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York Gig Guide

Find out what's on in York below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2019-02-19Tuesday 19th February Lost Society Fibbers Tickets
2019-02-19 Sarah Jane Scouten The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-02-20Wednesday 20th February The Climax Blues Band Fibbers Tickets
2019-02-20 Kel Assouf The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-02-21Thursday 21st February Dan Walsh & Alistair Anderson Black Swan Tickets
2019-02-21 Ming City Rockers Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-02-21 Collabro Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-02-21 Van Der Neer Victoria Vaults
2019-02-22Friday 22nd February Faith Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-02-23Saturday 23rd February Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Fibbers Tickets
2019-02-23 Dr John Cooper Clarke Grand Opera House
2019-02-23 Dr. John Cooper Clarke Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-02-23 Slade Uk Victoria Vaults Tickets
2019-02-24Sunday 24th February Lip Sync Lollapalooza: Iconic Fibbers Tickets
2019-02-24 The Mothers Victoria Vaults
2019-02-25Monday 25th February Ward Thomas Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-02-26Tuesday 26th February Tragedy Fibbers Tickets
2019-02-26 The Orielles Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-02-26 The Orielles The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-02-28Thursday 28th February Faux Pas Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-02-28 Love Music Hate Racism The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-03-01Friday 1st March Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-01 The Smyths Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-01 Polo Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-03-02Saturday 2nd March Lea Salonga Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-02 Kingdom Of Madness: Classic Magnum Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-03Sunday 3rd March The Pale White The Basement Tickets
2019-03-06Wednesday 6th March Sleaford Mods Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-07Thursday 7th March The Churchfitters Black Swan Tickets
2019-03-07 Domination, Sellsword, Trendkill, Deathmace Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-08Friday 8th March Beth Mccarthy (with Band) Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-08 Pelico The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-03-09Saturday 9th March The Korgis Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-10Sunday 10th March Slow Readers Club Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-11Monday 11th March 10cc Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-13Wednesday 13th March A Night To Remember Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-14Thursday 14th March Yan Tan Tether Black Swan Tickets
2019-03-14 Anti-nowhere League Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-14 Perkelt "above Trees" Tour, York Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-03-15Friday 15th March Anwl Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-15 Anti-nowhere League Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-15 Violet Contours Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-03-16Saturday 16th March Green Haze Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-17Sunday 17th March U2opia - A Tribute To U2 Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-19Tuesday 19th March Mike And The Mechanics Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-19 Wille And The Bandits Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-20Wednesday 20th March Pist.on Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-21Thursday 21st March The Jenny Sturgeon Trio Black Swan Tickets
2019-03-22Friday 22nd March Lee Scratch Perry Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-23Saturday 23rd March Coldplace Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-23 The Wave Pictures The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-03-26Tuesday 26th March Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-28Thursday 28th March Oli Brown Band The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-03-29Friday 29th March Goldie Lookin' Chain Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-29 The Haggis Horns The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-03-29 Benjamin Francis Leftwich York Minster Tickets
2019-03-30Saturday 30th March David Gray Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-03-30 Sham 69 Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-30 Sham 69 Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-30 Sham 69 Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-30 Sham 69 (pursey/parsons/tregunna/guy) Fibbers Tickets
2019-03-30 Michael Chapman & Band The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-03-30 Michael Chapman The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-03-30 The Vibrators Victoria Vaults Tickets
2019-04-01Monday 1st April Ingested Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-01 Ingested, Street Soldier Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-04Thursday 4th April Nidd Plus Don't Feed The Peacocks Black Swan Tickets
2019-04-05Friday 5th April The Bootleg Beatles Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-04-05 The Howl & The Hum The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-04-06Saturday 6th April Motley Crude Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-06 Rose Cousins The Basement Tickets
2019-04-06 York Blues Festival The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-04-07Sunday 7th April Brix & The Extricated Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-04-07 Brix Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-04-07 Sam Kelly & Ruth Notman The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-04-09Tuesday 9th April Remembering The Movies Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-04-11Thursday 11th April Mairearad Green & Anna Massie Black Swan Tickets
2019-04-11 Tvam The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-04-13Saturday 13th April Wilko Johnson, Glenn Tilbrook Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-13 Wilko Johnson Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-13 Estrons Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-04-14Sunday 14th April Nick Harper Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-16Tuesday 16th April Bloxx The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-04-17Wednesday 17th April Heather Small Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-18Thursday 18th April Art Garfunkel Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-04-18 Camera The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-04-19Friday 19th April Scopyons, Syked Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-19 Popes Of Chillitown Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-04-20Saturday 20th April Corduroy, Nick Corbin (new Street Adventure) Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-20 Corduroy Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-21Sunday 21st April Michael Ball Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-04-21 Resurrection 2019 Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-25Thursday 25th April Quadrophenia Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-04-25 Sunjay Black Swan Tickets
2019-04-26Friday 26th April Ub40 Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-04-26 Bulsara And His Queenies Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-27Saturday 27th April A Country Night In Nashville Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-04-27 Van Hailen, Obsession (tribute To Ufo) Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-27 Van Hailen Fibbers Tickets
2019-04-28Sunday 28th April The Creepshow Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-04-28 Ruby Rushton The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-01Wednesday 1st May Nordanians The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-02Thursday 2nd May Rosie Hodgson & Rowan Piggott Black Swan Tickets
2019-05-02 Jess Green The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-03Friday 3rd May Kyle Falconer Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-03 Honeyblood The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-04Saturday 4th May The Bon Jovi Experience Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-04 Hurricane#1 Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-04 Berlin Black & Snakerattlers Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-05-04 The Sadies The Crescent Community Venue
2019-05-05Sunday 5th May Vinyl Eddie Label Launch Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-05 Sex Gang Children Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-05-06Monday 6th May Pip Blom The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-08Wednesday 8th May The Kingdom Choir Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-08 Robyn Hitchcock The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-09Thursday 9th May The Specials Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-09 Grace Petrie Black Swan
2019-05-10Friday 10th May Alabama 3 Acoustic Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-11Saturday 11th May The Guns N Roses Experience Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-11 Kid Klumsy Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-05-11 Ultimate Leppard Victoria Vaults Tickets
2019-05-12Sunday 12th May Wet Wet Wet Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-12 Kaia Kater The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-17Friday 17th May Stone Foundation Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-17 Ishmael Ensemble The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-18Saturday 18th May York Guildhall Orchestra Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-18 The Christians Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-19Sunday 19th May Amy May Ellis The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-23Thursday 23rd May Pilgrims' Way Black Swan Tickets
2019-05-24Friday 24th May Katherine Jenkins Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-25Saturday 25th May Chris Norman Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-25 Invisible Orchestra Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-27Monday 27th May Manic Street Preachers Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-27 The Devils Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-05-30Thursday 30th May Paul Young: '35 Years Of No Parlez' Pt 2 Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-30 Paul Young Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-05-30 Ye Vagabonds Black Swan Tickets
2019-05-30 Subhumans Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-05-30 Benjamin Zephaniah & The Revolutionary Minds The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-31Friday 31st May Deftones Uk, The Machine Rages On Fibbers Tickets
2019-05-31 Low Cut Connie Fulford Arms Tickets
2019-05-31 The Solid Gold Rock ‘n’ Roll Show Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-05-31 Blackbeard's Tea Party The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-05-31 Bez - Return Of The Freaky Dancing Legend Victoria Vaults Tickets
2019-06-01Saturday 1st June Everly Pregnant Brothers Fibbers Tickets
2019-06-01 Crazy P Live - Age Of The Ego Album Tour The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-06-01 Rod Stewart York Racecourse Tickets
2019-06-05Wednesday 5th June Lau The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-06-08Saturday 8th June Luther Vandross Celebration Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-06-13Thursday 13th June The Horne Section Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-06-15Saturday 15th June Who's Next - The Ultimate Who Tribute, Page 45 Fibbers Tickets
2019-06-20Thursday 20th June Hollie Mcnish The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-06-22Saturday 22nd June Cloudbusting Fibbers Tickets
2019-06-29Saturday 29th June Rainbow Rising Fibbers Tickets
2019-07-08Monday 8th July Thriller Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-07-09Tuesday 9th July Thriller Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-07-10Wednesday 10th July Thriller Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-07-11Thursday 11th July Thriller Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-07-12Friday 12th July Thriller Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-07-12 The Stroppies The Crescent Community Venue Tickets
2019-07-13Saturday 13th July Showaddywaddy Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-07-13 Thriller Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-07-19Friday 19th July Whitesnake Uk Fibbers Tickets
2019-07-26Friday 26th July Who's Next Fibbers Tickets
2019-09-07Saturday 7th September Jane Mcdonald Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-09-13Friday 13th September Creedence Clearwater Review Fibbers Tickets
2019-09-19Thursday 19th September Jive Talkin' Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-09-24Tuesday 24th September Belinda Carlisle Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-09-27Friday 27th September The South Fibbers Tickets
2019-10-01Tuesday 1st October Diversity Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-10-05Saturday 5th October Uk Foo Fighters Fibbers Tickets
2019-10-10Thursday 10th October Walter Trout Fibbers Tickets
2019-10-12Saturday 12th October Motörheadache Fibbers Tickets
2019-10-17Thursday 17th October Chris De Burgh Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-10-21Monday 21st October Midge Ure Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-10-25Friday 25th October Livewire The Ac/dc Show Fibbers Tickets
2019-10-26Saturday 26th October Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-10-31Thursday 31st October Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-11-11Monday 11th November Hawkwind - 50th Anniversary Concert Grand Opera House Tickets
2019-11-15Friday 15th November Dr Hook Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-11-19Tuesday 19th November Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited 2019 Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-11-19 Electric Six Fibbers Tickets
2019-11-23Saturday 23rd November Nine Below Zero Fibbers Tickets
2019-12-20Friday 20th December The King Is Back Barbican Centre Tickets
2019-12-28Saturday 28th December Whitesnake Uk, Total Thunder Fibbers Tickets