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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2019-02-20Wednesday 20th February Tankus The Henge The Greystones Tickets
2019-02-20 Japanesetelevision / Reflecktor The Harley Tickets
2019-02-21Thursday 21st February Valeras Record Junkee Tickets
2019-02-21 Mcgoldrick, Mccusker & Doyle The Greystones Tickets
2019-02-22Friday 22nd February Cucamaras Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-02-22 Caroline Francess O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-02-22 Professor Steve Peters Sheffield University Tickets
2019-02-22 International Teachers Of Pop The Leadmill Tickets
2019-02-23Saturday 23rd February Ultimate Leppard Corporation Tickets
2019-02-23 5ive Live & 90s Party Dj's O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-02-23 Cash O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-02-23 Guns 2 Roses Plug Tickets
2019-02-23 Miranda Sykes The Greystones Tickets
2019-02-24Sunday 24th February Brothers Gillespie Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-02-24 Ramz O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-02-24 The X Factor Live Tour 2019 Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-02-24 Broadway's Lost Chords Sheffield University Tickets
2019-02-24 Sam Lewis The HUBS
2019-02-25Monday 25th February Café Del Mundo The Greystones Tickets
2019-02-27Wednesday 27th February Jake Morrell The Greystones Tickets
2019-02-28Thursday 28th February Tom Bright & The Dynamite Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-02-28 Polo Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-02-28 Gwilym Simcock Sheffield University Tickets
2019-02-28 Roger Davies The Green Room Tickets
2019-02-28 Ben Poole Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-02-28 Fatherson The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-01Friday 1st March The Covasettes Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-03-01 Jon Hopkins O2 Academy Sheffield
2019-03-01 Bryan Adams Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-03-01 Billy Ocean Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-01 Starlite Campbell Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-01 Feet The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-02Saturday 2nd March Bad Luv Launch Show Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-03-02 Light Years Corporation Tickets
2019-03-02 Blak Twang O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-03-02 Rob Heron And The Tea Pad Orchestra The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-03Sunday 3rd March Steel Songbirds Heeley Institute Tickets
2019-03-03 Chamber Of Malice Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-03-03 Keith James The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-04Monday 4th March Swan Lake Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-05Tuesday 5th March Buswell & Nyberg's Very Tiny Pop-up Folk Orchestra At Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-03-05 Swan Lake Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-05 Angel Snow The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-05 Palm Reader The Harley Tickets
2019-03-05 Grok Enrol / Naked Mess The Washington
2019-03-06Wednesday 6th March Arcade Hearts Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-03-06 Seth Lakeman Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-06 Climax Blues Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-07Thursday 7th March Dr John Cooper Clarke Sheffield University Tickets
2019-03-08Friday 8th March Rosie Brown Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-03-08 Coven Library Theatre Tickets
2019-03-08 The Style Councillors Plug Tickets
2019-03-09Saturday 9th March Embrace O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-03-09 Red Rum Club Record Junkee Tickets
2019-03-09 Bach St John Passion Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2019-03-09 Collabro Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-09 Edgelarks The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-09 The Pale White The Harley Tickets
2019-03-10Sunday 10th March Balkan Barn-dance With She'koyokh & Horo Sheffiled Crookes Social Club Tickets
2019-03-10 Big Sandy & His Fly-rite Boys The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-10 Jacob & Drinkwater The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-03-11Monday 11th March Deep Blue Something Corporation Tickets
2019-03-12Tuesday 12th March Ady Suleiman O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-03-12 Josh Smith The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-13Wednesday 13th March The Rheingans Sisters The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-14Thursday 14th March Hayes & Y Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-03-14 Sleaford Mods Plug Tickets
2019-03-14 Paul Carrack Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-14 Leveret Sheffield University Tickets
2019-03-14 Track Dogs The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-14 The Daily Grind Blues & Soul Revue With Amy Newhouse Smith And Jack T Harper Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2019-03-15Friday 15th March Ruth Theodore Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-03-15 Luxury Stranger Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-03-15 Wille & The Bandits O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-03-15 The Japanese House Plug Tickets
2019-03-15 Gorilla Riot The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-15 Skinny Living The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-16Saturday 16th March This Feeling Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-03-16 Masters Of The Baroque Ecclesall Parish Church Tickets
2019-03-16 Self Esteem Plug Tickets
2019-03-16 Mozart Requiem Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2019-03-16 Mike And The Mechanics Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-16 Mile Twelve The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-16 Slow Readers Club The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-17Sunday 17th March Anton & Erin Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-18Monday 18th March Neon Waltz The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-18 Ahir Shah The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-19Tuesday 19th March Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-19 Ahir Shah The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-20Wednesday 20th March Sharon Needles Plug Tickets
2019-03-21Thursday 21st March The Goat Roper Rodeo Band Play Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-03-21 Bob Log Iii Corporation Tickets
2019-03-21 Jizzy Pearl Corporation Tickets
2019-03-21 The Mouse Outfit O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-03-21 Tommy Emmanuel Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-21 Cellar Darling Sheffield University Tickets
2019-03-21 Erja Lyytinen The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-22Friday 22nd March Emily Burns Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-03-22 Maet Loaf & The Never Neverland Express O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-03-22 Black Grape Plug Tickets
2019-03-22 George Ezra Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-03-22 Mawkin The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-22 Emily Burns The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-22 Simon Lethem With Rachel Gerrard Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2019-03-23Saturday 23rd March The Clone Roses Vs Kazabian O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-03-23 Young T And Bugsey O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-03-23 Judge Jules Plug Tickets
2019-03-23 Huulen Record Junkee Tickets
2019-03-23 Sheffield University Wind Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2019-03-23 Jack Lukeman The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-23 Gentleman's Dub Club The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-24Sunday 24th March Sister Georges Play Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-03-24 Patrick Duff ( Strangelove ) The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-25Monday 25th March Sophie & The Giants Record Junkee Tickets
2019-03-25 Sheridan Smith Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-25 Kaz Hawkins The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-26Tuesday 26th March Jason Ringenberg The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-26 Hannah James & Toby Kuhn The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-03-27Wednesday 27th March Wolf Corporation Tickets
2019-03-27 Ian Siegal The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-27 Deaf Havana The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-28Thursday 28th March Blue Planet Ii Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-03-28 Songs From Distant Lands Sheffield University Tickets
2019-03-28 The Askew Sisters The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-29Friday 29th March Jack Harris Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-03-29 Skarlett Riot Corporation Tickets
2019-03-29 Life Aquatic Band DINA Tickets
2019-03-29 Orchards Record Junkee Tickets
2019-03-29 Blue Rose Code The Greystones Tickets
2019-03-29 Sports Team The Leadmill Tickets
2019-03-29 Random Hand Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2019-03-30Saturday 30th March Blaze Bayley Corporation Tickets
2019-03-30 Modern Age Sheffield Record Junkee Tickets
2019-03-30 Alfie Boe Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-03-30 Oddity Road Sheffield University Tickets
2019-03-30 Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2019-03-31Sunday 31st March Blowzabella Tea Bal Crookes Social Club Tickets
2019-03-31 Kuro Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-03-31 The Luck The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-02Tuesday 2nd April Sam Kelly & Ruth Notman The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-03Wednesday 3rd April Ego States Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-04-03 Ub40 Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-03 Michael Chapman, Bj Cole, & Sarah Smout The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-04Thursday 4th April Casey Lowry Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-04-04 Dennis Bovell Hagglers Corner Tickets
2019-04-04 University Of Sheffield Chamber Choir Sheffield University Tickets
2019-04-04 Hannah Sanders And Ben Savage The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-05Friday 5th April Fears Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-04-05 Love From Stourbridge 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-05 Miles Hunt O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-05 Rose Cousins The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-05 Tom Russell The HUBS Tickets
2019-04-05 Easy Life The Leadmill Tickets
2019-04-06Saturday 6th April The Quireboys Corporation Tickets
2019-04-06 Charlz Dream Tour O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-06 Swarmz, Yung Fume O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-06 Pete Gallagher's Rocket Man O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-06 Novana Plug Tickets
2019-04-06 The Outcharms Sheffield University Tickets
2019-04-06 Mary Coughlan The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-07Sunday 7th April Peter Cropper Alumni Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2019-04-07 Nick Harper, 58 Fordwych Road The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-08Monday 8th April Good Lovelies The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-09Tuesday 9th April Sundara Karma O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-09 Keston Cobblers Club The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-10Wednesday 10th April Chloe Foy Plays Cafe#9 Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-04-10 Ryan Adams O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-10 Tirzah Picture House Social Tickets
