-04-04Thursday 4th April Woman To Woman Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-05Friday 5th April Tom Russell The HUBS Tickets
2019-04-06Saturday 6th April Attica Rage Corporation Tickets
2019-04-06 Novana Plug Tickets
2019-04-13Saturday 13th April Hrh Blues O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-14Sunday 14th April Hrh Blues O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-14 Hrh Blues O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-26Friday 26th April The Dualers The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-09Thursday 9th May Ub40 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets