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York Gig Guide

Find out what's on in York below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2022-05-29Sunday 29th May Kris Drever & Rachel Baiman NCEM Tickets
2022-05-29 The Lovely Eggs The Crescent Tickets
2022-05-31Tuesday 31st May Carioca Soul The Crescent Tickets
2022-05-31 The Unthanks York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-01Wednesday 1st June Katherine Priddy NCEM Tickets
2022-06-02Thursday 2nd June Trivax Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-02 Pariah The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-03Friday 3rd June Where's Slater Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-03 Lowkey The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-04Saturday 4th June Kritikal Powers Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-05Sunday 5th June Eric Gales The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-05 Illegal Eagles York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-06Monday 6th June The Overtones York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-07Tuesday 7th June Jeff Beck York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-09Thursday 9th June Plumhall Black Swan Tickets
2022-06-09 Dirty Nips Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-09 Gary Barlow Grand Opera House Tickets
2022-06-10Friday 10th June Gary Barlow Grand Opera House Tickets
2022-06-10 Wolfgang Flür The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-10 Dionne Warwick York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-11Saturday 11th June Gary Barlow Grand Opera House Tickets
2022-06-11 Rob Lamberti York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-12Sunday 12th June Gary Barlow Grand Opera House Tickets
2022-06-12 Stick In The Wheel The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-13Monday 13th June Sorry Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-14Tuesday 14th June Stephen Fretwell The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-16Thursday 16th June Fully Live Showcase No 6 Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-17Friday 17th June Duran Duran Castle Howard Tickets
2022-06-17 Klammer Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-18Saturday 18th June The White Roses Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-18 Elo Experience York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-22Wednesday 22nd June Marnie Glum Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-22 Yes York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-23Thursday 23rd June Tony Mcmanus And Julia Toaspern Black Swan Tickets
2022-06-23 Adam's Parade Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-23 Percy Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-23 1974 York Barbican Tickets
2022-06-24Friday 24th June Sweet May Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-24 Sunbirds The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-25Saturday 25th June The Rosettas Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-25 The Complete Stone Roses The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-26Sunday 26th June The Chemical Brothers Castle Howard Tickets
2022-06-26 Foetal Juice Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-06-26 Mostly Autumn The Crescent Tickets
2022-06-30Thursday 30th June Amelia White Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-07-01Friday 1st July Bgb Swinefest Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-07-01 Serotones The Crescent Tickets
2022-07-02Saturday 2nd July Here Come The Boys York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-03Sunday 3rd July Coldplace York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-04Monday 4th July Ronan Keating York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-06Wednesday 6th July Firekind The Vaults Tickets
2022-07-09Saturday 9th July The Popguns Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-07-14Thursday 14th July City Snakes @the Victoria Vaults, York The Vaults Tickets
2022-07-14 Big Girls Don't Cry York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-15Friday 15th July Hyde Family Jam The Crescent Tickets
2022-07-19Tuesday 19th July Edgar Blues Trio Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-07-19 John Cale York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-21Thursday 21st July Henry Parker Black Swan Tickets
2022-07-21 Marc Valentine Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-07-22Friday 22nd July Jake Martin Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-07-22 Jane Mcdonald York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-23Saturday 23rd July Covent / Bedsit Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-07-23 York Rocks Against Cancer York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-24Sunday 24th July George Thorogood York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-27Wednesday 27th July David Sedaris York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-29Friday 29th July Joe Jackson York Barbican Tickets
2022-07-31Sunday 31st July Newshapes / Foxhaunt / Thrones Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-07-31 Newshapes Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-08-02Tuesday 2nd August The Mission The Crescent Tickets
2022-08-09Tuesday 9th August Church Of Confidence Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-08-11Thursday 11th August Gogoponies The Vaults Tickets
2022-08-12Friday 12th August Slackrr Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-08-12 We Are Not Devo The Crescent Tickets
2022-08-13Saturday 13th August The Palava Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-08-16Tuesday 16th August The Rumjacks The Crescent Tickets
2022-08-17Wednesday 17th August The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams The Crescent Tickets
2022-08-18Thursday 18th August Alistair Russell Black Swan Tickets
2022-08-19Friday 19th August Cafe Mambo Classics At The Castle Castle Howard Tickets
2022-08-19 Armand Van Helden Castle Howard Tickets
2022-08-20Saturday 20th August Castle Howard Proms Castle Howard Tickets
2022-08-21Sunday 21st August Abba Symphonic Castle Howard Tickets
2022-08-27Saturday 27th August Hoersfest 5 Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-08-27 Colosseum The Crescent Tickets
2022-08-29Monday 29th August Holiday Ghosts The Crescent Tickets
2022-08-30Tuesday 30th August Foy Vance York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-02Friday 2nd September Les Filles De Illighadad The Crescent Tickets
2022-09-03Saturday 3rd September In The Name Of Love York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-05Monday 5th September Liam Maonlaí The Crescent Tickets
2022-09-07Wednesday 7th September Tavares York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-08Thursday 8th September A Night To Remember York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-10Saturday 10th September Giants Of Soul York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-15Thursday 15th September Chris De Burgh York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-17Saturday 17th September Kim Wilde York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-21Wednesday 21st September Marillion York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-22Thursday 22nd September Diy Class Of 2022 The Crescent Tickets
2022-09-22 Yard Act The Crescent Tickets
2022-09-22 Queen Machine Symphonic York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-23Friday 23rd September Limehouse Lizzy The Crescent Tickets
2022-09-23 The King Is Back York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-24Saturday 24th September Beardyman The Crescent Tickets
2022-09-24 Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-27Tuesday 27th September Courting Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-09-28Wednesday 28th September Don Mclean York Barbican Tickets
2022-09-30Friday 30th September Tom Robinson Band The Crescent Tickets
2022-09-30 Dexys York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-01Saturday 1st October The Magic Of Motown York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-07Friday 7th October Absolute Bowie The Crescent Tickets
2022-10-07 Leo Sayer York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-09Sunday 9th October Laurence Jones The Crescent Tickets
2022-10-09 Uriah Heep York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-10Monday 10th October Acid Mothers Temple The Crescent Tickets
2022-10-13Thursday 13th October Will Young York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-14Friday 14th October Boyzlife York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-15Saturday 15th October Popes Of Chillitown Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-10-19Wednesday 19th October Warner E Hodges Band The Crescent Tickets
2022-10-19 The Proclaimers York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-21Friday 21st October Nerina Pallot NCEM Tickets
2022-10-21 Marc Almond York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-22Saturday 22nd October Woman To Woman York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-23Sunday 23rd October When She Sleeps The Crescent Tickets
2022-10-23 When Rivers Meet The Crescent Tickets
2022-10-25Tuesday 25th October Bodega The Crescent Tickets
2022-10-26Wednesday 26th October Penetration The Crescent Tickets
2022-10-27Thursday 27th October The Damn Truth Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-10-27 Lost In Music York Barbican Tickets
2022-10-28Friday 28th October Ruth Lyon Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-10-28 999 The Vaults Tickets
2022-10-29Saturday 29th October Ladysmith Black Mambazo Grand Opera House Tickets
2022-11-02Wednesday 2nd November The Birthday Massacre Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-11-02 TV Smith And The Bored Teenagers The Vaults Tickets
2022-11-05Saturday 5th November Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-11-06Sunday 6th November Straight For The Sun Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-11-10Thursday 10th November Plastic Mermaids The Crescent Tickets
2022-11-11Friday 11th November Pavilion / Pylon Poets / Pennine Suite / Fat Spatula Fulford Arms Tickets
2022-11-13Sunday 13th November The Bug Club The Crescent Tickets
2022-11-17Thursday 17th November Allan Taylor Black Swan Tickets
2022-11-23Wednesday 23rd November Saxon York Barbican Tickets
2022-11-26Saturday 26th November Orlando Weeks The Crescent Tickets
2022-11-26 A Country Night In Nashville York Barbican Tickets
2022-11-27Sunday 27th November Talisk The Crescent Tickets
2022-11-27 The Stylistics York Barbican Tickets
2022-11-28Monday 28th November Genesis York Barbican Tickets
2022-11-29Tuesday 29th November Electric Six The Crescent Tickets
2022-12-01Thursday 1st December Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra York Barbican Tickets
2022-12-02Friday 2nd December 1974 York Barbican Tickets
2022-12-06Tuesday 6th December Aled Jones & Russell Watson York Barbican Tickets
2022-12-08Thursday 8th December Blackbeard's Tea Party The Crescent Tickets
2023-01-20Friday 20th January Clearwater Creedence Revival The Crescent Tickets
2023-01-29Sunday 29th January Clearwater Creedence Revival The Crescent Tickets
2023-02-20Monday 20th February Stacey Dooley York Barbican Tickets
2023-02-20 Belinda Carlisle York Barbican Tickets
2023-03-02Thursday 2nd March Whitney Queen Of The Night York Barbican Tickets
2023-04-20Thursday 20th April William Crighton Fulford Arms Tickets
2023-04-30Sunday 30th April Midge Ure Grand Opera House Tickets
2023-05-06Saturday 6th May Fisherman's Friends York Barbican Tickets