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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2021-05-15Saturday 15th May Cassels Record Junkee
2021-05-20Thursday 20th May Van Morrison Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-05-22Saturday 22nd May 20 Miles Fromgrimsby Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-05-22 Orchards Record Junkee
2021-05-22 This Feeling Sidney & Matilda
2021-05-22 This Feeling Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-05-22 Shangralas The Leadmill Tickets
2021-05-23Sunday 23rd May Jack Lingard Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-05-25Tuesday 25th May Alternative Milks The Leadmill
2021-05-27Thursday 27th May Queens Of Holland Sheffield University Tickets
2021-05-27 Sarah Jane Morris The Greystones Tickets
2021-05-29Saturday 29th May Lights Of The Night Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-06-01Tuesday 1st June Squid (socially Distanced) The Leadmill
2021-06-05Saturday 5th June King Green And Wet Mouth Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-06-06Sunday 6th June Bad Sounds O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-06-06 Gerry Cinnamon Sheffield Arena
2021-06-06 Warner E Hodges Band The Greystones Tickets
2021-06-12Saturday 12th June March Of The Mods Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-06-12 Patawawa The Leadmill Tickets
2021-06-14Monday 14th June Planet The Leadmill Tickets
2021-06-19Saturday 19th June Vivaldi's Four Seasons By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2021-06-19 Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq Sheffield University Tickets
2021-06-19 Papa Soul For Rob O'shea For St Luke's Hospice The Greystones Tickets
2021-06-23Wednesday 23rd June Boss Keloid, Tuskar Mulberry Tavern
2021-06-23 La Rumba The Leadmill
2021-06-24Thursday 24th June Toyah The Greystones Tickets
2021-06-25Friday 25th June Rob Lamberti Sheffield City Hall
2021-06-26Saturday 26th June Gypsy Kiss And Buffalo Fish Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-07-01Thursday 1st July Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2021-07-01 Martin Kemp Back To The 80's Party The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-01 Martin Kemp The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-03Saturday 3rd July Vivaldi - Four Seasons By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2021-07-09Friday 9th July Black Parade O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-07-09 The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Club Sheffield University Tickets
2021-07-10Saturday 10th July Cassels Record Junkee Tickets
2021-07-10 N.C.Lawlor The Greystones Tickets
2021-07-13Tuesday 13th July The Beat The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-14Wednesday 14th July The Hayes Sisters The Greystones Tickets
2021-07-15Thursday 15th July The Lovely Eggs O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-07-15 The Rifles The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-15 The Rifles The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-15 The Rifles The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-16Friday 16th July The United Kingdolls Sheffield University Tickets
2021-07-17Saturday 17th July The Bowie Contingent Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-07-17 Luke Jackson The Greystones Tickets
2021-07-17 The Bon Jovi Experience The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-18Sunday 18th July Conan Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-07-20Tuesday 20th July The Mind Of A Psychopath The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-23Friday 23rd July Robert Vincent The Greystones Tickets
2021-07-27Tuesday 27th July Jessica Fostekew The Leadmill Tickets
2021-07-31Saturday 31st July Flock Record Junkee
2021-08-05Thursday 5th August The Bluetones O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-08-05 Riscas Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-08-07Saturday 7th August Bdrmm Sheffield University Tickets
2021-08-07 Reclaimthesestreetsfestival Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-08-07 Roddy Woomble The Greystones Tickets
2021-08-07 Pulp'd The Leadmill Tickets
2021-08-07 Pulp'd The Leadmill Tickets
2021-08-08Sunday 8th August Get Together 2021 Sheffield University Tickets
2021-08-08 Salad Fingers Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2021-08-12Thursday 12th August Feet Record Junkee Tickets
2021-08-13Friday 13th August Max & Harvey O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-08-13 Patawawa The Leadmill Tickets
2021-08-14Saturday 14th August Albany Down The Greystones Tickets
2021-08-17Tuesday 17th August Slambovian Circus Of Dreams The Greystones Tickets
2021-08-21Saturday 21st August The Royston Club Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-08-21 International Teachers Of Pop The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-01Wednesday 1st September The Luka State Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-01 Cut Capers The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-02Thursday 2nd September Tom Clarke O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-02 Steve Faulkner The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-03Friday 3rd September Last Hyena Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-03 Jane Mcdonald Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-03 The Jack Fletcher Band Sheffield University Tickets
2021-09-03 GZA Sheffield University Tickets
2021-09-03 Fay Hield The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-04Saturday 4th September Heaven 17 ...reproduction And Travelogue Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-04 Cam Cole The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-05Sunday 5th September Della Mae The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-08Wednesday 8th September David Essex Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-08 The Magpies The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-10Friday 10th September Pearl Jam Uk O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-10 Track Dogs The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-11Saturday 11th September Mr Ben & The Bens Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-09-11 Martin Turner Plays Wishbone Ash The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-11 Midland The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-12Sunday 12th September The Fratellis O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-12 Fisherman's Friends Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-12 Fisherman's Friends - 'unlocked & Unleashed' Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-12 Hannah White And The Nordic Connection The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-12 Simon Amstell The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-14Tuesday 14th September John Grant Sheffield University Tickets
2021-09-14 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-14 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-15Wednesday 15th September Mason Hill Corporation Tickets
2021-09-15 Joe Brown Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-15 Joe Brown Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-15 Luca Stricagnoli Change Of Rules Tour 2021 The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-15 Luca Stricagnoli The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-16Thursday 16th September Calan The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-16 The Pigeon Detectives The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-17Friday 17th September The Outcharms O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-17 Everly Pregnant Brothers Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-17 3 Daft Monkeys The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-17 Magnum The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-18Saturday 18th September Rammlied Corporation Tickets
2021-09-18 We Are Not Devo O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-18 Courting Sheffield University Tickets
2021-09-18 This Feeling Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-09-18 Feelgood Band The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-18 The Rosadocs The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-19Sunday 19th September Blackwater Conspiracy Corporation Tickets
2021-09-19 John O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-19 Tom Grennan O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-19 A Question Of Sport Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-19 John Mccusker The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-19 Billie Marten The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-20Monday 20th September Dopelord Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-21Tuesday 21st September Pallas Corporation Tickets
2021-09-21 Declan Mckenna O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-21 Del Amitri Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-21 John Bramwell The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-22Wednesday 22nd September The Blinders The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-23Thursday 23rd September Limehouse Lizzy The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-24Friday 24th September King No-one O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-24 The Reytons O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-24 Bring Me The Horizon Sheffield Arena Tickets
2021-09-24 The Hollies Sheffield City Hall
2021-09-24 The Wildhearts Sheffield University Tickets
2021-09-24 Lostboy Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-09-25Saturday 25th September Blaze Bayley Corporation Tickets
2021-09-25 Elvana O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-25 Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-25 Definitely Oasis O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-09-25 The 900 - Tony Hawks Pro Skater Live Tribute Band Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-25 The Slow Readers Club Sheffield University Tickets
2021-09-25 Tom Brooksby The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-25 The Mourning After The Shakespeare Tickets
2021-09-27Monday 27th September Haggard Cat Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-27 Haggard Cat Live In Sheffield Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-28Tuesday 28th September Bull Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-28 Paloma Faith Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-28 Inhaler Sheffield University Tickets
2021-09-29Wednesday 29th September Frauds Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-29 Frauds Live In Sheffield Record Junkee Tickets
2021-09-29 The Billy Joel Songbook Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-09-29 William The Conqueror Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-09-29 Robyn Hitchcock The Greystones Tickets
2021-09-29 William The Conqueror The Leadmill Tickets
2021-09-30Thursday 30th September The Lottery Winners The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-01Friday 1st October Framing Hanley Corporation Tickets
2021-10-01 Black Foxxes O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-01 Nubiyan Twist (live) Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-01 Ian Prowse & Amsterdam The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-01 Help I Sexted My Boss The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-01 Adelphi Music Factory Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2021-10-02Saturday 2nd October Fury Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-10-02 Fatherson Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-02 Team Picture Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-10-02 Hope And Social The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-02 Toploader The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-03Sunday 3rd October The Hara Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-03 Jesse Malin The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-04Monday 4th October Rheingans Sisters The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-04 October Drift The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-05Tuesday 5th October Coach Party Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-10-05 Liam Ó Maonlaí The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-05 Maximo Park The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-06Wednesday 6th October Becky Hill O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-06 The Lounge Society Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-10-06 Fara The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-07Thursday 7th October Bo Ningen Record Junkee Tickets
2021-10-07 Thea Gilmore Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-07 Tankus The Henge The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-08Friday 8th October 808 State Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-08 Slim Chance The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-09Saturday 9th October Tool Shed Corporation Tickets
2021-10-09 The Ac/dc Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-09 The Ac/dc Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-09 Collabro Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-09 Henge Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-09 Bare Jams The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-09 Laura Marling The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-10Sunday 10th October The Waterboys Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-11Monday 11th October The Lathums O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-12Tuesday 12th October [spunge] Corporation Tickets
2021-10-12 Night Flight Record Junkee Tickets
2021-10-12 Rufus Wainwright Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-12 Turnstiles Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-10-12 Midnight Skyracer The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-12 Django Django The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-13Wednesday 13th October Bad Boy Chiller Crew O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-13 Goan Dogs Record Junkee Tickets
2021-10-14Thursday 14th October Jaya The Cat Corporation Tickets
2021-10-14 Sea Girls O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-14 Do Nothing Record Junkee Tickets
2021-10-14 Maximum Rnb Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-14 Maximum R’n’b With The Manfreds Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-14 Edgelarks The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-15Friday 15th October Popestars Corporation Tickets
2021-10-15 London Calling - A Tribute To The Clash O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-15 Chantel Mcgregor The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-15 A1 The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-15 A1 The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-16Saturday 16th October Massive Corporation Tickets
2021-10-16 Antarctic Monkeys O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-16 Fontaines D.c. O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-16 Nick Harper The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-16 Bambara The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-17Sunday 17th October Teleman Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-17 Kathryn Roberts And Sean Lakeman The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-18Monday 18th October Shawn James Record Junkee Tickets
2021-10-19Tuesday 19th October Red Rum Club O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-19 Old Sea Legs The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-19 Newton Faulkner The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-20Wednesday 20th October Heidi Talbot And Boo Hewerdine The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-20 General Admission - Steve Davis The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-20 An Interesting Evening With Steve Davis The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-21Thursday 21st October Gruff Rhys Crookes Social Club Tickets
2021-10-21 Newfamiliar Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-21 Josh Smith The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-21 Oscar Lang Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2021-10-22Friday 22nd October Skindred Corporation Tickets
2021-10-22 Pins O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-22 Billy Ocean Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-22 Humanist Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-22 Saint Agnes Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-10-22 Kiki Dee The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-22 Saint Agnes The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-22 Cud The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-23Saturday 23rd October Paramore Gb Corporation Tickets
2021-10-23 Snapped Ankles Crookes Social Club Tickets
2021-10-23 Submotion Orchestra O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-23 Gender Roles Record Junkee Tickets
2021-10-23 Dead Souls Festival Sheffield University Tickets
2021-10-23 Perfectparachutepicture Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-10-24Sunday 24th October Last Great Dreamers Corporation Tickets
2021-10-24 Gogo Penguin / European Tour 2020 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-24 Gogo Penguin O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-24 The Magic Gang The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-25Monday 25th October Mary Coughlan The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-26Tuesday 26th October Mush Record Junkee Tickets
2021-10-26 Salem Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-10-26 Sari Schorr The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-26 The Skints The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-27Wednesday 27th October Tim Peake Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-28Thursday 28th October Jls Sheffield Arena Tickets
2021-10-28 Winter Mountain The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-29Friday 29th October The Reytons O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-29 Bars And Melody O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-29 Hanya Record Junkee Tickets
2021-10-29 Jls Sheffield Arena Tickets
2021-10-29 Black Water County The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-29 Dappy The Leadmill Tickets
2021-10-30Saturday 30th October Atomic Corporation Tickets
2021-10-30 Kenny Thomas O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-30 Belinda Carlisle Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-30 Belinda Carlisle Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-10-30 John Verity Band The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-30 Scott Matthews Upper Chapel Tickets
2021-10-31Sunday 31st October The Ataris O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-10-31 Tv Priest Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-10-31 The Little Unsaid The Greystones Tickets
2021-10-31 Holding Absence The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-01Monday 1st November The Nightingales The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-02Tuesday 2nd November Steps Sheffield Arena Tickets
2021-11-02 Ren Harvieu The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-03Wednesday 3rd November Sprints Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-11-04Thursday 4th November Declan Welsh & The Decadent West Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-11-04 Baskery The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-05Friday 5th November Terrorvision Sheffield University Tickets
2021-11-05 Bang Bang Romeo The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-06Saturday 6th November The Cureheads The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-06 The Cureheads And Siouxsie And The Budgiees The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-07Sunday 7th November Martyn Joseph The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-08Monday 8th November Imonolith Corporation Tickets
2021-11-09Tuesday 9th November Ben Caplan Crookes Social Club
2021-11-09 Harry Manx The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-11Thursday 11th November Avalanche Party Record Junkee
2021-11-11 Sorry Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-11-11 Gilmore & Roberts The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-12Friday 12th November The Doors Alive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-12 Avalanche Party Record Junkee Tickets
2021-11-12 Easy Life Sheffield University Tickets
2021-11-12 Jarv Is... Sheffield University Tickets
2021-11-12 Elles Bailey The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-12 Self Esteem The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-13Saturday 13th November Cash (johnny Cash Tribute) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-13 Heaven 17 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-13 Cash: A Tribute To The Man In Black O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-13 This Feeling Record Junkee Tickets
2021-11-13 Baby Strange Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-11-13 Scouting For Girls The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-16Tuesday 16th November Black Midi Corporation Tickets
2021-11-16 Fur The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-17Wednesday 17th November Moulettes The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-17 Shame The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-18Thursday 18th November Lee Scratch Perry O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-18 The Velvet Hands Record Junkee Tickets
2021-11-18 Rats Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-11-18 Working Men's Club The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-19Friday 19th November Fish O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-19 Wren Record Junkee Tickets
2021-11-19 Somebody's Child Record Junkee Tickets
2021-11-19 The Snuts The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-20Saturday 20th November Motley Crue And Poison Tribute Show Corporation Tickets
2021-11-20 Pygmy Twylyte Play The Music Of Frank Zappa Corporation Tickets
2021-11-20 Jason Donovan Sheffield City Hall
2021-11-20 Thomas Headon The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-21Sunday 21st November Glass Animals O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-21 Billy Bragg Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-11-22Monday 22nd November Levellers The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-24Wednesday 24th November Svalbard Corporation Tickets
2021-11-24 Rodney Brannigan The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-25Thursday 25th November Boss Keloid, Tuskar, Dead Cosmonauts, Le Menhir Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2021-11-25 Jaws Sheffield University Tickets
2021-11-25 Gary Stewart's Graceland The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-25 This Feeling *rescheduled* The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-25 This Feeling The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-26Friday 26th November Twisted Illusion Corporation Tickets
2021-11-26 Millie Manders And The Shutup O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-26 Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-11-26 Retro Video Club Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2021-11-26 The Dualers The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-27Saturday 27th November Snake Oil & Harmony At Corporation Corporation Tickets
2021-11-27 Fell Out Boy & The Black Charade O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-27 Fell Out Boy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-27 Admiral Fallow Record Junkee Tickets
2021-11-27 Soul And Motown Night Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-11-27 Paul Weller Sheffield University Tickets
2021-11-27 Shader Sheffield University Tickets
2021-11-27 The Trials Of Cato The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-27 Admiral Fallow The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-27 David Keenan The Leadmill Tickets
2021-11-28Sunday 28th November Kris Drever The Greystones Tickets
2021-11-30Tuesday 30th November Shed Seven O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-11-30 The Stylistics Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-12-01Wednesday 1st December Alestorm O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-12-01 The Australian Pink Floyd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-12-02Thursday 2nd December Gary Barlow Sheffield Arena Tickets
2021-12-02 Mark Watson The Leadmill Tickets
2021-12-03Friday 3rd December Beardyman O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-12-03 Tigercub The Leadmill Tickets
2021-12-04Saturday 4th December Deacon Blue Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-12-04 Ferocious Dog The Leadmill Tickets
2021-12-05Sunday 5th December The Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-12-07Tuesday 7th December Electric Six O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-12-07 Beach Riot Record Junkee Tickets
2021-12-07 Sierra Hull The Greystones Tickets
2021-12-10Friday 10th December The Smyths O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-12-10 Ist Ist Record Junkee Tickets
2021-12-10 Lauren Housley Band Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2021-12-11Saturday 11th December Fu Fighters: A Tribute To Foo Fighters Corporation Tickets
2021-12-11 Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-12-11 Mo Gilligan Sheffield City Hall
2021-12-11 Glory Days The Greystones Tickets
2021-12-12Sunday 12th December Life O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-12-12 The Overtones Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2021-12-12 The Young 'uns Matinee Show The Greystones Tickets
2021-12-16Thursday 16th December The Libertines O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-12-16 Dale Storr The Greystones Tickets
2021-12-17Friday 17th December Nine Below Zero The Greystones Tickets
2021-12-18Saturday 18th December Cats In Space Corporation Tickets
2021-12-18 Nirvana Uk O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2021-12-18 Desperate Journalist Record Junkee Tickets
2021-12-18 Symone Sheffield University Tickets
2021-12-22Wednesday 22nd December Grace Petrie The Leadmill Tickets
2022-01-14Friday 14th January Wolf Alice O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-01-16Sunday 16th January Lonelady Record Junkee Tickets
2022-01-19Wednesday 19th January Funeral For A Friend O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-01-19 Ronan Keating - Twenty Twenty Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-01-20Thursday 20th January Cast Sheffield University Tickets
2022-01-20 Deco The Leadmill Tickets
2022-01-24Monday 24th January Lime Cordiale O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-01-28Friday 28th January Brockhampton O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-01-28 Jo Whileys 90s Anthems Sheffield University Tickets
2022-02-01Tuesday 1st February Echo And The Bunnymen Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-02-03Thursday 3rd February Sunbirds The Greystones Tickets
2022-02-03 The Night Cafe The Leadmill Tickets
2022-02-07Monday 7th February Pengshui Record Junkee Tickets
2022-02-11Friday 11th February Lordi Corporation Tickets
2022-02-11 Half Man Half Biscuit The Leadmill Tickets
2022-02-12Saturday 12th February For Those About To Rock 2021 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-02-12 Livewire Ac/dc O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-02-12 Creed Bratton Sheffield University Tickets
2022-02-16Wednesday 16th February Bob Log Iii Corporation Tickets
2022-02-16 Glasvegas Sheffield University Tickets
2022-02-17Thursday 17th February Doves O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-02-18Friday 18th February Sarah Jane Morris The Greystones Tickets
2022-02-19Saturday 19th February King King The Leadmill Tickets
2022-02-23Wednesday 23rd February Pale Waves O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-02-23 Fern Brady The Leadmill Tickets
2022-02-24Thursday 24th February The Stranglers Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-02-24 Benjamin Francis Leftwich Sheffield University Tickets
2022-02-24 Jamali Maddix The Leadmill Tickets
2022-02-25Friday 25th February Green Lung Corporation Tickets
2022-02-26Saturday 26th February The Hut People The Greystones Tickets
2022-02-26 Dry Cleaning The Leadmill Tickets
2022-02-28Monday 28th February Texas Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-03-04Friday 4th March The Cribs O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-03-05Saturday 5th March The Monochrome Set The Greystones Tickets
2022-03-06Sunday 6th March Ub40 Ft. Ali Campbell & Astro Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-03-08Tuesday 8th March Alfie Templeman The Leadmill Tickets
2022-03-10Thursday 10th March The Undertones The Leadmill Tickets
2022-03-12Saturday 12th March Simply Dylan The Greystones Tickets
2022-03-17Thursday 17th March Gentleman's Dub Club The Leadmill Tickets
2022-03-19Saturday 19th March Nirvana Tribute O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-03-19 The Clone Roses O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-03-19 Paul Carrack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-03-19 Jake Bugg Sheffield University Tickets
2022-03-19 Daft Funk Sheffield University Tickets
2022-03-19 Edwina Hayes The Greystones Tickets
2022-03-22Tuesday 22nd March Midge Ure Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-03-24Thursday 24th March House Classics Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-03-25Friday 25th March Kokoroko Sheffield University Tickets
2022-03-30Wednesday 30th March Gary Powndland The Leadmill Tickets
2022-03-31Thursday 31st March Wille And The Bandits The Greystones Tickets
2022-04-01Friday 1st April Skating Polly The Greystones Tickets
2022-04-02Saturday 2nd April HRH Prog XI O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-04-02 Dr John Cooper Clarke Sheffield University Tickets
2022-04-02 Rachael Mcshane & The Cartographers The Greystones Tickets
2022-04-04Monday 4th April Paul Merton The Leadmill Tickets
2022-04-07Thursday 7th April Big Girls Don't Cry Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-04-08Friday 8th April Teenage Fanclub The Leadmill Tickets
2022-04-09Saturday 9th April Undercover Hippy The Greystones Tickets
2022-04-17Sunday 17th April Sharrow Folk Festival 2022 Hagglers Corner Tickets
2022-04-19Tuesday 19th April Little Mix Sheffield Arena Tickets
2022-04-23Saturday 23rd April Rhythm Of The 90's O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-04-23 Skunk Anansie O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-04-25Monday 25th April Daoiri Farrell The Greystones Tickets
2022-04-28Thursday 28th April Danni Nicholls The Greystones Tickets
2022-04-30Saturday 30th April Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-05-01Sunday 1st May Diversity - Connected 2021 (matinee) Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-05-06Friday 6th May Big Country Sheffield University Tickets
2022-05-06 Big Country The Leadmill Tickets
2022-05-12Thursday 12th May Dutty Moonshine Big Band O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-05-15Sunday 15th May Heretic Fest 2022 Corporation Tickets
2022-05-21Saturday 21st May Talisk The Greystones Tickets
2022-05-21 The Smiths Ltd The Leadmill Tickets
2022-05-27Friday 27th May Belshazzar's Feast The Greystones Tickets
2022-05-29Sunday 29th May Jeff Beck Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-02Thursday 2nd June Hang Massive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-06-03Friday 3rd June Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sheffield University Tickets
2022-06-19Sunday 19th June The Secret Sisters Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-23Thursday 23rd June The Bootleg Beatles The Leadmill Tickets
2022-06-24Friday 24th June Nell Bryden The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-01Friday 1st July Aerosmith Sheffield Arena Tickets
2022-10-09Sunday 9th October 10cc Sheffield City Hall Tickets