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Find out what's on in Sheffield below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2022-05-29Sunday 29th May Karl Culley Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-05-29 Jeff Beck Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-05-29 Georgia Van Etten The Greystones Tickets
2022-05-30Monday 30th May Katherine Priddy The Greystones Tickets
2022-05-30 Grace Petrie The Leadmill Tickets
2022-05-31Tuesday 31st May Jake Blount & His Band The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-01Wednesday 1st June The Blackheart Orchestra The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-02Thursday 2nd June Hang Massive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-06-02 The Script Sheffield Arena Tickets
2022-06-03Friday 3rd June The Everly Pregnant Brothers O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-06-03 Christmas Hamboree O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-06-03 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sheffield University Tickets
2022-06-04Saturday 4th June The Glamned Embassy Foxwood Tickets
2022-06-04 Robert James Blues The Harlequin
2022-06-04 Daði Freyr The Leadmill Tickets
2022-06-05Sunday 5th June Nat Johnson The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-06Monday 6th June Wolfsbane The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-07Tuesday 7th June Noisy Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2022-06-08Wednesday 8th June Yorkston Thorne Khan The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-09Thursday 9th June Sergeant Thunderhoof Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-06-09 Madison Violet The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-10Friday 10th June Samuel Moore Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-06-10 Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-10 Chris Smither The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-10 The Rifles The Leadmill Tickets
2022-06-10 Youth Killed It Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2022-06-11Saturday 11th June Tamsin Elliott Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-06-11 Swiftageddon O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-06-11 Gravedanver Record Junkee Tickets
2022-06-11 Creeping Jean Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-06-11 Pet Deaths Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2022-06-12Sunday 12th June Danny Bryant The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-14Tuesday 14th June Sorry Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-06-15Wednesday 15th June Tiny Barbara's Surf Club The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-15 The Beat The Leadmill Tickets
2022-06-16Thursday 16th June Topette!! Crookes Social Club Tickets
2022-06-16 And So I Watch You From Afar Network Tickets
2022-06-16 Dogleg Record Junkee Tickets
2022-06-16 Mama's Broke The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-17Friday 17th June Julian Jones The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-18Saturday 18th June Holst Ecclesall Parish Church Tickets
2022-06-18 Vivaldi's Four Seasons Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2022-06-18 The Brigantes Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-18 Smallprint Sheffield University Tickets
2022-06-18 The Denabys Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-06-18 The Brilliance Of Bach St Mark's Church Tickets
2022-06-18 Montuno The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-19Sunday 19th June The Secret Sisters Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-20Monday 20th June Tunic Record Junkee Tickets
2022-06-21Tuesday 21st June ABC Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-22Wednesday 22nd June Jess & Richard Arrowsmith Nether Edge Bowling Club Tickets
2022-06-22 Adam Ant Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-22 Power Out Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-06-22 Aynsley Lister The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-23Thursday 23rd June Matt Woosey Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-06-23 Nightstalker Record Junkee Tickets
2022-06-23 Veronica And Max The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-23 The Bootleg Beatles The Leadmill Tickets
2022-06-24Friday 24th June Foo Fighters GB Corporation Tickets
2022-06-24 Soft Kill Record Junkee Tickets
2022-06-24 Nell Bryden The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-25Saturday 25th June Bau Cat Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-06-25 Sheffield Indie Day Network Tickets
2022-06-25 Endorphinmachine O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-06-25 Minds Idle The Leadmill Tickets
2022-06-26Sunday 26th June Jake Shimabukuro The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-26 John Otway Band The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-27Monday 27th June Pound Record Junkee Tickets
2022-06-28Tuesday 28th June One Step Closer Corporation Tickets
2022-06-28 Rival Sons O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-06-28 Ronan Keating Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-28 Jig Jam The Greystones Tickets
2022-06-29Wednesday 29th June Serial killers And Psychopaths Night The Leadmill Tickets
2022-06-30Thursday 30th June Luther Vandross Celebration Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-06-30 Rod Picott The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-01Friday 1st July Show Me The Body Record Junkee Tickets
2022-07-01 The Levis Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-07-01 Damien O'kane And Ron Block The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-02Saturday 2nd July Jumper Boy Corporation
2022-07-02 Bleak Soul Record Junkee Tickets
2022-07-02 The Monochrome Set The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-02 Wilko Johnson The Leadmill Tickets
2022-07-03Sunday 3rd July Cara Dillon Sheffield University Tickets
2022-07-03 Luke Jackson The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-05Tuesday 5th July Terra Lightfoot And The Weeping Willows Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-07-06Wednesday 6th July The Sam Chase Trio Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-07-06 De Temps Antan The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-07Thursday 7th July The Sam Chase Trio Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-07-07 Nicola Farnon And The Made Ups The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-08Friday 8th July The Black Feathers Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-07-08 Vltimas Corporation Tickets
2022-07-08 The Prodigy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-07-08 The Joni Mitchell Songbook The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-09Saturday 9th July Bex Marshall Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-07-09 The Hammer And Tongs Festival Corporation Tickets
2022-07-09 The Prodigy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-07-09 Gilmore Trail Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-07-09 Edgar Blues Trio The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-10Sunday 10th July Creed Bratton Sheffield University Tickets
2022-07-10 The Chats The Leadmill Tickets
2022-07-11Monday 11th July Portrayal Of Guilt Record Junkee Tickets
2022-07-13Wednesday 13th July Slothrust Record Junkee Tickets
2022-07-13 Ian Siegal The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-14Thursday 14th July What's Love Got To Do With It? Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-07-14 Le Vent Du Nord Sheffield University Tickets
2022-07-16Saturday 16th July Little Tybee Record Junkee Tickets
2022-07-16 Barry Steele Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-07-16 Sean Webster Band The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-16 The Delines Upper Chapel Tickets
2022-07-20Wednesday 20th July Dropout Kings Corporation Tickets
2022-07-21Thursday 21st July Kieff Record Junkee Tickets
2022-07-21 Joe D'urso The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-22Friday 22nd July Shaggy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-07-22 21st Century Abba Cathedral Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2022-07-23Saturday 23rd July Tony Blackburn Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-07-23 Spooky Mens Chorale The Leadmill Tickets
2022-07-24Sunday 24th July Doomlines Vii Network Tickets
2022-07-27Wednesday 27th July Bill Kirchen The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-28Thursday 28th July Chapin Sisters The Greystones Tickets
2022-07-30Saturday 30th July Straighten Out Corporation Tickets
2022-07-30 Freedom Is A Must Tour Day 3 Network Tickets
2022-07-30 Dale Storr - New The Greystones Tickets
2022-08-03Wednesday 3rd August The Mission Sheffield University Tickets
2022-08-05Friday 5th August Ba'al Record Junkee Tickets
2022-08-06Saturday 6th August Massive Corporation Tickets
2022-08-06 Daz Cadwallander The Leadmill Tickets
2022-08-11Thursday 11th August Richard Hawley The Leadmill Tickets
2022-08-12Friday 12th August Richard Hawley The Leadmill Tickets
2022-08-13Saturday 13th August Thank You For The Music Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-08-13 Cadillac Kings The Greystones Tickets
2022-08-17Wednesday 17th August Mdou Moctar Sheffield University Tickets
2022-08-17 Laura Cortese The Greystones Tickets
2022-08-22Monday 22nd August Villagers Crookes Social Club Tickets
2022-08-23Tuesday 23rd August Della Mae The Greystones Tickets
2022-08-25Thursday 25th August Hot Flash Heat Wave Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-08-25 We Are Scientists The Leadmill Tickets
2022-08-26Friday 26th August Felix Rabin The Greystones Tickets
2022-08-27Saturday 27th August HRH Sleaze V O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-08-27 The Definitive Burt Bacharach Song Book Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-08-28Sunday 28th August Crow Black Chicken The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-03Saturday 3rd September Evanescence Of Fire Corporation Tickets
2022-09-03 Bars And Melody O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-04Sunday 4th September Embrace O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-05Monday 5th September Diana Jones The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-06Tuesday 6th September Lime Cordiale O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-06 The Bros Landreth The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-07Wednesday 7th September Johnny Dowd The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-08Thursday 8th September Mark Lemaire & Claudia Russell Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-09-08 Keith James The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-09Friday 9th September Humbird Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-09-09 Bossk Corporation Tickets
2022-09-09 Fun Lovin Criminals O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-09 The Slow Readers Club The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-10Saturday 10th September Pearl Jam Uk O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-10 David Essex Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-09-10 Starlight Campbell Band The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-10 Soul Glo Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2022-09-11Sunday 11th September Adore Delano The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-12Monday 12th September Tricot O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-13Tuesday 13th September Magnum The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-14Wednesday 14th September Giants Of Soul Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-09-14 Tayce Sheffield University Tickets
2022-09-14 Ben Ottewell The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-15Thursday 15th September Charles Watson Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-09-15 Chris Wood The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-15 A1 The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-16Friday 16th September Just My Imagination Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-09-16 Flash The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-17Saturday 17th September The Bob Marley Revival O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-17 Antarctic Monkeys O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-17 The Billy Joel Songbook Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-09-17 La Luna Social Club The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2022-09-17 Feelgood Band The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-17 Blackwaters Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2022-09-18Sunday 18th September The Often Herd At Cafe#9 Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-09-19Monday 19th September The Big Moon The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-20Tuesday 20th September Sunset Rollercoaster O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-20 Deadletter Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-09-20 Catching Killers The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-21Wednesday 21st September Jessica Fostekew The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-22Thursday 22nd September Ruth Theodore Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-09-22 Miranda Sykes And Hannah Martin The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-23Friday 23rd September Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-23 Nick Harper The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-23 The Wedding Present The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-24Saturday 24th September Eton Rifles Embassy Foxwood Tickets
2022-09-24 The Enemy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-24 The World Famous Elvis Show Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-09-24 Tom Brooksby The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-24 Float Along Festival 2022 Various Sheffield Venues Tickets
2022-09-25Sunday 25th September Andrea Bocelli Sheffield Arena Tickets
2022-09-27Tuesday 27th September Marillion Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-09-28Wednesday 28th September Courting Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-09-28 Gilmore And Roberts The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-28 Father Earth The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-29Thursday 29th September Boyzlife Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-09-29 Delilah Bon The Leadmill Tickets
2022-09-30Friday 30th September Jungle Lion Corporation Tickets
2022-09-30 Beardyman O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-09-30 Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-09-30 Gen And The Degenerates Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-09-30 Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow The Greystones Tickets
2022-09-30 Luke Sital-singh The Leadmill Tickets
2022-10-01Saturday 1st October Stiff Little Fingers O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-01 Don Mclean Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-01 Sari Schorr The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-02Sunday 2nd October Stiff Little Fingers O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-02 George Ezra Sheffield Arena Tickets
2022-10-02 Bb With Love Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-02 Matt Maltese Sheffield University Tickets
2022-10-05Wednesday 5th October Mush Live In Sheffield Record Junkee Tickets
2022-10-05 Mush Record Junkee Tickets
2022-10-05 Lady Nade The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-06Thursday 6th October Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-06 Turin Brakes Sheffield University Tickets
2022-10-06 Retro Video Club Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-10-06 Gaz Brookfield The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-07Friday 7th October Bayboards Record Junkee Tickets
2022-10-07 Fastlove Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-07 China Crisis The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-08Saturday 8th October Soul Battalion Embassy Foxwood Tickets
2022-10-08 Bulsara And His Queenies O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-09Sunday 9th October Bryde At Cafe#9 Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-10-09 Public Service Broadcasting O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-09 10cc Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-10Monday 10th October Ye Vagabonds The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-11Tuesday 11th October Sam Baker The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-12Wednesday 12th October For The Girl Cafe Totem Tickets
2022-10-12 Tom Killner The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-13Thursday 13th October Counting Crows O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-13 Peaness Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-10-13 Trials Of Cato The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-14Friday 14th October Hue And Cry Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-14 Beabadoobee Sheffield University Tickets
2022-10-14 False Heads Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-10-14 Andrew Cushin The Leadmill Tickets
2022-10-14 Henge Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2022-10-15Saturday 15th October Pop Will Eat Itself O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-15 Since September Sheffield University Tickets
2022-10-15 This Feeling Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-10-15 Christone 'kingfish' Ingram The Leadmill Tickets
2022-10-19Wednesday 19th October The Magpies The Dorothy Pax Tickets
2022-10-19 Thea Gilmore The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-20Thursday 20th October The Proclaimers Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-20 Porridge Radio Sheffield University Tickets
2022-10-20 Tom Robinson The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-21Friday 21st October The Wombats O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-21 Warner E Hodges And Ryan Hamilton The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-21 The Outcharms The Leadmill Tickets
2022-10-22Saturday 22nd October The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-22 Warner E Hodges And Ryan Hamilton The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-22 The Wannadies The Leadmill Tickets
2022-10-24Monday 24th October Will Young Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-25Tuesday 25th October John Mccusker The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-25 The Feeling The Leadmill Tickets
2022-10-26Wednesday 26th October Queenz Sheffield University Tickets
2022-10-27Thursday 27th October Steve Steinman's Anything For Love Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-27 John Craigie Sidney & Matilda Tickets
2022-10-27 Limehouse Lizzy The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-27 John Craigie The Leadmill Tickets
2022-10-28Friday 28th October Jack Rutter At Cafe#9 Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-10-28 Skid Row O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-28 Jody Davies The Greystones Tickets
2022-10-28 Cud The Leadmill Tickets
2022-10-29Saturday 29th October Definitely Mightbe O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-29 Cast O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-10-30Sunday 30th October Stars Of The West End Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-31Monday 31st October Kevin Bloody Wilson Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-10-31 Kiefer Sutherland The Leadmill Tickets
2022-11-01Tuesday 1st November David O'doherty The Leadmill Tickets
2022-11-03Thursday 3rd November The Australian Pink Floyd Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-11-04Friday 4th November Squeeze Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-11-04 Baskery The Greystones Tickets
2022-11-05Saturday 5th November Moonlight Sonata By Candlelight Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2022-11-05 Bruce Juice Sheffield University Tickets
2022-11-06Sunday 6th November Jeffery Straker Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-11-06 Ezio The Greystones Tickets
2022-11-07Monday 7th November The Bug Club Sheffield University Tickets
2022-11-07 Jack Carroll The Leadmill Tickets
2022-11-09Wednesday 9th November Crawlers O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-11-09 Clearwater Creedence Revival The Leadmill Tickets
2022-11-10Thursday 10th November Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-11-10 Blackbeards Tea Party The Greystones Tickets
2022-11-11Friday 11th November The Way Down Wanderers The Greystones Tickets
2022-11-11 Jim Bob The Leadmill Tickets
2022-11-11 Daisy Brain Yellow Arch Studios Tickets
2022-11-12Saturday 12th November The Doors Alive O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-11-12 Soul II Soul Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-11-12 Art Of Simon The Greystones Tickets
2022-11-17Thursday 17th November Belle & Sebastian O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-11-17 Lost In Music Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-11-18Friday 18th November Chez Kane Corporation Tickets
2022-11-18 Gong O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-11-18 N-dubz Sheffield Arena Tickets
2022-11-19Saturday 19th November Tom Hingley And The Karpets Embassy Foxwood Tickets
2022-11-20Sunday 20th November The Music Of Zimmer Vs Williams Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-11-25Friday 25th November Janice Burns & Jon Doran At Cafe#9 Cafe #9 Tickets
2022-11-25 Sara Pascoe Sheffield University Tickets
2022-11-25 Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club Sheffield University Tickets
2022-11-25 Blancmange The Leadmill Tickets
2022-11-25 Blancmange 'private View' Tour The Leadmill Tickets
2022-11-26Saturday 26th November The Dualers O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-11-26 Goldsoul Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-11-27Sunday 27th November Bellowhead Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-11-27 Billy Nomates The Leadmill Tickets
2022-11-28Monday 28th November The Ruts Dc O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-11-28 Westlife Sheffield Arena Tickets
2022-11-30Wednesday 30th November The Stylistics Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-12-01Thursday 1st December The Sensational 60's Experience Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-12-02Friday 2nd December Shadow Smile Corporation Tickets
2022-12-02 The Bootleg Beatles Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-12-04Sunday 4th December Martyn Joseph The Greystones Tickets
2022-12-06Tuesday 6th December Electric Six O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-12-06 Sierra Hull The Greystones Tickets
2022-12-07Wednesday 7th December East 17 Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-12-08Thursday 8th December Snake Oil & Harmony The Local Authority Tickets
2022-12-09Friday 9th December Elvana The Leadmill Tickets
2022-12-09 Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana The Leadmill Tickets
2022-12-10Saturday 10th December Roxy Biggest 80's/90's Smash Hits Party O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-12-10 Sheffield Beatles Project O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-12-11Sunday 11th December Kingdom Of Madness Corporation Tickets
2022-12-11 AC/DC Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2022-12-15Thursday 15th December The Magic Of Motown Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2022-12-16Friday 16th December Vivaldi's Four Seasons At Christmas Sheffield Cathedral Tickets
2022-12-17Saturday 17th December Rob Lamberti - A Celebration Of George Michael The Leadmill Tickets
2022-12-17 Rob Lamberti The Leadmill Tickets
2022-12-30Friday 30th December Papa Soul The Greystones Tickets
2023-01-07Saturday 7th January The Specialz Embassy Foxwood Tickets
2023-01-18Wednesday 18th January Queen Extravaganza Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-01-27Friday 27th January Elo Experience Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-01-28Saturday 28th January Fell Out Boy O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2023-01-29Sunday 29th January Jen Brister The Leadmill Tickets
2023-02-04Saturday 4th February The Weller Movement Embassy Foxwood Tickets
2023-02-09Thursday 9th February Whitney Queen Of The Night Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-02-14Tuesday 14th February Sharon Shannon Trio The Greystones Tickets
2023-02-22Wednesday 22nd February Sarah Keyworth The Leadmill Tickets
2023-02-24Friday 24th February Belinda Carlisle Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-02-26Sunday 26th February Justin Bieber Sheffield Arena Tickets
2023-02-26 Rob Auton The Leadmill Tickets
2023-03-04Saturday 4th March Special Kinda Madness Embassy Foxwood Tickets
2023-03-04 Duran Duran Experience O2 Academy Sheffield Tickets
2023-03-11Saturday 11th March Beth Hart Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-03-18Saturday 18th March Brass Concert Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-03-25Saturday 25th March Daft Funk Sheffield University Tickets
2023-04-23Sunday 23rd April Midge Ure Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-04-24Monday 24th April Midge Ure Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-04-26Wednesday 26th April Billy Ocean Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-05-14Sunday 14th May What's Love Got To Do With It Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-06-02Friday 2nd June Killer Queen Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-07-29Saturday 29th July Shawn Mendes Sheffield Arena Tickets
2023-10-29Sunday 29th October Just My Imagination Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-12-06Wednesday 6th December Leona Lewis Sheffield City Hall Tickets
2023-12-08Friday 8th December Shagged Married Annoyed / Chris & Rosie Ramsey Sheffield Arena Tickets