2019-04-10 Remembering The Movies Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-11Thursday 11th April At The Sun Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-04-11 Tom Williams Picture House Social Tickets
2019-04-11 The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Plug Tickets
2019-04-11 Salthouse The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-12Friday 12th April Author & Punisher *only Northern Show* Record Junkee Tickets
2019-04-12 Take That 2019 Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-04-12 Holy Moly & The Crackers The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-12 Cureheads/siouxsie & The Budgiees: Mutant Movement The Leadmill Tickets
2019-04-13Saturday 13th April Goldray Corporation Tickets
2019-04-13 Mike Tramp Corporation Tickets
2019-04-13 Hrh Blues Festival 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-13 Twenty Eighth Club Plug Tickets
2019-04-13 This Feeling Record Junkee Tickets
2019-04-13 Take That Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-04-13 Abc Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-13 Skerryvore The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-14Sunday 14th April Hrh Blues O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-14 Eleanor Mcevoy The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-15Monday 15th April Take That Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-04-15 The Good The Bad And The Queen Sheffield University Tickets
2019-04-15 Johnny Dowd The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-16Tuesday 16th April Take That Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-04-16 Josh Harty The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-16 Dead Naked Hippies / Mary Bell / The Sleazoids The Harley Tickets
2019-04-17Wednesday 17th April Ryley Walker Plug Tickets
2019-04-17 Gretchen Peters Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-17 Tom Paxton & The Donjuans Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-17 Sam Carter The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-18Thursday 18th April Coco And The Butterfields O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-18 What's Love Got To Do With It? Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-18 Molly Tuttle The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-18 Ohhms / Secret Cutter (usa) / Northern Exclusive Show The Harley Tickets
2019-04-19Friday 19th April Eden's Curse Corporation Tickets
2019-04-19 Russ Splash O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-19 Girli Plug Tickets
2019-04-20Saturday 20th April This Feeling Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-04-20 Roadrage Festival Corporation Tickets
2019-04-20 Definitely Oasis Plug Tickets
2019-04-20 Tracers Record Junkee Tickets
2019-04-20 The Solid Silver 60's Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-20 Circa Waves Sheffield University Tickets
2019-04-20 Andy P Davison And The Soul Preachin' Co The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2019-04-20 Tom Brooksby The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-21Sunday 21st April Sharrow Folk Festival Hagglers Corner Tickets
2019-04-21 Cobalt Tales The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-22Monday 22nd April Gregory S.davis Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-23Tuesday 23rd April The Horne Section Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-24Wednesday 24th April Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-25Thursday 25th April Mr.tea & The Minions The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-26Friday 26th April Team Picture Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-04-26 The Smyths O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-26 The Smyths... (35yrs Tour) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-04-26 Lona Record Junkee Tickets
2019-04-26 Sound Junction Ii Sheffield University Tickets
2019-04-26 Rura The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-27Saturday 27th April Pearl Jamm Plug Tickets
2019-04-27 Modern Age Sheffield Record Junkee Tickets
2019-04-27 Gatecrasher Classical Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-27 The Amy Winehouse Experience Sheffield University Tickets
2019-04-27 Sound Junction Ii Sheffield University Tickets
2019-04-27 Pharis And Jason Romero The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-27 Joey Landreth The HUBS Tickets
2019-04-28Sunday 28th April Martin Turner The Greystones Tickets
2019-04-28 Matt Quinn & Owen Woods The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-04-30Tuesday 30th April The Kingdom Choir Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-04-30 Gary Meikle The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-01Wednesday 1st May Hollywood Undead O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-01 Son Of Town Hall The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-02Thursday 2nd May Believe Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-05-02 Ligeti Quartet Sheffield University Tickets
2019-05-02 John Doyle The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-03Friday 3rd May Uk Subs Corporation Tickets
2019-05-03 Freddie's Outrageous Radio Gaga O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-03 The Sundowns Plug Tickets
2019-05-03 Michael Ball Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-05-03 Fleetingwood Mac Sheffield University Tickets
2019-05-03 Gilmore And Roberts The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-03 Blancmange The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-04Saturday 4th May Back To The Roxy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-04 Jordan Rooker Plug Tickets
