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York Gig Guide

Find out what's on in York below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title Venue  
2024-04-21Sunday 21st April The Blackheart Orchestra Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-04-21 Carl Hutchinson The Crescent Tickets
2024-04-23Tuesday 23rd April Jamnesty Event Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-04-25Thursday 25th April Roddy Woomble & Almost Nothing Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-04-25 Roddy Woomble Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-04-26Friday 26th April Bare Jams - Dece Tour Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-04-26 Yenz 40th Birthday Beats The Crescent Tickets
2024-04-27Saturday 27th April Rubber Rose Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-04-27 Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra The Crescent Tickets
2024-04-28Sunday 28th April Orbfest Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-04-28 Fara The Crescent Tickets
2024-04-29Monday 29th April Ghostship - Trent & The Crickets - Tom Sheldon - Robo Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-04-29 Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-01Wednesday 1st May One Dead Thief Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-02Thursday 2nd May Fiona Ross And Christine Kydd Black Swan Tickets
2024-05-03Friday 3rd May This House We Built, Hunter Gatherer, Alex Spy Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-03 Alexander O'neal York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-04Saturday 4th May Joel Gardner: York, The Black Swan Black Swan Tickets
2024-05-04 Salford Jets Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-04 Sound Of The Sirens NCEM Tickets
2024-05-04 Martyn The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-04 Sound Of The Sirens The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-05Sunday 5th May Captain Starlet The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-06Monday 6th May Fat Dog Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-07Tuesday 7th May Red Recluse - Blair Bitch Project - Trent & The Crickets - The Strand Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-08Wednesday 8th May Rory & The Nature Kids - Queen's Pleasure - Rowan Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-09Thursday 9th May Delights Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-09 Victory Samosa, Rural France The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-10Friday 10th May Heartsink - Atkrtv - Suspicious Liquid Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-10 Willie J Healey The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-11Saturday 11th May Mackenzy Mackay Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-11 Meets Tallulah Sound System The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-11 Elegantly Inxs - With Support The Vaults Tickets
2024-05-11 The Magic Of Motown York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-12Sunday 12th May Heavy Bloom Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-12 Apollo Junction Live In York Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-12 Heavy Bloom - Ryan Burnett Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-12 Paloma Faith York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-14Tuesday 14th May Toby Jepson The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-15Wednesday 15th May Katherine Priddy The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-16Thursday 16th May Rachel Newton At The Black Swan Folk Club Black Swan Tickets
2024-05-16 James Walsh (starsailor) Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-16 Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-17Friday 17th May Lavire/pryma Co-headline York Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-17 Crumbs, Bumble B Boy The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-17 Average White Band York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-18Saturday 18th May Toby Lee Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-18 Pale Blue Eyes The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-18 Queen - A Tribute With 'kinda Queen' The Vaults Tickets
2024-05-19Sunday 19th May Apollo Junction Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-19 Kenny Thomas - Him Tour Grand Opera House Tickets
2024-05-19 York Guildhall Orchestra York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-21Tuesday 21st May Porridge Radio (solo) The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-22Wednesday 22nd May The Warner E Hodges Band Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-23Thursday 23rd May Miranda Sykes At The Black Swan Folk Club Black Swan Tickets
2024-05-23 Yutaniii Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-23 Yutaniii - 5or7 - No Wukkas - Samsara Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-23 Zen Baseballbat The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-24Friday 24th May The Smyths The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-24 Rebecca Ferguson York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-25Saturday 25th May The Great Malarkey (*re-scheduled Date) Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-26Sunday 26th May The Monochrome Set The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-27Monday 27th May Midas Fall And Westenra, With Special Guests Tba Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-27 Midas Falls Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-27 Richard Thompson York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-28Tuesday 28th May Yes York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-28 Yes - Relayer York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-28 Yes York Barbican Tickets
2024-05-30Thursday 30th May Chris Catalyst And His Group Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-05-30 Amy Winehouse The Crescent Tickets
2024-05-31Friday 31st May Hellfekted - Kryptess Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-01Saturday 1st June Drawsome! 2024 - The Crescent The Crescent Tickets
2024-06-01 Ultimate Green Day - With Support The Vaults Tickets
2024-06-02Sunday 2nd June Tc & The Groove Family The Crescent Tickets
2024-06-05Wednesday 5th June Morgan Rees The Crescent Tickets
2024-06-06Thursday 6th June Tony Mcmanus And Julia Toaspern Black Swan Tickets
2024-06-06 The Cloverhearts Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-06 The Bluetones Acoustic Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-06 Legend - The Music Of Bob Marley York Barbican Tickets
2024-06-07Friday 7th June Gaelforce At City Of York 'roland Walls' Folk Weekend. Black Swan Tickets
2024-06-07 Nu-castle Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-07 Fastlove York Barbican Tickets
2024-06-08Saturday 8th June Arctic Monkeys Tribute - Arctic Manckeys With Indie Support The Vaults Tickets
2024-06-08 The Elo Show York Barbican Tickets
2024-06-12Wednesday 12th June Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets York Barbican Tickets
2024-06-14Friday 14th June Pennine Suite Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-14 Western Af European Tour The Crescent Tickets
2024-06-15Saturday 15th June The View The Crescent Tickets
2024-06-15 From The Vaults The Vaults Tickets
2024-06-18Tuesday 18th June Jessica Fostekew The Crescent Tickets
2024-06-22Saturday 22nd June Mostly Autumn The Crescent Tickets
2024-06-23Sunday 23rd June Chaos 8, Hi-fi Spitfires Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-23 Chaos 8 Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-23 Henry Winkler Grand Opera House Tickets
2024-06-26Wednesday 26th June Josh Rouse The Crescent Tickets
2024-06-27Thursday 27th June Spirit Of The Hawk And Guests Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-29Saturday 29th June Tizane - Patience - Moongate Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-06-29 Tizane Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-07-05Friday 5th July Live Wire The Ac/dc Show The Crescent Tickets
2024-07-05 Stikky Fingers - Established Tribute To The Rolling Stones The Vaults Tickets
2024-07-06Saturday 6th July Live Wire The Ac/dc Show The Crescent Tickets
2024-07-07Sunday 7th July The Countess Of Fife The Crescent Tickets
2024-07-07 Bowie Experience York Barbican Tickets
2024-07-10Wednesday 10th July Kelley Stoltz Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-07-11Thursday 11th July An Dannsa Dub The Crescent Tickets
2024-07-13Saturday 13th July Tv Smith Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-07-13 Rattus Inheritus The Vaults Tickets
2024-07-14Sunday 14th July The Illegal Eagles York Barbican Tickets
2024-07-16Tuesday 16th July Thumpasaurus The Crescent Tickets
2024-07-20Saturday 20th July I'am Gallagher - Band Tribute To The Music Of Liam Gallagher- The Vaults Tickets
2024-07-21Sunday 21st July Call Me Malcom Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-07-21 Call Me Malcom - 'echos And Ghosts' Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-07-23Tuesday 23rd July Darlingside The Crescent Tickets
2024-08-02Friday 2nd August The View The Crescent Tickets
2024-08-04Sunday 4th August Frankly, The Smiths (tribute) Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-08-09Friday 9th August Hey Pixies Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-08-15Thursday 15th August Mik Artistik's Ego Trip The Crescent Tickets
2024-08-31Saturday 31st August Gerry Cinnamon Vs Jake Bugg Tribute Event The Vaults Tickets
2024-09-01Sunday 1st September Robyn Hitchcock The Crescent Tickets
2024-09-04Wednesday 4th September Botb - Heat 1 Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-05Thursday 5th September Botb - Heat 2 Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-07Saturday 7th September Sam Offender- Full Band Tribute To Sam Fender - With Support The Vaults Tickets
2024-09-11Wednesday 11th September Botb - Heat 3 Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-12Thursday 12th September Botb - Heat 4 Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-14Saturday 14th September Epileptic Hillbillys Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-14 Paul Carrack York Barbican Tickets
2024-09-17Tuesday 17th September Tom Mcrae Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-17 David Essex York Barbican Tickets
2024-09-18Wednesday 18th September Botb - Heat 5 Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-19Thursday 19th September Botb - Heat 6 Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-20Friday 20th September Mock Tudors Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-09-20 Absolute Bowie The Crescent Tickets
2024-09-20 A Band Called Malice - A Tribute To The Jam The Vaults Tickets
2024-09-20 Ryan Adams: Solo 2024 York Barbican Tickets
2024-09-21Saturday 21st September Sanctum Sanctorium The Crescent Tickets
2024-09-21 The Darkside Of The 80's The Crescent Tickets
2024-09-22Sunday 22nd September Ryley Walker The Crescent Tickets
2024-09-22 Big Girls Don't Cry York Barbican Tickets
2024-09-25Wednesday 25th September Jeff Innocent The Crescent Tickets
2024-09-26Thursday 26th September Robb Johnson At The Black Swan Folk Club Black Swan Tickets
2024-09-26 Tez Ilyas - After Eight The Crescent Tickets
2024-09-26 Tez Ilyas The Crescent Tickets
2024-09-28Saturday 28th September The Infernal Sea Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-10-01Tuesday 1st October Fairground Attraction York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-02Wednesday 2nd October Terry Reid The Crescent Tickets
2024-10-04Friday 4th October The South The Crescent Tickets
2024-10-05Saturday 5th October Laid- A Tribute To James The Vaults Tickets
2024-10-10Thursday 10th October Peter Hook & The Light York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-11Friday 11th October Kasabiain't Vs Oasis 96 The Vaults Tickets
2024-10-12Saturday 12th October What's Love Got To Do With It - Tina Turner Tribute York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-13Sunday 13th October Kiri Pritchard-mclean The Crescent Tickets
2024-10-15Tuesday 15th October Steve Hackett Genesis Greats, Lamb Highlight, Solo York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-15 Steve Hackett York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-17Thursday 17th October Thank You For The Music York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-18Friday 18th October Squeeze 50th Anniversary Tour York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-19Saturday 19th October Fugazi @ The York Vaults The Vaults Tickets
2024-10-19 Ben Portsmouth - This Is Elvis York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-22Tuesday 22nd October The Covasettes Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-10-22 The Covasettes | York, Fulford Arms Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-10-25Friday 25th October Almost Malone - Leading Uk Tribute To Post Malone The Vaults Tickets
2024-10-26Saturday 26th October Nearly Dan: The Spirit & Sound Of Steely Dan The Crescent Tickets
2024-10-26 Nearly Dan The Crescent Tickets
2024-10-26 Ultimate Whitesnake- With Support Tbc'd The Vaults Tickets
2024-10-29Tuesday 29th October The Cult York Barbican Tickets
2024-10-30Wednesday 30th October Nashville Pussy The Crescent Tickets
2024-10-30 Adam Ant York Barbican Tickets
2024-11-01Friday 1st November Ghostuk: A Tribute To Ghost Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-11-01 Tom Robinson Band The Crescent Tickets
2024-11-02Saturday 2nd November Cud The Crescent Tickets
2024-11-02 True Order- The Uk's No1 Tribute To New Order & Support The Vaults Tickets
2024-11-02 Fleetwood Mac Tribute- Landslide The Vaults Tickets
2024-11-02 Skylights York Barbican Tickets
2024-11-06Wednesday 6th November Kris Drever The Crescent Tickets
2024-11-08Friday 8th November Fisherman's Friends York Barbican Tickets
2024-11-09Saturday 9th November Pearl Scam - The No1 Tribute To Pearl Jam The Vaults Tickets
2024-11-12Tuesday 12th November Jamie Cullum York Barbican Tickets
2024-11-13Wednesday 13th November Aurie Styla The Crescent Tickets
2024-11-14Thursday 14th November Spizzenergi Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-11-15Friday 15th November Suzi Quatro York Barbican Tickets
2024-11-20Wednesday 20th November Erland Cooper NCEM Tickets
2024-11-21Thursday 21st November Moving Pictures - Rush Tribute The Crescent Tickets
2024-11-24Sunday 24th November John Bramwell & The Full Harmonic Convergence The Crescent Tickets
2024-11-24 John Bramwell The Crescent Tickets
2024-11-26Tuesday 26th November Electric Six The Crescent Tickets
2024-11-30Saturday 30th November Gaz Brookfield Fulford Arms Tickets
2024-11-30 Aka Noel Gallagher - The Live Forever Gig The Vaults Tickets
2024-12-03Tuesday 3rd December Extc The Crescent Tickets
2024-12-04Wednesday 4th December Skinny Lister The Crescent Tickets
2024-12-06Friday 6th December Blackbeard's Tea Party The Crescent Tickets
2024-12-06 The Bootleg Beatles York Barbican Tickets
2024-12-11Wednesday 11th December Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra York Barbican Tickets
2024-12-14Saturday 14th December Kings Of Leighon The Vaults Tickets
2024-12-17Tuesday 17th December Kate Rusby: Winter Light Tour York Barbican Tickets
2024-12-19Thursday 19th December Step Into Christmas York Barbican Tickets
2024-12-20Friday 20th December Fleetwood Mac: Rumours & Paul Simon: Graceland York Barbican Tickets
2024-12-28Saturday 28th December The Absolute Stone Roses The Vaults Tickets
2025-01-17Friday 17th January The John Otway Big Band The Crescent Tickets
2025-02-01Saturday 1st February Boyzlife Featuring Keith Duffy & Brian Mcfadden York Barbican Tickets
2025-03-07Friday 7th March Lucy Porter The Crescent Tickets
2025-03-08Saturday 8th March Jason Donovan: Doin' Fine 25 York Barbican Tickets
2025-03-22Saturday 22nd March Wardruna York Barbican Tickets
2025-05-24Saturday 24th May Rebecca Ferguson York Barbican Tickets
2025-10-13Monday 13th October Wet Wet Wet York Barbican Tickets