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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2019-06-19Wednesday 19th June Tir Na Nog The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-20Thursday 20th June Jace Everett The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-21Friday 21st June Dirty Cello The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-21 Jody Davies The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-06-22Saturday 22nd June Let's Go Stateside! St Mark's Church Tickets
2019-06-22 Simply Dylan The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-23Sunday 23rd June Nicola Beazley & Thom Ashworth The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-24Monday 24th June Her Crooked Heart The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-27Thursday 27th June Phil King Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-06-27 This Feeling Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-06-27 Neil Mcsweeney The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-28Friday 28th June William Crighton Live In Sheffield The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-29Saturday 29th June Minteh Fest Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-06-29 K Koke O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-06-29 Glory Days The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-02Tuesday 2nd July Belle And Sebastian The Leadmill Tickets
2019-07-03Wednesday 3rd July Il Divo Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-07-04Thursday 4th July Resonant Rogues Play Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-07-04 U2baby Plug Tickets
2019-07-04 Man About A Horse At Sheffield Greystones The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-05Friday 5th July The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-06Saturday 6th July Strangefish The Local Authority Tickets
2019-07-07Sunday 7th July Original Music Concert (performers Don't Need A Ticket. Max 3 Tickets Per Performer.) The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-09Tuesday 9th July Manila Luzon Plug Tickets
2019-07-09 The Stroppies Record Junkee Tickets
2019-07-09 Eve Selis The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-10Wednesday 10th July Massy Ferguson The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-11Thursday 11th July Alex Spencer Plays Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-07-14Sunday 14th July Noisem (usa) / Corrupt Moral Altar Record Junkee Tickets
2019-07-14 Rachel Harrington The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-16Tuesday 16th July Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever The Leadmill Tickets
2019-07-18Thursday 18th July Murray Kyle The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-18 Whitney Rose The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-18 Martin Stephenson The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2019-07-18 Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band The Leadmill Tickets
2019-07-19Friday 19th July Katie Spencer Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-07-20Saturday 20th July Tramlines Fringe: Desperate Journalist Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-07-20 Tim Eriksen The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-21Sunday 21st July Doomlines The HUBS Tickets
2019-07-23Tuesday 23rd July Monster Magnet Corporation Tickets
2019-07-23 Hat Fitz And Cara The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-23 Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of Liquid Skin The Leadmill Tickets
2019-07-23 Gomez The Leadmill Tickets
2019-07-25Thursday 25th July Threaded Play Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-07-25 Helen Mccookerybook The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2019-07-26Friday 26th July Green Slime 2 With Das Clamps And The Snakerattlers The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2019-07-27Saturday 27th July Inavibe At Cafe Totem Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-07-27 Earth Tales The Harlequin
2019-07-28Sunday 28th July Adam Jay Live In Sheffield Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-07-28 Atorc @ Friends; Sunday Metal Matinee Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-07-31Wednesday 31st July A Different Thread The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-31 White Denim The Leadmill Tickets
2019-08-02Friday 2nd August Trinity The Tuck Plug Tickets
2019-08-03Saturday 3rd August Mo Kenney Plays Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-08-03 Green Haze Sheffield University Tickets
2019-08-03 The Tom Killner Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-08-06Tuesday 6th August Dead Boys Sheffield University Tickets
2019-08-15Thursday 15th August Broken Social Scene The Leadmill Tickets
2019-08-16Friday 16th August The Sarah Munro Band - Uk Tour 2019 The Greystones Tickets
2019-08-17Saturday 17th August Frontierer Record Junkee Tickets
2019-08-21Wednesday 21st August Amythyst Kiah The Greystones Tickets
2019-08-23Friday 23rd August Punks Against Cancer Friday Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-08-24Saturday 24th August Punks Against Cancer Saturday Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-08-25Sunday 25th August Punks Against Cancer Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-08-27Tuesday 27th August Crazy Town Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-08-29Thursday 29th August The Blackheart Orchestra The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-08-30Friday 30th August Dan Baird And Homemade Sin The Greystones Tickets
2019-08-30 The Smiths Ltd The Leadmill Tickets
2019-08-31Saturday 31st August The Faim Corporation Tickets
2019-08-31 Hrh Sleaze 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-08-31 Alan Mcgee Sheffield University Tickets
2019-08-31 Dan Baird And Homemade Sin The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-01Sunday 1st September Danny Jones The Leadmill Tickets
2019-09-02Monday 2nd September Midnight Skyracer The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-03Tuesday 3rd September Bill & The Belles The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-03 Bill And The Belles At Sheffield Greystones The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-03 The Gallerys At West Street Live Sheffield West Street Live Tickets
2019-09-04Wednesday 4th September John Blek The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-05Thursday 5th September Focus Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-09-05 Shaun Ryder Sheffield University Tickets
2019-09-05 Ernie Halter The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-05 Cam The Leadmill Tickets
2019-09-05 Road Not Taken The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-09-07Saturday 7th September Hrh C.r.o.w.s 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-09-07 Transmission - The Sound Of Joy Division Plug Tickets
2019-09-07 Mark Mulcahy The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-10Tuesday 10th September Sheffield Despise You / Trappist Record Junkee Tickets
2019-09-10 Once And Future Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-13Friday 13th September Rainbow Grave Record Junkee Tickets
2019-09-13 Chantel Mcgregor The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-13 The Snuts The Leadmill Tickets
2019-09-14Saturday 14th September Rhiannon Plays Acoustic At Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-09-14 Tony Mccarroll And Screening Of 'supersonic' O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-09-14 Josh Burnell Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-14 Shabaka Hutchings' Onefest The Leadmill Tickets
2019-09-15Sunday 15th September Boyzlife Sheffield University Tickets
2019-09-16Monday 16th September The John Martyn Project The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-17Tuesday 17th September Toby Walker The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-19Thursday 19th September Fireball Fuelling The Fire Tour O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-09-19 Ariana Grande Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-09-19 Kathryn Williams The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-20Friday 20th September Hozier Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-09-20 Cold Jackets The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-20 M.g. Boulter The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-09-21Saturday 21st September Bigfoot - Farewell Tour - Corporation, Sheffield Corporation Tickets
2019-09-21 Band Of The Royal Air Force College Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2019-09-22Sunday 22nd September Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-09-23Monday 23rd September Lagerstein Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-09-23 Spielbergs Picture House Social Tickets
2019-09-23 John Statz The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-24Tuesday 24th September Sheepy Record Junkee Tickets
2019-09-24 Geoff Achison The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-25Wednesday 25th September Casey Lowry O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-09-25 Mallory Knox Sheffield University Tickets
2019-09-26Thursday 26th September Skrapz O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-09-27Friday 27th September Modern Age Sheffield Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-09-27 Psyched, Stoned And Doomed Ii Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-09-27 Rainbow Grave Record Junkee Tickets
2019-09-27 Sheafs Sheffield University Tickets
2019-09-27 Sheafs The Leadmill Tickets
2019-09-27 The Leisure Society The Leadmill Tickets
2019-09-28Saturday 28th September Hrh Doom Vs Stoner Festival 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-09-28 The Icicle Works Plug Tickets
2019-09-28 Apre Record Junkee Tickets
2019-09-28 Straghten Out. The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-28 Twisted Wheel The Leadmill Tickets
2019-09-29Sunday 29th September Ostr / Sheffield Plug Tickets
2019-09-30Monday 30th September Jess Morgan And Nels Andrews Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-10-02Wednesday 2nd October The Dunwells Sheffield University Tickets
2019-10-03Thursday 3rd October Music Of Cream Plug Tickets
2019-10-03 John Record Junkee Tickets
2019-10-04Friday 4th October Dan Mangan & Murray A. Lightburn Picture House Social Tickets
2019-10-04 Cud The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-04 Bill Ryder-jones Upper Chapel Tickets
2019-10-05Saturday 5th October Alia Tempora Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-10-05 Alia Tempora, The Loved And Lost & Fear Me December Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-10-05 Hrh Punk Festival 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-05 Beverley Knight Sings The Songs Of Stevie Wonder Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-06Sunday 6th October Diversity Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-07Monday 7th October Keith James An Honest And Loving Reflection Of The Music Of Yusuf - Cat Stevens The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-07 Dz Deathrays The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-08Tuesday 8th October Pulled Apart By Horses Picture House Social Tickets
2019-10-08 Rod Picott The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-09Wednesday 9th October Drivin' N Cryin' The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2019-10-09 Christine Collister The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-09 New Hope Club The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-09 Martin Harley Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2019-10-10Thursday 10th October Snapped Ankles Picture House Social Tickets
2019-10-11Friday 11th October Gary Numan O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-11 Ibibio Sound Machine O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-11 Richard Hawley Sheffield University Tickets
2019-10-11 Half Man Half Biscuit The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-12Saturday 12th October Landmark Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-10-12 Planet Rock's Rocktober With Walter Trout, Dan Patlansky , Kris Barass Band And O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-12 Planet Rock's Rocktober O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-12 The Sheffield Beatles Project O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-12 Guns 2 Roses O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-12 Dan Patlansky O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-12 The Night Cafe Plug Tickets
2019-10-12 Richard Hawley Sheffield University Tickets
2019-10-12 Heidi Talbot & Adam Holmes As Arcade The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-12 Grace Petrie The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-13Sunday 13th October Hope And Social The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-13 The Struts The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-15Tuesday 15th October Self Esteem Picture House Social Tickets
2019-10-15 James Arthur Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-16Wednesday 16th October Leif Erikson Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-10-16 Ruby Wax: How To Be Human Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-16 Winter Mountain The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-17Thursday 17th October Coco And The Butterfields O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-17 Jawbone The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-18Friday 18th October Squeeze Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-18 Vistas The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-19Saturday 19th October The Reytons O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-19 Hip Hop Hooray O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-19 Peggy Sue Picture House Social Tickets
2019-10-19 The Lancashire Hotpots: Beerhemian Rhapsody Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-19 This Winter Machine The Local Authority Tickets
2019-10-20Sunday 20th October Disposable Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-10-20 Al Stewart Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-20 David Ford The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-21Monday 21st October Headie One The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-22Tuesday 22nd October Ben Phillips O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-23Wednesday 23rd October Jake Clemons O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-23 You Win Again Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-24Thursday 24th October Will Young Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-24 China Crisis The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-25Friday 25th October Feva Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-10-25 The Human League Tribute - Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-10-25 The Marley Revival O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-25 Lamb The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-25 Imperial Wax The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-26Saturday 26th October Tyketto Corporation Tickets
2019-10-26 Tool Shed Corporation Tickets
2019-10-26 Spiceh Fest 2 Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-10-26 Hrh Prog - Weekend Ticket O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-26 Saint Agnes Live In Sheffield Record Junkee Tickets
2019-10-26 Bang Bang Romeo Sheffield University Tickets
2019-10-26 Big Country "return To Steeltown" Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-26 Big Country The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-27Sunday 27th October Airways The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-28Monday 28th October Mckay & Leigh Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-10-28 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Plug Tickets
2019-10-28 Little Mix Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-10-28 Felix Rabin The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-29Tuesday 29th October Little Mix Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-10-30Wednesday 30th October Greg Minnaar Sheffield University Tickets
2019-10-30 What You Do With What You've Got - Ray Hearne The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-31Thursday 31st October The Dustbowl Revival The Greystones Tickets
2019-10-31 Jonny And The Baptists The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-01Friday 1st November The Soap Girls Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-11-01 Escafeld O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-01 Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-01 Jo Whiley's 90s Anthems Sheffield University Tickets
2019-11-01 John Power (cast/the La's) Acoustic Show Sheffield University Tickets
2019-11-01 John Power Sheffield University Tickets
2019-11-01 Ian Prowse And Amsterdam The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-02Saturday 2nd November Evil Scarecrow Corporation Tickets
2019-11-02 Joanofarc Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-11-02 Love Distraction O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-02 The Sherlocks O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-02 Love Distraction - A Tribute To The Human League O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-02 James Morrison Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-02 From The Jam Sheffield University Tickets
2019-11-02 From The Jam Sheffield University Tickets
2019-11-02 John Coghlan's Quo The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-02 The Bluetones The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-03Sunday 3rd November Okilly Dokilly Corporation Tickets
2019-11-03 Omd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-03 Omd - 40 Years - Greatest Hits Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-03 Sari Schorr The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-04Monday 4th November Shakespears Sister Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-05Tuesday 5th November Spector Picture House Social Tickets
2019-11-05 Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited 2019 Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-05 Marry Waterson & Emily Barker The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-06Wednesday 6th November Gordon Haskell The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-08Friday 8th November Dj Food O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-08 Tom Walker O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-08 Johnny Lloyd Picture House Social Tickets
2019-11-08 Music From The Movies - Fri 8 Nov, Sheffield Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2019-11-08 Adam Ant Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-08 Adam Ant - 2019 Uk Tour Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-08 Dr.feelgood Band The Uk's Number 1 Tribute The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-09Saturday 9th November A Bit Of A Blur Corporation Tickets
2019-11-09 Kate Tempest O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-09 Pearl Jam Uk O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-11Monday 11th November Marianas Trench The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-14Thursday 14th November Samuel Moore And Michael Christian Durrant Present Guitar, The Heart Of Spain, Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-11-14 Boston Manor Plug Tickets
2019-11-14 Maverick Sabre The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-15Friday 15th November Absolute Bowie O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-15 Elles Bailey The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-16Saturday 16th November Blackwater Conspiracy Corporation Tickets
2019-11-16 Massive Wagons O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-16 Billy Bragg, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back : Current Career Spanning Set The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-16 Billy Bragg The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-16 Danny "o" & The Astrotones The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-11-17Sunday 17th November Martin Stephenson & The Daintees Crookes Social Club Tickets
2019-11-17 Talisk The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-17 Billy Bragg, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back : Songs From The First Three Album The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-17 Billy Bragg The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-18Monday 18th November The Steve Hillage Band O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-18 Billy Bragg, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back : Songs From The Second Three Albu The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-18 Billy Bragg The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-19Tuesday 19th November Sir Was Picture House Social Tickets
2019-11-21Thursday 21st November Will Mcnicol Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-11-21 Stone Foundation Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2019-11-22Friday 22nd November Happy Mondays O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-22 Prince Tribute - Endorphinmachine O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-22 Happy Mondays Greatest Hits Tour O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-22 John Hackett Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-23Saturday 23rd November The Doors Alive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-23 The Macc Lads O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-23 Fontaines D.c. The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-24Sunday 24th November Glenn Miller Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-25Monday 25th November Imperial Wax The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-26Tuesday 26th November Moya Brennan - The Voice Of Clannad & First Lady Of Celtic Music Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-27Wednesday 27th November Big Girls Don't Cry Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-28Thursday 28th November Elvis - Live On Screen Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-11-28 The Australian Pink Floyd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-29Friday 29th November Yungblud O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-29 Spinn The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-30Saturday 30th November Hrh Vikings Festival 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-30 Ride Plug Tickets
2019-11-30 The Dualers The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-30 Apostles Of Chaos The Local Authority Tickets
2019-12-01Sunday 1st December Black Water Country The Greystones Tickets
2019-12-03Tuesday 3rd December Lewis Capaldi O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-03 Laurence Jones Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-12-05Thursday 5th December Fastlove Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-12-06Friday 6th December Nirvana Tribute O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-06 The Wedding Present The Leadmill Tickets
2019-12-07Saturday 7th December Antarctic Monkeys O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-07 Dido Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-12-07 Midland The Leadmill Tickets
2019-12-08Sunday 8th December A Bright New Year With Melrose Quartet Crookes Social Club Tickets
2019-12-08 Martyn Joseph The Greystones Tickets
2019-12-10Tuesday 10th December The Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-12-10 Jack Lukeman The Greystones Tickets
2019-12-13Friday 13th December Mark Lanegan The Leadmill Tickets
2019-12-14Saturday 14th December Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-14 The Sheffield Beatles Project O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-14 Oas-is The Leadmill Tickets
2019-12-19Thursday 19th December Sam Fender O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-20Friday 20th December Dale Storr - The Sounds Of New Orleans The Greystones Tickets
2019-12-20 It's Rockmas! The Leadmill Tickets
2019-12-21Saturday 21st December Ocean Colour Scheme O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-21 Ocean Colour Scheme...a Tribute To O.c.s O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-27Friday 27th December Papa Soul The Greystones Tickets
2020-01-24Friday 24th January The Small Fakers Plug Tickets
2020-01-24 Who's Next & The Small Fakers Plug Tickets
2020-01-24 Who's Next Plug Tickets
2020-02-02Sunday 2nd February Paul Carrack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-02 Paul Carrack - The 20/20 Tour Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-08Saturday 8th February For Those About To Rock 2020 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-02-08 For Those About To Rock 2020 - Livewire Ac/dc Vs Whitesnake O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-02-08 Genesis Visible Touch Plug Tickets
2020-02-17Monday 17th February Lighthouse Family Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-27Thursday 27th February 5ive Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-29Saturday 29th February Ultimate Leppard Corporation Tickets
2020-02-29 The Brigantes' New World Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2020-03-13Friday 13th March Jamie Cullum Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-03-14Saturday 14th March Jon Boden The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-25Wednesday 25th March The Bowie Collective Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-04-11Saturday 11th April Hrh Blues Vi - Weekend Tickets O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-18Saturday 18th April What's Love Got To Do With It? Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-04-25Saturday 25th April Novana Plug Tickets
2020-07-04Saturday 4th July U2baby Plug Tickets
2020-10-23Friday 23rd October The Dualers The Leadmill Tickets