2019-05-04 Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-04 Heaven And Hell Fest 2019 The Royal Standard Tickets
2019-05-05Sunday 5th May A Walk On The Wild Side I Sheffield University Tickets
2019-05-05 John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-06Monday 6th May Ron Block & Tony Furtado At Sheffield Greystones The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-06 Blaenavon The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-07Tuesday 7th May Catfish And The Bottlemen Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-05-07 The Vamps Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-05-07 Hamell On Trial The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-08Wednesday 8th May Kris Drever The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-08 Lucy Spraggan The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-08 Phil Cooper / Lg Breton West Street Live
2019-05-09Thursday 9th May Ub40 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-09 Whole Lotta Led Plug Tickets
2019-05-09 Fat White Family The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-10Friday 10th May Tom Brosseau Returns To Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-05-10 999 Corporation Tickets
2019-05-10 The Specials O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-10 Blackbeards Tea Party The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-11Saturday 11th May Cats In Space Corporation Tickets
2019-05-11 The Daniel Wakeford Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-11 Gordon Giltrap The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-11 The Bon Jovi Experience The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-12Sunday 12th May Siobhan Miller The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-13Monday 13th May Phoxjaw Record Junkee Tickets
2019-05-14Tuesday 14th May Viagra Boys Record Junkee Tickets
2019-05-14 Fuzzy Sun The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-15Wednesday 15th May Flamingods Picture House Social Tickets
2019-05-16Thursday 16th May Open Mike Eagle Plug Tickets
2019-05-16 Weakened Friends Record Junkee Tickets
2019-05-16 Fara The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-16 Ishmael Ensemble Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2019-05-17Friday 17th May Sex Gang Children Corporation Tickets
2019-05-17 Sikth Instrumental Masterclass Record Junkee Tickets
2019-05-17 Wheatus Sheffield University Tickets
2019-05-17 Hayes Carll The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-18Saturday 18th May Cafe#9 Outdoor Event With Skutch Manos!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-05-18 The Rosadocs O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-18 Open Mike Eagle Plug Tickets
2019-05-18 Cloudbusting Sheffield University Tickets
2019-05-18 Ezio The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-20Monday 20th May Emma Stevens The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-21Tuesday 21st May Sandra Kerr And John Faulkner The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-05-23Thursday 23rd May Elvis Tribute Artist World Tour Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-05-23 Madison Violet The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-24Friday 24th May Krs-one O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-24 Vnv Nation Plug Tickets
2019-05-24 Olly Murs Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-05-24 Warner E Hodges Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-25Saturday 25th May Dr.feelgood The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-26Sunday 26th May The Muffin Men The Greystones Tickets
2019-05-26 Pip Blom The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-28Tuesday 28th May Anne-marie O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-28 Yonaka Plug Tickets
2019-05-29Wednesday 29th May Trudy & The Romance Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-05-29 The Treatment Corporation Tickets
2019-05-30Thursday 30th May Spinn Cafe Totem Tickets
2019-05-30 Damian Marley O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-05-30 A Certain Ratio The Leadmill Tickets
2019-05-31Friday 31st May Limehouse Lizzy The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-01Saturday 1st June Eagle-eye Cherry Corporation Tickets
2019-06-01 The Ac/dc Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-06-01 Uk Foo Fighters Sheffield University Tickets
2019-06-04Tuesday 4th June Martha Reeves & The Vandellas O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-06-04 Mumford & Sons Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-06-05Wednesday 5th June Honeyblood Plug Tickets
2019-06-05 Dale Watson And His Lone Stars The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-07Friday 7th June Westlife Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-06-07 Curtis Eller's American Circus The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-08Saturday 8th June Westlife Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-06-08 Emily Mae Winters The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-12Wednesday 12th June Woman To Woman Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-06-13Thursday 13th June Harry Harris Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2019-06-13 Simon Lethem With Rachel Gerrard The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-15Saturday 15th June Rod Stewart Bramall Lane Tickets
2019-06-15 O'hooley & Tidow The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-16Sunday 16th June Sharon Shannon & Band The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-21Friday 21st June Dirty Cello The Greystones Tickets
2019-06-22Saturday 22nd June Let's Go Stateside! St Mark's Church Tickets
