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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2024-04-21Sunday 21st April Bhajan Bhoy Bishops House
2024-04-21 Katy Hurt The Greystones Tickets
2024-04-22Monday 22nd April Blue Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-04-23Tuesday 23rd April Edgars Rubenis Bishops House
2024-04-24Wednesday 24th April Claire Coupland Nether Edge Bowling Club Tickets
2024-04-24 I Monster Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-04-24 Michael Aldag Sheffield University Tickets
2024-04-24 Annie Dressner The Greystones Tickets
2024-04-24 I Monster The Leadmill Tickets
2024-04-24 John Smith Upper Chapel Tickets
2024-04-25Thursday 25th April Hagglers Jazz Club Hagglers Corner Tickets
2024-04-25 Most Haunted Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-04-26Friday 26th April Flora Ocean Parkin, Heavy Lifting, Phoneutrian & Zaron Mizmeras, Vernon Delph Hatch
2024-04-26 Deeper Purple O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-04-26 Rituals Record Junkee Tickets
2024-04-26 J-fo The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2024-04-26 Mad Dog Mccrea The Greystones Tickets
2024-04-27Saturday 27th April Subphotic Bishops House
2024-04-27 Big Condo Records We The Label, First Lap Tour In Sheffield Network Tickets
2024-04-27 The Pistols O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-04-27 Sam Scherdel Sheffield University Tickets
2024-04-27 Eliza Carthy The Greystones Tickets
2024-04-28Sunday 28th April Sons Of Town Hall Cafe #9 Tickets
2024-04-28 Bare Jams The Greystones Tickets
2024-04-28 Bailey J Mills The Leadmill Tickets
2024-04-29Monday 29th April Swim School Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-05-01Wednesday 1st May Alice Howe & Freebo Cafe #9 Tickets
2024-05-01 Editors The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-02Thursday 2nd May Cahalen Morrison At Cafe No9 Cafe #9 Tickets
2024-05-02 Cody Pennington Country Show Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-02 Ana Carla Maza Sheffield University
2024-05-02 Blair Dunlop The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-02 The Empty Page The Shakespeare
2024-05-03Friday 3rd May Jethro Tull Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-05-03 Jethro Tull Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-05-03 Abba Inferno Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-03 Cusp Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-03 T'weezer The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-04Saturday 4th May Neo Geodesia (cambodia) Hatch
2024-05-04 (rush Tribute) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-05-04 Moving Pictures (rush Tribute) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-05-04 Red Eye Pariah Record Junkee Tickets
2024-05-04 Day Fever Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-05-04 Killer Queen Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-05-04 Moving Pictures (rush Tribute) Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-04 Private Reg / Static Caravan / Eszter Vida (+ Djs) Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-04 Glory Days The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-04 The Royston Club The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-05Sunday 5th May La Rumba Day & Night: Dele Sosimi Afro Quintet, O'flynn, Sno Hope Works Tickets
2024-05-05 Northern Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-05 Amp It Up Sheffield Battle Of The Bands Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-05 Lady Maisery The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-08Wednesday 8th May Raoul Vignal Hagglers Corner Tickets
2024-05-08 Billy Bragg Network Tickets
2024-05-08 Andy Irvine The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-08 Morgan Rees The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-09Thursday 9th May Nick Hart And Tom Moore Bishops House
2024-05-09 Luna Blue Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-09 Lady Nade And Daisy Shute The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-09 Eugene Chadbourne The Shakespeare
2024-05-10Friday 10th May Ritualz Corporation Tickets
2024-05-10 Mock Media Delicious Clam Tickets
2024-05-10 Jason Allan: The Silly Goose Tour - Record Junkee, Sheffield. Record Junkee Tickets
2024-05-10 The Family Rain Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-10 La Luna Social Club No. 14 The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2024-05-10 Dead Belgian The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-10 Sunburst The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-11Saturday 11th May Dookie Green Day Corporation Tickets
2024-05-11 Anchormen Jazz Orchestra Crookes Social Club
2024-05-11 A Certain Ratio Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-11 Shrub At Sidney & Matilda Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-11 Bonfire Radicals The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-11 Alex Paterson The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-11 Dreadzone Vs The Orb: Co-headline Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-12Sunday 12th May Tankus The Henge The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-13Monday 13th May The Feeling Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-13 Rum Jungle Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-13 Tom A. Smith The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-14Tuesday 14th May London Symphonic Rock Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-05-14 Rum Jungle Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-14 Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-14 Tom Lawrinson The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-15Wednesday 15th May English Teacher Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-16Thursday 16th May Sophia Djebel Rose Bishops House
2024-05-16 Hearts Record Junkee Tickets
2024-05-16 Northern Soul Orchestrated Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-05-16 Warner E Hodges Band The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-16 Afflecks Palace The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-17Friday 17th May Jack Rutter Bishops House
2024-05-17 Janice Burns And Jon Doran The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-17 Coldplace -the World's Leading Tribute To Coldplay The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-17 Coldplace The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-18Saturday 18th May Buck Curran Bishops House
2024-05-18 Consolation, Kalter & More In Sheffield Hatch Tickets
2024-05-18 Bryan Adams Sheffield Arena Tickets
2024-05-18 The Four Seasons & Lark Ascending By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2024-05-18 Jaackmate Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-18 This Feeling Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-18 Caleb Francis Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-18 Martin Turner, Ex Wishbone Ash The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-18 Uk Foo Fighters The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-18 Get Together 2024 Various Sheffield Venues Tickets
2024-05-18 Bloodworm Various Sheffield Venues Tickets
2024-05-19Sunday 19th May Toby Lee Corporation Tickets
2024-05-19 Gordon Giltrap And John Etheridge, 2 Parts Guitar The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-20Monday 20th May Gary Numan The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-21Tuesday 21st May The Dangerous Summer The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-22Wednesday 22nd May Porridge Radio (solo Show) Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-22 Miranda Sykes The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-22 Fin Taylor The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-23Thursday 23rd May Lon Dubh Cafe #9 Tickets
2024-05-23 Crumbs & Nathy Sg In Sheffield Delicious Clam Tickets
2024-05-23 Breabach The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-23 Bar Stool Preachers Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-05-24Friday 24th May Our Atlantic Roots At Cafe No9 Cafe #9 Tickets
2024-05-24 Girlband! Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-24 The Great Malarkey The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-24 Ed Cosens The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-24 Lady Maisery's Big Summer Sing - May Underbank Schoolroom Tickets
2024-05-25Saturday 25th May Hannah Wicklund Corporation Tickets
2024-05-25 Marina Summers Sheffield University Tickets
2024-05-25 Ex-easter Island Head Sidney & Matilda
2024-05-25 Shoon At The Dorothy Pax The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2024-05-25 Haze The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-25 The Wedding Present The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-26Sunday 26th May Smoove & Turrell Hagglers Corner Tickets
2024-05-26 Indoor Pets Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-05-28Tuesday 28th May Girls Aloud Sheffield Arena Tickets
2024-05-28 Pottervision The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-29Wednesday 29th May The John Ward Trio Nether Edge Bowling Club Tickets
2024-05-29 Nick Helm The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-30Thursday 30th May M.g. Boulter The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-31Friday 31st May Faint Paint Delicious Clam Tickets
2024-05-31 Ltj Bukem At Network Sheffield Record Junkee Tickets
2024-05-31 Nora Brown And Stephanie Coleman The Greystones Tickets
2024-05-31 The Crooks The Leadmill Tickets
2024-05-31 Lauren Housley Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-05-31 Lauren Housley & The Northern Cowboys Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-06-01Saturday 1st June Selofan Corporation Tickets
2024-06-01 Broken Chanter Delicious Clam Tickets
2024-06-01 Triple Header - Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses Network Tickets
2024-06-01 Liam Gallagher Sheffield Arena Tickets
2024-06-01 Liam Gallagher - Definitely Maybe Sheffield Arena Tickets
2024-06-01 Elis James And John Robins Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-06-01 Aerial Salad Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-06-01 The Caezars The Shakespeare Tickets
2024-06-02Sunday 2nd June Bilal Zafar The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-04Tuesday 4th June Sofie Hagen The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-05Wednesday 5th June Otis Gibbs The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-06Thursday 6th June Carter Sampson Cafe #9 Tickets
2024-06-06 Steve Bugeja The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-07Friday 7th June B-movie Corporation Tickets
2024-06-07 The Sherlocks Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2024-06-07 Perfectly George Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-06-07 The Fargo Railroad Co. The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-07 La Rumba: Nubiyan Twist Ft. Aziza Jaye The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-08Saturday 8th June Mosfest Sheffield Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2024-06-08 Day Fever Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-06-08 Charm Of Finches The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-09Sunday 9th June Ezio The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-10Monday 10th June Judy Delicious Clam Tickets
2024-06-12Wednesday 12th June Rachel Parris The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-13Thursday 13th June Paloma Faith Sheffield University Tickets
2024-06-14Friday 14th June Toby Hay And Aidan Thorne Bishops House
2024-06-14 Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-06-14 Night Shift Sheffield Jan Doyle Band, The Webb, Dead Happy Dj Orpheus Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-06-15Saturday 15th June Marples Record Junkee Tickets
2024-06-15 John Otway The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-15 The Smiths Ltd The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-15 The Smiths Ltd (smiths Tribute) The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-17Monday 17th June Amadou & Mariam The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-18Tuesday 18th June Songs From The Tin Tabernacle: A Roots Romance Crucible Studio Tickets
2024-06-19Wednesday 19th June Topette!! 10th Anniversary Tour Crookes Social Club Tickets
2024-06-19 Refugee Tales V Crucible Studio Tickets
2024-06-19 Sirens Of Lesbos Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-06-19 Jessica Fostekew The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-20Thursday 20th June Roger Robinson The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-21Friday 21st June Wild Electric With Alan Fitzpatrick Sheffield University Tickets
2024-06-21 La Luna Social Club No. 15 The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2024-06-21 Thursday Funk Club The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-21 I Monster The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-21 Harem Of No One Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-06-23Sunday 23rd June Tara Maclean Cafe #9 Tickets
2024-06-23 Northern News The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-24Monday 24th June The Weeping Willows The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-27Thursday 27th June Belgrave House Band: Amy Winehouse Back To Black Sheffield University Tickets
2024-06-27 Massy Ferguson The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-28Friday 28th June Electric Six Network Tickets
2024-06-28 Electric Six - Moved To Network, Sheffield O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-06-28 Ultimate Eagles - Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-06-28 Gnoss The Greystones Tickets
2024-06-28 The Bon Jovi Experience The Leadmill Tickets
2024-06-29Saturday 29th June The Dizzy Club - 30th Anniversary Concert The Greystones Tickets
2024-07-03Wednesday 3rd July Wild Ponies The Greystones Tickets
2024-07-04Thursday 4th July The Complete Recordings Of Hezekiah Procter The Greystones Tickets
2024-07-04 Ben Ottewell The Leadmill Tickets
2024-07-04 Ben Ottewell & Ian Ball (from Gomez) The Leadmill Tickets
2024-07-06Saturday 6th July What's Love Got To Do With It ? Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-07-08Monday 8th July Michael Cera Palin Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-07-09Tuesday 9th July Midway Still Record Junkee Tickets
2024-07-09 The Spooky Men's Chorale The Leadmill Tickets
2024-07-11Thursday 11th July Ash Gray And The Burners / The 20ft Squid Blues Band Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-07-12Friday 12th July Sam Baxter Bishops House
2024-07-12 The By Design Tour Corporation Tickets
2024-07-19Friday 19th July The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience The Greystones Tickets
2024-07-20Saturday 20th July Faux Fighters Uk Corporation Tickets
2024-07-20 Mountains Of Metal Record Junkee Tickets
2024-07-20 Luke Kidgell Sheffield University Tickets
2024-07-20 Dale Storr - New Orleans Jazz, Blues, Boogie N Funk! The Greystones Tickets
2024-07-23Tuesday 23rd July Lightheaded, Mt. Misery, Trust Fund & Post Archives In Sheffield Delicious Clam Tickets
2024-07-24Wednesday 24th July Geraint Watkins And The Mosquitoes The Greystones Tickets
2024-07-25Thursday 25th July Creature Creatures Bangarang Tour 24 Record Junkee Tickets
2024-07-25 The Rat Pack - Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-07-26Friday 26th July Darlingside Upper Chapel Tickets
2024-07-27Saturday 27th July Northern Sheffield University Tickets
2024-07-28Sunday 28th July Tramlines 2024 Hillsborough Park Tickets
2024-07-28 What's Love Got To Do With It - Tina Turner Tribute Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-08-09Friday 9th August Stained Glass Record Junkee Tickets
2024-08-17Saturday 17th August Sheffield Festival Of Reggae Network Tickets
2024-08-29Thursday 29th August Big Special Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2024-08-29 Richard Hawley Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2024-08-30Friday 30th August Admt Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2024-08-30 Rock N Roll Circus Sheffield - 30th August 2024 Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2024-08-30 The Ultimate Stone Roses Network Tickets
2024-08-31Saturday 31st August Gia Ford Don Valley Stadium Tickets
2024-08-31 Bravado Tribute To Rush 20th Anniversary Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-08-31 Face Up/eryx London/mouthparts Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2024-09-01Sunday 1st September Country Roads Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-03Tuesday 3rd September The Bootleg Beatles The Leadmill Tickets
2024-09-06Friday 6th September Arielle The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-06 Ride The Leadmill Tickets
2024-09-06 Lady Maisery's Late Summer Sing - September Underbank Schoolroom Tickets
2024-09-07Saturday 7th September Hrh Sleaze Vii (weekend Ticket) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-09-07 Viva Morrissey The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-08Sunday 8th September The Magic Of Terry Pratchett The Leadmill Tickets
2024-09-08 Venus Grrrls Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-09-09Monday 9th September Snooper Tba Delicious Clam Tickets
2024-09-11Wednesday 11th September Hope And Social The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-11 Danny Beard The Leadmill Tickets
2024-09-12Thursday 12th September Professor David Wilson & Marcel Theroux: Killer Books Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-13Friday 13th September Marseille Record Junkee Tickets
2024-09-13 David Essex Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-13 Big Country 'return To Steeltown' Sheffield University Tickets
2024-09-13 Big Country And Mike Peters The Alarm Uk Tour Sheffield University Tickets
2024-09-13 Big Country Sheffield University Tickets
2024-09-13 Our Man In The Field The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-14Saturday 14th September Brogeal Sheffield University Tickets
2024-09-14 Aynsley Lister The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-14 Goldie Lookin' Chain The Leadmill Tickets
2024-09-16Monday 16th September Charlie Parr The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-19Thursday 19th September Mark Stanways Kingdom Of Madness The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-20Friday 20th September Just My Imagination - The Music Of The Temptations Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-20 Another Sky Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-09-21Saturday 21st September The 900 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Covers Band Corporation Tickets
2024-09-21 The 900 Corporation Tickets
2024-09-21 The World Famous Elvis Show Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-21 Antarctic Monkeys Sheffield University Tickets
2024-09-21 Cruz The Leadmill Tickets
2024-09-24Tuesday 24th September Ryan Adams: Solo 2024 Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-25Wednesday 25th September Clarke Buehling Nether Edge Bowling Club Tickets
2024-09-25 Tiny Dancer The Music Of Elton John Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-25 Tiny Dancer Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-25 The Last Dinner Party Sheffield University Tickets
2024-09-26Thursday 26th September Come What May Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-26 Lloyd Cole Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-26 Lloyd Cole - One Man Show Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-09-26 Hayley Mckay The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-27Friday 27th September Roving Crows The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-28Saturday 28th September Quo Connection The Greystones Tickets
2024-09-28 Float Along Festival 2024 Various Sheffield Venues Tickets
2024-10-01Tuesday 1st October Myra Dubois The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-02Wednesday 2nd October Scouting For Girls O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-10-02 Big Girls Don't Cry Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-10-02 Scouting For Girls Sheffield University Tickets
2024-10-03Thursday 3rd October Nish Kumar The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-04Friday 4th October Squeeze 50th Anniversary Tour Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-10-04 Gaz Brookfield The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-04 Half Man Half Biscuit The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-05Saturday 5th October Hrh Punk 4 (weekend Ticket) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-10-05 Crime Viral: Murder Staged Sheffield University Tickets
2024-10-05 Murder: Staged Sheffield University Tickets
2024-10-06Sunday 6th October Michael Aldag Sheffield University Tickets
2024-10-06 Carl Hutchinson The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-07Monday 7th October The Brothers Gillespie The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-07 Lloyd Griffith The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-09Wednesday 9th October Laura Smyth The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-10Thursday 10th October Punk Rock Factory - Stick To The Covers Tour O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-10-11Friday 11th October From The Jam 'setting Sons' Sheffield University Tickets
2024-10-11 Blackbeards Tea Party The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-12Saturday 12th October Bob Marley Revival O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-10-12 The Undertones The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-12 Ruts Dc The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-13Sunday 13th October Paul Carrack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-10-13 Ben Poole The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-13 Sarah Keyworth The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-15Tuesday 15th October Pete Firman The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-16Wednesday 16th October Someone Like You Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-10-17Thursday 17th October Cardinal Black Corporation Tickets
2024-10-17 Queen Of The Night - A Tribute To Whitney Houston Sheffield Arena Tickets
2024-10-17 Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells: 50th Anniversary Tour Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-10-17 Judy Tzuke, Jude The Unsinkable Tour The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-18Friday 18th October The Doors Alive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-10-18 The Drifters Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-10-18 Red Richardson Sheffield University Tickets
2024-10-19Saturday 19th October Sanctum Sanctorium (the Dark Side Of The 80s) Corporation Tickets
2024-10-19 Wrest @ Corporation Corporation Tickets
2024-10-19 Limehouse Lizzy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-10-19 We Are Not Devo The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-21Monday 21st October Pierre Bensusan The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-22Tuesday 22nd October Bodega Crookes Social Club Tickets
2024-10-23Wednesday 23rd October Bywater Call Corporation Tickets
2024-10-23 Tez Ilyas The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-23 The Covasettes Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-10-24Thursday 24th October The Australian Pink Floyd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-10-24 Maximo Park The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-25Friday 25th October The Smyths (tribute To The Smiths) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-10-25 The Smyths O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-10-25 3 Daft Monkeys The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-26Saturday 26th October Metal Militia - Metallica Tribute Corporation Tickets
2024-10-26 Tindersticks Sheffield University Tickets
2024-10-26 Cast Sheffield University Tickets
2024-10-26 Man Of The World, The Music Of Peter Green The Greystones Tickets
2024-10-29Tuesday 29th October Adam Ant Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-10-30Wednesday 30th October Cud The Leadmill Tickets
2024-10-31Thursday 31st October The Ultimate Boyband Party Show Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-02Saturday 2nd November Pork Pie - Skandemic 2023 Tour O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-11-02 Porkpie Live Plus Pretty Green (the Jam) Skalloween Party O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-11-03Sunday 3rd November Will Pound And Jen Butterworth The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-03 Harriet Kemsley The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-04Monday 4th November The Libertines Sheffield University Tickets
2024-11-06Wednesday 6th November Jane Mcdonald Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-06 Dom Martin, Buried Alive Tour The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-07Thursday 7th November Aurelio Voltaire Corporation Tickets
2024-11-07 The Overtones Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-07 Dan Nightingale The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-08Friday 8th November The Lightning Seeds Sheffield University Tickets
2024-11-08 The Art Of Simon The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-08 Reelin' In The Dan (a Tribute To Steely Dan) The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-08 Lightning Seeds The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-08 Reelin' In The Dan The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-08 Deco Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-11-09Saturday 9th November Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-11-09 Definitely Maybe (tribute To Oasis) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-11-09 Shape Of You Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-09 Kris Drever The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-10Sunday 10th November Joshua Burnell The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-11Monday 11th November Calan The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-14Thursday 14th November Kneecap Sheffield University Tickets
2024-11-14 Shed Seven Sheffield University Tickets
2024-11-14 Barbara The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-15Friday 15th November Craig Charles Funk & Soul House Party Sheffield University Tickets
2024-11-15 Blue Rose Code The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-16Saturday 16th November Bellowhead Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-16 The Wailers The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-16 The Mourning After - 10th Anniversary Shakespear's Shindig The Shakespeare Tickets
2024-11-16 Siobhan Miller Band Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2024-11-17Sunday 17th November Thank You For The Music Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-17 Sooz Kempner The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-18Monday 18th November Natalie Imbruglia Sheffield Arena Tickets
2024-11-18 The Corrs: Talk On Corners Tour 2024 Sheffield Arena Tickets
2024-11-20Wednesday 20th November Oysterband - A Long Goodbye Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-21Thursday 21st November Eleanor Mcevoy The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-22Friday 22nd November Steve Knightley The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-23Saturday 23rd November The Southmartins O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-11-23 Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-23 John Bramwell & The Full Harmonic Convergence Sheffield University Tickets
2024-11-23 John Bramwell Sheffield University Tickets
2024-11-23 Man The Lifeboats The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-24Sunday 24th November Brave Rival The Greystones Tickets
2024-11-24 Pierre Novellie The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-27Wednesday 27th November The Stylistics Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-29Friday 29th November Northern Sheffield University Tickets
2024-11-29 Halina Rice - Immersive Liveset & Av The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-29 Halina Rice The Leadmill Tickets
2024-11-30Saturday 30th November The Scottish Sex Pistols Corporation Tickets
2024-11-30 Midge Ure - Catalogue. The Hits Tour. Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-30 Midge Ure Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-11-30 Bad Manners The Leadmill Tickets
2024-12-03Tuesday 3rd December Fairytale Of New York Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-06Friday 6th December Anything For Love Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-07Saturday 7th December Roxy's Biggest 80s/90s Smash Hits Party O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2024-12-07 Sheffield City Hall Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-07 Goldsoul: Soul Night Out Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-10Tuesday 10th December Rat Pack - A Swingin' Christmas At The Sands Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-11Wednesday 11th December Chris Mccausland The Leadmill Tickets
2024-12-13Friday 13th December The Magic Of Motown Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-13 Step Into Christmas Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-13 Turin Brakes Acoustic Sheffield University Tickets
2024-12-15Sunday 15th December Kate Rusby - Winter Light Tour Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-17Tuesday 17th December The Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2024-12-17 Dylan John Thomas The Leadmill Tickets
2024-12-28Saturday 28th December Papa Soul The Greystones Tickets
2025-01-18Saturday 18th January Fell Out Boy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2025-01-18 Black Charade O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2025-01-18 The Phonics / A Band Called Malice O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2025-01-23Thursday 23rd January Elo Again Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-01-25Saturday 25th January The Phonics / A Band Called Malice O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2025-01-25 Ania Magliano Sheffield University Tickets
2025-01-30Thursday 30th January Fastlove- The Tribute To George Michael Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-02-02Sunday 2nd February Get It On! Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-02-08Saturday 8th February Guns 2 Roses O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2025-02-09Sunday 9th February Pretty Vacant Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-02-15Saturday 15th February The Style Councillors The Leadmill Tickets
2025-03-01Saturday 1st March Ultimate Rnb Network Tickets
2025-03-02Sunday 2nd March Boyzlife Featuring Keith Duffy & Brian Mcfadden Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-03-08Saturday 8th March Prince Tribute... Endorphinmachine O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2025-03-08 Manchester Calling The Leadmill Tickets
2025-03-08 Oaysis The Leadmill Tickets
2025-04-09Wednesday 9th April Gabrielle - All The Hits Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-04-09 Gabrielle Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-04-11Friday 11th April Cirque De Celine - My Heart Will Go On Tribute Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-04-12Saturday 12th April One Night In Nashville The Leadmill Tickets
2025-05-24Saturday 24th May The Magic Of Motown Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-06-21Saturday 21st June Legend - The Music Of Bob Marley Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2025-09-30Tuesday 30th September Simply Red Sheffield Arena Tickets
2025-09-30 Simply Red - 40th Anniversary Sheffield Arena Tickets
2025-10-14Tuesday 14th October Wet Wet Wet Sheffield City Hall Tickets