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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2020-02-17Monday 17th February Lighthouse Family Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-17 Fara The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-18Tuesday 18th February Queen Symphonic Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-18 The Tuesday Club: Hazard, Kaz, Clouwds & Andy H Sheffield University
2020-02-18 Lisa O'neil The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-19Wednesday 19th February New Antics Act Iv Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-02-19 New Rules O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-02-19 Kent Duchain The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-19 X Ambassadors The Leadmill Tickets
2020-02-20Thursday 20th February Alden Patterson And Dashwood Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-02-20 Beth Hart Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-20 David Greilsammer: Labyrinth Sheffield University Tickets
2020-02-20 Bootleg Blondie The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-21Friday 21st February The Sherlocks O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-02-21 The Roxies Record Junkee Tickets
2020-02-21 Frogbelly The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-21 Flex - Stormzy Special! The Leadmill Tickets
2020-02-22Saturday 22nd February Regional Creeps Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-02-22 Ska 45s Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-02-22 The Murder Capital The Leadmill Tickets
2020-02-22 The Tirith The Local Authority Tickets
2020-02-23Sunday 23rd February John Blek The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-24Monday 24th February Café Del Mundo | Famous Tracks | New The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-25Tuesday 25th February Whitney Sheffield City Hall
2020-02-25 The Monochrome Set The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-25 Kiefer Sutherland The Leadmill Tickets
2020-02-26Wednesday 26th February Hot 8 Brass Band O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-02-26 The Script Sheffield Arena Tickets
2020-02-26 Brian Downey (thin Lizzy) & Don Airey (deep Purple) Sheffield University Tickets
2020-02-26 Mcgoldrick, Mccusker & Doyle The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-27Thursday 27th February Polly Paulusma & Annie Dressner Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-02-27 The Rumjacks Corporation Tickets
2020-02-27 Molchat Doma Record Junkee Tickets
2020-02-27 5ive Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-27 Barry Green Trio Sheffield University Tickets
2020-02-27 Wille And The Bandits The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-27 Temples The Leadmill Tickets
2020-02-28Friday 28th February Parliamo Record Junkee Tickets
2020-02-28 Stereophonics Sheffield Arena Tickets
2020-02-28 Gaz Brookfield The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-28 Julian Cope The Leadmill Tickets
2020-02-28 Marika Hackman The Leadmill Tickets
2020-02-29Saturday 29th February Ida Wenoe Returns To Cafe#9 With Samantha Whates!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-02-29 Ultimate Leppard Corporation Tickets
2020-02-29 Isolate - Koi No Umi 2 Year Anniversary Show Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-02-29 Light Tide O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-02-29 The Brigantes' New World Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2020-02-29 Goldsoul Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-02-29 Starlite Campbell Band The Greystones Tickets
2020-02-29 Rockett 88 The Harlequin
2020-02-29 Kefaya & Elaha Soroor The HUBS Tickets
2020-02-29 Julian Cope The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-02Monday 2nd March Today Is The Day Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-02 Jesse Malin The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-03Tuesday 3rd March Lottie & Lily Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-03 Ttc X Tnk: Mella Dee (all Night Long) Sheffield University
2020-03-03 Music In The Round Spring Series - Ensemble 360 Upper Chapel
2020-03-04Wednesday 4th March Blanck Mass Picture House Social Tickets
2020-03-04 Clannad Sheffield City Hall
2020-03-04 Ben Watt The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-04 Narthen The Shakespeare Tickets
2020-03-05Thursday 5th March Åkervinda Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-06Friday 6th March Rosie Brown & Jamie Taylor Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-06 The Peach Fuzz Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-03-06 999 Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-03-06 Pins Record Junkee Tickets
2020-03-06 Hospitality Sheffield 2020 Sheffield University
2020-03-06 The Magpies The Shakespeare Tickets
2020-03-07Saturday 7th March Balaam And The Angel With Michael Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel Corporation Tickets
2020-03-07 Black Parade O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-07 King Purple Record Junkee Tickets
2020-03-07 Bach Mass In B Minor Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2020-03-07 Elvis Costello & The Imposters Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-03-07 The Outlaw Orchestra The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-07 Shabaka Hutchings' Onefest The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-08Sunday 8th March Keith James Sings Torch Songs The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-10Tuesday 10th March Ttc X Peachy X Shefest: Anz, Jossy Mitsu, Tino, Sheffield University
2020-03-10 Music In The Round Spring Series - Ensemble 360 Upper Chapel
2020-03-11Wednesday 11th March David Keenan Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-03-11 Blossoms O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-11 Grand Magus Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-11 Twin Atlantic The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-12Thursday 12th March Joshua James Jackson Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-12 Sheafs Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-03-12 Karen Hauer & Gorka Marquez Firedance Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-03-12 Kabantu Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-12 Rowan Godal The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-12 The K's The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-12 Cairo The Local Authority Tickets
2020-03-12 The Barratts West Street Live Tickets
2020-03-13Friday 13th March Kerouac. A Half-centenary Commemoration Of The Writer And His Work By Simon Warner & Heath Common Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-13 Popestars: A Tribute To Ghost Corporation Tickets
2020-03-13 Jake Bugg O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-13 Jamie Cullum Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-03-14Saturday 14th March Buffalo Summer Corporation Tickets
2020-03-14 Snake Oil & Harmony: Danny Vaughan And Dan Reed) Corporation Tickets
2020-03-14 One Drop Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-03-14 Bulsara And His Queenies O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-14 Luke Jackson The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-14 Jon Boden The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-15Sunday 15th March Luke Daniels Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-15 Korpiklaani Corporation Tickets
2020-03-15 John Hackett Band Crookes Social Club Tickets
2020-03-15 Martin Turners Wishbone Ash The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-17Tuesday 17th March Jon Wilks The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-18Wednesday 18th March Leddra Chapman The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-19Thursday 19th March Kirsty Merryn Returns To Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-19 Heaven 17 ...reproduction And Travelogue Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-03-20Friday 20th March Josh Windmiller Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-20 Trials Of Cato The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-20 Olcay Bayir The HUBS Tickets
2020-03-20 The Rifles The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-20 The Rifles The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-20 The Rifles - Unplugged Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-20 Music In The Round Spring Series - Ensemble 360 Wind And Piano Upper Chapel
2020-03-21Saturday 21st March This Feeling Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-03-21 La Luna Social Club DINA Tickets
2020-03-21 Plain White T's O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-21 Gaygirl Record Junkee Tickets
2020-03-21 Mozart: Mass In C Minor Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2020-03-21 808 State Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-21 Cobalt Tales The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-21 Seed Ensemble Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2020-03-23Monday 23rd March Today Is The Day Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-24Tuesday 24th March Clock Opera Picture House Social Tickets
2020-03-24 Magnum The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-25Wednesday 25th March Red Rum Club O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-25 Humanist Picture House Social Tickets
2020-03-25 The Bowie Collective Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-03-25 Robert Vincent The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-25 Steve Pilgrim The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2020-03-25 Quinn Oulton West Street Live
2020-03-26Thursday 26th March Jeffrey Martin & Anna Tivel Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-03-26 Lee 'scratch' Perry O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-26 Nimmo Picture House Social Tickets
2020-03-26 Ligeti Quartet Ii Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-26 Acdc Uk The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-26 M Huncho The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-27Friday 27th March Ned Roberts Returns To Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-27 Korn Fakes Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-03-27 Tom Clarke O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-27 Tom Clarke (the Enemy) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-27 Tom Clarke O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-27 Tom Clarke O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-27 False Heads | Sheffield, Record Junkee Record Junkee Tickets
2020-03-27 The Wired Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-27 Music In The Round Spring Series - Steven Osborne, Piano Upper Chapel
2020-03-28Saturday 28th March Erin Costelo Returns To Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-03-28 Lostboy Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-03-28 Roadrage 2020 Corporation Tickets
2020-03-28 Hrh Prog O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-28 University Of Sheffield Chamber Choir Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-28 Palace Sheffield University Tickets
2020-03-28 Hands Off Gretel The Leadmill Tickets
2020-03-29Sunday 29th March Greg Russell & Kieran Algar The Greystones Tickets
2020-03-30Monday 30th March Bars And Melody O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-03-31Tuesday 31st March Porridge Radio Record Junkee Tickets
2020-03-31 My Nu Leng & M8s Sheffield University
2020-03-31 Pavey Ark The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-01Wednesday 1st April Niamh Pasons And Graham Dunne The Shakespeare Tickets
2020-04-02Thursday 2nd April Katie Spencer Returns To Cafe#9!!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-04-02 Dutty Moonshine Big Band O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-02 Sarah Jane Morris With Tony Remy And Tim Cansfield The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-02 The Way Down Wanderers The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-03Friday 3rd April Marty O'reilly Returns To Cafe#9!!! (solo Show) Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-04-03 Clear Vinyl Record Junkee Tickets
2020-04-03 Sound Junction Ii Sheffield University Tickets
2020-04-03 Joanne Harris And The #storytime Band The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2020-04-03 Bang Bang Romeo The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-04Saturday 4th April Magic Queen Corporation Tickets
2020-04-04 Papa Shango Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-04-04 The Clone Roses O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-04 Cassels Record Junkee Tickets
2020-04-04 Sound Junction Ii Sheffield University Tickets
2020-04-04 Benji Kirkpatrick And The Excess The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-05Sunday 5th April Peggy Sue Picture House Social Tickets
2020-04-05 Chorus Uk Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-04-05 It's A Swing Thing Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-04-05 Jeffrey Foucault The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-05 The Hara The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-06Monday 6th April The Starlight Magic Hour Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-04-06 Oysters 3 The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-07Tuesday 7th April Quelle Christ At Dina DINA Tickets
2020-04-07 Slow Readers Club Sheffield University Tickets
2020-04-07 Roddy Woomble The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-08Wednesday 8th April The Hut People The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-08 King King The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-09Thursday 9th April Undercover Hippy The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-09 The Lottery Winners The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-10Friday 10th April Statis Quo Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-04-10 Beardyman - Sheer Volume Tour O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-10 Mumm Ra Picture House Social Tickets
2020-04-10 Resurrection - Nightclub Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-04-11Saturday 11th April Hrh Blues Vi - Weekend Tickets O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-11 Tom Brooksby, Acoustic Springsteen The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-12Sunday 12th April Resistanz Festival 2020 Corporation Tickets
2020-04-12 Sharrow Folk Festival 2020 Hagglers Corner Tickets
2020-04-15Wednesday 15th April True Stays The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-16Thursday 16th April Blackballed @ The Greystones, Sheffield The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-17Friday 17th April Fabric Bear Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-04-17 Scarlet Rebels & Revival Black Corporation Tickets
2020-04-17 Life O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-17 Old Dirty Brasstards O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-17 Mush Picture House Social Tickets
2020-04-17 Harry Styles Sheffield Arena Tickets
2020-04-17 Harry Styles Sheffield Arena Tickets
2020-04-17 Harry Styles Sheffield Arena
2020-04-17 Harry Styles - Love On Tour Sheffield Arena Tickets
2020-04-17 Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq Sheffield University Tickets
2020-04-17 Nine Below Zero The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-18Saturday 18th April This Feeling Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-04-18 Rammlied: The Uk's Number One Tribute To Rammstein Corporation Tickets
2020-04-18 Pearl Jamm Corporation Tickets
2020-04-18 Dressed To Kill - The Ultimate Kiss Tribute! O2 Academy Sheffield
2020-04-18 Pearl Jamm Plug Tickets
2020-04-18 Messiah Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2020-04-18 What's Love Got To Do With It? Sheffield City Hall
2020-04-18 The Style Councillors Sheffield University Tickets
2020-04-18 Karnataka The Local Authority Tickets
2020-04-19Sunday 19th April Lynne Hanson Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-04-19 Michael Chapman The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-19 The Night Cafe The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-20Monday 20th April La Dispute The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-21Tuesday 21st April Jerry Leger And The Sitaution The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-22Wednesday 22nd April Skinny Living O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-22 Mary Coughlan The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-23Thursday 23rd April Eilidh Steel & Mark Neal Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-04-23 Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Sheffield City Hall
2020-04-23 Thomas Truax The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-24Friday 24th April Rebecca Loebe Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-04-24 The Ac/dc Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-24 The Ac/dc Experience - Bad Boy Boogie Tour 2020 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-24 The Ac/dc Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-04-24 Ren Harvieu Picture House Social Tickets
2020-04-24 Sunscreem The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-25Saturday 25th April Jaya The Cat Corporation Tickets
2020-04-25 Novana Plug Tickets
2020-04-25 Ferocious Dog The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-25 The Mourning After (almost) Annual Shakespears Shindig The Shakespeare Tickets
2020-04-26Sunday 26th April Copper Viper Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-04-26 Casey Lowry Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-04-26 Last Great Dreamers - Retrosexual 25th Anniversary Tour Corporation Tickets
2020-04-26 Calan The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-27Monday 27th April Holy Moly & The Crackers The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-27 In Flames The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-28Tuesday 28th April Eileen Rose & The Holy Wreck The Greystones Tickets
2020-04-29Wednesday 29th April Levellers The Leadmill Tickets
2020-04-30Thursday 30th April Christina Martin & Dale Murray Play Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-04-30 Jason Rebello Trio Sheffield University Tickets
2020-04-30 The Nightingales The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-01Friday 1st May Shambolics Record Junkee Tickets
2020-05-01 Vivaldi - Four Seasons By Candlelight - Fri 1st May, Sheffield Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2020-05-01 Banjo Jen The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2020-05-01 Tankus The Henge The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-01 Shangralas The Leadmill Tickets
2020-05-02Saturday 2nd May Rodney Branigan Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-05-02 London Calling - A Tribute To The Clash O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-02 Lodon Calling - Album Celebration Show O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-02 Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2020-05-02 Everly Pregnant Brothers The Leadmill Tickets
2020-05-03Sunday 3rd May Holly Arrowsmith Plays Cafe#9!! Cafe #9 Tickets
2020-05-03 Heretic Fest Corporation Tickets
2020-05-03 Lime Cordiale O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-03 A Question Of Sport Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-05-06Wednesday 6th May Lowest Pair The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-07Thursday 7th May Limehouse Lizzy The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-08Friday 8th May Peaness Picture House Social Tickets
2020-05-08 George - Featuring Rob Lamberti Plus Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-05-08 George. Celebrating The Songs And Music Of George Michael Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-05-09Saturday 9th May Metal 2 The Masses Sheffield 2020 - The Final Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-05-09 Back To The Roxy: Greatest Hits! O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-09 Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-05-09 Sheffield University Wind Orchestra Sheffield University Tickets
2020-05-10Sunday 10th May Belshazzar's Feast The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-12Tuesday 12th May Silverbacks Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-05-13Wednesday 13th May Jig Jam The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-14Thursday 14th May Ist Ist Record Junkee Tickets
2020-05-14 Peter Hook & The Light Sheffield University Tickets
2020-05-14 Peter Hook & The Light (joy Division: A Celebration) Sheffield University Tickets
2020-05-14 Will Pounds A Day Will Come Sheffield University Tickets
2020-05-15Friday 15th May Rats Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-05-15 Gilmore & Roberts The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-16Saturday 16th May Definitely Oasis Perform 'what's The Story Morning Glory' O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-16 Definitely Oasis O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-16 Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-16 The Cureheads & The Banshees The Leadmill Tickets
2020-05-16 Road Not Taken The Shakespeare Tickets
2020-05-17Sunday 17th May Nell Bryden The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-19Tuesday 19th May Good Luck Mountain The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-20Wednesday 20th May Gogo Penguin O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-20 Gogo Penguin O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-21Thursday 21st May Hannah Sanders And Ben Savage The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-22Friday 22nd May Vivaldi's Four Seasons By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2020-05-22 Gaye Bykers On Acid Sheffield University Tickets
2020-05-22 The Undertones The Leadmill Tickets
2020-05-23Saturday 23rd May Nirvana Uk O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-23 Jeff Beck Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-05-23 The Muffin Men The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-23 Pinegrove The Leadmill Tickets
2020-05-24Sunday 24th May Massive Corporation Tickets
2020-05-24 Crybaby Special/the Ovines/tres Kings @sheffield Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-05-27Wednesday 27th May The Magpie Arc The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-28Thursday 28th May Danni Nicholls The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-29Friday 29th May The Smyths O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-29 Carus Thompson The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-29 Sam Carter The Shakespeare Tickets
2020-05-30Saturday 30th May Fell Out Boy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-30 Fell Out Boy & The Black Charade O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-05-30 Warner E Hodges Band The Greystones Tickets
2020-05-31Sunday 31st May Tir Na Nog The Greystones Tickets
2020-06-02Tuesday 2nd June Gerry Cinnamon Sheffield Arena Tickets
2020-06-05Friday 5th June The Bootleg Beatles The Leadmill Tickets
2020-06-06Saturday 6th June Moonlight Sonata By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2020-06-07Sunday 7th June Drab Majesty Picture House Social Tickets
2020-06-11Thursday 11th June Curtis Eller's American Circus The Greystones Tickets
2020-06-14Sunday 14th June The Secret Sisters Sheffield University Tickets
2020-06-15Monday 15th June Robyn Hitchcock The Greystones Tickets
2020-06-19Friday 19th June Skunk Anansie O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-06-20Saturday 20th June Stoned Jesus O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-06-20 Ceremonial Sacred Music St Mark's Church Tickets
2020-06-20 M.g. Boulter The Greystones Tickets
2020-06-21Sunday 21st June Arrowsmith:robb The Shakespeare Tickets
2020-06-24Wednesday 24th June The Beat The Leadmill Tickets
2020-06-25Thursday 25th June The Hot Rods The Greystones Tickets
2020-06-27Saturday 27th June The Zangwills Cafe Totem Tickets
2020-06-27 Mass In Blue And Nideros Jazz Mass Ecclesall Parish Church Tickets
2020-06-27 Simply Dylan The Greystones Tickets
2020-06-27 Dave Bainbridge And Sally Minnear (an Evening Of Iona Music ) The Lantern Theatre Tickets
2020-07-03Friday 3rd July Punks Against Cancer 3rd Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-07-04Saturday 4th July Punks Against Cancer 4th Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-07-04 U2baby Plug Tickets
2020-07-05Sunday 5th July Punks Against Cancer Weekend Ticket Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-07-08Wednesday 8th July Hello Again - A Tribute To Neil Diamond Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-07-10Friday 10th July Papa Soul For Rob O'shea For St Lukes Hospice Fund The Greystones Tickets
2020-07-11Saturday 11th July Vice Squad Mulberry Tavern Tickets
2020-07-25Saturday 25th July The Bon Jovi Experience The Leadmill Tickets
2020-08-01Saturday 1st August The Tom Killner Band Play The Greystones The Greystones Tickets
2020-08-15Saturday 15th August Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards The Greystones Tickets
2020-08-17Monday 17th August Bambara Picture House Social Tickets
2020-08-29Saturday 29th August Hrh Sleaze O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-08-29 Pulp'd - 25th Anniversary Of A Different Class The Leadmill Tickets
2020-09-04Friday 4th September Whitney Queen Of The Night Sheffield City Hall
2020-09-12Saturday 12th September Hrh Goth O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-09-16Wednesday 16th September Stormzy Sheffield Arena Tickets
2020-09-16 Luca Stricagnoli The Greystones Tickets
2020-09-16 Luca Stricagnoli Change Of Rules Tour 2020 The Greystones Tickets
2020-09-18Friday 18th September 3 Daft Monkeys The Greystones Tickets
2020-09-23Wednesday 23rd September Jason Donovan Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-09-27Sunday 27th September The Definitive Burt Bacharach Songbook Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-10-02Friday 2nd October Big Country Sheffield University Tickets
2020-10-02 Big Country 'wonderland' Sheffield University Tickets
2020-10-03Saturday 3rd October Grace Petrie The Leadmill Tickets
2020-10-04Sunday 4th October Kingdom Of Madness Corporation Tickets
2020-10-06Tuesday 6th October Rum Drum Ramblers The Greystones Tickets
2020-10-09Friday 9th October Mo Gilligan Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-10-10Saturday 10th October Hrh Punk - Weekend Tickets O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-10-15Thursday 15th October Collabro Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-10-16Friday 16th October David Essex Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-10-17Saturday 17th October Hrh Prog O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-10-18Sunday 18th October Kris Drever The Greystones Tickets
2020-10-19Monday 19th October The Mind Of A Psychopath The Leadmill Tickets
2020-10-21Wednesday 21st October Maximum Rnb Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-10-21 Maximum R’n’b With The Manfreds Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-10-21 The Big Moon The Leadmill Tickets
2020-10-23Friday 23rd October Kiki Dee The Greystones Tickets
2020-10-23 The Dualers The Leadmill Tickets
2020-10-25Sunday 25th October Martin Stephenson & The Daintees Crookes Social Club Tickets
2020-10-29Thursday 29th October The Australian Pink Floyd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-10-30Friday 30th October The Stranglers Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-10-30 Martin Kemp Back To The 80's Party The Leadmill Tickets
2020-10-30 Martin Kemp The Leadmill Tickets
2020-11-02Monday 2nd November 10cc Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-11-05Thursday 5th November Katie Melua Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-11-06Friday 6th November Terrorvision Sheffield University Tickets
2020-11-06 The Specials Ltd The Leadmill Tickets
2020-11-07Saturday 7th November Oas-is The Leadmill Tickets
2020-11-14Saturday 14th November Cash: A Tribute To The Man In Black O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-11-14 Cash (johnny Cash Tribute) O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-11-14 John Coghlan's Quo The Greystones Tickets
2020-11-15Sunday 15th November Samantics Cross Scythes
2020-11-17Tuesday 17th November Becky Hill O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-11-17 Cormac Neeson The Greystones Tickets
2020-11-20Friday 20th November Saints Among Us O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-11-20 Heaven 17 O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-11-22Sunday 22nd November Billy Ocean Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-11-28Saturday 28th November Hrh Vikings O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-12-03Thursday 3rd December Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-12-08Tuesday 8th December Electric Six O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-12-10Thursday 10th December The Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2020-12-12Saturday 12th December The Sheffield Beatles Project O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2020-12-19Saturday 19th December Atomic's 80s Xmas Quake Sheffield City Hall Tickets