2019-06-27Thursday 27th June Neil Mcsweeney The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-03Wednesday 3rd July Il Divo Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-07-05Friday 5th July The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-06Saturday 6th July Strangefish The Local Authority Tickets
2019-07-14Sunday 14th July Rachel Harrington The Greystones Tickets
2019-07-18Thursday 18th July Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band The Leadmill Tickets
2019-08-03Saturday 3rd August Green Haze Sheffield University Tickets
2019-08-25Sunday 25th August Punks Against Cancer Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2019-08-30Friday 30th August Dan Baird And Homemade Sin The Greystones Tickets
2019-08-31Saturday 31st August Hrh Sleaze 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-08-31 Dan Baird And Homemade Sin The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-05Thursday 5th September Ernie Halter The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-07Saturday 7th September Hrh C.r.o.w.s 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-09-07 Transmission - The Sound Of Joy Division Plug Tickets
2019-09-15Sunday 15th September Boyzlife Sheffield University Tickets
2019-09-17Tuesday 17th September Toby Walker The Greystones Tickets
2019-09-19Thursday 19th September Ariana Grande Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-09-20Friday 20th September M.g. Boulter The Shakespeare Tickets
2019-09-28Saturday 28th September Hrh Doom Vs Stoner Festival 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-05Saturday 5th October Hrh Punk Festival 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-06Sunday 6th October Diversity Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-11Friday 11th October Half Man Half Biscuit The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-12Saturday 12th October Planet Rock's Rocktober With Walter Trout, Dan Patlansky , Kris Barass Band And O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-12 Planet Rock's Rocktober O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-12 Dan Patlansky O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-12 Grace Petrie The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-16Wednesday 16th October Ruby Wax: How To Be Human Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-17Thursday 17th October Coco And The Butterfields O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-10-18Friday 18th October Squeeze Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-20Sunday 20th October Al Stewart Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-23Wednesday 23rd October You Win Again Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-10-26Saturday 26th October Big Country The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-26 Big Country "return To Steeltown" Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2019-10-28Monday 28th October Little Mix Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-10-29Tuesday 29th October Little Mix Sheffield Arena Tickets
2019-11-01Friday 1st November Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-02Saturday 2nd November Love Distraction O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-02 Love Distraction - A Tribute To The Human League O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-02 John Coghlan's Quo The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-05Tuesday 5th November Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited 2019 Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-06Wednesday 6th November Gordon Haskell The Greystones Tickets
2019-11-16Saturday 16th November Billy Bragg, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back : Current Career Spanning Set The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-16 Billy Bragg The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-17Sunday 17th November Martin Stephenson & The Daintees Crookes Social Club Tickets
2019-11-17 Billy Bragg, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back : Songs From The First Three Album The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-17 Billy Bragg The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-18Monday 18th November Billy Bragg, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back : Songs From The Second Three Albu The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-18 Billy Bragg The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-21Thursday 21st November Stone Foundation Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2019-11-22Friday 22nd November Happy Mondays O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-23Saturday 23rd November The Macc Lads O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-23 The Doors Alive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-23 Fontaines D.c. The Leadmill Tickets
2019-11-27Wednesday 27th November Big Girls Don't Cry Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-28Thursday 28th November The Australian Pink Floyd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-11-29Friday 29th November Yungblud O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-30Saturday 30th November Hrh Vikings Festival 2019 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-11-30 The Dualers The Leadmill Tickets
2019-12-03Tuesday 3rd December Lewis Capaldi O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-05Thursday 5th December Fastlove Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-12-10Tuesday 10th December The Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2019-12-14Saturday 14th December Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-14 The Sheffield Beatles Project O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2019-12-14 Oas-is The Leadmill Tickets
2019-12-27Friday 27th December Papa Soul The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-08Saturday 8th February For Those About To Rock 2020 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets